Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Expecting First Child

07/09/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Eva Mendes Pregnant Expecting First Child Ryan Gosling Dara Kushner/INF

The rumors are true: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are having a baby!

The actress is pregnant and due in October, PEOPLE confirms. This will be the first child for both actors, who played parents in their 2012 drama The Place Beyond the Pines.

The stars began dating in 2011, though they haven’t been photographed together since November — and Mendes hasn’t been photographed in public since March.

A friend of Mendes’s tells PEOPLE that while the actress had said in the past she wasn’t planning to get married or have children, “with Ryan things are different … she’s very independent but she’s content with her partner. She finally found the person she really wants to be with.”

Both Mendes, 40, and Gosling, 33, prefer to keep their relationship private, playing coy when asked about their love lives. But the expectant mom did gush about her beau’s acting abilities in the March 2012 issue of Marie Claire.

“He’s your dream costar,” she told the magazine of working with Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines. “I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film. He’s amazing.”

The couple more recently collaborated on Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River, which premiered at Cannes this year.

His leading lady has shot down pregnancy rumors in the past, telling Ellen DeGeneres in February, “It all started because I didn’t want to go through the scanners at the airport.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Showing 197 comments

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! This is exciting.

Anonymous on

I was holding out hope (for some reason) because I never believe any stories like this unless People confirms it. WAH!

Anonymous on

Nooooooo…never liked her for him,shes too old, too ugly and too selfcentered. He’s adorable.

Just an average Joe on

Lucky guy! She’s smoking hot.

Beauty on

Lucky lady! WOW, she looks great at 40! Congratulations to the couple!

MissDevourer on

Well, there goes my dream of having his baby! (Seriously though, if true, congratulations to them. They seem like such a private couple which might be the secret for staying power in Hollywood.)

That’s gonna be one beautiful child!

Amelia on

Another article said she is seven months pregnant. Way to keep it quiet.

Sarah S. on

She’s the youngest looking 40 I’ve seen! Anyway, congrats to them…I’d like to see you guys tying the knot though!

Me on

Sounds like an unplanned pregnancy. I wish them the best.

D on

Lucky girl!!! 🙂 Dang! Love me some Gosling! He’s a hottie! Alright….arrrgh so is she…….:(

Mrs. K on

Wasn’t Ryan Gosling recently featured in the hottest bachelor issue?

KeepingItClassy on

Apparently she wasn’t just “creatively” satisfied with him. 😉

TJ on

Wow! They kept that under wraps! Guess we can put those break up rumors to rest! Congrats to the couple!

trinori on

So the scanners story was true. She was probably not that far along and didn’t want to discuss it so early. Congratulations to them.

Lilyflower on


Pep on

Another couple having a baby & not married first. What happened to morals? :/

Poor Thing... on

Rats! I wanted to be his Yoko! Congratulations to them…hope the baby is happy & healthy…they’ll be great parents! Even though Eva is only 5 yrs older than Ryan, I hope they pull a John+Yoko & get married before the baby’s born [perhaps in Gibraltar near Spain?] John was 7 yrs younger than Yoko, whereas Ryan is only 5…congratulations again!

Me on

An unwed on

Anonymous on

The only reason she bugs me is because in every interview she complains about how difficult her life is.

Me on

An unmarried on/off again couple is having a baby. It seems pretty obvious from the article it’s an unplanned pregnancy. What a shame on both of their parts. I lost respect from both of them.

Erin on

So many antiquated, hateful, negative crap here. Let me add to the comments of love and say that I wish them nothing but the best. Their lives don’t concern me and no one should care whether a couple is married or not….EVER.

Nikki on

That’s some magical sperm right there. Eva, I commend you and hate you all at the same time.

MEL on

Dam I was still hoping he and rachel would work things threw …i dont like eva menendes not for him .

Southerngirl on

Why do people think it was unplanned? Or that this couple was on/off? Because they are rarely photographed? Eva made a reference to him on Ellen a few months ago and he has been seen wearing a necklace with her dog’s name on it. I think this couple has been together the whole time but has kept things private. Kudos to them and congrats!

SarahJane on

I don’t understand why women in Hollywood can’t figure out birth control. It’s one thing to be in a committed relationship and decide to have a baby, but it’s another entirely to get knocked up with an oops. It happens all the time. These women have millions of dollars in their bank accounts but they can’t afford the pill? Same with the guys, you make millions, buy some condoms!

Evamendesfan on

Hahaaa awesome!! Congrats to Ryan and Eva! They are both beautiful and sexy. Their child will be Gorgeous. Half Hispanic and half white! wow! Beautiful mix. This will shut up all the haters!! I love it…I love it. Be careful when you start hating on people. Because the opposite effect will happen!

Melissa B on

So she was pregnant then!

michelle on

Another Hispanic pining after a white boy. Entrapment.

Dawn on

Get off your moral high flipping horses! The institution of marriage is so that there would be someone (the male) to financially be responsible for caring for the woman and children she bore for him to use on the farm. Neither of them have a farm to operate. They’re both financially successful and I’m sure hottie McHottie Ryan G will be there to sign the birth certificate and walk the baby thru Central Park when they’re out. What the heck is your problem?

Callie on

She’s 40 and said “my clock is a tickin”. Congratulations!

Met her a few years back and she couldn’t have been nicer, nothing what I expected.

michelle on

is he a phag?

CatInTheHat on

Unplanned? Seriously?? There is no way after almost 3 years of dating she came up pregnant accidentally. Time and time again, women think the way to hold a man is thru children. It rarely ever works out and they are left with a child that will tie them together forever. Such a shame – a child should be wanted and cherished always instead of resented. I would have thought they were more mature than that.

michelle on

Me love u long time!

Noneya on

Well, that’s one way for a B LIST actress to lock-down an A LISTER.

Ree on

And… Millions of heart everywhere break…

michelle on

She is the desperate D lister all day long. Men are so stupid!

Rai on

Happy for them. Hot couple and gonna be a beautiful baby!

Kristen on

Random comment I know… but the guy Marcus on the Bachelorette this season reminds me of Ryan. Congrats!

mel on

What is everyones issues on her having a bady out of wedlock and that was such a racial comment michelle….im sure your parents are very proud of you….this happens all the time….even if you get married who knows if it will last….if all you can do is read these articles and complain because they arent married then stop reading them and move on….not everyone has to go by society’s ways….let them continue to live their lives in private like they have been doing….and this will be a gorgeous baby btw

Cindy on

Love them together!! Congratulations to them! 😙

Lily86 on

Awww a half hispanic baby for Ryan!!! It will be beautiful!!! 🙂 🙂

Gail on

HOLY crap, I’m more stunned that she hasn’t been photographed since March. That will be a beautiful baby!

tchrtoni on

Reading these comments makes me lose brain cells by the dozens! So many judgmental and narrow-minded people who actually think they know these two people’s lives, decisions and wants and values. A simple “Congratulations” would suffice!

PacificGirl on

I’ve never understood her appeal. Not very attractive and an average actress.

Gail on

Amanda, grab a life… one that is your own please. If he wasn’t committed to her, he wouldn’t still be with her after 3 years, and if she was going to get knocked up and trap him, as you so eloquently put it, she would’ve done it in the 1st year they were together. You are very sad.

Truth Hurts on

Best looking man??? LMAO, sorry he is an average looking white man!

Gunny on

Good for them – if it is true.

Karen on

She always looks greasy. With all that money, clean up!

Guest on

Great! Healthy baby Eva! She’s fortunate to become pregnant. Often difficult at 40. I enjoy Ryan’s films. Wasn’t crazy about the movie they were in together …. “Pines.” Meh. Kinda weird. All the best!

Rachel on

I don’t like them together. Wish things with him and McAdams had worked out. He’s waaaayyy too good for her.

Guest on

Hey …. marriage does not solve issues. For anyone. It’s all in your mind folks. If one has money, and can support (for 18 years!!) the cost of having a child, it’s fine. Perfectly okay. Especially film/model people. They make huge salaries. What if you would wish to adopt? Or have a child with a sperm donor? Marriage is not necessary to create a family. That can be accomplished in many different ways. It’s 2014 honeybunnies ….. wake up.

Emily on

Whoop. Here are the marriage police

Candice Salas on

Michelle, I’m Hispanic and did not entrape my white husband. We were married a YEAR before we had our now 7 year old daughter. Your racist comment will come back at you. Hope your children marry a Hispanic. They work harder than you I’m sure, you no- brained idiot!

Andrea on

I officially have a love-hate relationship with Eva Mendes. Lol Congrats to them! That is going to be one gorgeous baby. I can’t wait to see the super hot pictures of Ryan holding his child.

Cassia on

Wow…exciting news. That’s going to be a really cute baby!!

bec215 on

Maybe she was conscious this is considered very high risk pregnancy because its a first pregnancy and her age….the whole bump watch thing is disgusting and offensive. why not “gut watch”, to keep tabs on male celebs who gain weight between films?!

Hazel on

He’s gorgeous!!

Jessica on

I knew this would happen. Ryan loses in the end but he should have known better. No sympathy they will be broken up again within 2 years and she will regret trying to trap him. Poor child

Kpat on

That will be one beautiful child! Great to hear they’re together after numerous breakup rumors!

Kpat on

That will be one beautiful child! Great to hear they’re together considering all those breakup rumors.

gymluv on

And The Notebook closes…

Sunny on

Start the countdown to when they’ll break up after the baby is born. Hollywood is so predicable.

Kat on

To make yourself sound smarter, try to remember that genetics have dominant and recessive genes. Two beautiful people do not necessarily make beautiful children.

guest on

Congats ! Eva Mendes is gorgeous! Ryan is the lucky one and he knows it, that’s why he chose Eva to have his child with, so don’t be jealous haters, be happy!!!!

A on

Call me crazy but I’m still skeptical until it’s confirmed by a rep form them or Ryan and Eva themselves.

Meredith on

Mismatch! He’s too good for her.

Samsie on

THIS is what desperate, pathetic women do when they’re about to be dumped. She should b ashamed, Oldest ploy in the book, very disappointed in her, getting knocked up to trap Ryan. He wanted her he woud have married her, he didn’t, now he’s stuck with her, I feel sorry for him.

Cristin on

WOW! The lowest of the low have to make such snide comments. Who cares if it is unplanned? Many people have unplanned pregnancies and are just fine. I don’t very many people who actually planned their pregnancies. These are adults who can make their own decisions. Marriage doesn’t always ensure a happy family. And for Michelle, you are truly a piece of work. There is no room in a civilized society for your comments. They are just gross.

LuvLeeRita on

I’m in my 50’s and I’d have a baby with him any day. LOL.

Lisa on

40 isn’t that old folks

RVN on

OMG, now that is going to be one BEAUTIFUL baby!!!! They are such a gorgeous couple and they seem like they will be absolutely wonderful parents. NOW this is some procreation I can get behind!!

Sweet_Sour on

They were filming at a fair in my town for Place Beyond the Pines, she looked and acted miserable. Us extras were filming a scene where we were in a tent with her as we watched a motorcycle show and she bossed the crew around, showing them no respect, kept rolling her eyes at the extras who spend hours upon hours waiting to film HER freaking movie.None of the crew members seem to like her and she chain smokes like crazy. She didnt smile and just acted like she was beyond being where she was. She was wearing a blue sweater, she would toss to a crew member rudely everytime we were about to film.I was so excited to see her and I know shes famous and busy and there was like 75 extras but there was no reason to look like she did and come off like that. Ryan Gosling, on the another hand, is BY FAR the nicest celebrity ever. He is so cute and adorable. He went around to the extras, waving and smiling and thanked us for coming. He was joking around with the crew, hugging them and high fiving them. They seem to be comforable and loved him. He was joking aorund with everyone, smiling and waving. He ever ate in the same tent with the crew and extras when eva sat in her trailer.I love him, he was an amazing celebrity to meet!

Jay on

Well…there goes his career

CindyAnn on

LOVE THIS. It truly makes me smile considering people were saying they were not together, just goes to show you this is a GOSSIP site. Hope all the haters on here for any of the celebs take note and remember this is for entertainment purposes only. Congrats to them.

guest on

Why did he waste it all on her?

jen on

He has stated that he wanted kids for some time. Guess they decided it was time. Congrats and get married. (Big pre-nup).

yes! on

Yayyy! !! Congrats very happy for both of them. eva mendes is very gorgeous.

yesss! on

Yayyy! !! Been waiting for this! Congrats to both of them. Eva mendes is soooo gorgeous!

Holly on

I always thought he and Rachel McAdams were meant to be together.

Kendra Pratt on

Umm, weren’t they breaking up a few weeks ago?

levergage on

there are lots of beautiful people on this site but these two….looking at their faces makes me so uncomfortable!

so I won’t look.

jenoa on

there are lots of beautiful people on this site but these two….looking at their faces makes me so uncomfortable! I never understood the deal with either; he has a pinched face and annoying voice, she has a downright UGLY face and blah body. I always felt “Something must be wrong with me, I don’t see it” but that’s OK, I agree about typical standards of beauty with all the other movie and TV stars (well, except Kaley Cuoco).

so I won’t look.

Pitbull Lover on

I always thought he looked cute with Eva Mendez. I wish them the best.

Lila on

So excited! They are both lucky to have each other.

Jan on

Oh god, she’s so ugly and he’s so bland. Gross.

Jan on


marianne on

Ugh, that hook nose (hers) and snarly mouth (hers) and weasel face (his). She has nice eyes; her lip curl reminds me of Raquel Welch’s. He looks like a ferret, and not a cute ferret.

anyway, if they want to have a kid and live independently, so what? Lots of people do that.

Ryan Reynolds yes yes yes yes, but this Ryan (and Seacrest, ick) no!

JustMe on

I think she trapped him. Her clock is ticking and she is too old for him. This isn’t exciting. I feel sad for Ryan.

Old_Tricks on

Oldest trick of getting your man in the ghetto handbook. Only diff here, she won’t be using an ebt card.

Gg on

Going to be a beautiful baby. I like that they are so private.

Eva on

That will be one beautiful baby!

Moe on

Talk about hitting the genetic jackpot. What a lucky kid. Should be a looker.

Anonymous on

Meridith, Jessica, and especially Mochelle!!! Ya’ll just jealous haters. Mochelle, you wish you were half as good looking as Eva! Be happy for them, or if you have nothing nice to say just be quiet! Didn’t your mother teach you that?

ugh on


Sole on

Noooooo !!! The baby should be with Rachel McAdams !! Best couple ever !!

crock on

Bummed, because I was really hoping he and Rachael McAdams would reconcile at some point. Congrats! But I do think she is too old to have a baby.

Annie on

Those of you calling Holly-Weird please stop. That has never been clever or funny. And it’s not just celebrities doing this. Tons of women are having babies without being married all the time. It is our society, not Hollywood. And so what?! It’s not your life, and you know you don’t actually care about these people so stop acting like it’s a big deal. Live your life and let them live theirs.

lola on

Well played Ms. Mendes. Well played.

Maureen on

That’s going to be one gorgeous baby! Congrats to them and both their families! :o)

Alayna on

So exciting!!! Congrats to the couple. Secretly I was always rooting for Rachel and Ryan and hoping they’d get back together and live a happily ever after just the two of them – but I guess my hopes didn’t come true (lol). Happy for Ryan, Eva and I know Rachel is happy in her relationship. I also know that Ryan and Rachel have nothing but best wishes for one another. They’re not bitter exes 🙂 Happy! Congrats! Wishing her an easy, smooth and healthy pregnancy.

Di on

Awesome news for them !

Marge on

My vajayjay is crying.

allison on

It doesn’t really matter but I think the break up rumors came from them probably trying to hide the pregnancy?? That’s my best guess. Hollywood is a weird place to raise kids so you gotta hope for the best.

Kay Pasa on

Jesus Christ having a baby at 40. No thanks 😦

Kristin on

any info on how this was confirmed? you’d think they would cite a source or mention a picture if there is one.

Ariel Interiors on

Amanda, how do you it’s not she who is trapped? If I got knocked up, I’d feel trapped as hell…

Stephanie on

Yaaaaaaas!!!!!! I can’t wait to see their baby!😁😁😁😁

Sam on

40 seems to be the new 30 for pregnancy. That’s nothing new. I used to think it was selfish and risky to have babies around 40 and beyond. I don’t feel that way as much anymore. I had pregnancy complications at 28. There’s no perfect way to have kids. I’ll admit that Rachel seemed more wife/mother material but that didn’t work out obviously 🙂

skeetergirl on

Congrats to Ryan, Im sure he is going to be an amazing dad! I didnt think Ryan Gosling could get anymore attractive, but seeing him as a doting dad holding a baby makes him that much more sexy!

rachel on

female hearts broken everywhere. lol

Nat on

I find this pregnancy disappointing and absurd, mainly because not only are they are an unmarried couple, but they are constantly on-again/off-again. On top of that, Eva has been VERY vocal about NEVER wanting children. I’m 29 with no children because I haven’t made up my mind if I want them or not. So as long as my answer is “I don’t know”, THAT’S A “NO”!!! People tend to think that when others don’t want children, they are selfish. Well, when people know in their heart of hearts that they don’t want children and they have them anyway, I think it is stupid and irresponsible. I’d rather be selfish than stupid and irresponsible.

P Guest on

Not only is he a great actor and very handsome, he is a real man, as he is Canadian. They are always good people!!!

mrsuga on

of course i don’t know them but i’m so happy for them! i can’t wait to see photos of the baby and esp. the baby with his/her very talented parents! congratulations!

Joelle on

Hmm he looks like he’s giving the I’m so fucked but look happy face…

c3p0 on

Good news Mendes and Gosling should be passing on their superior genes. Too many trogdolytes are reproducing and diluting the gene pool; no offense to the majority of the commenters here 😉

Joelle on

He looks like he’s giving the I’m so screwed but look happy face…

ljm on

Jen – your comment made me laugh. Get married; and get a prenup! So get married because you’re pregnant but expect a divorce?! Is it better to have married and divorced than never to have married at all?

JR on

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t find him remotely attractive. His eyes are too close together and he has a long nose. He looks like a skinny weasel. I don’t get the appeal.

StacyR on

That’s going to be a gorgeous baby.

Melanie M on

At 40 it’s clearly a pregnancy that was very much planned by her as it is her last chance. I’m happy for them as they have been in a relationship for 2 years. It’s not like Angelina Jolie where she got knocked up within a few months while he was still married to someone else.

Angela on

There are so many jealous jerks on here tonight. Wow…just wow. They’ve been together for 3 years and either decided to try or just plain weren’t preventing. Doesn’t mean it was an ‘oops’, doesn’t mean she was ‘trying to hold onto him’ and definitely doesn’t make her (or him) a bad person for ‘not using birth control’. This is 2014, not 1954. A ring and a piece of paper doesn’t make a family.

dd on

wow this is breaking news

NYC on

Excited for Eva! It’s a surprise, b/c she had said she did not want kids. U never know what God has in store for you.

Elle on

So I guess this means that Ryan won’t be getting back together with Rachel McAdams…?

Nat on

Amazing all the congratulations going out to this unwed couple having a baby. If they were Black, 100% of these comments would be negative, calling them “ghetto”, “ratchet” and lots of nastier things. You all are a trip. And before the wolf pack comes after me all misinformed, I’m half Italian, half Portuguese/French-Canadian. Now, go!

libba on

All I can say is that baby is going to be beautiful!!!! Mom and dad are both gorgeous!

TC on

OMG. I wish “stars” would quit publicizing their pregnancy before they are married. How in the heck can we tell our kids to wait to have babies until they are married if the mags say how cool it is for the celebs. How many celeb couples met their mate in HS and died with the same mate. NONE!!!!! In the mid-west, it is common! Eva has been known to sleep around, so it might not be Ryan’s. Bless her heart!

Cristin on

Since you are so quick to judge them based on looks, how about do us a favor and let us know how you look? Where can we see a pic of you since you must be model perfect? Miserable wench!! Why not just be quiet if you can not be happy for a couple that has a happy occasion to celebrate?

Kyndra on

Dammit!!! I guess I will not be having Ryan Gosling’s first child!! LOL!! Congrats to them both!!

kane on

Wish them the best, but at the same time I was a grandmother at 42. No way in hell, would I want a child that late in life. I guess that’s why they have nannies, cooks, and maids. The child will be put on display for photo’s. Hope they will be real parents and not push baby off to others. I wonder if they know what it is to be a real a parent is. Well, that’s Hollywood for you.

JP on

Ugh. I’m not sure what anyone sees in Eva Mendes. As for Ryan, I, too, was hoping that he and Rachel McAdams would get back together, after her and Michael Sheen split. I think they are perfect for each other.

Rosie on

Realy Ryan!!

Beulaht on

I like her. She has always seemed like a sweetheart. I don’t think he’s as great as some women make him out to be looks-wise, but he seems like a nice enough guy and still handsome. I can’t imagine what their baby will look like, but I think I saw a picture of Eva’s mom and she looks white so it will probably be just a brunette baby. “Another Hispanic pining for a white boy”…most Hispanics are ‘at least’ part white…oftentimes more…so why can’t they be attracted to half or the majority of their genes?

KL on

OMG OMG OMG i dont believe it!!! sooo exciting!

Tay on

Why do all of you assume she’s trapping him? Maybe he wanted a baby or maybe, gee, they actually planned it together? So many miserable losers here, I feel sickened and extremely saddened.

Shanda on

Keep in mind this hasn’t actually been confirmed by anyone reliable such as the couple themselves or even their “people”. There actually was a picture of her taken in early June walking her dog and she didn’t look pregnant at all…let alone 6 or 7 months. I’m not buying it yet.

Joy on

She wanted to trap him!

Anonymous on

what happened to not wanting marriage and kids does that change depending on the man lol good luck to them if they are happy good luck

skippy on

what happened to her not wanting a baby and saying she’s not into it, when did that change?

kellyrsmith15 on

not thrilled about them together, never have been. Not a fan of her at all. Then again…it’s not my life. I was holding out hope for a McGosling reunion somehow! One thing for sure…this baby will be a cutie with Ryan for a daddy!

Marie on

Aw. As I was reading the story I could hear the hearts of many women breaking. Good luck to them, and congratulations he or she will be a very good looking baby.

Leah on

Everyone claiming she is “trapping” him are just stupid. The woman is 40 years old. Having a baby at 40 is never a guarantee even with IVF or other conception procedures. And why not have a baby? She may never get the chance to later on in life. I am sure it was a pleasant surprise for both of them. Congratulations to them both

pthompson28 on

Reblogged this on FINDING MY OWN WAY and commented:
NOOOOO this can’t be true. McGosling forever

Leah on

everyone saying she is trapping him are stupid…at 40 years old getting pregnant although possible is not something that can happen easily as if you were in your 20s even with IVF or other conception procedures. Im sure it was a pleasant surprise for both of them.

angie on

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Yo-Yo on

People may have confirmed it, but I won’t ever believe it until Eva herself confirms it. She’s been very adamant about how she doesn’t want to get married or have children.

Rachel on


NickyAngel on

Congrats to them…this is going to be one beautiful baby 🙂

Miranda on

They both deserve each other. Both are self-centered pricks who only care about each other. I am sure glad he didnt decide to settle down with Rachel McAdams. She is too good for him.

Miranda on

these two deserve each other. They are both self-centered. I am glad Ryan didnt settle down with Rachel McAdams. She is too good for him.

annie on

people have sex before marriage. whats everyones issue with having a child before marriage? u do know that sex leads to marriage sometimes, right? planned or unplanned. so if ur against children before marriage, hopefully youre against sex before marriage also.

Chloe on

why are SO many of the comments on this article bashing them for not being married?!

for instance this little gem: “An unmarried on/off again couple is having a baby. It seems pretty obvious from the article it’s an unplanned pregnancy. What a shame on both of their parts. I lost respect from both of them.”

ummm how does that make you lose respect for them!? she’s friggin 40! not 14! and they are rich! they can obviously care for this child just fine (and even if they were young and poor would being married really change anything!?) what would a piece of paper change?…is having a child “out of wedlock” really the worst thing in the world? STILL? we are STILL here? what year is this?!

funny story…I’ve been pregnant “out of wedlock” TWICE and both of them were “unplanned” *GASP*…and I know for a fact that I’m a better mom than I was a wife (got married at 7 months pregnant) and that my son is better off having friendly DIVORCED co-parents…and bonus parents…than shitty miserable MARRIED parents…

and even if they were unplanned, my sons, who *OMG* have different fathers (and I won’t marry the second one just because we have a child, because that worked out soooo well the first time) are the single BEST things that have ever happened to me…

so how about we put away those stones ya judgy assholes and think about the fact that some people aren’t meant to be married but they ARE meant to be parents….and you might not have a clue what you’re talking about.


Barbara on

My wish for them is a super healthy baby, and I hope they do not give in to any pressure from the right wing wackos and get themselves all ‘hitched up and married’. Please – what a waste of time and money and any kind of commons sense that is. What a fab couple and what fantastic news……..!!

Rose on

Noooooooooooooooooooo! My fantasy man, my dreams are crushed. 😉 I love him but I don’t care for her. I didn’t realize she was that old. Nevertheless I hope it all works out for them.

Jazz on

It was planned on her part.There were rumors since months ago that things werent good between them and that they might have even broken up. So she might have panicked after their split but found a way to get pregnant to entrap him.

Curlyemma on

that pregnancy seemed to have been an accident
he says he doesn’t want to get married
is he stuck now? does mot seem so.
anyway she is too old for him

Tunrida on

It is a good news article people! Two people (who to my knowledge have not done any harm or said anything bad to any of you) who have been together for a number of years and clearly care about each other are having a baby. The rest of the conjecture on here (unplanned? entrapment?!) is simply that! They appear to be happy, long may it last!

Bettie on

Hot hot hot!!!! good for them, love them both, and good for them for keeping it a secret!

helenhandbag on

Wow the fact that some of you still find it disturbing that 2 people who aren’t married are having a child…unbelievable. Get over it!

Anonymous on

I didn’t even know they were together!

KaaJaa on

Congrats to them both!! My mouth dropped when I saw the headline since he was supposed to hold out for me!! Good luck to them both!!

Nancy on

LOL. Okay. I give this a few years TOPS. She trapped his butt by getting pregnant. The End. Oh and BTW, you aren’t an actress . . you may think you are, but you are not. And your sense of “style” is truly non-existent.

TTD on

Doesn’t anyone get married first anymore?

Renee on

Congratulations to them, I hope they make through the jinx of Hollywood, especially bringing in a new family member. I think the two of them will make great parents, plus one beautiful baby!

chris on

I am very happy for her. I wonder how far along she is? I wonder if her collabo with NYC will include a maternity line in the future?

Brooke on

This smacks of Bridget Moynihan/Tom Brady to me……Someone knew her boyfriend was taking off.

Karen on

I have always liked them as a couple! I wanted them to have kids 🙂 That is going to be a GORGEOUS baby.

Xyz on

He’s so handsome! She’s not pretty but seems like a great person. Good for them! She could play Amy whinehouse in a movie.

charlotte on

they have always seemed an unlikely couple to me, but congrats!

Ashley on

That’s the only way this very masculine looking old Cuban woman? could hold on to him. He could do so much better.

Lia on

Not going to applaud this at all. I’m sick of people having kids out of wedlock. All they’ve done is create someone out of sin.

Tina on

I’ve always liked her. And I love him.

mary on

not her

cccccc on

i never liked him for her. he looks like a child and she looks like an adult. she’s sexy and he’s naiive looking weird couple

mary on


Marc on

To all the people harping about how Ryan and Rachel are perfect for each other, go read the interview he recently did about how awful they both were to each other while filming The Notebok and during their 2-year relationship. Apparently they could not get along, fought all the time, brought out the worst in each other and had a very horrible breakup – his very own words. Goes to show that pictures alone doesn’t tell the full story. Ryan Gosling is a grown man, able to make his own decisons. He chose Eva, and she chose him, they have a low-key relationship and now they are expecting a child. It really baffles that people can post the most horrible things about people they do no know. Good Gracious!

Rach on

My concern over this being an unplanned, out-of-wedlock pregnancy is nil given that each one is fully capable of financially supporting their child. The only time I care is when my tax dollars go to raising them.

Richard on

She’s not hot Rachel is much better looking. Poor Ryan was trapped by aging fast Eva.

guest on

i didnt really ever believe they were a couple. seem a bit mismatched. but congrats i guess. hope its what he wanted. i honestly thought they were put together for photo ops. do they even live together?

Melissa on

no. no no no no no no! Ryan how could you do this to me?

Anya on

She’s neither pretty nor hot in my opinion. I guess he thinks otherwise.

ricki on

I always think that surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty must just wince when they see her, thinking “OH what I could do with that konk!”

KJ on

Yes! l love them together. Please get married!

Dawn on

I think they are a cute couple. I think after 3 years, they both know what they want. Congrats to them.

RVN on

That’s gonna be one dreamy baby! WOW!! :):)

Karen on

Oooh it must have been a very cold witer!!! They are a great couple and best wishes to them!

Surfer Girl on

Oooh it must have been a cold winter! Say it isn’t so! They are an odd couple.

boy? girl? on

Awwwww been waiting for this wonderful news! Cant wait til we hear the baby is born maybe after 7 months lol! I say boy but hope she has a girl then gosling will have two beautiful gorgeous lady’s in his life.

Anonymous on

Ugh I still want him with Rachel McAdams!

Sara Stokes on

Maybe they should get married and make it legal? That would be nice.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

littlelune85 on

Congrats! That will sure be an adorable child! I´m so happy for them, and love that they are so low key with relationship.

Jenn on

At “poor thing”, he’s actually 7 years younger than Eva Mendes. He’s 33 years old, she’s 40.

Nancy Arrigo on

I feel Happy for Ryan & Eva but I am also hoping they’ll just get married before giving their baby on the way a sibling.

Terri on

How has she managed to avoid the paps since March?!

Lyl on

big congrats! the best wishes to all of them. they seem like an odd couple I must admit but perhaps that is why their relationship works :).

grudgrime on

Gotta wonder what makes people give the “angry face” vote to an article like this?????

Congratulations ton the pregnancy.