Alyssa Milano: How I Knew I Was Having a Girl

07/23/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Alyssa Milano could tell something was different about her second pregnancy when she found herself feeling nauseated — a fate she avoided while carrying son Milo Thomas, who turns 3 next month.

“I had morning sickness this time, but it went away right at 12 weeks,” Milano, 41, says in the August/September issue of Fit Pregnancy, on newsstands Thursday. “With Milo, I didn’t have a minute of morning sickness. So I knew it was going to be a girl.”

The Mistresses star and husband David Bugliari announced in May that they’re expecting a daughter in early fall. And just like last time around, she’s setting aside obsessing over her image to focus on delivering and nurturing her baby girl.

Alyssa Milano Fit Pregnancy Cover Brian Bowen Smith

“A female body is not made to look good in a bikini. It’s made to give birth and have a baby and be a cozy companion for it afterward. And for my body, that meant putting on a lot of weight,” says Milano, who gained 55 pounds while pregnant with Milo.

“I didn’t indulge in fast food or junk food, so I knew it was a healthy weight. I just realized: This is what my body needs to do to have a healthy baby.”

The former Charmed star has handily dealt with haters in the past, getting comedian Jay Mohr to publicly apologize for knocking her post-baby body in January with a classy Tweet reading, “So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God Bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”

In Fit Pregnancy, Milano — who now exercises with pre-natal yoga, Pilates and chasing after her toddler — expands on her refreshing philosophy.

“We don’t get hungry when we’re pregnant for no reason,” she says.

“You’re making a skeletal system. You’re making organs. I refuse to look at the scale. I didn’t look at the scale with Milo until the day I gave birth. It’s funny, my file was open at my appointment yesterday and there was a big Post-it note that said, ‘She does not want to know her weight.'”

Alyssa Milano Fit Pregnancy Cover Brian Bowen Smith

As for having children in her 40s, Milano says she’s at the perfect place for motherhood.

“I loved waiting a long time to be a mom. I’d had my ladies’ lunches and my shopping days,” she explains.

“When Milo finally came, I thought —  This is what I’ve waited for my entire life. I wish I could sleep more, but it’s not like I wish there were other things I could be doing socially or for my own benefit. Because I really feel like he’s completed me.”

— Michele Corriston

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Showing 48 comments

Tee on

I absolutely adore Alyssa’s mindset on a woman’s body and purpose.

klutzy_girl on

Love Alyssa (and Mistresses) and am excited to find out this baby’s name!

Judy on

Love this article! (and her shoes!)

dd on

She is one classy lady. Good luck to you Alyssa!

Gg on

She seems very sensible. I like her.

schefflera on

It’s one thing to be stupid, it’s another to broadcast stupidity. Jeez. Not just about one thing, but a half dozen things! Who is she to say what a “female body” is “for”? Her superstitions and pronouncements are just embarrassing for another member of her species. And of course we “know” that her age is not the optimum time for childbearing (were females made for “ladies lunches and shopping days,” Alyssa?). There is no science supporting a connection between the sex of an embryo and the nausea of the expectant woman. Have 12 children and then compare experiences; not even that is conclusive, you twit (and “morning sickness” is an absurd term). Don’t speak for 50+% of humans on the planet. And your hair style is just awful!!!!!!

I saw ALL bodies were “made” to look good in swimsuits, or naked. She doesn’t think pregnant people look “good” in bikinis? Hmmm. Wasn’t her hair “made” to be left to its natural color? Why not?

And those are really ugly boots!

It would be so cool if the baby emerged and it was male.

Callie on

Jay Mohr is a has-been, #1 A-HOLE!!!! Milano handling everything with class as I would expect her to. Congratulations to her and her husband

Callie on

schefflera – YOU’RE AN A$$HOLE!!!! You need to take your meds or seek therapy or both

Katherine on

Gosh I love her and her realistic views on pregnany weight gain. I too gained 55 pounds with my son and it took a year to lose it but it is worth it when your little one arrives and you have a precious gift from God! 🙂

steenied on

Hey schefflera – did you feel that gust of wind after you typed up your (lengthy) comment? That was Alyssa’s point (esp about looking good in a bikini) going right over your head.

Sacre on

@schefflera – Did Starbucks screw up your venti triple shot soy caramel macchiato with half a Splenda this morning? Is that why you’re in such a foul mood?

kristen on

It seems like most of us understood her point. Alyssa, this was wonderful for me to read just a few weeks after giving birth. My body might never look good in a bikini again, but it served its purpose- a far more important purpose- when I gave birth to my son. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

Ana on

Schefflera….time to take the stick out

Big Fan on

I love her. She’s real and honest and just stunning. And I want to know where to get the boots/shoes she has on in the above photo—-LOVE THEM!

Summer on

Schefflera, yes, women’s bodies were indeed made to grow other humans. It’s the very definition of “female” in the scientific world. Everything else you said reeks of insanity, jealousy, or both.

Cristin on

@schefflera – Aww honey, no need to be a Bitter Betty. She can speak for me all she wants. If she feels like she was designed to have babies, why do you care?

Also kudos to her for realizing that she isn’t giving anything up by being with her child. Lady’s lunches and shopping trips are great but I would rather spend time with my kids. They grow up fast and are adults in the blink of an eye. I praise her for understanding the importance of what she is doing and not rushing to get back to some other person’s ideal weight.

Maybe you ought to read it again and really think about what she is saying instead of just being angry and nitpicking the entire thing.

ljjf on

It’s nice to hear about a celebrity who is going to have a baby and only cares about a healthy baby not what she looks like pregnant. So many stars worry about their nails, hair,body{before,present,after}, clothes,shoes etc… that they don’t seem to really enjoy every minute of their pregnancy. It’s just to bad. I enjoyed every minute of mine- sure there were days- but they were great.

Truthfinder on

Now this is a WOMAN speaking! Kudos, Alyssa!

amyinoaktown on

She is adorable.

Kim on

Sorry but having morning sickness has nothing to do with the gender of your baby!! I had a girl and had zero morning sickness. I love how people think they just “know” their baby’s gender. You can only find out two ways: through an ultrasound, or wait til the day of birth!! I hate these old wives tales. So annoying.

KL on

She looks amazing!!! And a girl?! how exciting

sa on

Love this woman, but her morning sickness theory doesn’t hold water. I’ve had varying levels of morning sickness in all my pregnancies, from totally fine to puking all day, and I’ve only had boys. And I know lots of other girl’s moms who avoided morning sickness all together. Lucky girls.

ohannad on

I like MOST of what she said. Sweetie ladies’ lunches and shopping are needed breaks to feel like women, wives, lovers. But she didn’t say morning sickness = girl; she said different from when I had first = girl..and she was proven correct via ultrasound.

Kate on

Alyssa has been a role model of mine since I was a little girl ordering her Teen Steam on an infomercial. She is just the best and I LOVE that she has stayed in the business and continues to be true to herself.

Jayne on

Schefflera…Someone didn’t take their happy pill this day and decided they were gonna have control here when they have none is their life. Talk about green with envy and jealousy I bet she is ready to explode .Alyssa looks great and it’s not her fault you made lousy choices in your life. Go find another page troll!!

Emily on

schefflera, honey, you should really work on your jealousy issues. They make you appear a bit, well, irrational.

P Guest on

schefflera – don’t try to speak on behalf of moms, dads or sane human beings, your comments do not reflect feelings most women have before or after giving birth. Alyssa can express her feelings & thoughts and I applaud her for waiting for the right time in her life to start her family. Feel sorry for you and your family, to be in such a negative environment is not healthy. I hope you can someday be happy.

AMF on

Scheduler – you are a total loser!!!

Cricket on

Schefflera….actually there IS science behind pregnant women having more morning sickness if they’re carrying a girl. It’s because their hormones add to the woman’s hormones and that’s what causes more morning sickness. Women can get and do get morning sickness when they’re carrying boys but they’re more likely to have it when they’re carrying girls. It’s tied to the HcG levels in the blood. The higher the level, the higher probability of morning sickness. Girls add to that hormone but boys don’t because they don’t have the hormone. Don’t speak of what you don’t know. I had 2 girls, my HcG levels were so high it was a normal level if I was carrying triplets. I had specialists and I still vomited 20-30 times a day. I lost 22 pounds, gained it back, she was 9 pounds. I left the hospital almost 40 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. I also had to have the backs of my teeth redone because the stomach acid ate away at my tooth enamel.

Mandy on

Cricket, I had no morning sickness with my girl at all. I guess everyone is different. I wish her all the happiness in the world.

Isabel on

Morning sickness or lack thereof has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus.

Lauren on

I believed, when I first started having kids, that differences in pregnancies meant different genders. However, after having four, I can say it’s not true at all:). I had moderate first trimester morning sickness with my daughter and not a second of morning sickness with my first son. With my second son I had about the same as my daughter and with my third son I had worse morning sickness than all of them together. You also can’t tell with heart rate. My daughter and two of my sons had high rates and on son a bit lower.

charlotte on

Good for her! She seems really happy and comfortable with who she is. All the best!

Anonymous on

I have adored Alyssa since “Who’s the Boss” and this article just made me love her more. Its exhausting to read of all of these women being so concerned with how much weight they gain and how fast they can lost it. She is not overeating, or being unhealthy, but just letting her body do what it needs to. Bravo to her – she’s beautiful at all sizes and I wish her the very best,

4mom on

Everyone has their own beliefs on gender differences and pregnancy symptoms. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I had minor morning sickness with my second daughter. The other three nothing. Every person is different. While she may be speaking some things that are her opinion, I do appreciate her approach to motherhood. Women are entirely too hard on themselves. I am going to enjoy my children while they are still young enough to want me around. Oh and there is nothing wrong with her age. My Ob/gyn once told me age was only a factor if you were afraid you might not have a “perfect” child. His 43 year old wife was pregnant at the time and I was 31 and worried about when I would get pregnant with my second. Women go through menopause for a reason, until then a woman is able to have a child.

soph on

So I’m assuming Alyssa never wore a bikini in the first 38 years of her life, right?

Anonymous on

I too also waited until later in life to start a family. She is very luck to be able to have a child at her age. It is not easy for al of us.

jlo27916 on

I love Alyssa and love her mindset but I HATE when people say they knew what they were having. It’s like when people come to my mama’s board for twins and ask us if we think they are having twins based off dreams, their children telling them they are having two, high HCG levels, history of twins on both sides (that only applies to fraternal twins and it doesn’t matter if it’s your husbands side- he doesn’t hyper ovulate so he has nothing to do with it), being super sick- ALL pregnancies are different. I have a friend who has all boys- every single pregnancy has been different for her. High HCG levels only indicate a healthy pregnancy. I have twin boys and I was sick the WHOLE way through pregnancy so Cricket that isn’t entirely correct. I was also EXHAUSTED! My friend Ali has twin girls and felt totally wonderful the whole pregnancy…

jlo27916 on

@schefflera WHOA there. Calm down! The boots I agree are ugly, I don’t agree that sickness is a way to determine a sex of a child, and I wore a bikini when I was pregnant with my TWINS, but do you have some personal vendetta against her? LOL Jay Mohr is an ASS! she was pregnant you idiot! Bet you didn’t say that to your wife!

NW Mama on

that is so cute that because her pregnancies were different that the sex of the baby would be different. Every woman is different and therefore their pregnancies will differ as well. I had 2 kids, and both times were totally different, carried one high up on the ribs, the other one was low in my lap, had mild morning sickness with both, but the doctor’s said that heart beat is definitely a boy both times.
I had 2 beautiful GIRL’S now 21 & 26, and getting ready to be a first time grandma with my oldest. Now this is all new to me, but I am sooooo excited about the arrival of my grandson!!!
Alyssa keep on being true to who you are and all will work out great in the end! Bless you and your 2 babies.

Anonymous on

I think some of you are missing the point Cricket was trying to make. She didn’t say that having morning sickness automatically means you’re having a girl or vice-versa, just that it’s been scientifically proven that women carrying girls are MORE LIKELY than those carrying boys to have severe morning sickness.

Anyway, I love Alyssa’s comments, and as strange as it may sound, I love that she kept her clothes ON for the photoshoot (not that there’s anything wrong with a bare pregnant belly! It’s just refreshing to see a celeb that doesn’t feel like she has to strip down- pregnant or not- to look good!)! 🙂

MomOf3kids on

@ Cricket, I have two girls and a boy and didn’t have one second of morning sickness with any of them. That has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus. On another note I feel her attitidue towards her pregnancy is refreshing and wish more celebrities would follow her lead.

Anonymous on

Morning sickness has nothing to do with the sex of fetus but glad she is comfortable with it.

Olivia on

BS. My sister had a boy and she had morning sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum, actually)

Mary on

I hope her baby dies, 41?????????

Vig on

Alyssa is lucky lady, having a boy and a girl, perfection.

Amy on

Go Alyssa. I loved what you said. I’m happy that your happy with yourself.

PT on

Great photo! She looked so content.