Kelsey Grammer Welcomes Son Kelsey Gabriel Elias

07/24/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

It’s a boy!

Kelsey Grammer is a father for the sixth time after welcoming his second child with wife Kayte on Tuesday, July 22, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Son Kelsey Gabriel Elias Grammer was born at 8:28 a.m. in Los Angeles, weighing 8 lbs., 2 oz. and measuring 20.5 inches long.

“We are blessed and excited to have this lovely young man join our family — he is magnificent,” the proud parents say in a statement.

“Our son will be called Gabriel as there is a tradition in our family of going by our middle names,” Grammer, 59, adds.

Kelsey Grammer Welcomes Son Kelsey Gabriel Elias Courtesy Grammer Family

The couple’s new baby boy joins the actor’s big brood, including their 2-year-old daughter Faith Evangeline Elisa and Grammer’s four children — Spencer, 30, Greer, 22, Mason, 12, and Jude, 9 — from previous relationships.

Grammer’s new show, Partners, premieres Aug. 4 at 9 p.m. on FX.

Entertainment Tonight was the first to report the news.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Showing 93 comments

Guest on

He sure does like his wives getting duck lips. She had such a pretty face and now she looks like Camilla 2.0.

ImaBoomer on

I hope this marriage & relationship remains a happy one for them. Especially love the photo of Faith seeing her little brother for the first time. We all live & learn to some extent. Like that the photos seem more spontaneous than some other celebs send out.

Ardyn on

I am such a fan of his work and shows, why does he have to be such a nut? Being married to that wench before, and now having kids that will be lucky if he can still see and hear them in 15 years. Ugh.

Darcie on

Congrats! Two beautiful children!

On another note: Daddy has been a busy boy…6 kids by different women and continuing fatherhood at 59! Cheesh hope he’s done!

Tiffany on

I was thinking that she looks a lot like his ex-wife now…

Hey on

Only he and 1/2 his kids go by their middle names. He must mean his current family has a tradition of doing that or he’s rewriting his life.

Gigi on

Wow!! His wife has morphed into Camille. Not good. Beautiful children though.

klutzy_girl on

Adorable baby and I love his name. Congratulations!

kamilla on

A 30 yo and a new born…at what point do you just stop?

charlotte on

Sweet pictures! Good luck to them all.

debra40 on

he’s almost due to dump this one and find someone else and have another 2. that seems to be the pattern with him

yasemina on

Kind of tacky how his 6th child gets his name. I thought Kelsey, Jr was usually reserved for the first son. Then again, would you really want to carry this vile man’s name? And yes, I was a huge Cheers fan.

Hey on

Yasemina – maybe the surrogate didn’t agree to the name with his 1st son.

yasemina on

Good point hey.

Gues on

Great names. Beautiful family. Hope 6 is enough, but he has children each time he re-marries. Loved his daughter Spencer in Greek! That was a good show.

Guest on

WOW….it’s creepy how she has morphed into a younger looking version of his last wife Camille :/

Boston93 on

He’s such a creep.

Ashley on

Love Kelsey! Congratulations to him and his family—beautiful children 🙂

DJ on

Ok….time to stop now. Six kids is plenty. At 59, you should be having grandkids. He will be almost 80 by the time the kid graduates from high school.

Jazz on

Congrats. Beautiful family.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to this lovely family!

Trae on

He is such a pig. He keeps marrying younger women and having babies with them. UGH!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to Kelsey and Kayte!

Juli on

Love the name, and what a gorgeous picture of Kelsey with Faith and Gabriel! Congratulations to the family!

linda on

the man’s a stone cold idiot.

karen on

He is such a pig. Used to be a fan. Sounds like he can’t deal with getting older. He has a grandchild older than this kid for Christ’s sake.

Kardenia on

He is a disgusting person. GROSS. I hope she got pregnant via in vitro, gawd, imagine having to have sex with him, please, GAG, how absolutely unfortunate.

Guest53 on

congratulations on the birth of your healthy baby boy

Erin on

Previous relationships? Camille’s was a marriage with two children – you make it sound like they went together for a couple of months and moved on.

Amaryllis on

That man seriously needs a vasectomy.

Taylor on

This man’s like Michael Landon – altho he appeared to be a great family man and father, he died and left two young children behind without a father. The need to have children with every person you sleep with or are in a relationship with appears to be a little over rated – especially when you are his age.

bubbles on

LOL…more child support…

Kathy on

Ok Kelsey, 6 IS enough! I’m 59 and I think I’ll be content to play with my three grandkids! I guess if you have a young wife who can continue to raise your kids after you’re in the home, well more power to you I suppose!

kayers43 on

his wife looks so much like whatshername. such a silly sexist. good actor though.

postathread on

Geez, this wife looks like the Ex Wife now…weird..He’s creepier than the ex wife…cute kids. Hopefully he’s a better Dad, than husband.

Guest on

Yes he is disgustingly repulsively insane . His choices are selfish and painful for his children. But please stop saying he is a good actor…he is a ham overblown & pompous ,overacts every part. It is boring and tiring to watch him. Never understood why people credited him with skill. Because a show stays on the air doesn’t mean it is good !

Dee on

Well this new wifes shelf life is about up. Seems a pattern with Kelsey, after his wives give birth to two children, he’s on the hunt for the next Mrs. Grammer

Jac on

This baby is NOT a junior. Kelsey’s legal name is Allen Kelsey Grammer. His stage name is Kelsey Grammer. In order to be a junior he would have had to name this baby Allen Kelsey Grammer, which he did not.

chris on

So Mason and Jude are from a “previous relationship”? Wasn’t he married to Camille. What a slight?

Stacy on

She just had a baby! Can we just leave the poor woman alone????? Who cares what she looks like. Good grief, people!

Lucy on

Current wife looks a lot like Camilla! Congrats to them both and if this is the 6th child he must be “Grandfather” too!

Kat on

Did you say that a surrogate might have not agreed to the naming of his first son (the 30 year old)? Do surrogates have a say in such things in CA? WTH?

Kat on

Yep! I made my parent a “grand” at his age of 60, as well. Oh wait! You mean, the parent is 60? Ugh.

radar on

The world is a lesser place as of the moment of this birth

valeskas on

I hope that is the last child he produced.

june on

He has a child that is 30. How old is his wife? Exactly.

Anonymous on

He has the money to support six kids, so there is no problem.

Courtney on

Obviously I don’t know him or his side of the story, but according to his ex wife, he doesn’t have much to do with his two middle children, so it’s pretty crappy that he just keeps procreating and divorcing. He seems like a jerk anyway. Wonder how long this marriage will last?

Anonymous on

He’s going to leave her in a few years for a much younger, an prettier woman. Be prepared to see two more fatherless children! I think Kelsey Grammar is one of the most selfish men in the world!

LR on

Can’t stand him.

Dayna on

Having a child at 59 . . . whew! That makes me tired just THINKING about it. That’s Grandpa age! But, hey, to each his/her own. He if likes it, then I love it. More power to him!

Carla on

Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey . . . that guy is such a card. I bet that before long, he’ll be looking for the NEXT Ex-Mrs. Grammar.

Carson on

How long before he dumps this wife and abandon these kids? Isn’t it something like every 7 to 10 years? He really should stop reproducing so he doesn’t damage any more children’s childhoods.

Kal on

This man is a pig!

casmia on

I was just going to comment the exact same thing, Guest. He seems to have a penchant for the trout pout wife…and she absolutely looks a lot like Camille!!

Anonymous on

Hes a pig for-sure. She looked normal when they first met and now she is fake.



KellyGreen on

Awww…their little girl is precious in that first pic!

Brandy on

For those commenting on how she looks . . . . notice the NEWBORN BABY in her arms. Seriously worst time ever to place judgment on a women.

KL on

They gave his first name the same as his dad? ok then…

Anonymous on

I guess I am not the only who think that she looks a lot like Camille…

KL on

And if your going to call him by his middle name anyway why didn’t you just use that as his first name?!?! Whats the point of having a first name then… I just don’t get it.. Cant stand him

Anonymous on

Another celebrity mess – who needs to be having kids at 59?

katie on

WHY? Why have kids at 59 especially when you have 4 other ones

Me on

I am glad that he is finally happy! She seems to be good for him!

Patio on

Give me a break….I am the same age as Kelsey and would not be selfish to have a child that I would not see to grow old….

Misty on

I’d LOVE to congratulate them. But we all know (and I mean WE ALL) that he will leave this woman along this new set of kids as soon as he finds a new wrinkle in the mirror and hates himself a little more. I thought this guy was so witty, talented, handsome….but yeah. He’s just the BAD MAN EXAMPLE that parents warn their daughter against and their sons against BEING. Sorry, you sexy-voiced, thing. You lost your bloom..and any karmic/social relativity. Hope the kids (all of them) and heart-broken exes can end up OK in the long-run.

Anonymous on

I agree with a few other people…she totally looks just like the ex now. whats up with that?

joselyn on

well, technically the kid has two middle names.
And finally he got a non-girl to join Jude (his other boy child didn’t make it out of embryo stage)

Grammer is such a really really REALLY talented fella, but golly, he is such bad news as a human being! Frasier is one of television’s all-time best characters, show to show.

Well, maybe he’ll stay married this time.

notmyname on

oh no poor Faith (is there a more cornball name? Hello Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman…), she has her mom’s chin! eeeeek.

I like that (speaking of awful names) Kayte is wearing no makeup.

For those of you who hope Kelsey “stops” he has said he doesn’t plan to so as long as there’s a willing womb around, and as long as he’s “able,” look for more Grammers.

Kestrel on

IT IS A BABY so stop being so cruel. You’re not qualified to judge and pass a verdict in whether he is worthy of his life! He has endured unbelievable tragedy and lost so many family members through murder (his sister, best friend and his father), twin half brothers from a drowning accident, his wife had a miscarriage and then lost the twin of their 2 year old in utero . It is odd how conservative republicans can have kids out of wedlock and be married multiple times but gay couples can’t.

And yes, his daughter is called by her middle name because her first name is Kelsey’s deceased sister. His “family tradition” might be from his grandparents or maybe the mothers wouldn’t follow suit. Is it really such a big deal?
A lovely little man was born healthy into a world with 2 parents who want him and can afford to take care of him. Might that be where the bitterness comes from? No partner, no money, unhealthy child? Every baby deserves the best. Congrats on the new baby. Boys are so wonderful!

geno on

Listen people,he didn’t rape this woman.She willingly spread her legs to get this baby. So,why does everyone say such vile things about Kelsey?
How is he hurting you? Mind your own business.

Cricket on

I like all of his shows so I don’t really want to hear about his personal life because it lessens my appreciation for him!

Jennifer on

@Cricket And yet, you clicked on a story about him and then took the time to comment. lol 😉

Notafanofhis on

Wow his new wife looks so much like Camille now. She didn’t at first. I wonder if she went to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif…they do know Camille personally.

Melissa on

6 kids with different women! That’s insane! His current wife is almost as old as his eldest son!

Taylor on

Only his daughter Greer goes by her middle name. The rest go by their first names, so I don’t know what he’s constituting as “tradition.”

Jen on

They are just beautiful! Congrats. Now, get your nuts cut, old man.

Jennifer on

@Becca– Ummm, are you actually reading the majority of the comments here? (also, there’s no need to SHOUT the entirety of your reply.)

Jennifer on

By the time this baby reaches around the age of 10, this nasty “man” would probably have already kicked the bucket. Leaving the child to grow up without a father. HOW SELFISH!!! Doesn’t he have grandkids older than this new baby??? GROSS!!! I guess it just proves that all the money in the world doesn’t buy class.

Sara on

Wow, Kelsey has made this wife look like his ex wife Camille.

4mom on

Everyone who posts that he is too old and needs to stop is looking at it from the wrong perspective. He has 6 children, she only has these two. Why should she be denied the right to have her own children just because he had kids already? They chose to get married and she obviously wanted children. Frankly it is none of our business even if they are in the public eye. I think it is wonderful that they have this lovely family and wish them all the best.

Von on

At this rate, by the time he is in his 70’s, he will have 10 grand kids.

Kal on

Love the name Gabriel. Its a great name for a boy!

KingKing on

She looks like a younger Camille now.

Happy on

Congratulations to the family beautiful Photo’s

AmandaC on

snip snip grandpa!

angie on

Congrats to the happy family!

guest on

Should never be photographed without her makeup.

Seriously on

She was such an attractive woman before the Trout Pout! Just say “NO” Kayte!

Jess on

How sad for the two young children who live with their mom. This just breaks my heart. Dads are SUPPOSE to be with their children. 😦

Anonymous on

Kelsey has 6 kids, hope he is all good now.

guest on

she is a homelier version of Camille