Kim Kardashian: Nephew Mason Wasn’t Happy About Kidchella

07/11/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

While Instagram photos of North West‘s first birthday blowout— aka “Kidchella” — show everyone having a good time, one Keeping Up with the Kardashians star apparently wasn’t too pleased with the festivities.

“When I said, ‘North’s having a birthday party at your house,’ Mason said, ‘No! I’m having a birthday party at my house! She can never have a party!” Kim Kardashian, 33, told PEOPLE of nephew Mason Disick, 4½ , Monday at Battello in Jersey City, New Jersey, where she and sisters Khloé and Kourtney teamed up with Babies “R” Us to host an Operation Shower event for expectant military moms.

Kourtney hosted the birthday bash at her Calabasas, California, home — and Mason wasn’t too keen on his cousin’s Coachella-inspired celebration.

“Before Kim even said we were having it at his house, he said, ‘I’m going to put Legos everywhere! I’m going to scare everybody!'” Mason’s mom Kourtney, 35, said.

Kardashian sistersKevin Mazur/Getty

So is this the start of a cousin rivalry, or is Mason still just learning how to share?

“He’s very moody. He’s very Kourtney-like,” Khloé, 30, said. “If he wants to do something he will. If he doesn’t, you can’t get him to do anything.”

Kourtney said that Mason’s temperament comes from dad Scott Disick: “He might be a little more Scott’s personality than mine. He’s just the life of the party.”

Her daughter Penelope, 2, however, is “exactly like Kourtney,” Khloé said.

“Penelope likes to observe and figure people out before warming up to them,” Kourtney added. “She’s so cute.”

And with their Kardashian Kids boys collection coming out soon, can we expect Mason to follow in aunt Kendall Jenner‘s runway-walking footsteps?

“I don’t know. He has such an attitude,” Kourtney said. “If he thinks there’s some Legos on the other end of the runway, then he’ll do it.”

— Jeff Nelson

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Showing 36 comments

guest on

Really riveting stuff People. When was this party? Weeks ago and you’re still dragging out the non-story?

Sara on

Little Mason is 4. This article is really grasping at straws here. Some people need to really do some soul searching over their hate for Kim Kardashian.

mer on

I’ve always enjoyed this site and almost never complain, cause I can just walk away, but seriously, People, how much do the Kardashians pay you to keep posting about them and to keep the posts up even when there are more popular celebrity announcements?!

Dee on

Mason sounds like a brat compounded by the problem of having Kardashian blood in his veins.
Poor kid basically doesn’t stand a chance.

maryhelenc on

I have a very strong willed 4yo too. I find a good time out in her room seems to help with that sort of attitude. Kourtney sounds like she’s got her hands full with Mason. I can only imagine adding the third will be a trip.

rem on

That’s kind of a lot of maliciousness for a 4 year old in my opinion.

Linda on

For pete sake how pathetic is this story? Must have nothing better to write about as really this is about as interesting as flies on s***.

Anonymous on

Kim is looking more like her ugly husband every day. SMILE BITCH!!!!!

Jenna on

I never thought Mason was Scott’s after seeing his likeness to the model who claims to be his real dad.

chicago on

Can’t blame Mason, I don’t like my cousins either.

GP Stoll on

Whaaaaaaaa….Poor little rich kid.

Rachel on

I want to care I really… yawn… do. I know, I know I clicked on it. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Sue on

No one cares.

Anonymous on

Ooh interesting family

Guest on

Mason is a little bossy in the family!

Sammi on

What was the point of this story? Oh, right. You need to keep talking about them in any way, no matter how small because they pay you….I forgot about that.

dd on

i find kim annoying, but i think it’s very nice of them to put on a baby shower for the vets families

Anonymous on

Wow Kidchella party!

guest on

insufferable family

Marsha on

Kim certainly looks like she’s “enjoying” herself; maybe not because the focus is off of her? How much did they get paid to lend their names to this event?

Leigh on


kk on

Is this site so desperate that they are willing to write about 4 year olds acting like little brats. The Kardashians are obnoxious. No one cares.

anits futcg on

yup I thinkMason has some issues. They should be addressed soon before he turns into a brat
BUTCourtney is not going to let that happen..and I think grandpa Bruce needs to step in there he seems to really relate to the kids and not Chris because he doesn’t need a dictatorship good luck Courtney

Ann on

Whoever had to write this article must have been awfully BORED but then again anything about the Kardashians is one big YAWN……..

kazumi on

I know the Kardashians are the the most hated family in America, but ican’t believe that some of you here would openly bash a kid just becuase you hate the parents, seriously????? I pity you guys.

vivi on

brat may not see ignori until next year on her b-day thats the day her parents picked to be with her on thier once a year time to see her pathetic

Trixie on

I don’t feel for Kourtney, she makes babies left and right and she doesn’t get married. You reap what you sow.

Sheryl on

Well…I have no one to blame but myself, I clicked on the stupid, no content, BS article…but really, slow day in the entertainment world. But seriously, let’s get to what everyone really wants to know — how long is Kims marriage gonna last? Wasn’t she going on tour with Kanye? They’re never together.

Angie on

North and Mason will be rivalry cousins growing up.

susan on

Man….you guys OMG….someone must begetting paid off here to write this stuff …truly amazing…are they human shields to divert our attention to what is really happening in this world ?

Anonymous on

Do we really care what a four-year-old thought about a party that happened weeks ago? Is PEOPLE that desperate to report SOMETHING about this family?

Alex on

Oh the kardashian kids are beginning to show traits of being spoiled and egotistical, SHOCKER (not), the kids only have their parents and each other to learn from.

Hey on

The word they’re all looking for is pretentious. Mason and Kim.

Krystal on

He’s not moody. He’s a spoiled little brat.

Anonymous on

Mason’s attitude is learned from his family!

IvyLane on

Moody? Life of the party? These people live in their own convoluted world. Mason’s veins run thick with Kardashian and Disick blood (well, perhaps Disick blood) and, even worse, he has learned to mimic the self-centeredness and elitism of that whole narcissistic family. No big surprise there. But, his desire to hurt and scare goes beyond brattiness into the territory of a future sociopath. This is not news, but it will be when he murders his mother, father or one of his cousins in their sleep because they didn’t make him the center of the universe.