Expectant Kristen Bell ‘Completely Stumped’ on Name for Second Child

07/16/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Kristen Bell Bryan Bedder/Getty

Kristen Bell has captivated children everywhere as the plucky Princess Anna in Disney’s hit animated musical Frozen.

But there’s one little girl who has yet to experience the magic: Bell’s daughter Lincoln, 15 months.

“She does not watch TV yet,” Bell, 33, tells PEOPLE. “She has no idea!”

Pediatricians recommend limiting TV viewing for children under 2, so Lincoln hasn’t see her mom or dad, Parenthood actor Dax Shepard, on the small screen. Once she’s old enough, though, Bell is happy Lincoln will learn Frozen’s brave lessons.

“I think it’s beautiful to show kids how great it can be to love through fear, to love someone even when they’re afraid to love themselves,” she says. “That’s a huge message I want to teach my kids: You’re allowed to be afraid, but you have to know why … and you have to try to love beyond that fear.”

The movie’s moral of sisterly love will take on an added significance soon: Bell is carrying her second child.

“So far, it’s been the exact same, and Lincoln came out like a champ,” Bell says. “Lincoln was an easy pregnancy and an easy baby, so hopefully this one will follow the same path.”

As for what to call their next bundle of joy, Bell says the expectant parents are “completely stumped” after falling in love with Lincoln’s name for a boy or girl the last time around.

“It’s hard to take focus off her and think about the second baby, even though the second baby is here and growing,” she explains.

“Lincoln’s like my television. I love being a mom and I love watching her explore the world and talk to me about things. It’s mostly babbles, but she signs, and so we can communicate. I’ve never been so interested in anything in my entire life. I have heard parents say that when you have a second child, your love doesn’t divide, it multiplies, so I have confidence that will happen.”

“And then eventually, I’ll explode,” she jokes.

No kidding — it’s been a busy year for the new mom, from Frozen-mania to the fan-funded Veronica Mars movie and her show House of Lies.  She got behind the camera for her latest role as creative director of the Lipton Iced Tea mini film series. The last of three videos premiered Wednesday and gives a hilarious spin on the theme “Win an Extra SUNday,” showing Lipton deliverymen Carl and Stu sending a harried couple off to relax as they complete their busy to-do list.

So what would Bell do during her dream extra Sunday?
“I would want to probably spend the day either at the movies or at some sort of barbecue with friends, something either creative or social, and come back to a fully organized house where everything was labeled and I knew where everything was,” she says.

Not that things aren’t fun enough inside her and Shepard’s home.

“It’s bumpin’ over here, I’m not gonna lie,” she tells PEOPLE, laughing. “There are a lot of dance parties. He’s extremely involved as a dad. We really fight over who gets the baby.”

Watch Bell’s last Lipton video below.

— Michele Corriston

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Sarah S. on

How about Washington? (I know, terrible joke…)

Martha on

“James Monroe” if it’s a boy for a girl how about” America??”

bex on

Yeah, I figured presidential names would make the list of suggestions. She kind of set herself up for that.

Journey on

I love the name Kennedy for a girl. It goes beautifully with Lincoln.

angie on

The name Lincoln sounds more like a boy’s name than a girl’s name.

nancy on

Kennedy — easy choice!

Anonymous on

They are sheoved so far up Obamas a$$ that odds are they’ll name it Kennedy

sue's on

Landon would be my choice, for a boy or a girl, but what ever you choose, I’m sure it’s going to be a lovely name.

Beth on

Keep with the theme and go with Shelby–works for a boy or a girl.

Hilary on

Here’s some ideas Kristen: Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Grant, McKinley, Truman, Kennedy, Ford, Carter.

diane on


natonthewall on

I have a nephew named James Monroe! I think Monroe would be a great moniker for their next choice, it would go well with Lincoln. I do appreciate the suggestion of Kennedy as well.

Anonymous on

I have always liked the names Lincoln and Kennedy. They go well together, but I’m a little biased, I’ve always liked both presidents. (:

Nicole on

From the URL at the top of the page it says “Kristen Bell Pregnant Second Child Baby Name Lipton.” So I was thinking Lipton was gonna be the baby’s name. Hey, it does sound good with Lincoln.

Betty Rubble on

How about Dinner? Dinner Bell Shepard

charlotte on

I just love this family. Whatever they name the baby will be lovely I am sure. Lincoln is a great name, even for a girl!

Jerry on

Best name Alexander.

melancholyjoy25 on

Try using a name on the right gender this time. Lincoln is a boy’s name and only a boy’s name.

Chele on

If she sticks with a presidential theme: Reagan, Kennedy, Madison, or Monroe for a girl. Quincy, Zachary, Pierce, or Theodore for a boy.

Michelle P on

I believe the name Lincoln stems from Dax’s love of cars, not presidential. With that being said -Lexus, Mercedes, even Ford would be good choices!

Anonymous on

Abraham is the good one.

JustMe on

People complain about baby names so much but half the time they’re not even aware that they’re wrong. If you really study it, most common girl names in America these days started out as boy names in other parts of the world (and even in America in some cases until the late 30’s). Ashley, Vivian, Ruth, Ruby, Ruth, Patsy… Meredith was a boys name until around 1954!! Lincoln has an almost equal distribution between boys and girls. I, personally, love the name Kennedy for a girl and if my aunt wouldn’t have used it for her dog, I would have ended up using it for one of my girls. LOL. I’ll admit that some celebrities come up with some strange names for their kids, but Lincoln isn’t bad at all, and I’m sure whatever she picks for their next baby will be ridiculed as well since she’s a celebrity and even when they pick totally ‘normal’ names, people still give them crap for it. (I remember when one celeb named their child Marie and people still had an issue with how “boring” it was.) Give ’em a break, they’re celebrities, yes, but they’re also people and I’m sure even the strangest baby names given have some kind of special meaning to them.

lexi bulldog on

Hope it’s better than Lincoln. Ugh! The names these celebrities choose!

J on

Kennedy and Lincoln. 2 Presidents who were assassinated. I don’t know how I feel about that…

Brit on

I think Chloe Shepard sounds beautiful…and if they have a boy, Andrew Shepard could work.

Kal on

Since she was on Veronica Mars, name Veronica sounds good for her second one if it’s a girl.

Anonymous on

JustMe- My thoughts exactly! People tend to forget/ignore the fact that “girls” names starting out as “boys” names is hardly a new phenomenon and/or that there ARE unisex names (Lynn, Leslie, Carol, Marion, Shannon, Addison, Madison, and Mallory are just a few more examples of both!)! 🙂

angie on

Mercedes is a great name.

Anonymous on

Like Kristen and Dax, happy for them.

SarahJane on

I love Kristen Bell! She appears to be very down to earth and has taken the role as wife and mother seriously. I downright hate the name Lincoln (for either gender) but it’s not my baby, so I don’t have to love it. I can’t wait to see what they choose this time!

Guest on

I never read the story can’t stand her and her husband!! Why are you even talking about your baby you are the ones that chose to be celebrities not them so then stick with it and totally keep it out of the press!! Oh no I guess you needed a little publicity.

maryhelenc on

I actually kind of like Lincoln for a girl.

I remember feeling that way with my third, having NO idea what to name her until 38 weeks.

Also, to those who poo poo their choice not to expose Lincoln to the media, that’s their choice. Lincoln isn’t famous, she didn’t make that choice. They aren’t exploiting her for fame. But they’re still parents & like to talk about their child.

Page on

Hope they choose a normal name not like so many Hollywood’s strange kids name.

Deeq on

Whatever they choose can’t be any worse than Lincoln !