Baby Girl on the Way for Nick and Vanessa Lachey

07/15/2014 at 02:20 PM ET

Nick Lachey Vanessa Lachey Pregnant Expecting Second Child Daughter TKP/Splash News Online

Nick and Vanessa Lachey have (another) one on the way!

The couple, already parents to Camden John, 22 months, are expecting their second child — a daughter, Nick announced via Twitter Tuesday.

“Can’t think of a better way to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my beautiful Vanessa than this,” the singer wrote, sharing a photo of Camden running on the beach around a heart in the sand that reads, “It’s a girl.”

While the pair decided to wait until their firstborn was older, it was only a matter of time before the VH1 host, 40, and his wife, 33, expanded their brood.

“We’re incredibly blessed,” Lachey told PEOPLE in November, calling parenthood “the most amazing experience you could ever go through.”

And it looks like the doting dad’s dream of a daughter is coming true.

“I do want a girl. I think there’s something emotional about having a daughter that I definitely want to experience,” he told PEOPLE in February.

“Maybe I’ll get one more boy under my belt first. I’ll need some help to keep her in line, so a couple of brothers couldn’t hurt.”

— Jeff Nelson

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Showing 126 comments

Dawn on

Congrats! I’m happy for them…

Tina on

Congrats to them. They’re a nice couple.

yasemina on

Wow, they waited awhile to tell us. Interesting how it comes on the heels of Jessica’s big wedding. Coincidence or no?

rockybopper on

“Jessica Simpson just got married? Quick, let’s announce a pregnancy! Thunder stolen!”

Karen on

Congrats guys! I knew it was a matter of time before they had another. A perfect family! A boy, and now a girl. & today is their 3rd wedding anniversary. ❤

Heather on

Awe, good for them!!

Bette on

Congrats to them! That will be another beautiful baby!

Tem on

So happy for them! Love nick!

Jessica on

Funny how they draw it in the sand.. just like when Jessica Simpson announced her second child. lol

klutzy_girl on

It’s been nearly two weeks since Jessica got married. They’re not stealing her thunder in any way. And they obviously didn’t plan for Vanessa to get pregnant again right before Jessica got remarried. Stop with the conspiracy theories.

Anyway, this is exciting. Congratulations to them!

maryhelenc on

I’m sure Jessica didn’t even factor into the announcement. They waited until their wedding anniversary & likely well into the second trimester. Sometimes things happen to people at the same time.

Lisa on

Yay! So happy for them. They seem so thrilled to build their family.

Lila on

Congratulations! I love the two of them together.

Tara on

Why do people even have to mention Jessicas wedding? Ummm clearly, Vanessa was pregnant before the wedding, and they announced the pregnancy on their wedding anniversary. Im glad Nick found happiness with Vanessa, he was like the brick that kept Jessica somewhat grounded during their relationship. I thought Jessica was a fool for letting him go, but I think hes traded up, even if Jessica is worth alot of money, they were very different kinds of people.

Di on

These two seem to make a good team, happy for their news.

Well wishes!

CSumms on

Funny that they chose the exact same way to announce their 2nd baby that Jessica Simpson did–writing it in the sand. HAHAHA!

lola on

Awwww, so sweet!! Congratulations!

Jes on

This is sure to be one insanely beautiful little girl. I predict she will be the “IT” girl of 2024. Congrats to the lucky family.

Guest on

Cute! That is going to be one gorgeous little girl. Congrats!

Mari on

What a scummy thing to do! He couldn’t wait till much later to make the announcement??

anon on

why do people feel the need to compare or link this to anything his ex is doing? why cant they just announce their news in the way that they want and people just be happy? all you drama hungry folks need to let things go…. these people have.

mindy on

Congrats to them and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy/baby.
I do find it funny that the article says that they decided to wait until Camden was “older.” I hardly consider a sibling to be “older” when the baby will be born before he is 2 1/2.

Martina on

I am sure they couldn’t care less about Jessica Simpson’s wedding! He’s been there, done that. Vanessa has been looking pregnant; they were obviously waiting to confirm till she was farther along – and the anniversary is such a happy and wonderful occasion to announce the news.

Lilyflower on


jbecca on

OMG….Nick and Vanessa announced their baby by writing it in the sand….you mean like 10,000 other couples have done as well and NOT just Jessica. Why does everyone assume an “x” is constantly watching what the other “x” is doing and comparing notes….can they not go on with their lives without having to judge everything they do and say by what that “x” is doing? can we say Jennifer and Brad again and again and again

Cris on

wow, random people are gonna have a baby.

Katie on

Mari, how much longer should they wait? They already know the baby is a girl so she is already fairly far along. I’m sure they forgot how Jessica announced her pregnancy (or even cared). I forgot how she did it. I think it is a cute way to announce it.

gymluv on

Wow! Their son has nice penmanship for being so young. Congrats, babies are one of life’s greatest blessings.

Kat on

Talk about drawing a line in the sand…

Marcia on

That’s wonderful. I just happened to have and boy and then a girl and we’ve always been very happy with the way that worked out. Congrats.

SSmith on

Aw, so sweet! They seem like nice people. i’m sure the baby will be gorgeous!

Amy on

I highly doubt they are trying to “steal” Jessica’s “thunder”- she got married 2 weeks ago after a 3 year engagement. They chose to announce their baby on their anniversary, not some random, arbitrary date. I highly doubt a couple who have been together for 8 years, married for 3 are actively following the life of his ex-wife and trying to outdo her by announcing, on their anniversary, they are having a baby …

oooh… they are having a girl, one of each- just like Jessica did- they must be copying her

Amy on

Did any of you conspiracy theorists consider that maybe Jessica knew that Vanessa was pregnant and would possibly announce it on their wedding anniversary so she decides to get married a couple weeks prior to their anniversary… BAM

Anonymous on

Wow. what a way to steal Jessica’s thunder. What a Grade A asshole. #jealousmuch?C-lister.

KellyGreen on

Aww, so excited for them. Also, whoever wrote that has lovely handwriting, especially for writing in the sand!!

Anonymous on

Weird timing. It seems like every time they have made a move it’s been around something Jessica has going on?! Congrats, happy for them.

Audrey on

I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. Yes, Jessica’s wedding was almost 2 weeks ago, but her wedding video was released a couple days ago and she’s on the cover of this week’s people magazine. Her wedding and now honeymoon are still being talked about. I think it’s ridiculous that Nick couldn’t wait another week or two to make his announcement. It makes it seem as though he’s trying to “one up” his ex. “Look at me, I’m happilly married too with two kids – a boy and a girl, just like Jessica.” Even if that wasn’t his intention, his publicist should have advised that the optics of an announcement now wouldn’t be great. And, IMO Nick’s career needs all the help it can get. Jessica and her billion dollar brand will be just fine, regardless.

Kae on

I LOVEEE how Nick always UPSTAGES Jessica with even better news! Congrats to them!!!

Cyndi on

They appear to be such an amazingly grounded couple. I wish them nothing but the best. Congratulations go out to them (as well as anyone else who is expecting). Parenthood is a physically and mentally exhausting experience, but it is the ultimate reward of this lifetime.

LisaBonBon on

I find it extremely coincidental that they waited just days after Jessica Simpson’s wedding to announce a new baby. Also, didn’t Maxwell announce her little brothers impending arrival in a similar way? I’m usually one to give the benefit of the doubt, but this is kinda suspicious.

Sarah S. on

Wouldn’t it be an odd and cool twist of fate, if any of Nick Lachey’s children married any of Jessica Simpson’s children?

Maybe a long-shot, I know.

Anyway, Congrats to Nick, Vanessa, Camden, baby girl, and the rest of the crew!!!

Lisa on

I agree!! They have been divorced for so long now. Get over it people and stop assuming that Nick and Vanessa even give Jessica a thought in their lives/marriage! He is extremely happy with Vanessa and it shows. They will have another beautiful child. Just be happy for them and stop with the ex.

meghan on

Anonymous, Nick’s a C-lister? What is his ex wife? She certainly doesn’t do much these days, except sell her life to People magazine.

Audrey, why should he wait? He doesn’t owe his ex-wife anything. She pops out bastards left and right and has been engaged for three years and has been milking her wedding for two weeks. It would be hard to wait for her to stop whoring herself out for a week to make a pregnancy announcement.

meghan on

I am so sick of hearing about his ex wife on every thread about his family.

Chris on

Why are these two wannabees even relevant anymore? Nick whatever hasn’t done anything since his divorce and the only reason he’s announcing this is because his ex-wife is in the news so much with her wedding. Jealous much Nick? Coincidence? I think not!

Guest on

“WEIRD” to do it the exact same was as your ex !!! No other way to explain it. Congrats anyway I know she will be beautiful !!

Lala on

Some of these comments, accusing Nick and Vanessa, of stealing Jessica’s wedding thunder. For real? You could say that she stole their anniversary thunder, by getting married so close to their anniversary. Summer weddings are popular. Pretty sure they don’t think about the other much anymore, so why should we?

Kari on

If she’s far enough along to know she’s having a girl, her own tummy is making the announcement regardless of Jessica Simpson’s wedding. Both Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have moved on to other spouses and lovely children — how about we wish them all health and happiness and move on, too?

noisefrom1981 on

To yasemina and rockybopper:
Today is their anniversary, conspiracy maniacs!

Andrea on

Trying to steal the spotlight from Jessica much? Too bad these two are broke nobodies and Jessica Simpsons net worth is almost a billion. Stupid losers!

cvette99 on

Honestly……………Happy for them………..but sad that they still need to compete with Jessica by posting this now. You already had your time to “shine”, let Jessica and her family have hers now. Makes me wonder how happy this couple really is……….because by posting this now only shows how they are not over Jessica being happy!!! Both of you can be happy, let the past go!!! This would of been a great announcement……..but sad to see the timing you decided to post.

Seriously? on

They waited awhile to tell you, Yasemina? As if they owe you anything in the first place?

Interesting how it comes on the heels of Jessica’s big wedding? Not really. Nick Lachey has ALWAYS spoken about his desire to become a father…before he was with Jessica, while with Jessica and after Jessica. He’s ALWAYS made his desire for fatherhood be known. But if we’re going to play your stupid little game where you’re implying they only got pregnant out of jealously towards Jessica, then fine. I’ll play along. That means JESSICA only got pregnant with her daughter because she was jealous of Tony Romo and his wife having a child.

Do you see how utterly stupid and insane you sound? These people are all with the partner they’re meant to be with . They’re having married and having their families like anyone else out there does.

charlotte on

Nice. Congratulations to them!

Debs626 on

A wonderful..congrats Nick & Vanessa!

Marla on

Congratulations!! They have a handsome baby boy and now a beautiful girl on the way. And who would have thought? Having babies WITHIN marriage. Love these two and he deserves some happiness after the nightmare with Jessica and her shady dad.

J on

“A perfect family. A boy and now a girl.”

Really? So having one of each makes your family perfect? You don’t need one of each to have the perfect family.

Zeze on

Lol, when will these people stop competing with each other?

Sher on

Seriously people…putting all the blame on Nick! You don’t find it to be a coincidence that Jessica Simpson got married just before Nick’s anniversary? Or that she is now taking her husband’s name just like Vanessa did? Maybe a little jealousy on Jessica’s part, no?

Anyway, a big congratulations to them, they definitely make beautiful babies!! Oh and they did the sand thing many years ago too.

And to Audrey – it’s a good thing Jessica is so rich…what is it that her husband does other than live off her money?

Karen on

Listen to all of you! You’re all wrapped up in WHEN he’s announcing this pregnancy. Did none of you notice that he said he wanted another boy FIRST to KEEP HIS DAUGHTER “IN LINE”? Really? You want to keep her in line? That’s EXTREMELY sexist.

Lp on

She will be a beauty. I’ve always liked Nick. Congrats!

p.s. Clearly both exes have gotten over their split… maybe the rest of you should follow suit.

Terri on

I wish people would stop talking about Nick & Jessica. It’s been 10 years, people. Move on.

Kari on

They seem like a nice couple and very low key how refreshing. Congrats!

Mimi on

well it is THEIR anniversary today. Maybe Jessica shouldn’t have had her wedding so close to the day Nick and Vanessa married. Sheesh!! it doesn’t matter! Happy for the cute couple!!

ELC on

Who cares…he sickens me.

Anonymous on

funny how people always connect Nick & Jessica Simpson.. They are done & have moved on.. Why haven’t “we”?! Sheesh.. move on people and I don’t mean the magazine..

Tess on

They do make beautiful babies. Glad for them.

mercy godinez on

I seriously doubt Nick n Vanessa even bother with Jessica and her husband or read up on them.. It’s a loving way to celebrate both their new baby and anniversary, Kudos to them for having another beautiful child..

Callie on

I love this couple and am so happy for them. Congratulations Nick and Vanessa. May they have a long, happy, wonderful life together

kay on

Always loved Nick. So happy he’s getting the family he’s wanted for years. That little girl is gonna have him wrapped around her tiny fingers.

Amber on

Oh my gosh I doubt either Nick or Jessica even considers the other anymore, they are both very happy and have been divorced for a long time.

I would like to focus on the fact that Nick calls his wife “my beautiful Vanessa”. I think they are a lovely couple and seem genuinely happy.

Stacy on

Congratulations to the sweet happy couple and their son too!

rem on

She’s going to be a beautiful baby.

Lotus on

That’s nice!

KL on

YAY!!!! Can’t wait to hear the name

Stl on

You guys are just morons. It’s just the idiot fans who can’t let go of the past, they have. Just beyond stupid.

fiona on

I agree, they should have waited to announce pregnancy – its so obvious they tried to steal Jessica’s thunder, but I don’t think nick & Vanessa are relevant these days.

Michelle on

I don’t think that Nick is paying attention to what Jessica is doing. Everyone on her is thinking that because they like drama. He is doing way better and has a beautiful wife.

LD on

THey are such a beautiful couple. Congratulations Nick and Vanessa

lenihappy on

Yes, Karen, that comment is sickening to me as well, I can’t believe there are men who would still talk like this… And please don’t go saying he was kidding! He obviously wasn’t.

Anonymous on

Gosh people, Jessica and Nick are OVER each other. You can now get over it too.

itscarolee919 on

I think they waited until after Jessica got married, so they would NOT steal any of her spot light. And their 3rd Wedding Anniversary was the perfect time to announce it.



rimbadg on

Jessica Simpson got married 2 weeks ago, so for you nah sayers who think he made the announcement to steal her thunder need to get a life!!

Jane on

Is this a competition between marriages and babies between these two couples? Seriously, I am happy for Nick & Vanessa.

Guest on

Who cares about Jessica Simpson? Why do people keep bringing up her name? Happy for Nick and Vanessa – a boy and now a girl – perfect!

D on

Yahhhh AND they’re doing it the correct way of having gotten married FIRST and then children!! Ahem unlike Jessica Simpson!!

Margaret on

They make beautiful babies

mel on

People on here are so funny! Those that are saying that they are trying to steal Jessica’s thunder need to remember some things. Jessica announced her engagement around a week AFTER Nick announced his. She got married around HIS wedding date. If people really are trying to speculate what about that then? Fact is that Nick and Vanessa decided to announce their news on THEIR anniversary date. Maybe they all are just living their life without caring what an ex does. They all moved on clearly the “fans” need to as well.

Anonymous on

Now this is what you call a Perfect Normal Hollywood couple.

sandy on

I love them, yay

Amy on

Why should Nick & Vanessa be blocked from things because of what his ex-wife does? It is THEIR anniversary, why should they not be allowed to announce their expanding family on their anniversary just because two weeks ago his ex-wife gets married after 2 kids and a 3 year engagement?

Kay on

I think the timing of the announcement was as classy as they could have possibly done. Jessica had been hinting that her wedding was coming up several weeks prior to it, so they avoided announcing it then…. Can you imagine how much worse it would’ve looked if Jessica surprisingly got married after they announced their second child? Not to mention the fact that must be around 20 weeks pregnant to learn the gender, which means that in the wake of Jessica’s wedding she has probably been avoiding public places as much as she could. I think that on this day, their anniversary, and with her being halfway through her pregnancy already, the family definitely deserved to be able to announce their happy news.


one-upmanship? on

Looks like Vanessa and Nick are trying to steal Jessica’s thunder.

suckers on

why bring up Jessica simpson, who cares!! bless the family.. how about the whore kk, what is she up too???

Mandy on

Nick and Jessica have both moved on with their lives, are both happily married to other people and have a family. Its time to stop with the conspiracy theories.

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa

dd on

congrats…cant believe hes 40…wow.

suzy diamond on

WOW…HUGE coincidence???….Jessica Johnson, who already has TWO kids and just got married, ALL over the news! FUNNY!

Holly on

get that kid outta diapers

Hea on

I bet they have better things to do than keep up with what his old ex-wife is doing. Better things like celebrating their anniversary with their son and baby to come. I doubt he gives a beep about Jessica these days and why should he?

Anonymous on

Kay- Couldn’t have said it better myself! I’d also like to add that it’s possible Nick doesn’t even know Jessica got married. They don’t appear to have stayed in contact, and just because WE follow celebrity news doesn’t mean that Nick Lachey (or other celebs, for that matter) does (and actually, many celebs HAVE mentioned going out of their way to avoid celebrity news/gossip). 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them!

Mare on

What about Jessica getting married in July like her x Hubby Nick did? Of all the months during the year she picked the same month? Sounds like she is the copy cat! I choose Vanessa & Nick any day!

Ann on

This has nothing to do with old has been Jessica who did everything backwards so best wishes to Nick and family……


“Maybe I’ll get one more boy under my belt first. I’ll need some help to keep her in line, so a couple of brothers couldn’t hurt.” Why would he need to keep her in line much less with brothers? Is he expecting that his parenting skills will produce a wild female? What a stupid thing to say. He should have just said nothing.

Sara on

Isn’t it also funny how they’re having a girl and a boy just like Jessica? Coincidence or no? Seriously people, stop the conspiracies and the hate. You’re over thinking this all way too much. Both exes are probably just living their own lives with no alternative motive to overshadow or ruin the other. Let’s just be happy for them, shall we?

jessiemaystorm on

I couldn’t care less about any similarities between this announcement and the way Jessica Simpson announced she was pregnant, but the way he talks about needing sons to keep a daughter “in line” really rubs me the wrong way. I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a bad way, but it’s such an archaic, sexist mentality. Anyway, congratulations to Nick, Vanessa and Camden.

Anne Schepers on

So happy for them! I don’t think they even thought about Jessica or her wedding….at least they got married BEFORE having children!! Love these two…so happy they are having a girl.

Tonja on

Nick has always seemed like a douche. I’m surprised they’re still married much less having another child

Angela on

I say Congrats !!!! Too bad Jessica couldn’t wait until she got married to start a family.

meghan on

Holly. he’s not even two yet.

Guest on

Um…the whole written in the sand, on a beach, with the first baby there beside it, has been done already! Three guesses who did it first! How original Nick lol!

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who replied to Holly)- Thank you for saying what I was thinking. It’s perfectly normal for a child under two not to be potty-trained, especially a boy (they tend to train later than girls)! 🙂

Angie on

Congrats to Vanessa and Nick! They are great couple.

Anonymous on

Nick is with Vanessa now, no more Jessica.

Lara on

Ahhhh…doesn’t anyone remember that JESSICA was the one to announce her engagement to Eric like a week or two after Nick proposed to Vanessa?

Sarah on

@ Ysemina, I thought the same thing!!

Ruins Barry on

Love them. So happy for such a cool couple.

Pat on

Nick & Vanessa have nothing to be jealous about. Why Jessica gave Nick up was beyond me. But Nick moved up. Vanessa & Nick seem to be very happy. Vanessa said when sh never knew what having a family was until she met Nick. Nick and Vanessa seem to be very family oriented.
May God Bless them both and their family and can’t wait to see their new little girl when it’s arrival time. Camden is gorgeous……
I don’t remember Jessica ever writing anything in the sand about a boy or a girl, regardless Vanessa & Nick’s love seems to be very real.

Anonymous on

A boy and a girl, perfect, congrats to them!

RC on

Some of you people have watched too many damn soap operas. Not everything is a sinister plot meant to cause someone else’s destruction. Why does the Lacheys’ baby announcement have to have ANYTHING to do with Jessica Whatever-her-last-name-is-now? I guess some of you haven’t gotten over them being married and you secretly wish they’d get back together. It ain’t gonna happen, so get over it. That fairytale is over. They have BOTH moved on, so some of you need to do the same. Why do the Lacheys have to think about Jessica and her life when planning theirs? Why do you expect them to cater to her? Some of you are utterly ridiculous and very childish.

D on

What’s the lil one got on his hands and arms!! They’re so RED!

sunshinye on


sakeena on

this is all to sell magazines, the media knows what they are doing and we the consumers are buying it like hot cakes it is a coincidence that nick’s story is coming on the heels of Jessica and the magazines are going to continue until no more money is to be made. it’s so obvious that a little name woman can marry old 90’s boy band member and the only reason they make covers and “news ” is the connection nick had to an even bigger celeb, jessica simpson. I truly believe it weren’t for jessica not even nick’s 90’s fame would be garnering attention and he knows that why he’s milking it. if it were for his fame why don’t we see other 90’s boy band members getting publicity for baby news.

shawna lee on

Christ Jesus people! Nick and Vanessa’s life does NOT revolve around Mess-ica!

Cheng on

Vanessa is a cute EURASIAN girl.

Chania Lay on

God Bless your Beloved family always and forever

KL on

Yay a girl!!! Cant wait for the name, she will be beautiful!