Extra, Extra! Inside Savannah Guthrie’s News-Themed Baby Shower

07/09/2014 at 08:00 AM ET

Forget diaper warmers, baby swings and whatever else might have been on the registry. The baby shower fellow newswomen threw for Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie on June 30 was all about her favorite thing: books.

With an “Extra! Extra! Read All About It” vintage newspaper theme, the noontime fête celebrated the mom-to-be’s love of reading as some two dozen guests — Today pals including Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall, Jenna Bush Hager, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, in addition to Amy Robach, Gayle King, Deborah Roberts and others from competing networks — piled a bookshelf in N.Y.C.’s The Glass Houses party space with their favorite children’s books. Each woman brought one book for Guthrie’s baby with husband Mike Feldman and a second to be donated to the charity Baby Buggy for a child in need.

“A lot of people inscribed the books with notes to the baby that were really cute,” Guthrie, 42, told PEOPLE. “It was really personal. I love that.”

Savannah Guthrie's baby shower The expectant parents with their mothers – Andrew H. Walker/Getty

But when it came time to grab a pencil (personalized with #SHOWERSAVANNAH) from the baby-bottle pencil cups decorated by Minted and complete a crossword puzzle created by Today publicist Megan Kopf (sample question: What color did Savannah and Mike paint the nursery?), Guthrie found herself stumped.

“I couldn’t remember my own favorite book when I was a child,” she said with a laugh. “Someone had to remind me that I’ve said it was The Giving Tree.”

But the forgetfulness didn’t stop there. During sentimental remarks to the party, which included Guthrie’s and Feldman’s mothers, Guthrie accidentally called her husband Matt. As in Matt Lauer. “Classic,” Guthrie said. “Talk about pregnancy brain!”

Savannah Guthrie's baby shower The décor – Andrew H. Walker/Getty

While co-anchor Lauer was not present for the mostly-women-only shower (Feldman and Today executive producer Don Nash represented the Y chromosome), he and fellow Today men Al Roker, Willie Geist and Carson Daly sent along customized messages, which hung from a clothesline to inspire the gals at a decorating station outfitted with stencils, fabric markers, ribbon and appliqués. Lauer, famous for his “Where in the world” segments, drew a globe on his Burt’s Bees Baby onesie and wrote, “Pink or Blue? When will we know!? Love You! Matt.”

“It is so amazing the amount of support and love that our unborn child has already,” Feldman said. Added Guthrie, who is due in mid- to late-August and has chosen to leave boy-or-girl a surprise: “We just hope we can rise to the occasion and be good parents and we will be turning to all of you for your advice.”

Then, taking in the creations of caterer Peter Callahan, whose baby-sized finger foods — like mini hot dogs and strawberry rhubarb pop-tart lollipops– were washed down with icy lemon basil-tini slushies, Guthrie said, “So, thank you and have fun, get drinks!”

Savannah Guthrie's baby shower Today show ladies – Andrew H. Walker/Getty

For more from Savannah’s shower, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

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DaisyMoon on

I love Deborah Roberts…she’s my favorite…ashy knees and all…

guest on

YIKES!!! kathie lee needs to lay off the botox/surgeries/fillers. she’s looking REDIC!!!!!!

Mamoo's Daughter on

I like the idea to donate a book to charity. I wish her well.

KellyGreen on

Each woman brought one book for Guthrie’s baby with husband Mike Feldman and a second to be donated to the charity Baby Buggy for a child in need.

^^I love that they brought a book for charity. But I HATE this trend of telling guests what gift to bring. I’ve been invited to some that say, “In lieu of a card, please bring a baby book.” I just find it tacky to tell your guests exactly what to bring.

Tess on

I watch Today while I get ready for work. I have loved watching Savannah and her bump. Even with swollen ankles she is still so happy and pretty.

NH on

Cute theme for a Baby Shower. Not Really sure why
Kathie Lee is wearing a yellow top hat and boa, though ???

Much happiness with the birth of your baby.

boohoobytch on

…she named the real father of that baby – Matt, don’t blame it on “pregnancy brain”…

p on

SO happy for them! 🙂

erica2 on

@KellyGreen why is it tacky to ask for a book instead of a greeting card that will be thrown away? The child will get lasting memories from the book not the card. My girlfriend made that request for her baby shower and I thought it was genius considering the book and Hallmark card cost about the same. It’s a request not telling someone what to bring for a gift the actual gift is entirely different than the greeting card/book….the gift could be a stroller, onesies, blankets, crib sheets etc. and that IS choose by the gift giver! It’s Savannah’s shower she can do what she wants if the guests don’t like it they didn’t have to come! Is choosing a gift from someone’s registry buying something they are telling you to buy?? It’s not tacky to respect someone elses wishes for their very personal and special day. Your day, your way.

Amanda on

God she’s annoying. Acts like she’s the only woman who is pregnant

charlotte on

Kathie Lee is a ditz, Gayle King is a talentless Oprah wannabe and Savannah is just glowing and seems so happy.

Jenny on

What’s wrong with her telling her guests to bring a book? Books are relatively cheap. I think it’s really down-to-earth of her to request books for her baby (and for children in need), as opposed to expecting ornate and completely ridiculous baby gifts.

anonymous on

Kathy Lee looks like an entirely different person!!! She would look so, so much better if she left her face alone and stopped with the cosmetic procedures. Seriously, wrinkles are not the end of the world….

Martina on

Seeing Kathie Lee like this makes me sad. The pressure on women in Hollywood to stay ‘forever young’ is enormous. And then you have this as a result.

Melanie on

I love Savannah (and the other ladies there as well – what a fun group!). I think the book idea is so great, and especially the idea of donating them. Such a great gift.

rose on

I just wish I could have a baby . Some people get love. While othesr get nothing.

NW Mama on

Hang in there, your time will come, be positive and look to the bright side and things will come your way just when you don’t expect it.

sandy on

I assume it’s Bring a Book and a Baby Gift!!!! That’s what would be expected. If ur too cheap to give a gift, stay home!!!

Melanie on

Sandy – the guests were asked to bring two books: one as a gift for Savannah’s baby, and one that would be donated to charity. I’m sure most, if not all, of her guests could afford to giver her something quite nice, but I think she preferred something more practical and meaningful. (Personally, I think it’s a good idea all around. Books are cheap and a lot of people have a favorite go-to children’s book, so it’s a simple thing to buy. Savannah’s child will have a great collection of books – and she said a lot of people wrote personal notes in them, so that will make them even more special. Plus, donating books to kids in need – always a great idea!)

Tay on

Good idea to have a book as a gift because it’s not expensive.

DanielRear on

aloha making friends, Your Astella 8 *.