Nick Lachey: Camden Is ‘Discovering His Personality’

07/18/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Nick Lachey Camden Terrible Two Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Nick Lachey may have already taught son Camden John a lot of new things — but learning to test the limits wasn’t one of them.

With the VH1 host and wife Vanessa‘s son set to celebrate his second birthday in September, the couple are learning firsthand what the terrible twos entail.

“He knows the word ‘no’ — of course he didn’t learn it from me, but he knows the word,” Lachey told PEOPLE at friend Matt Leinart‘s 8th annual Celebrity Bowl for Charity on Thursday.

“He’s a typical 2-year-old. He sees how much he can get away with and pushes the end of the envelope, but it’s a lot of fun.”

But the proud dad admits there’s plenty of exciting times, too. “It’s a great age. He’s discovering his personality, he’s getting into everything [and] he’s talking like crazy,” he says. “They start to figure things out and push their boundaries.”

The next lesson Lachey will learn: how to double up on parenting duties. The couple are expecting their second child — a girl! — later this year.

As for how Vanessa is handling pregnancy (and any possible cravings!) the second time around? “You’re going to have to ask her that!” Lachey teases.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Christina Dugan

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Showing 19 comments

Nina on

This is news? Now we need a article every day because they are having a baby? They act like they are the first parent’s ever

Mari on

Top story? lol

Dee on

Question: is it a coincidence that these Nick and Vanessa articles are coming out right after the Jessica Simpson wedding coverage?
Is it a ploy by People to create some sort of non-existent ‘war’ between the exes, or is Nick feeling the need for some press coverage?

Heather on

With all due respect to Nick and Vanessa, but their little 2 year old boy is not news. There aren’t too many parents out there that do not believe that their two year old is the best ever. With all the more important human tragedies going on, I really do believe that People could find something more meaningful to make their Top Story.

grudgrime on

Who is this guy, besides Ex Mr. Jessica Simpson???? Wow – a two year old who says “no” and get’s into everything….how unique!

rj on

Wow Nina, bitter much? Why did you click on the article if you only wanted to bit*h about it. And EVERY parent, no matter who they are, gushes about their first baby. It is a fact of life. Stop reading this stuff if you don’t like it.

lee on

Jessica traded down big time!

ELC on

Nick is a sleeze ball and I’m wondering why People really wrote an article about his kid…THAT’S NOT NEWS!The other day we were told that his wife was knocked up and was having a girl…now this stupidity. PLEASE THIS ISN’T NEWSWORTHY.

ELC on


J.P. on

This is one celebrity couple that I am cheering for. They seem so nice and down to earth, and they don’t push being in the public eye. Congrats on your baby girl and that sweet little terrible two year old.

kif on

What the heck does “discovering his personality” mean? You mean, being who he is? Or is this kid so special he’s researching all the options and choosing which way he’d like to go?

soonergirl on

Hey Bill, that bimbo blonde you speak of is now worth $150 million. Congrats, Jessica.

Ya on

well, it is under the title of BABIES for People mag so it seems logical they’d do a story about it. I’d much rather read about a cute 2 year old than Kardashians big butt……

Bernadette on

I think that people have forgotten that People is an entertainment magazine, which means it covers anything about celebrities. if you are looking to read about human tragedies and world news , go to time magazine…..

Anonymous on

Why do people get so negative whenever Nick and Vanessa talk about their son? Whenever this site posts about other celebs (including Jessica, who isn’t exactly miss popularity among the commentors here!) talking about their children, people have pretty much nothing but positive things to say about the celeb in question and their parenting skills (and when they DO criticize, it’s about something specific- such as a celeb mom mentioning she’s bottle-feeding rather than breastfeeding- rather than the fact that the celeb discussed their child!).

So what do people have against Nick and Vanessa?! I just don’t get it!

Ashley on

Cute story under the Babies category. Nick responded to the questions asked of him at the affair. So what is the problem? Don’t read the story if it is a problem. But if your agenda is to just spew hatred for Nick and Vanessa Lachey, here is another opportunity.

Aliana on

I’m a fan of Nick so i’m glad tht i can hear his latest news, so bug off haters!

Carolyn on

Hate the name Camden.

jomomma on

Who’s Nick Lachey? I thought Camden was a city in New Jersey.