Kim Kardashian Reveals North West Took First Steps, Posts Sweet Instagram Photo

07/23/2014 at 10:50 PM ET

She just celebrated her first birthday on June 15, and now little North West has hit another big milestone.

Gushing mom Kim Kardashian revealed Wednesday that her growing bundle of joy has taken her first steps.

The reality star, 33, shared the happy news on Instagram, posting a photo showing her kissing North as the wee one stayed all bundled up in a yellow towel.

“Our baby girl finished one week of swimming lessons today then took her 1st steps right when she got out of the pool!!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!!!!” she wrote.

Of course, Kardashian made sure to give a shout-out to proud pop Kanye West, 37, who played shutterbug for their daughter’s big day.

“Photo cred: Daddy,” she added to the caption.

The elated parents, who tied the knot in an extravagant wedding celebration in May that hopped from France to Italy, celebrated North’s first birthday last month with a pull-out-all-the-stops bash.

Dubbed “Kidchella,” the party was held at Kourtney Kardashian‘s new home in Calabasas, California, and featured an on-site Ferris wheel, teepees and carts offering lemonade and churros.

“Kim and Kanye made sure it was very special,” a source told PEOPLE. “All the kids had the best time.”

— Alexis L. Loinaz

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Showing 150 comments

Anonymous on

what is the purpose of this pic? shows more Mommy than North….guess I’m not that surprised. such a selfish person. I feel for the baby.

Judy on

Didn’t we know Kim would say her kid was walking as soon as she read the news about Prince George? So pathetic…..

Sal on

Gushing mom? That’s funny, no credit to the actual mother……the nanny?

Sal on

Judy, I agree. And Kim not one ounce of care for IGNori. Sad But true!

Guest on

Kim can post as many photos of herself, Kanye and North as she wants. People will always find fault with whatever Kim posts or doesn’t post. She has been very conservative with her posts concerning North. A lot of people find fault with that. I don’t. I think she wants to celebrate North’s milestones, but at the same time keep photos for the most part out of the spot light. She’s North’s mother and is doing the best she can to protect her little girl.
I don’t think that the news of North walking has anything to do with Prince George. Every child begins walking when they are ready. I don’t get the perceived competition. I think most of it is people reading a lot into something that is very straightforward.

Jennifer on

Now when North gets older, Kim can teach her how to make money off of creating videos that shows her sucking men’s shaft and stuffing her body in clothes that make her boobs and butt stick out…JUST LIKE MOMMY!!!

julian on

Aw! North’s nanny must have been excited to see that and tell Kim!

joanne1965 on

photo op for damage control…

Sally on

NEWS!!! Why is such news for people.
Who the hell cares!!!!
People Mag. make them go AWAY!!!

Allo on

She poses even when kissing her baby

Anonymous on

Awwww…It was so nice of the nanny to keep those two idiots up to speed.

Katie on

I’d love to stay on the positive side and hope this is a truly genuine picture of a proud mommy, but with how she is portrayed by the media and what she portrays herself, I tend to think this is more for show. I would love to see her go a week with minimal makeup like most moms wear, playing with her daughter and just having fun. Any pictures or videos she were to show would likely be looked at as phony even if they truly were genuine. Kim has put this negative attention on herself and it is going to take a lot for the public to see her in a positive light. I hope North really knows her parents and they give her the love and care she deserves when she is home, but sadly I don’t think they do.

GP Stoll on

Awwww that was so nice of the nanny to let her know.

Ivixen on

Stop the presses! A 13-month-old child walked! Whoa!

Jenb64 on

Doubt that was the first time she took steps. Probably just the first time the parents were around when it happened!

gymluv on

You can see more side boob than baby, how surprising, Can anything she does ever be solely about someone other than her? Desperately starving for attention, so sad and pathetic.

AA on

I guess North wasn’t fast enough to get away from her parents.

kelsey hale on

meanwhile in ukraine and palestine……………………

angeli on

Does anyone on the People staff realize that a large percentage of babies take a 1st step. This magazine is not about people anymore, it is about the 500 or more PR stunts that the Kardashians put out. I quit subscribing to your ridiculous magazine that use to have quality. You wonder why your sales are down by a major percentage- well, duh… is the trash that you are constantly calling news about this lowlife family. Yes, your readers comment, why? WE ARE MAD. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PEOPLE MAGAZINE AGAIN.

angeli on

I will never buy another People magazine again. The trash from the “new owners” of the magazine is getting too much! Kardashian is the only thing that you can deal with since they write their own articles. Never again, will I think that this magazine is responsible in their integrity. I know this will not be printed.

Dee on

Congrats, North! She’s probably been walking for a couple of months, but Kim’s just now registering what the nannies told her.

MSS on

Good for you little North. Now run, Run like the wind. Go North, Go South, Go East, Go West, and get away from those two crazy parents

corporate greed on

Cracks me up all the people on here criticizing but they READ every single story….hahahahahahaha…..what a bunch of morons!

melissajean0 on

Hey people mag, I hear Americans are fighting in Israel. Write about that, no one gives a crap about this. We all know the nannies take care of this child. I just wonder how much money people mag gives to KK every day. SMH.

Ann on

Its amusing how they keep North all cover up as if she is in demand while Prince William and Kate have no problem letting the world see Prince George so somebody let Kim and baby dada know they don’t have to cover up North as she is not that in demand just as Blue Ivy is also just another child. Kim seems to think she is entitled which is to funny watching her facial expressions so its time to retire the boring Kardashians as their bodies aren’t all that great as they seem to believe……….YAWN!!!!

Susan on

Well with that face full of make up it’s obvious mammy wasn’t swimming with her and also must have missed her first steps…way to go.

gracie on

I seriously doubt the child took her first steps upon emerging from the pool. Most kids need to have shoes on as they are unsteady and uncoordinated. Wet feet and pool tile are not condusive to first steps or the safety of the child. If the subject of the picture is North’s first steps, then post a picture of her taking those steps rather than a photo that really is all about KIm.

Anna M on

As I always say…..when no attention is on Kim or her popularity is down, a butt selfie or a pic of Nori comes out. This is a pic of Kim….not Nori….as usual. Kim learned from her mother how to “use” a child for money and attention.

oh dear on

Wow…you guys must really have lots of time on your hands to take the time to write down how much you have this woman and to spew ugly things at a child. I don’t follow the Kardashians but it seems to me that everyone is entitled to a few mistakes in their lives and that she is not hurting anyone. I can think of a lot worse than her being famous for a sex and let live!..and less hate in your comments would be nice. Thanks.

Janet697 on

why instagram such a useless stupid picture of a kid who we have no idea who it is wrapped in a towel. Maybe if the kids parents ever spent reall time with their daughter they would know she was late to walk unless she had a physical problem. Kim is such a loser.

Carrie on

The little girl always looks so sad in all her photos, She needs to smile and giggle and have fun – that’s what babies do.


looks just like her daddy….

Anonymous on

Has mom or dad changed a diaper yet? Be sure to let us know when they do. Poor baby North.

Rachel on

Does that baby ever smile?

Joy on

OMG, Momeger all over again. Makes me sick to see another KKK generation.

John Gesselberty on

I grieve for this child having to grow up with two consummate losers as parents.

Martina on

In every single picture with her parents this little girl looks unfomfortable. I have never seen anything like this. Prince William’s baby is the same age, and you can clearly see the difference. There is a price to pay for never physically being there, and not taking care of your child. Your child doesn’t know who you are.

Linny on

She never ever holds that baby girl too close to her have you noticed it? watch when shes with her its like she doesn*t want North to mess with her makeup and hair. She is so into herself.. That poor little baby girl needs her mommy to hug and kiss her all day long yet its plain to see that Kim needs only herself to love ..

Mia on

Where is the baby? It is another Kim stunt to get attention. That poor baby saddled with that disgusting family. What did they ever do with all their money to help anyone but themselves? Except maybe their father hid the evidence that would have gotten OJ convicted for his crime! That’s good enough to make those ego-maniacs famous. No more about them, They are sickening!

Anonymous on

Why does this baby always look SO SAD



Anonymous on

she’s probably been walking, Kim just wasn’t around to see it! LOL

Jo on

Over a year old and just walking ? This kid is slow, but then so are the people who spawned her !

Magic Wand on

Another Kopy Kate moment except you’re no Kate Kim. We all know that you love your Krusty Koccyx and Klamy Krotch more than any Kid.

Jo on

I’m sure the kid is hidden in the towel because the look on her face would reveal “who the hell are you and where is my real mommy ?”(the nanny) .

Anonymous on

anything for a photo op…too bad that kid one ugly kid! wow

jack on

who gives a rats behind on the kardashians the world is crumbling

Anonymous on

What are they going to call the next one? I guess SOUTH

armar shisico on

What are they going to call the next one?I guess South

Cindy on

If KK were actually around for the child’s first steps, then a picture of that moment would have been sent out, not this picture.

Nancy on

North has the same expression as her father whats his name? anyway she just looks sad, I guess he looks mad but its awful to think this baby will probabaly never have a real family life. Im sure the father wont allow her to be on him for hugs or kisses she might drool,fat ass Kim is to busy looking ,.so called good for the camera.and baby might mess her up.Pathetic people.

ruth saperstein on

Why doesn’t this baby smile?

Delia on

I never read reports that aren’t newsworthy. It’s time for the media, publihed or otherwise, to report about humanitarians and others who are role models that contribute to the quality of life. Kim and anyone who followss her, including her family, do not represent positive role models.

Jane on


Noted 1 commenter observing how baby North looks “so sad” in her pictures.
my little 18 month old ‘grand’ was the same way until just recently, yet indicated she was much the opposite whenever a camera wasn’t thrown in the mix. We decided it was only her intense curiosity of the gadget itself and being a baby Genius 😉 Hmm …..
do u think??

RC on

It’s interesting how NOBODY cares, yet they have SO much to say. To all these people grousing and criticizing, I say, GET A LIFE!

vern on

Took first steps, wonderful. Now lets see the first smile.
I’ve never seen a picture of the baby with a smile.

Anonymous on

Comments are sickening…why do you people looking, reading about everything Kim does…then spew hate??? You all should have a hater’s convention! Place would be packed. You’re all so pathetic!

JenC on

That was sweet of the nanny to video North’s first steps for her mom

Donna on

I could never figure out what is so great about this girl. She is pretty, but that is about it. I really was impressed with the other husband, not this one. My hubby doesn’t have nice words to say about her, and I happen to agree. What is so great about this one? Pretty baby though. But yuck on the parents.

stevestudt on

Hope that kid is able to survive her parents ….

Anna on

Why this poor kid is always in black,cream or white clothing.Shes KID and need color in her life who is not happy ether.Pink blue,yellow or with flower or other pattern.
His Mother should make pics when she play with her daughter with simple dress and without tons of color on her face.This color should to be in her daughter clothing.Poor sad kid!

Anonymous on

Guess what!! My son, born the same month/year as NW and Prince George, has also taken his first steps! Where’s my front-page headline?!?!

Anonymous on

Why is this news? I thought it would say that daddy finally got some sense and dumped this skank of a money tramp. My baby took his first steps……………..duh who gives a crap. Turn to dust and blow away.

Plumeria on

I would venture to guess that, IF Kim didn’t marry Kanye West.. and she had a baby with anyone else.. That child would be ALL over KUWTK and in the press, just like Kourtney’s kids..

Donna on

All 3 of my children walked at 9 months

HClapp on

You know how they say “all babies are cute/pretty”. Obviously this picture disproves that. That baby is one of the homeliest I’ve ever seen. Not a pretty child. Maybe if she were a boy, because she looks just like Kanye.

barbg on

so sick of these KarTrashians, when will it stop?

lyn on

I must have missed the story about her first poopy diaper!
Now that she can walk: Run, North, Run!

john on

who gives a s@#%

barbg on

when will it stop with this KarTrashian slut family?

Leila on

I don’t get why people are so mean toward Kim. It’s obvious she and Kanye adore their little one. People can be soooooooooooooo judgemental.

Paula on

My first thought when I read the headlines of a major milestone for North was that maybe she actually recognized her parents


Come on People. When are you going to stop giving this narcissist publicity.
She can’t comprehend anything that is not about her. The comments she made about her brother is proof of that.
If you are going to do stories about the K-Dash clan, then do them about Khloe. She is much more likeable and has more style, class, and sensibility than Kim has in her little finger.

Lovetohate on

I totally agree with guest on their comment. Everyone loves to hate Kim but its just making her richer and richer. The more traffic to her articles whether or not its to bash will make her a billionaire one day. Its so laughable that the people who hate her the most endorse her the most. Congrats to baby North for such a milestone, and thank you Kim for sharing it with us as the proud mother you are.

Linda on

Why does this baby always look so sad?

Michael on

You can tell that is going to be one good-looking young lady when she grows up.

Lisa on

Well I am not surprised. I mean Kate and Prince William had a picture of Prince George walking so now Kim wants to brag about North. Sorry Kim but you will never ever compare to Prince George.

Anonymous on

who gives a shit, is she the only one with a interracial baby. so shame this slut is given so much attention when all she did was spread her legs.

heather on

By the looks of the 80lbs of make up she’s wearing and her hair style, seem like Kim was right along there with her taking those swimming lessons.

Tiffany on

I always wonder why it says “What you 😦 (angry faces) For the reactions…

Fed up on

I usually wear my fake eyelashes while I swim! What an attention whore.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

OMG……just go away already!

Anna on

There are more frowns than hearts. How is this a story we love right now? Am i missing something…

andreacarina on

People talk about her like if they could see everything that she does, like “she is a bad mother because she leaves North with her nanny” change your mind guys, people can do whatever they want, if she wants to upload a photograph with her daughter it is ok, if you don’t want to see it, don’t click and don’t waste your time talking shit about her life. I’d prefer ignore what I don’t like instead of wasting my time typing a comment that she’ll never read.

Krystal on

How can we be sure this is even North in the pic?

Anonymous on

To those so shocked at the fact their walking babies are not all over the news too..newsflash, yo kids ARENT celebrities, and PEOPLE MAGAZINE is about CELEBRITIES, therefore, theres no way in hell your walking kids pictures could make it there, not that anyone would care either. And North doesnt need to be some respectable mogul’s nor some blue blood’s daughter for her mother to cover her face for pictures, she just needs to have parents who prefer their child’s face isnt all over the media. You people are always so quick to judge. With your perfect little lifes, i assume. I swear to god youd be throwing hateful accusations at her if she happened to be always flashing that baby’s face in front of every camera. i ask you, whats the right way to do it then?

OT on

To those so shocked at the fact their walking babies are not all over the news too..newsflash, yo kids ARENT celebrities, and PEOPLE MAGAZINE is about CELEBRITIES, therefore, theres no way in hell your walking kids pictures could make it there, not that anyone would care either. And North doesnt need to be some respectable mogul’s nor some blue blood’s daughter for her mother to cover her face for pictures, she just needs to have parents who prefer their child’s face isnt all over the media. You people are always so quick to judge. With your perfect little lifes, i assume. I swear to god youd be throwing hateful accusations at her if she happened to be always flashing that baby’s face in front of every camera. i ask you, whats the right way to do it then?

sam on

I hate kim

sam on

kim is gross

Pete on

her and her thing called west are both trash get off the internet and stay off.

Linda on

So the kid walked for the first time. My goodness what exciting news…NOT! COME ON NOW. THIS IS NOT NEWS. This is Kim getting the attention she so thrives on. I could care less if her kid walks. All five of mine and my two grandkids did the exact same thing! IMAGINE THAT!!! I did not scream it out to the world either, but then again I am not some famous SKANK attention seeking you know what either!

Anonymous on

Sure, give the baby a kiss for the camera. The only time you see them together is when there is a camera around and she can post it somewhere. The baby doesn’t look happy with her Mom…maybe it’s because she doesn’t know her and isn’t comfortable with her. She is actually pushing and turning away. Body language says a lot about that relationship.

melissa on

She is a cute baby…however, she never looks happy. When you do see a pic of her little face, she looks like she is scowling. Bless her!

Terry on

She’s just now walking??? She’s behind in her milestones.

lc on

Yes of course she read the news too that Prince William’s son is walking which is why she posted this today. Coincidence? I doubt it. She thinks shes royalty and just as relevant. Secondly, North finished her swimming lessons no doubt with the nanny, not the professional selfie taking mother of hers. I love her lies about wanting another child. She is too self centered and worried about her body to have another one.

anonymous on

In the AOL picture the kid is squirming away from her and looking to be held by the nanny, the real caretaker.

meghan on

Leila, how is that obvious? The exact opposite is apparent in every picture I’ve seen.

anonymous on

I’m surprised People didn’t makes up this story like they always do in the magazine, always quoting friends ,a source, an insider… nev using a real person

Meme on

curosity made me look ….for some reason… The woman holding that precious child is certainly not the one that has her boobs showing in every picture…. look at her not the same photoshopped look……. It is obvious its FAKE go figure God Help the Child is all I can say with her her for a Mother and welllllll nothing left to be said.

Anonymous on

I never click here but I wanted to say why don’t you get stories of Bowe Berhdahl and his desertion

Ashley on

Leila is delusional…North NEVER looks happy to be around her parents; or just unhappy in general who knows. I’ve yet to see a smiling, happy picture of her, is all I know.

Ollie Z on

Mom seems pretty unproud of her child, all the pics of them or even just the child, are always dark and you really can’t make out the people in the pics. I would proud to post pics of my baby with me anywhere. I just don’t get it with those people. Weird.

Paula on

If that’s so, then why not a picture of her walking? Does this child have any smile muscles?

Howard Kosrofian on


Dayna on

Seriously, when are she and that moron she’s married to going to return that baby to the NBC prop dept? It’s getting old.

ROD on

And I thought the article was going to be about the parents putting their daughter in her very first she can follow in her mommy’s footsteps.



Anonymous on

One day that poor little thing is going to be asking her Grandma, “Why do I have to look like that ugly guy who donated his sperrm in a turkey baster? WHY ME?????”

Anonymous on

poor kid, won’t get a moments rest or peace and quit for most of his life …….. and, which one of these knuckleheads was the one to name him north?? …… don’t they realize he will be laughed at by all his classmates for years?

evesin0207 on

I’m not a big Kim and Kanye fan but if Kim is as caring a Mom as her sister Kourtney and brother-in-law Scott are then North is getting as much attention as she needs when Kim is available. Therein lies the problem. Kim still works on many projects so I think she manages to get time in with her daughter but the Nanny bears the most responsibility for Norie’s every day needs. As North grows up she will probably spend more time with her Didsick cousins, Mason and Penelope, and learn about family from them.

BEV on



D on

awe she learned to walk on all fours

D on

and the knuckles didn’t even drag on the ground

alex on

WOW – im surprised shes not talking in french, german and greek. Walking in high heels and sending selfie’s. Please….. this is not news its BS.

Anonymous on

what is she doing now. tanning to get black ? I dont get it at all. that poor kid with that name

ccloops on

The kid still looks like she came right out of da hood

chuck on

Looks like a few of the comments are from KIM AND HER MOM……. the one defending KIM……… low lifes

Julie Hoy on

Are we going to get a breaking news story when she’s potty trained too? I hope not. Enough already.

Julie Hoy on

Are we going to get a breaking news story when she;s potty trained too? I hope not.

joe on

that is 1 ulgy baby

Michelle on

That poor child has the same sorry ass face her father does! Too bad!

janny on

So this is news? Who cares. Haven’t bought your ragmag in years.

Franmer on

I have to agree with Judy. how coincidental that Prince George is shown with his first steps and now Kimye’s adorable baby is now walking. She is not fit for a mom. I feel bad for this baby. I hope that she gets good caretakers to make sure that she is safe. These to crazies will do a lot of damage to her.

Tj on

I ended my subscription for PEOPLE due to their love affair with the Kardashans. They are self absorbed trash. They are NOT celebrities, they have contributed NOTHING to society.

Anonymous on

this baby is adorable,but I don’t think ive ever seen her smile in any of the pictures shown

Cici on

Of course she has to hold the baby out of the way. God forbid she misses out on a photo op.

Cici on

Ha ha. So she holds baby North away from her to make sure she doesn’t block the cameras from getting a picture of her (Kim).

Dionna on

It’s not her fault she’ll end up looking like her “father”……..if that was indeed the same one who loaded his junk in a turkey baster on that fateful day.

marcy on

Why hasn’t there been a single photo of that baby smiling?? She always looks like she’s sad and in pain. Oh, yea…I forgot….she knows who her parents are!

okiedokiepokie on

Wow what a shocker. Kim announces North’s first step on top of Prince George’s. Of course no picture. The nanny had to text her to tell her about it. Must not let that frisky little Prince have a headline and not share it without a Kardashian. lol

Anonymous on


joe smoe on

Great…. ANOTHER obama lover……..

TOM on


JUK on

Another tragic life in the making by a child being whored out by it’s Mother..Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..And speaking of how long the marriage will last,?.. is not long before the Mother is bored by her short black husband. Whoring is all she knows.

Kitzer on

Poor kid!! She has two UGLES for parents – and it shows! Big time!!!

Anonymous on

Now that you know how to walk …. RUN! Run far far away little baby North. You have no idea what you are in for sweetie. Run baby run!!!

Toni on

I’ve never seen a picture of North smiling when her mother is holding her. For a little girl that has so much..I think she knows how little that is.

brian on

North West walked South East by mistake and got lost!?

Anonymous on


Maria on

I think Kim post has nothing to do with baby George. I think little North was excited about the swim lesson and probably didn’t want to get out. She probably wiggle loose and took steps to get back to the water. Most babies learn to walk like that. So sad to see people so full of hate that they lash out against a mother and her child.

phyllis on

Are you serious this is not news

Jen on

Don’t care about any of the Kardashians. Can’t stand her jackhole of a husband – Kim is one desperate psycho. God Help that kid, he’ll be on drugs early in life – that’s for sure. Pray for him..

The Truth on

These posts are absolutely pathetic. I am disgusted that so many people, many who are presumably “Christian”, would take the time to spew venom anonymously over the internet. The bottom line is you don’t know her and you don’t get the privilege of judging her. From the condemnation on a working mother to the assumptions about her personality, I find these responses disturbing. The irony is, though, the more hate you show, the more celebrity you give her. This posts generated more traffic than many other posts. I hope you all sleep well knowing that you delivered your petty remark for the day.


Shame on all of you racists and evil people out there who hate your own selves and your own lives so much that you have to unload your venom on a family you don’t even know. GOD sees and hears everything we do, be careful he doesn’t punish you for your disgusting actions with some incurable disease like cancer or worst aids! STOP BEING HATEFUL!

Kestrel on

And they’re off! Commenting with a fervor about something entirely normal. Face it, everyone walks unless you’ve got a disability.
Any guesses as to how many people call her Kim “Kartrashian”? If you’re going to be insulting to someone who doesn’t know – or care – that you exist then at least be creative.
Or, you know, just shut the hell up because nobody cares what you think of a stranger’s kid walking. Now don’t you feel dumb?

Angie on

North grows fast, can’t believe she is a one year old little girl, bet she starts to walk and run now.

Anonymous on

Aww cute picture!

Chewbacca on

For all those wondering why people mag pays attention to Kim, you are to blame. you click on stories about her and generate revenue, thus prompting People to continue publishing stories about her. Keep up the good work.

olivia on

where does it show the child walking? or swimming for that matter, another stupid article of this kid doing absolutely nothing just frowning like her dad.