Stacy Keibler Says Picking Daughter’s Name Was ‘Easy Peasy’

07/13/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Stacy Keibler Baby Jogger Vue Launch
Donato Sardella/WireImage

A very pregnant Stacy Keibler is ready for mommyhood.

“We’re completely ready to go. We’re just sitting around waiting now,” Keibler told PEOPLE of her nursery at the Baby Jogger Vue Launch held at Bel Bambini on Thursday.

The mom-to-be — who is expecting a daughter in August — adds that the finished nursery is chic and filled with sentiments.

“Actually, at my baby shower I asked everybody to bring their favorite children’s book,” Keibler, 34, says. “It’s great because the nursery is filled with all of my friends and family’s favorite children’s books. So she’s covered.”

And although Keibler and her husband, tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre, are keeping the name of their daughter private — even from friends and family — she admits the name-picking process was simple for the couple.

We just talked about one name and that was it — easy peasy,” she explains. “Everything with us has been easy and effortless, including the name.”

Keibler, who admits she hasn’t had a single craving, says her pregnancy has also been easy thanks to a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m so grateful and so blessed, but I truly believe that it is a testament to having a healthy lifestyle,” she explains. “I’m very mindful of everything that I put into my body and that I put on my skin. I stay active every single day and I’ve done that since the beginning [so] I just feel like energetically it’s been really easy.”

— Mariah Haas

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Showing 43 comments

Taylor on

LOVE HER!! She and her husband are so cute!!

God Bless

JWV on

What a great idea to ask everyone to bring there favorite kids book!

Trish on

I have always really liked her, And what an adorable idea. I love when children read and encourages them to whenever I can. What a cute beautiful dress!

Dee on

Let me guess. The baby’s name will be ‘Georgia’?

Anonymous on

Everything has been EASY so far ——wait till she’s in labor !!!!!!!

I love these first time mothers who KNOW everything !!!!!!!

Lorraine on

Love her energy and positivity. A role model for young woman. “Keeping it together” – you go, Stacy! Healthy and happy.

A on

@Anonymous And I love those vets that have the compulsion to comment on every comment a new mum makes. Her experience is unique to her. Your experience is unique to you. For all you know, her labour WILL be effortless.

Pam on

I am thinking she will go with a sweet, classic name like Charlotte and not a way out there name like Reignbeau. At least, I hope 🙂

Know it all on

Anonymous was right…I swore I was prepared and would scoff at the moms who had been there and done it after they offered words of wisdom, but nope, I definitely bite my tongue now. I laugh at all those new moms who think they’re above everyone because “they’ve read the books, seen the videos, been perfect at their check ups” etc. Give me a break Kiebler…I can’t wait to read her blog and she bites her tongue and says the same about misconceptions.

Rudeboy805 on

She should name her daughter after herself, “Gold Digger”.

guest on

Good for Stacey. She is better off without George Clooney.

CF on

oh good grief. She seems sweet and clueless and I have to admit she looks great, but is coming off as totally sanctimonious. I have to say, though, I don’t think she means to–I think she feels like she is sharing the love! I had a fantastic 30-lb weight gain first pregnancy and a pre-eclampsia, water-logged, waddling 50 lb weight-gain second one. I looked, weighed and ate the same before and during BOTH. And I look the same after (the baby is one) as I did before. Your body does what it is going to do. I agree that healthy living (eating organic, with as few preservatives, additives, and chemicals as possible, and working out) is just healthier in general, but pregnancy is a strange thing and sometimes strange things happen that organic food is not going to prevent.

Melissa on

From the naming of the baby, meeting as friends, marrying privately…they seem so easy going together and that is what true love is. Love should be easy and theyve found it.

Apple on

@Dee, LOL. I can’t understand why any publisher wants to write anything about her and why this woman constantly wants to stay relevant in the media if she is so happy with Pobre.

Sunny on

A healthy lifestyle is not the answer to it all but I’m glad she has enjoyed her pregnancy. I was miserable every minute of mine and I tried to eat healthy. Problem was, I couldn’t keep a thing down for 9 months.

flower on

I hate when women have easy pregnancies and tell the world it must be easy because they are healthy/eating right. Its a mixture of health and pure luck. I was very healthy, ate very well, and took good care of myself, but when I was 25 weeks pregnant with twins, my water broke. I had the babies at 28 weeks and it was a long ride. Women, please stop acting like know-it-alls because you happen to have an easy pregnancy (especially when your pregnancy isn’t over yet). Its quite hurtful to those of us who have struggled.

charlotte on

Easy Peasy……. Good grief, how old are you?

Gina on

Hope the baby is not named East, South or West…

Renee on

She is so beautiful inside and out and will make such a great Mother. I like that she is sticking to tradition and waiting to announce the babys name. I think George C. made a BIG mistake letting this gem go!

Poppy on

Ahhh, yes, another woman who believes she does pregnancy better than anyone ever has before. ROFL

Nicole on

Good for her! I’m glad she’s having a relatively easy pregnancy and all is well. As for the negative comments thrown her way, I don’t particularly understand them. She’s not acting like she knows everything about pregnancy and labor. She’s just speaking about her experience to this point, which has been very positive. She has every right to think the delivery will be ‘easy and effortless’, if she chooses to. I noticed she didn’t say anything being ‘painless’, so I think she is realistic about the process.

Anonymous on

Good grief people! She was doing an interview. She was being asked questions and she responded honestly. You are right, every pregnancy is different. Every woman is different. She wasn’t saying that she knows it all or that this is how it should be for every woman. She answered their question and said everything has been easy so far. And she could quite possibly have the easiest labor too. Some women are lucky like that. I have 2 kids and neither one of my labors was difficult. In fact, TO ME, the labor was the easiest part about being pregnant. She never once said anything demeaning towards other moms. She never once said she had it all figured out. She never once said she scoffed at veteran mothers’ advice. Some women will seriously find an excuse to bash other women at any cost.

Moochiemom on

We fought over girl names. Like 30 weeks still fighting. The names we came up with were 3 English Queens. I am still shaking my head over my husband’s grandmother wanting to name her “Monique.” No offense to the name but it didn’t fit!

Guest on

You people are so flipping rude. She is only making a statement regarding HER pregnancy so far of what SHE has been through. Just because some of you have been through a rough pregnancy (myself included) she by no means is coming across as a know-it-all. Get over yourselves. Gesh!

Anonymous on

She looks very healthy, glad everything seems so easy for her!

Kat on

Whew! For a second there, I thought the name was “Easy Peasy”

Anonymous on

For all you negative Moms who think you know everything, childbirth and child rearing is easy peasy for some moms. Not everyone has the same experiences. My daughter had 3 babies in 31/2 years, all extremely easy labors and deliveries, and smooth transitions at home. All 3 were wonderful sleepers and the older ones adjusted very well to the new sibling. I hope Stacy and her husband have the same wonderful experience-it is possible!

Debbe on

Stacy is super healthy and eating right but other pregnant women out there, don’t think you are not healthy just because you have a craving. All pregnant women are different and cravings are normal to have and unhealthy women can go through a pregnancy with out them as well.

Debbe on

She hasn’t reached August yet…..the last trimester is the most trying, even if you are healthy. I had a super easy pregnancy after the first trimester and handled my last better than most. Everyone is so different and every pregnancy is so different.

Daylight on

So is her daughter’s name Peasy

sherynhall on

This gal has a lot of common sense. Love her outfit and hopes she picks a traditional name. So tired of seeing celebrities showing off their big bellies (looking like Buddah and thinking everyone should rub their tummy and make a wish.) Simpson looked like she was going to have an elephant; and Kim Kardashian showed off her big ass. Nothing embarrassing about being pregnant but some modesty is a treat. Names like Apple or North may be cute to the parents but the other school kids are sure to make fun of them.

Summer on

I’m glad that she’s had an easy pregnancy, but that’s just the luck of the drawn usually. I was very healthy and active pre-pregnancy and it was a miserable 9 months for me with horrible nausea, dizziness, fainting, and a lot of aches and pains. I felt so much better after I had him. For some women, pregnancy is tough on their bodies regardless of how healthy they are.

AR on

Barf. Ughh. Just threw up in my mouth. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not so easy for everyone. I have friends who ate perfectly and exercised and the whole 9 yards, and they still had morning sickness and other problems.

AR on

“Look at me! It’s so easy! Alicia Silverstone and I have no idea what it means to struggle, but we are going to make sure that our easy Hollywood experiences are served up like gospel for everyone else. Yay for me!! ” — Stacey

“P.S. My daughter’s name will be Sanctimonious in case you didn’t guess already.”

KL on

She looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name

Tay on

Good for her, congrats.

Jo on

I have to say – good for her, for having an easy pregnancy. Wouldn’t it be great if it worked that way for everyone! I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant with twins, and it’s been HARD. I’ve been insanely nauseous and have had to resort to all sorts of medication to keep the nausea under control… AAARRRGHH! Just praying it ends soon with the 2nd trimester.

Anonymous on

She should name her daughter Peasy, it’s unique and interesting!

wufusk on

That statement about how her healthy lifestyle is responsible for an easy pregnancy will come back to haunt her one day. Mark my words. That implies that women who have difficult pregnancies are the cause of their own difficulties, and one day karma is going to teach her how misguided that idea really is.

Charly on

Is she mindful of all the Botox she outs into her body??

Anonymous on

She looks amazing in this dress!

Olivia on

just wait until it’s 3am, you haven’t eaten a full meal in 32 hours, you’re covered in vomit, havent showered in three days, and have a baby with colic, you’ll eat whatever is on hand.

Vanessa on

Oh, Stacy! You silly first time mom, you. Some of the fittest, healthiest women alive have difficult pregnancies. Here’s hoping your next one is this easy, too.