Baby Girl on the Way for Robert Downey Jr.

07/09/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Robert Downey Jr. Expecting DaughterStefanie Keenan/Getty

Third time’s the charm for Robert Downey Jr.

He and wife Susan are expecting a daughter this fall, he announced via Twitter on Wednesday.

“Yo. Susan. Me. Baby. Girl. November. Scorpio?” the actor, 49, wrote. PEOPLE confirms the happy news.

The Avengers star and his producer wife, 40, are already parents to son Exton Elias, 2½. Downey is also dad to 20-year-old son Indio (who was arrested for cocaine possession last week) from his previous marriage.

The Tweet is a departure from Downey’s last pregnancy reveal, when he accidentally blurted out Exton’s sex during an appearance on The Tonight Showlater joking, “I think actually it’s been tougher on me. Just the hormones and the moods and stuff and the nausea, and the whole thing.”

Though he plays Iron Man on screen, Downey told Esquire in 2012 that he doesn’t want to seem superhuman to his kids.

“Do I want to be a hero to my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough. … Hero to me is not applicable to the human experience.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Raha Lewis

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Showing 37 comments

LC on

Aww! This will be adorable – congratulations to them!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to RDJ and Susan! Can’t wait to hear this baby’s name.

jckfmsincty on

He is to be congratulated for turning his life around and being a good husband and father.

Callie on

Maybe he won’t screw this one up! He should really work on being a better father to the kids he has.

Anonymous on

so great that he is having a meaningful life after his tortured youth. good for him for turning it all around.

Seriously? on

Hey Callie. You’re a moron. RDJ has been helping his son deal with his addiction for a LONG time now. They managed to keep it private until Indio’s recent arrest when the addiction became public knowledge. You’re pathetic for making an assumption on something you clearly know NOTHING about.

Congratulations to Robert and Susan! Unlike the moron Teresa, I’m thrilled RDJ has finally overcome his addictions and is alive, well and healthy. I have a hunch his little girl will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger!

ella on

Congratulations to both

Gail on

Have to mention the cocaine possession. How tacky, People. Kind of puts a damper on the baby news eh?

Sharon on

To Seriously, well said. Can’t believe people posting such nasty comments. It’s lovely they’re having a girl, and great to see him happy and healthy, he deserves it.

Sarah S. on

Yay, for Robert and Susan! Congrats and best wishes!! 🙂

myuntidydesk on

Glad he is going to have a daughter… she’ll have him wrapped around her little finger in no time. 🙂

Kat on

@Seriously? – Are you related to him? If not, then you cannot suggest you know more about him than Callie.

Jay on

Congrats to them! I am also a girl, born in November and a Scorpio. Good combo!!

Anna M on


kane on

Good for them, hoping for a healthy girl. I know he’s turn life around. Good for him, but take care of your oldest child that was arrest for drugs and get him help that he deserves. Don’t ignore him, be a dad to him too.

kellyrsmith15 on

LOVE THIS GUY!!!!! Congrats to them!!!

Anonymous on

One lucky lady !

Jay on


Jamey on

He’s cleaned himself up, but maybe needs to be worrying about the one in trouble rather than making new ones.

blessed1 on

Yeah people really don’t know the whole story. Indio has had a problem for a very long time and RDJ, DEBORAH AND THE WHOLE DOWNEY CAMP has managed to keep it all hush hush. RDJ has done a lot for Indio to try to get him on the right track. If you are a parent you will know there’s only so much you can do Indio is 20 years old. Lay off RDJ. Either congratulate him on this wonderful news or just keep your negative comments to yourself. You can’t imagine what everyone is going through now after trying to keep this a private family matter with Indio to know have this come to light.

Jennifer on

RDJ is a shining example of how people can turn themselves around and change. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. I especially hope that Indio can have the same courage that his dad did to get help and remain sober.

Angela on

So very happy for them on their new baby. Congratulations!

Tina on

Congratulations to them both.

charlotte on


Ana on

Indio is not from a “previous relationship”, it’s his son from his first or prior marriage. It’s not a bad thing to say. But “previous relationship” makes it sound like an unmarried baby momma/daddy situation, which it was not. *smh*

Ala Lemon on

Congratulations to them.

However, mentioning Indio’s arrest in this article was poor judgement.

Anonymous on

Congrats on a baby girl for DJ and Susan. It’s a shame people are getting down on his past addiction and the fact his oldest son has an addiction as well. Statistics say that children of addicts have a 50% more chance of addiction. He said that he and the family are helping Indio get treatment. So all you nay sayers back off of him.

Liz on

Congrats to them. Really did People need to add that info about his son’s arrest. Privacy, what’s that>

Cat on

Yeah for Scorpio girls and November.
I’m one too and I say we rock hard core 🙂 So impressed with RDJ for turning his life around and for being by all appearances a wonderful husband and father. He is a true talent and I’m glad we didn’t lose him.

Guest on

Congrats to RDJ and Susan!

Kimberly on

Congrats! it’s hard raising children period whether you are famous or not. I don’t in any way condemn Robert Downey Jr on his sons’ problems, the main thing is he is there for his son through all his trials and he has turned his life around too and he should be given much credit for that, we are all only human and nobody can judge, that’s what makes a good parent, none of us know when we have a child what what happen to them in the future…it’ a total leap of faith becoming a parent. I’m sure the ones making the mean comments just had a baby and don’t know how hard it is to raise children especially in this day and age.

tannerose5 on

What does his son’s drug problem have to do with this announcement? Considering the predisposition to alcohol and drug addiction, the son was old enough to know better. You can blame the parents all you want, but in the end, Indio is an adult.
If RDJ and his wife are happy, then that’s all that is important.

yahoo on

That is exactly how you get over missing up the life of your first child, have more children with a different mother.

KL on

Yay thats so great!!!

curlyk on

I agree- Callie that wasn’t called for. His older son has a chemical imbalance just like his dad, and he has said that they have been trying to figure out his addictions for awhile. It clearly runs in his family, and they are doing the best they can. He is an adult after all, and as a parent you are limited as to what you can do. His youngest is a toddler, and RDJ has been sober for a very long time.

Anonymous on

Robert is a great actor, happy to see him having a new addition in the family!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to both