Jared Padalecki Is ‘Violently Protective’ of Family Time

07/20/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Jared Padalecki CW Tcas Christopher Polk/Getty

With two little boys at home, Jared Padalecki wants to spend as much quality time with them as he can.

“After Supernatural I hope to kind of back off from the business and work more sporadically and be a father and be a basketball coach for my kids, maybe get into producing or something,” Padalecki, 32, told reporters at the CW TCA in Beverly Hills on Friday.

For now, the actor says there is no balance, but he makes sure he has dedicated family time for his sons, Thomas Colton, 2Β½, and Shepherd, 7 months.

“I am violently protective of my — I call it my off-time — when I’m not working. I’m straight home and whether they’re in Vancouver or they’re in Seattle or wherever we happen to be I’m straight to them,” Padalecki explains.

“The other night I worked from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. in Vancouver and got an overnight flight to Houston. It got me home at 8 a.m. and, you know what, I was there with my kids and I took a nap when they napped,” Padalecki says. “I do it whenever I can. Whenever I have the time to do it, I do it. But, simply put, there is no balance yet, but that’s okay.”

When the father of two isn’t home, his boys can still see their dad on TV thanks to his wife, Genevieve.

“You know what’s funny? My wife will put [Supernatural] on — and they’re too young to know what’s going on — but she’ll put it on when either I’m at work or I’m out of town so they can see their dad and they’ll say, ‘Daddy.'”

As for the cute moments that Padalecki really enjoys?

“Tom is my 2Β½-year-old and he’s a fully-functioning human being right now,” Padalecki jokes with a smile. “The milestones that I laugh at are when they start mimicking what Daddy says and Mommy — in a friendly way — [that] reminds Daddy that he has to use his children words.”

“And then little Shep just started to scoot, so Shep is 7 [months] and he just started to crawl. He also started … to [accept] me as part of his life. Usually, he was like, ‘What do you want?’ ‘I want Mommy.’ Now Shep smiles when he sees me.”

Padalecki admits that he hopes his boys will have the same brotherly bond he shares with his older brother.

“I am a younger brother and I love him and we were best men in each other’s weddings. [I] want them to be there for each other.”

— Mariah Haas

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Leah on

Gah, Jared is so cute with his wife and sons. You can tell he’s such a great husband and father. (Same goes for Jensen and Misha, too, while I’m at it. All three SPN hunks are really beautiful with their families!)

Fran on

Thanks for such a lovely interview! Jared seems like such an awesome father to his boys. I love how important family is to him.

Sarah on

It’s obvious how Jared Padalecki is a great dad and an incredible husband ! love how he does his best to be with his family as much as he can !

Denise on

This article just reeks of PR. I wish we lived in a society where Jared didn’t have to hide who he is and little Tom could publicly acknowledge his other father. You want to write about ‘family time’ People? Ask him about Jensen not Gen.

Denise on

This article just reeks of PR. I wish we lived in a society where Jared could be open about who he is and little Tom could publicly acknowledge his other father. You want to write about ‘familly time’ People? Ask him about Jensen not Gen.

Kelian on

I feel so sorry for Jared and Jensen that they have fans who don’t care about them and only pretend to do so. Spreading rumors that these two happily married men are “gay” and in a “super secret gay love affair” is absurd. Leave these men alone. Your fantasies belong in fanfiction. Not in real life. Don’t you have anything better to do than create false rumors about people you don’t even know and who if they knew what you were thinking would be absolutely appalled? *cringes in embarrassment*

skylar2002 on

Denise’s comment above reeks of delusions and tinhattery. I wish we could live in a society where lonely women would stop creating false narratives about celebrity men to fill in the empty voids in their lives. Leave your twisted gay fantasies about Jared and Jensen in RPF where you created them. Go crawling back to the cesspool that is SPN Gossip. I have no idea who let you out of the sewers and into the real world.

skylar2002 on

Thanks for sharing!

Louise on

To Denise/artsydenise: go back to spngossip, you disgusting rumour-monger.

Hannah on

Jared and Gen are a lovely couple, and their kids are adorable! This is too cute. ❀

Miranda on

Aww. I love Jared and Gen and their sweet boys! Jared and his beautiful family should always protected & supported by the fandom community 150%, 24/7, no questions asked.

Jade on

Jared and Genevieve are an amazing couple! They have awesome kids and he seems to be a great husband and father! πŸ™‚

Elena on

I think part of what we all love so much about the show is how unpretentious and real the cast is. It’s obvious even without interviews how much they love their families and because of that, it’s even more generous how they share their time with fans. I hope for another 10 seasons!

Erin G on

This is too adorable for words!! It’s so obvious what a wonderful father and husband Jared is and how much he loves his wife and children! Lots of love from Washington state! πŸ™‚

Christina on

Jared’s family is so cute! He, Jensen, and Misha are all great fathers to their families!

Jan on

Jared and Gen are so amazing together, I hope the best for them and their kids! πŸ™‚

Sabias5 on

Aww. Jared and Gen are so beautiful together. I love the show and I love that they met there. Such a beautiful couple with adorable kids πŸ™‚

Hannah Wayne on

Jared, Jensen, and Misha all have beautiful families. You can tell how much the boys care for their families. They’re all so precious and adorable.

Camry on

Aww they are so adorable and Jared and Gen are amazing parents! (Jensen and Misha’s wives and children are adorable too) They have handsome boys. Jared is an amazing father and his family is important to him and I just love that

Kyla on

Jared and Gen are so cute!

Carlene on

Jared is an awesome guy, and quite obviously loves Gen and their kids with all his heart! Way to keep your priorities straight!!! Keep it up, Jared! You’re an awesome father and husband!

Vas on

Great article, glad to see he is a good guy!

Jess on

Jared is such a good daddy! I want a marriage like his and Gen’s one day! love them!

Maline on

Jared and Gen are really awesome parents and partners. I wish I could have a bond like they have with my significant other in the future.

Chloe on

He is such an admirable man, with his incredible talent, soul and love for life, and his family values, and the amazing life he has managed to build around his career just speaks absolute volumes for the adoration I have for this amazing guy!!
Love Jared, Gen, Thomas and Shepherd ❀

the kid blogger on

Jared is an awesome family man, and such a good husband and loving father! πŸ™‚

Amanda on

This article shows how awesome Jared (and Jensen and Misha) are. They dedicate tons of time to Supernatural, and then they go home and love on their families. And yet, they still take time to acknowledge their fans and be incredible human beings. Thanks guys!

Pia on

Aaaww that is so nice. They just seem like such a happy couple. And they deserve all the time in the world together as a family!

dawn on

Nice to see a man who want’s to be with his family sounds like acting is just a job for him and when not doing it family is important it’s refreshing.

E.B. on

Love him!

Jen DC on

If this were a story about a working actress mother, the tone of all these comments would be completely different.

“Oh (s)he has nannies and a cook, so it’s not as though (s)he’s caring for (her)his kids himself…” Etc.

linda on

it’s weird that people would think that jared and jensen are hiding a secret gay love affair. i mean, why? for what purpose? it’s not 1981 when such a revelation would hurt their careers. in fact, i think it would skyrocket supernatural to massive national attention if they such a super hot duo was actually a couple in real life. i’m surprised their pr isn’t dropping those kinds of hints to drum up attention, and we all know the show never shies away from winking fun with that fan fiction stream. it’s not only bottom feeder kind of speculation, it’s also really uninspired and lazy speculation. it would have been gasp provoking in another era, but now it would be par for the course.

Please on

HAH! Denise, no doubt someone on the crew read your comments and had a good laugh sharing it with the guys on a break. There is absolutely no basis for yoru comments – you invent things in your head. Jared and Jensen are happily married men who have beautiful families and no doubt, after a decade of working together on a show as brothers, ARE LIKE BROTHERS. Get a life.

Audrey on

Honestly, I think that when it comes to marriage Jared and Gen have got it all. They’re so cute and a super attractive couple and have adorable little boys, Tom and Shep, and not left behind are Jensen and Danneel every time I see an article or pictures of these two couples i get a great big “Aw” in my head.

One Voice on

I used to a SPN fan, but Jared just started turning my stomach. He’s very arrogant, he let his fans give him the big head. Jensen…totally different…he’s awesome, very grateful and humble. I wish Jensen Ackles could find an acting gig that challenges him, maybe a move to HBO or Showtime. He’s too good to be playing up against a clichΓ© like Padalecki.

One Voice on


Alex on

Gosh, Jared and Genevieve are legitimately the cutest couple out there. And their kids are adorable. I hope I’ll find a love as beautiful as theirs someday C:

Kat on

I love Jared and Gen, and their two babies are too cute! Such a loving and lovely family!

t.n on

y’all are going to feel like fools once jensen moves to austin next door to jared – already confirmed to be happening btw. you know something you’d do for your s.o and kids? your the ones that fall for this pr and refuse to see whats right in front of you. btw its cute of some of you to shoehorn the angel into the comments to jared can’t have anything for himself can he? its bad enough he’s contracted into this

Crawyn on

Jared , Jensen and Misha have beautiful wives and wonderful kids. They are great parents and love their family more than anything ! I just love how much they care about their family and protect them. So I just hope people once get over “those secret affaires” and let people love who they want to love…

Cehluh on

That’s ridiculously cute. It’s nice to know that even though he works so much, he still makes a lot of time for his family. I also think it’s pretty cool that he wants to spend more time with them once SPN is over.

Lots of family feels at the moment πŸ™‚

Leslie on

I gave up on Jared when he made those crude and insensitive comments about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Unforgivable and real glimpse into the person Jared really is.

Jennie on

Ten minutes after Supernatural goes off the air, Jared and Jensen will be forgotten.

Thank god.

They are awful, awful actors.

Jen on

They are lovely!

Stephanie on

He’s only mildly better than that homophobe Jensen Ackles.

Kathy on

Stephanie? Stephanie Ware is that you? Sounds like it. Nice guys, nice families, good show, nuf said.

Lauren on

Jared and his family are way to perfect, as are Jensen and his family and Misha and his. We love you guys! ❀

Zizi on

Awwww, I love the Padalecki family.

Rebecca on

Such a nice article. I always love hearing how proud he is of being a dad. Gen putting re-runs on so they still ‘see’ him is so sweet.

Fellix on

Thanks for interview! We love you guys

K Bren on

AAAAAH! He’s just like my husband Matthew- so adorable.

Cheryl Artmann on

I became a huge fan of Gen when she was in Wildfire. I have all the Seasons. I also became a huge fan of Jared and Jensen in Supernatural. I would love to have all the Seasons someday. So, to see Gen and Jared together makes my heart soar. I want nothing but happiness for both Jared and Jensen and their families.

Ann on

Do you know why Jared is so protect I’ve of his kids becuase him and his wife and his mistress Danielle Harris Ackles are all 3 child molestors who have been reported the child protective services up in Vancouver City BC also in California to Govenor also the Dallas and Austin Police.They all have thier types tied and he casted the twins aren’t jensen and neither JJ ackles.They Calimesa that’s it’s incest and it’s a way of life but how on the hell do you call it incest if the kid isn’t yours.They are all 3 sock and should even exist. Danille and likes to sleep with everyperson within a 50 milE radius of her husband and it’s too that the public eye can’t finally faster her and Jared and his wife try to kill people with thier little black spells and rituals.

LK on

Ann… what are you saying?
People magazine, what are you allowing on your site?
Child molestation, really? This is not the time nor the place to place such horrid accusations.