Happy Second Birthday, Penelope Disick!

07/08/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Penelope Scotland Disick turned 2 years old Tuesday, and her family is celebrating in typical Kardashian fashion: by posting adorable Instagrams.

The daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick (who will be a big sister soon enough) has been making cute cameos on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this season. But nothing can compare to the throwback pics her grandma and many aunts are sharing to mark her special day.

“Happy Birthday my little pushka! I love u so much!!!!” Kim Kardashian captioned the snapshot below of little P looking sassy as ever in a chambray shirt, pink sunnies and matching pacifier.

Jenni JWoww Farley Welcomes DaughterCourtesy Kim Kardashian; Inset: FilmMagic

Kris Jenner posted a screenshot of her wide-eyed Penelope on their reality show, writing, “Happy Birthday to my beautiful little angel princess Grandaughter Penelope!!!!! You are our little ray of sunshine and brighten every day….I love you sooooo much!!!! #blessed #lovebunny #family #birthdaygirl.”

Khloé Kardashian kept her message simple. “Birthday princess,” she captioned her submission, which shows auntie and niece snuggling and making kissy faces.

But Kendall Jenner may have won the award for cuteness overkill with her Instagram, a candid shot of Penelope messily eating rice that showcases her already enviable lashes.

— Michele Corriston

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Showing 39 comments

D on

Awwww God bless Penelope!!!!

Heather on

She is so CUTE!!

Ala Lemon on

So Kardashian kids get Happy Birthday articles and other celebrities’ children don’t? Why?

shannon on

Those eyelashes are so long! She is a gorgeous child. Happy birthday!

Kristen on

Cute girl! Hopeful she grows up normal. I think Kortney is a good parent… Scott .uhm… still a child himself.

bkable on

OMG adorable

Heather on

Holy Eyelashes!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Kourtney and Scott make pretty babies! Happy 2nd Penelope!

Jo on

Why is a two year old still using a pacifier ? I know of no normal kid that wanted one past the age of one if even that long. Her brother still had one when he was like 3.

guest on

Happy birthday Penelope, but really, #lovebunny?

Jacque on

She’s adorable and looks a lot like her brother.

Barb on

What a sweet baby! Happy Birthday Penelope! 🙂

guest on

how long will they sleep with their mother? until their teens? just wrong

Anonymous on

well, how adorable! So is Mason! And I know many, many children who keep pacifiers long past this stage. My own niece who grew up to be a beautiful and smart woman carried a teeny piece of her blanky with her and sucked her thumb at night way longer than you would think. She still has perfect teeth without having to wear braces, and a lovely personality.

kathy from fla on

Adorable-looks like her father! Hope she doesn’t inherit his personality! He is an egotistical mess!

Judy on

Why is this little girl still using a pacifier?

Ally on

She’s so darling. And Kortney seems to be a great mom. I hope this little girl stays shielded from the kreepy Kris machine.

SA on

Lots of kids use pacifiers past 2. My 2.5-year-old still uses one for nighttime sleep and naps, and his pediatrician says he doesn’t tend to put the pressure on parents until age 3. If you’re looking for reasons to question Kardashian-Disick parenting, there is FAR more low-hanging fruit than that.

Franco on

She’s got hairy lashes just like her auntie Kimmy and baby North!

Tiffany on

Why does a toddler have a paci? Get rid of it already.

suckers on

pacifiers are fine. my ex husband sucks his thumb, he is 63 yrs. old!!

Mamagirl31 on

She is definitely cute but why does she have a pacifier at her age??? Of course it isn’t my business an to each their own but it looks odd.

nikki on

awwww she has such BIG eyes…shouldnt have a pacify at her age, but kourt wants the kids as babies forever, thats why they sleep with her, she needs to be self assured they need her

Charli on

She’s a doll!

Captain Obvious on

Ditch the friggin plug. And for all of you saying it’s okay because your kids do it…..they look just as dumb with a rubber nipple stuffed in their mouth too.

stacey on

Why does she still have a pacifier…because she is a baby. A 2 year old is still a baby. All good mothers know that. And I think it is great that Kourtney sleeps with her kids. She seems like a great mommy.
Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl!!

Anonymous on

Awww cute Penelope. Happy Birthday!

Gh on

Can these people spare a couple bucks and get these kids a haircut?

Ann on

She looks like her Dad……to cute and look at those eyelashes….wow!!! Hope she has just a normal two year old birthday party…..

Curlyemma on

she can stand on her own, whata know.
get the kids haircuts

Denise on

What a gorgeous, precious baby girl. Her eyelashes are exquisite!

nigie on

Let the holy pacifier alone! My daughter kept it until 3 and 1/2 yrs old, and she loved it. She is almost 7, very smart, and has perfect milky teeth. Penelope is not a gorgeous child, let’s say it, but she doesn’t have to be, she is gorgeous to her parents, as every child.

Katie on

Sweet girl. but I have to admit when I saw the name is thought it said Dipstick. Guess it’s better than being called Trashian but she is def precious. These poor innocent babes being born into that disaster of a family.

Erin on

Suckers said: “pacifiers are fine. my ex husband sucks his thumb, he is 63 yrs. old!!” What?? Must be why he’s an ex. And she doesn’t see anything wrong with that or a paciy?.

Jay on

Kourtney lets her kids use the binky way too long. I swear Mason had that thing in his mouth until he was 4!!

sky on

looks like she inherited her sense of style from her mother.

Amzngds on

Of course they are doing a story on P disick stories are slow this summer. They are printing anything.

guest on

Is this what People has come down to? Wishing Kardashian spawns birthdays? Pathetic.

Bee on

Much, much too old for a pacifier. They could have at least snagged it out of her mouth for the photo!