Lady in Red! Scarlett Johansson Shows Off Baby Belly

07/15/2014 at 01:30 PM ET

Bump, there it is!

After months of keeping it under wrapsScarlett Johansson let her baby belly peek through as she stepped out in New York City on Sunday.

The mom-to-be — who is expecting her first child with Romain Dauriac in August — kept cool in a red patterned tunic, black leggings and a cropped khaki coat.

Scarlett Johansson Baby Bump Photo
Splash News Online

Although the actress has stayed mum on pending parenthood, that’s not to say she and her French journalist fiancé are not excited behind closed doors.

“Actors, in general, they’re obsessed with emotions,” Johansson told Vanity Fair. “Although [Romain is] French, so he’s also probably overly into his emotions.”

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Showing 34 comments

Yawn on

Show me a story where the couple is actually MARRIED before they became preggers. Now that WOULD be news.

Dee on

It’s nice to see a pregnant celebrity who dresses like a normal pregnant woman instead of in skin tight outfits with sky high heels.

Dawn on

She looks good. Best of Luck to her and her fiancé

lola on

She looks good!

April on

She looks great!

Mrs. Winkler on

WOW, SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE…Guess SOMEOBODY IS NOT looking forward to parenthood, maybe??? Maybe not!

yahoo on

How far along is she? If it’s just a few months, she is going to be huge by the end of nine….just saying.

bkable on

@yahoo – read the article. It very clear states she’s due in August. Therefore she has about 2-6 weeks left.

Martin on

I think there’s a law against celebrities getting married BEFORE one of them gets pregnant (gay couples are exempt).

Karen on

She actually looks adorable! Most hollywood pregnant chicks look like trash or really unrealistic.

CindyAnn on

I find this woman obnoxious and arrogant. She really thinks she is the bomb and after her defending Woody, yah, beat it Scarlett Hohansson~

sky on

Dear Old-fashioned people,

We live in the year 2014, it is no longer a requirement to marry and then have your family. Get use to your new reality, this is not a sin and there is far worst things in the world to worry about.

Tay on

She looks great, love her!

Trinori on

Two rings on her left hand – she’s more than engaged…

Penelope on

Who cares if she’s married? Please pay attention to your own life.

Trinori on

Two eyes – I see things. I’m making an observation, Penelope – do you have a problem with that? As for my life, I have a great one. I’d think twice about commenting on things you know little about in future .

Celeste on

Yawn if you’re still saying preggers you’re probably not old enough to even be married yourself. Also may I point out how not cool it is to shame someone for being pregnant while unmarried.

jlo27916 on

@Yawn- shut up. I am so sick of hearing that. I have twins and was engaged before my twins. It happens. We haven’t gotten married yet but we will be next June. Does being married prior to a baby ensure they won’t divorce? Does being married mean you love your spouse and children any more or less? NO. What works for you, or what you consider ideal is not the same for others.

ImALadyToo on

Yawn – I COMPLETELY agree with you. The sad thing is that younger people look up to these Hollywood nuts as role models. Pathetic.

KL on

Aww look at her, she looks great! Cant wait to hear the name!!!

angie on

Love that red dress!

Jane on

I don’t understand why everybody keeps it “under wraps” or mum on whether they’re getting married or having a baby. It’s like a game to amp up the interest in them.

Jan on

I am just grateful that the article did not refer to her ” Baby Bump”, the most annoying phrase regarding a pregnant woman. Thank you People Magazine.

sandy on

she looks great

JustMe on

You people need to get over this whole marriage thing. Marriage is no guarantee for anything. Being married doesn’t automatically make you good parents. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be together forever. It doesn’t mean the child is somehow better off. I wasn’t married to my husband when we had our first child together… we didn’t suddenly become better parents once we got married. We were the same exact people we are now, three kids later. Get married before kids if that’s what you want to do, but putting what you believe on someone else as if that’s them bad people is just ridiculous. Also, from what I’ve read, some super rich people (celebs and otherwise) don’t get married on purpose. They can still be a great, loving couple to their child, but they don’t have to worry about protecting millions of dollars in assets. Again, it has nothing to do with their ability to have a child. If religions is the reason you believe the way you do, that’s fine, but remember, not every one believes the same things you do and that’s find too.

Anonymous on

Um she is with a French man, not with Ryan Reynolds anymore.

Meredith on

Doesn’t look good but that is besides the point.

She’s another inclusive, short-sighted actress.

Married too young to someone she wasn’t with that long and divorced in a few year’s time.

Then boom, she has a french boyfriend and isn’t with him long and is having a baby.

I don’t care that she isn’t married…it’s that she doesn’t give things enough time to be stable and concrete…they will NOT. By together forever and it’s sad to me that they’re child will be from a broken home. Shuttled back and forth. Half sister here, step parent there. Makes me sad. Glad I didn’t grow up in that. I’ve been married 12 years (moth their 18). I have a happy, stable life because I didn’t go into anything half- assed. You really have to know someone and be SUPER emotionally connected. I weighed there’s and cons before adopting a dog because I wanted to give her the best life possible. The impulsivity today makes me scratch me head and I’m only in my 30’s.

That’s my 2 cents. I’ll never check this. I’m going to bed in NYC so write what you want if you disagree

Meredith on

Yikes, auto correct on my phone, hope that’s semi readable. Haha. Night. 🙂

suzy diamond on

If I were her I wouldn’t tell the press one damn word about ANYTHING having to do w/my personal life!

MJ on

Being Married is a commitment you make with a person you truly love, why would you have kids with someone that doesn’t love you enough to make a commitment with you?

JustMe on

MJ- You can also be totally committed and in love with someone WITHOUT getting married. I know plenty of couples who’ve been together for 10+ years who aren’t married but are in committed, loving relationships. Some have kids, some don’t. I know couples who were married when they had their children and then got divorced. They now have step sisters and step brothers, half brothers and half sisters and you know what, they’re all just fine. Their parents remained civil. When two people AGREE that marriage isn’t for them, they can still commit to each other and they still love each other. If the only sign of love between two people, in your opinion, is marriage, then that’s a sad outlook to have really. I agree that people who’ve been together for a very short period of time shouldn’t just be having children (from what I gather, when it happens that way, it’s never a planned pregnancy)… but to say that two people who love each other aren’t committed because they’re not married isn’t true. One of the longest relationships I’ve been witness to was between my great uncle and his girlfriend who were together 59 years before she passed away. Some people don’t need a piece of paper to show their love. If you want to be married, do it, but not everyone does. That’s all.

Lesley on

She looks fantastic! I’m due in September and I look like I have three on the way. Very happy for her.

Anonymous on

She looks lovely in red!

pimpampumpeople on

Beautiful Scarlet, doesnt need much to look awesome. Love her.