Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Welcomes Daughter Meilani Alexandra

07/13/2014 at 01:30 PM ET

Jenni JWoww Farley Welcomes Daughter Meilani Alexandra Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Talk about wow: Jenni Farley‘s baby girl is here!

The former Jersey Shore star, 28, and fiancé Roger Mathews welcomed their first child, daughter Meilani Alexandra, on Sunday, July 13, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“She is here! 7 lbs., 13 oz. Words can’t describe what looking into your child’s eyes can do to you. I’m humbled,” Mathews announced via Twitter.

“Jenni and Roger are so excited to welcome the newest guidette to the world,” Farley’s rep tells PEOPLE.

“Meilani and her parents are doing great and are happy and healthy. Meilani is already looking to trade her baby bottle for barbells.”

Adds a rep for MTV: “We’re fist pumping in celebration of [their] new baby girl. We’re so excited for the new parents and to welcome the newest member to the MTV family.”

On Monday, Farley Tweeted, “Thank you all for the beautiful messages and best wishes. Your love and support during this amazing time in our lives means everything to me, Roger and baby Meilani.”

Although she is the couple’s first child, their daughter already has a built-in best friend. Shortly after Farley confirmed she was pregnant, her Snooki & JWoww costar Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi announced she was also expecting.

“They’re basically cousins. There’s no option. You’re sisters,” Farley joked to PEOPLE of the future friendship between their baby girls.

Farley was grateful to have a pregnancy pal in Polizzi, as she suffered severe morning sickness during her first trimester.

“I have been feeling hungover every day or I’m hugging the toilet,” the mom-to-be told PEOPLE in January.

But by April, Farley was feeling better — and craving carbs.

“I used to be dairy- and gluten-free, and I think I screwed myself because my body didn’t have it for so long, the moment I got pregnant, she’s like, ‘That’s all I want.’ She’s sucking the life out of me!” she told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie Awards.

E! Online was first to report the news.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Emily Strohm

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Showing 85 comments

Dawn on

What a beautiful name! Best wishes to the family!

Jennifer on

Well, I guess the ‘baby bottles’ comment nixes any chance of her breastfeeding! Shame for the baby.

Andrea on

Aww cute name! I can’t wait to see photos. Congratulations Jenni and Roger.

Mary on

Have you ever heard of pumping? Besides, why do you care if she is breast fed? It isn’t your baby!

kristen on

@Jennifer, your comment is ridiculous. I’m a new mom who is breastfeeding, but the baby has bottles with MY MILK. There are such things as breast pumps for a reason. How ignorant.

Jo on

Congrats to the family! What a beautiful name! I just hope that this comment section doesn’t turn into a bashing session because of her bottle comment. Every parent should be able to chose what they feel is right for their baby and if that’s bottle feeding then so be it.

Jess on

Is it pronounced “melanie” or “meal-ah-nee”?

Sfingaaa on

Wow! Wonderful news 🙂 Best wishes Jenni and Roger!

yahoo on

Wow oh Wow all these overly bronzed people are getting knocked up. Do they bronze their babies too?

Kat on

One, the baby bottle comment was made by her rep as a joke. Not her.

Two, you can pump breastmilk for bottles.

Kat on

Meilani is usually ‘May-lan-ee’

Iris on

I would think May-lah-nie

janie on

Congrats on your sweet little girl!!!

klutzy_girl on

Ooh, I love the name! It’s pretty. Congratulations to them.

Jennifer on

To those who’ve put down my comment about breastfeeding, do you REALLY think she meant she’s pumping her own milk into the bottles? Puh-lease.

Cynthia on


jD on

Interesting that they spelled it that way as Mei is the Chinese way of spelling Mae. Mei-mei actually means youngest daughter.

Cynthia on

May-la-nee. My daughters middle name is Leilani and we pronounce it Lay-la-nee.

carrie katon on

Congrats guy’s, enjoy your little bundle of joy ,it goes by so fast….. b4 you know it she will be graduating ! it truly feels like u blinked!!

cocomom on

I just HATED everything about Jersey Shore. still do. Call me crazy, but Snooki and Jwoww have really seemed to have grown up. They seem like they will be great moms that will spend a lot of time with their children. Good for them!

Missy on

The difference here Jennifer is we all dont CARE what they meant. Its not our business. You need a life and hobby

valeskas on


Irish on

You know what, for all you breast feeding fanatics who bash formula…I want to share my story with you! I didn’t mind either way, and decided to breast feed because it was cheaper. Turns out I developed a blood clot and had to be hospitalized. Well I figured I could pump. Turns out they had to put me on all these blood clot medications and blood thinners that would affect my breast milk. So I opted to bottle feed. It was either bottle feed or refuse the meds and risk death! So shut up already with the breast feeding crap! My older son is 11 and was bottle fed and he is the smartest kid in his grade! Yea…he was affected now wasn’t he?? Morons!

Mimi on

The comment regarding breast feeding was insensitive and uncalled for. I was unable to breast feed; however my daughter’s pediatrician told me that bottle or breast didn’t matter as long as the child was feed and had enough nutrition.

Guest on

@ Jennifer.. It’s non of your business whether or not she breast or bottle feeds. Yes we all know breast milk is best, but babies have been fed formula for ages and are just fine. So please, GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE!

Sherri on

Jennifer, yes i pumped and breast fed. Ever hear of a working mother? Besides frankly it is none of ÿour business. Are you paying for that child or clothing , feeding”. No, I thought not!

lavone mobeck on

congrats ro rhe faimly hope she becomes aregular mom

Lauren on

@jennifer- get over yourself. It’s judgemental women like you that make breast feeding women look bad. Yes, ” breast is best.” But if the worst thing a woman does as a mom is formula feed, I think the kid is darn lucky.

You don’t know her (or any formula feeding moms) situation. I think your awful attitude will have a much more toxic effect on your child than formula.

Chihuahua Mom on

Jeez. Funny how a bunch of you people made this story all about YOU! Get over yourselves. Just say CONGRATS and move on.

Emily on

Love how there has to be bashing of the parents, no matter what reason. Sad. Congrats on the couple and their sweet girl. Honestly really surprised that it is a normal, beautiful name.

Lisa on

Jennifer’s comment about the breastfeeding and stating “Shame for the baby” really is unsettling. More like shame on Jennifer. First of all, it is none of your business how they chose to feed their own baby. I could not breastfeed my first baby as she was only 4 lbs and was in the NICU as I delivered 7 weeks early due to being induced as I had severe Pregnancy induced Hypertension. My daughter was also tongue tied and too small to suck. It was very important that I formula fed as the baby needed to have food to gain weight which was given by the nurses in the NICU. Also, I had problems with my milk coming in. I really wanted to breastfeed in fact I experienced some post partum because I felt like a failure due to the pressures of a new mom and constantly hearing “breast is best”. After I realized that I couldn’t and it was more important for my baby to have food to survive I got over it. I just had my forth baby and I do not feel like a failure, in fact, I feel like I am very confident in my decisions as a mother. I do what is best for my children, my family and myself. My daughter is now 5 and it very healthy and intelligent. She has only had one fever in her life (when 4 molars broke through at the same time) when she turned 1. Be happy and confident in your own decisions as a mother. There are many ways to raise your children, so it the way YOU seem fit.

radio on

it’s funny, you look “into” the eyes of a newborn, but they can’t focus at all, LOL, try to picture what that infant is seeing!

Nice name but no one will ever EVER spell it right. and her initials are MAM….not the best

jewels1972 on

Who cares HOW the baby is fed?? It’s their own choice, their PRIVATE business & no one else’s! Get a life people!! Congrats to them on their baby girl!!

Poor Thing... on

Why am I not surprised to hear of “fiance[s]” producing yet another out-of-wedlock baby? [I could list them all.] (Sigh) Congratulations & I hope she is healthy…

GP Stoll on

Hey Jennifer, who the he*ll cares??? It’s none of your dam business. Stop being so high and mighty. Women have bottle fed formula for decades, and children have managed to survive. Get off your pedestal.

Lilyflower on

Get over yourself, Jennifer.

Cathy on

Born on 7/13, weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz. Glad she had a healthy baby.

Missy on

Yes Bill…actually I do. But your on an ENTERTAINMENT page…I suggest you troll on MSNBC for that type of coverage

Cristin on

@bill, yes, I do. Thanks for asking. But I come to a entertainment site for entertainment. Why are you reading about J-Woww?

Mamagirl31 on

It’s not a guidette! They aren’t Italian. At all. They wish they were but that’s all…. Congratulations on the baby though 🙂

Shirley on

Absolutely beautiful name! I love it. Congrats to the new parents.

Lisy on

Congrats Jenni and Roger on your new blessing!! Everyone that’s passing judgement on you obviously have issues of their own and find the need to rain on someone’s parade. You’ll both be great parents:)

Cara C on

Jennifer, really? Did you take your beeyotch pill today or are you always this miserable and judgmental? Thank you Lisa and Irish for shedding light on why some women are not able to breastfeed.

Holly on

An original but fantastic name!

Summer on

Lactivists are women shallow, judgey women who feel the need to shame other moms to feel better about themselves. I nursed my daughter until 10 months and my son til 16 months. And you know what? I honestly don’t think it made one bit of difference, except to save a little money. My brother and husband were bottle-fed and are just as smart and healthy as my sister and I are, who were nursed until 2 and 3, respectively. A lot of moms have to work and don’t have the luxury I did of 1) affording a breast pump (wasn’t covered by insurance at the time) and 2) having a job where I could take 15-20 minute breaks every 3 hours in the luxury of my own office. Get over yourselves. Be supportive of other moms. After all, I’m sure there’s something ALL of you boob Nazis are doing that is wrong for your kids!

sar on

So exciting. Congrats. I actually got on to see if Jennifer had her yet. Happy happy happy.

commonsenseplease on

@jennifer, that is just such an assinine/ignorant thing to say. Not every person is capable of breastfeeding their child. There is NOTHING wrong with formula. I am sure this baby will be taken care of and be well nourished.

JWV on

Congrats to them! What a lovely name for their little girl.
About the breastfeeding, I’m getting tired of all these breastfeeding fanatics. Stop making women feel bad who choose not to or just can’t.. “Bottle babies” are growing up fine too.

radio on

ah, same birthday as Prince George has.

Laura on

I never post on these things but for some reason I am compelled to today. While many people think they are experts on everything….you are not. Breast feeding is a beautiful way to not only feed your baby, but it is also a bounding experience that is breathtaking for mother and child. It provides excellent nutrients for the baby, but not all the nutrients a child needs. Formula also provides nutrients for the baby and is just as good. It too does not give the baby certain things that breast milk does. Both options have been used for years and many children have grown up to do amazing things after either of the methods are used. As far as a personal attack on this girls abilities to raise this baby… Are you kidding me?!?!?! I was not a fan of the show because I did not have cable BUT what I do know is they we living their lives. They were young, no children, beautiful, and full of energy. They had an experience of a lifetime and made a lot of money doing it. They were not responsible for anyone but themselves in that point in their lives. Good for them. They closed that chapter before entering motherhood. Many of us did fun crazy things before we had kids. And if you didn’t, well that was the choice you made for you. For the love of God, stop judging people you know nothing about. We only get a snap shot of what will sell stories. If you think you are so much better, think again…. A good person knows when to mind their business. With that being said… Glass houses are easy to break. Before you cast that stone, do a little self reflection.

Heidi on

I hope that Jenni can respect and understand that Roger wants as normal a life as he can for Meilani, out of the spotlight. This is a partnership of two, not just Jenni – and now of three. Blessings to them.

Seriously? on

Jennifer, you are a moron. Stop making assumptions.

Jccl on

Nope Prince George’s birthday is July 22

Anonymous on

Born on 7 / 13, weighing 7′ 13″! Pretty cool!

Jimmie on

I’m sure her daughter will be just fine even if she isn’t breast fed. Congrats to all.

Leigh on

I guess congrats..but I have to say she is BARELY recognizable…please stop

rmb on

Born on 7/13 and weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. How cool!

RNmama on

@Summer, you are no better calling lactivists “shallow and judgey” than those you so choose to judge with your blanket statement. I pride myself in being a lactivist with the ultimate goal to do so without judgement or shaming. I do not agree with what was said about the bottle feeding comment bc every parent needs to make the best choices for their child and family’s situation. I just ask that you not judge others as well.

Janine Marie Max on

She was born on 7/13, and weighs 7 lbs. 13 oz.? I hope she has an amazing life. Congratulations to all!

Nicole on

Such a pretty name. I’m sure she’s absolutely adorable.

Amanda on

How neat 7 lbs 13 oz on 7/13 🙂

Katie on

Jennifer, I’m sure her father, grandparents, etc. would love the opportunity to feed her as well. Breastmilk CAN be removed and put in a bottle (of course I’m sure you already know this.) I was unable to breastfeed my kids and I wish I could have, but my children are just fine from formula and have been rarely sick in their 10 and 8 years.

Amanda on

And btw- I am a fan of breastfeeding. I really don’t understand women who *choose* not to with the money savings and health benefits for mom and baby but you know what? When your kids are older there are far more important parenting decisions that have much more impact on their daily lives. Breastfeeding vs formula seems like such a small thing in the grand scheme of things

KL on

Yay finally!!!! I’ve been waiting for this birth for a long time, and what a beautiful name!!!!! A nice, NORMAL, beautiful name… can’t wait to see pics! Congrats to them!

Rebecca on

Aww, what a gorgeous name. I think it’s pronounced “may-lahn-ee” — I think it’s so pretty and I love that it’s a real name, not made up. Alexandra is a lovely traditional name that balances the unique first. Honestly I was expecting her to pick a silly trendy name, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Congrats to her — hope all goes well!

angie on

Congratulations to them! Love the name.

Kel on

Yeah, a baby sucking away at your boob day and night sure is breathtaking…disgusting.

Paige on

@Jennifer oooor it was just a shot at word play as she can’t really trade her boobs for barbells. Instead of jumping to judgmental conclusions, you could use some brain power and figure out that (in addition to those words having nothing to do with breastfeeding) breast milk doesn’t lose nutrients just because it’s put in a bottle. Not all moms (“celebrity” or not) are able to be there 24/7 even if they want to.

When judging ONE woman’s feeding choices you are going to be offending MANY women.

Paige on

@Poor Thing…
Your comment is about as bad as Jennifers…..
A child born out of wedlock with two supporting and loving parents is no more of a “poor thing” than a child born in a happy marriage. Marriage is a piece of paper and government recognition of who gets whose money, nothing more, in the grand scheme of things. A happy long term boyfriend/girlfriend (or whatever mix) relationship is just as valid and strong as a happy marriage. And don’t you dare bring God or religion into this because not everyone shares your same beliefs. If they were to live together happily for the rest of their lives without ever getting married, their little girl wouldn’t know the difference. But if they end up (knock on wood!) going through a terrible divorce, then what difference will it make if she was born out of wedlock??
Being born in or out of wedlock has no effect on how good a child’s life is. It doesn’t change how the parents parent. It doesn’t change what that child is exposed to. If two unwed but committed parents work together, they can do 100000000 times better than a lot of married and unhappy parents do. I don’t care what statistics you try to show me, there are holes and a bias in all of them.

Anonymous on

Missy and Cristin- I think Bill’s point is that there are way worse things than a mother not breastfeeding her child (and that maybe, just maybe, we should be concerning ourselves with those “worse” things rather than argue about something so trivial!).

Anyway, congrats to them!

Ann on

Enjoy her with a smile every day…..

Veronica on

Love the name my daughters name is Milani sort of similar.

Bella on

My God, these comments are crazy.
Look, I say Congrats to the both of them. Happy and healthy baby. THATS what matters. Breast fed, bottle fed, who cares? And yes, she has come along way. She was a trainwreck…..looks like becoming a Mom has settled her tremendously. Shes going to be an awfully adorable little girl.

L on

Really love the name!!! Congrats to the happy family!!

Dina on

I was pronouncing it “May-lani”

Tay on

Can’t wait to see the pictures!

Irish on

@poorthing…guess what. I’m un-married with the same man for 13 years and we have two sons age 11 and a half, and a 9 week old! We own our home. We are not religious. Our kids have MY last name. GASP. How non traditional. Not everyone is the same! Oh and btw, all of our married friends are now divorced. Every last one of them.

Anonymous on

Very happy for them to have a new addition. God bless.

Lili on

First of all HATERS are always gonna HATE so I am ignoring the negative comments, congrats to them on the birth of their first child it is truly a beautiful time xxx her name is really pretty

Andrea on

Apparently no one seems to realize that the ‘baby bottle’ statement was something lighthearted put out there by HER REP. To assume what kind of parenting choices she is making from that one statement is ridiculous, and frankly, her choices are not anyone else’s business anyway.

Dana on

Yeah, and she had an induction… Why? Because she was tired of being pregnant. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pregnant throughout the dead heat of summer last year, with ankles swollen like you wouldn’t believe. I was beyond uncomfortable but I wasn’t going to evict my baby before he was ready to come out. These celebrities and deciding when to bring their babies into the world when it’s convenient for them sicken me. I understand some people get induced for medical reasons, and that’s totally fine of course. But don’t just decide to force your child out before they are ready because you’re tired of it. Babies come when they are ready.

KL on

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for this news for a while lol!!! And such a pretty, NORMAL nice name!!! Happy for them , can’t wait to see pictures!!!

KL on

Her baby was also born on my cat’s birthday.. haha!

Ala Lemon on

Never watched the show but I like the name they picked for their daughter. It’s beautiful. Congratulations

innerjuju on

How do you even pronounce that name?