Megan Fox: Why I ‘Carry a Lot of Guilt’ as a Mom

07/06/2014 at 09:30 AM ET

Megan Fox Parents magazine Giulio Marcocchi/Startraks

Megan Fox thought having one baby blew her mind — and then she welcomed her second son.

Now, the mom of two under twoBodhi Ransom, 4 months, and Noah Shannon, 21 months — is trying to balance raising both boys. Despite her best efforts, the hands-on mom can’t help but feel torn in two directions.

“As a mom it’s hard because I don’t feel like I’m ever giving either one of them 100 percent of my attention or 100 percent of myself, so I carry a lot of guilt,” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star tells Parents magazine.

“Do they each understand how special they are and how much I love them? And are they understanding that they’re unique? It’s hard to make each one feel like an individual when you have to raise them together and manage them together all of the time.”

The actress has decided to steer both of her sons clear of cartoons and, instead of turning to television, tries to “incorporate Noah into the process” of caring for his baby brother.

“It’s total chaos, obviously. Before you have kids you really do not understand how much work it is and how consuming it is,” Fox says. “It’s really hard to manage because I also don’t let them watch TV. It’s not like I’m going to sit Noah in front of the television so I can take care of Bodhi.”

Despite her ban on technology — her goal is “no computers, no cell phones until at least 8th grade” — Fox isn’t against letting them enjoy family-friendly flicks. “Movies are so nostalgic and they can remind us of these amazing times in our childhood,” she explains.

Double duty parenthood has its challenges, but Fox is hopeful her hard work will pay off and that the boys will share a strong bond.

“I’m excited for the future, to see them be brothers and be best friends and I know that there’s gonna be lots of fighting, but there’s also gonna be lots of hugs and kisses,” she says.

As for her own future? Fox is happy to lighten her work load for the sake of her family. “I have to make one movie a year because I have to invest in their future and I have to be able to pay their way through college and be able to provide for them,” she explains. “It’s all about trying to spend as little time away from my kids as possible.”

— Anya Leon

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Showing 108 comments

Dee on

Interesting. I have never once seen a picture of her carrying her children. It’s always her husband doing the holding.
She just strikes me as cold.

Melissa B on

She sounds like a good Mom and like she’s grown up a lot. The computer thing will be hard as they use them in school. But I get her point as in not at home.

More parents should have mind sets like that. I go to restaurants and see entire families sitting at tables but engrossed in their phones.

Gwen on

No computers until 8th grade? My 7 year old is going into second grade and will be in “Computer Technology III” class. They started teaching the kids computer skills in Pre-K and by the end of second grade, we have our first standardized state tests which are all on computer. Heck, even in 4-H they are required to do all official paperwork online via the computer.

Having kids not use a computer until the year before high school doesn’t seem all that realistic to me.

Heck, I graduated school in 1999 and even in our rural school that had no internet access, we were required to type reports for our teachers (nothing handwritten for major reports at all) with regularity in 5th grade and exclusively by 6th. And that was the early 90’s. I think my son starts having to required typed papers this year.

Anonymous on

I have two very young children, and it is hard. But you gotta relax a bit – children are tougher than you think, and they don’t need 100% of you all the time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, from your partner, family and friends! Moms are too tough on themselves!

Summer on

No computers until 8th grade? Good luck with that. My daughter’s school had them using web-based homework assignments, activities, and study guides in 1st grade. Although I understand her concern about not giving 100% of herself to either boy, that’s actually a good thing. It will teach her boys that they’re not the center of the universe, that they don’t always get 100% of the attention, and that they must be patient and share.

Anya on

No computers till 8th grade?!!! Now that’s realistic… :/

Amber on

I’m sure she and Brian are lovely people, but she comes off rather naive and idealistic about raising kids. She worries WAY TOO MUCH! My brother and I are 18 months apart and I never ONCE felt like less of a unique individual because my mother raised us simultaneously. Weird that’s what she’s worried about. Also, children are in fact given computers to learn on beginning in preschool. There are games and activities that help them learn, build hand-eye coordination, get them familiar with computers, etc. Like all things it’s about moderation. She’s pretty kookie. Brian must have to bring her back to Earth frequently.

Anonymous on

It’s impossible to have no computers until 8th grade.

Dawn on

I get what she’s saying. I’m sure she won’t keep her kiddos from using a computer for education when they’re age appropriate, but at 22 months (and 4 months) no sense using tv and computers as the entertainment. Good for her!
Why do women get on here to rip other women apart? If you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say, go spend some time with your kids.

Anonymous on

Why wouldn’t you WANT your children to know a computer until 8th grade? Video games, I can see, but computers? They are part of everyday existence and EVERY job. That would set them waaaaay back!

Bernadette on

I am disgusted with articles like this. How dare you print a ridiculous piece that makes this woman seem like she is unique to having to raise more than one child. The entire world deals with it and all the children deal with it. What makes her or her children more special than the rest of us. Your magazine is really running out of ideas.

Janice on

No computers until 8th grade? Way to put your children at a serious disadvantage in this digital age where computers rule education, the workforce, life…

Anonymous on

All of you are taking this computer thing way too seriously. She probably means that she doesn’t want them sitting on their computers playing games and such instead of interacting with the world around them. That’s a good thing! Read studies about screen time for kids, especially young kids.

Eve on

Sadly, I think a bit of guilt and being a Mom are synonymous.

jaja on

I think she means not giving them their OWN cell phones and computers, guys.

Ashleigh on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. I think some of you are just nit picking to try and find something mean to say (I.e., the computer or nannies comments). Instead of knocking a person down you should try to find a positive point. It is just another form of bullying. You do not know what she is like at home nor in person. Rather have formed an opinion based on stuff you have read or seen. I commend her for trying to be involved in her children’s life. Being a mother is a thankless job.

garry on

all of you saying she has nannies, are you sure?seems to me she takes her kids upbringing very seriously. you see pics of the family and bam you think thats it. if you could look in there house maybe she is telling the least shes not in the media everyday flaunting her life and kids.not selling there pics for cash and certainly not letting the public pounce on them for being stars kids. quite and living her style. love it

Chance on

Do you have any idea how far behind your children will be if you don’t let them use computers until the 8th grade? The use them in preschool. Standardized tests are switching to computer format next year. They are replacing cursive with keyboarding. Keeping a child from a computer these days is like keeping them from the alphabet, you will have to be held back if you don’t use a computer until the 8th grade.

Alice on

She’s talking about games, you guys, not excel spreadsheets. Also, being a celebrity doesn’t make u wanna be less of a mom. I’m sure they will only use nannies as sparingly as we would.

Anonymous on

Where is her husband everything is me me me really no computers till 8th grade I’d like to see how that works

Guest on

I work in preschool & we don’t necessarily introduce computers to our kids. Sure there are games that teach different learning skills, but so does me doing my job & teaching it to them myself. My aunt also requested that my cousin be given actual paper homework & his teacher questioned her like she had a third eye because all the work is done on iPads (money that could be better spent elsewhere in my opinion). Some parents rely too much on technology & I’m guessing that’s what she means- 1st graders don’t need an iPod, multiple game systems, & tablets before they learn how to tie their shoes.

Diana on

She’s unrealistic. Plain and simple. Also, I find it hypocritical to keep their children away from the entertainment media (TV and movies) when that is what gave them their fame and money.

Melisa on

I love what everyone got from this article was “no computers till 8th grade”. Her kids, her choice. Idiots.

And @Courtney, judging you inability to use punctuation, computers may have not given you the leg up on the first grade competition that you think it did. .

Anonymous on

Megan sounds very grown up and mature. I’m not sure why all the negative comments because parenting is difficult even for celebrities with money. While her t.v./computer goals might not play out as planned, at least she has them. Sounds like she has all the same worries and concerns as all moms and is planning for their future. Good for her.

emma on

Good luck with the whole “no computer thing” – trust me, these kids are going to need to learn since technology is very strong in our lives and has a strong presence in classrooms.

carol on

Megan,grow up

Angie on

Bernadette, calm down. They’re not attempting to make her sound unique or like she is better than anyone in the slightest. They’re making her sound relatable because it’s something that most moms go through. Just because it’s a celebrity talking about it doesn’t mean that she, or the writer of the article, is the only woman in the world that feels that way or goes through things in life. It’s just a way for them all to reach out and say that celebrities are just like the rest of us. There is no reason to get defensive.

As far as the ban on computers goes, I understand what she is saying. I’m sure that for school work there will be an exception but what she is trying to do makes sense. She doesn’t want her boys wasting their life away on social networking sites, or doing all of their research on Google. She wants them to do it the old-fashioned way, at a Library, where you actually to have to work to learn and therefore, absorb more of the material.

cori on

She should be blessed she was able to have two healthy children. After I read this article, it made it sound like it was a burden and how we should all feel bad for how exhausting it is. Boo hoo. She has no idea.

Joy on

I get some of what she is saying. I have also seen families out to dinner who don’t even interact due to their phones. However, I’m seeing more and more people wanting to ban or reduce computer use. The problem is you are going to put your children at a disadvantage. Technology is everything now. Maybe she’s assuming her kids will also be in showbiz. But what if they aren’t? They will go to school and get left in the dust

Pattimelt on

Hopefully she can explain to them why she looks plastic.

TJ on

Did she really expect to evenly divide her time with her kids? I’m sure they have a nanny anyway and rarely do you see pics of her holding her children. Besides, that’s what happens when you have more than one child. You have to learn to manage your time with them and just do the best you can. If you’re feeling guilty…you’re doing something wrong.

Lala on

The phone thing, I completely understand. The computer thing, not so much. There are awesome apps and games for early learning and preschoolers. Kids are introduced to computers as soon as they go to school. I also think she’s contradicting herself with no tv, but movies are acceptable? What’s the difference? As moms, we always feel guilty about something, especially when you have more than one child at home. But really, kids do not need your attention 24/7. They need to learn to play by themselves, and entertain themselves, or she’s going to be in a world of hurt when they’re older — and she can’t do anything, because they expect all her attention. I do think she’s spot on, having her older son interact and help with the younger one though.

Anon on

To all the people saying that she needs to grow up, it sounds to me as it she has. I think it’s an awesome thing not to give her kids a phone until eighth grade, but obviously she means no personal computers. If her kids need one for school, I don’t think she is going to not let them use one. And for everyone saying nasty things in general, would you ever actually say anyof this to her face? I’m sick of people using the internet to hide behind. Just because you don’t say something to someone’s face does not mean it isn’t bullying. Until you yourself have become the perfect human being, don’t pass judgement on what she believes is right.

KaaJaa on

Good for her – and I think it’s ok to have guilt sometimes as a parent. She seems normal to me. And yes I do let my son on a computer some – but everyone is allowed to raise their children how they see fit. If we were all raised exactly the same way, how boring life would be.

Martina on

Everyone has their own approach to parenting. She isn’t using her kids a photo prop, she isn’t feeding them some ridiculous diet, etc. Why is it such a problem that she doesn’t want the kids to sit in front of the computer all day?? If you don’t like her views, that’s fine. At least she cares. Ripping on her because she is idealistic or has different views then your own is just another form of bullying.

Alissa on

Oh my, so many comments about computers. To be fair, she has two children under two and these are her goals today. It is completely likely that she will have different goals for her boys as they grow and mature. I don’t think any parent has the goal that they want their kids consumed by video games, gadgets and tweets. We all want balanced children who know when and how much of anything is enough. That is all she is saying.

LadyInRed on

I think she means she’s not going to let technology raise her kids! Also with having kids so close in age obviously the younger child being an infant will require more attention and she doesn’t want much to change for her oldest, she means we’ll.. my goodness mom’s should empower one another not rip every word to shreds. We all parent differently but the goal is still the same, to raise the kids with lots of love, stability and knowledge

Trinori on

She’s got a nice work/life balance going on

Guest on

You guys are taking her comments literally. She may have meant it literally, but she could have also meant them “tongue in cheek”. How many times have you heard parents say that their child won’t date until they are 30 or 35? They don’t literally mean it. She could also mean that she won’t let them have their own computer until then. One of the downsides of print is that you can’t read the speaker’s tone of voice or their body language.

jen on

This is the first time she hasn’t sounded like a complete idiot in an interview.

Mina on

Why does everyone feel the need to jump on her? I think you all looking for reasons to say negative stuff. I took it as not using computers as a social outlet. A lot of kids (and adults) are unable to express themselves because they text talk and can only think long enough to produce 140 characters. My kids have phones and play around within limits but do not have computers and TVs in their rooms and they are teenagers. Megan has a lot to learn and may change her views she hasn’t even been a parent for two years. Gotta cut her some slack.

Gigi on

Wow! Some of these comments are just plain ridiculous.
I think what Megan was referring is not allowing technology to raise her children. I don’t think Megan wants her boys spending every waking moment playing video games or watching excessive amount of time watching tv. There have been studies that children as young as two don’t know how to stack blocks because they are addicted to their iPads. Google it. I think as parents, we need to lift each other up and not tear each other down.

Janie on

You know, the no computer comment read like she won’t let them use until 8th grade- but I would bet she meant that she won’t buy them their own until 8th grade. Which, ya know, is normal when you don’t make millions.

It’s also pretty normal not to show tv to kids under two. In fact, it’s recommended. But probably easier to do with a nanny! (!I’ve never heard a celeb talk about their nanny, which I guess I get, but come on)

bb on

I love when celebs (who make their $$ off of movies, TV, and computers) say their children are not allowed to use these things. But they don’t care if we and our children ruin our brains watching them via technology to finance their lives 🙂

Theresa Ayotte on

I don’t think the 4 month old is thinking he’s not getting enough attention. I had 3 under 2 years old. We did just fine.

Kate on

To all of you who say it’s going to be hard for her to avoid having her kids using computers until 8th grade…it actually shouldn’t be, especially if she sends her kids to a Waldorf school. She probably will (or she should) based on her view of technology and incorporating her son into helping with his younger brother. Considering the business she is in, kudos to her for seeing that kids do not need to watch television. It’s better for their creative minds not to. Totally understand the special family flicks though–it should be special; not a way to distract your children.

Gh on

You people couldn’t be more ignorant and missing her point. I am sure she means her kids won’t be plopped in front of a t.v. or computer (meaning mind numbing games). Quit taking things so literally and being so judgemental. I am sure none of you are up for parent of the year.

Em13 on

That last part is interesting. It sounds like she still acts because she wants to provide for her family and not because she loves it.

exquisite425 on

Some of you are just commenting to jump on the bandwagon to say ‘ooh, she’s horrible, boooo, hisss hisss’ and whatever else. I actually commend her for being concerned about raising her children to know that they are EACH special and worth her time. How many times have we’ve read, heard or seen children say they wished their mothers spend more time with them or divided their time to each other? At least she’s AWARE that there needs to be a balance. As for the technology thing, I’m pretty certain she means she’s not going to let her children get so consumed in a computer, cell phone, iPod/iPad and any other form of technology to the point they don’t have the capacity to do other things (i.e. go out and play outside). That is a real issue in this country and I’m not saying ban them but if you can see a ‘family’ going to a restaurant and no form of communication happens between them or you all call and talk to one another instead of getting up and going to them inside your home? That is an issue. As for the issue of a nanny or no nanny, does it matter? She’s clearly the primary caregiver along with her husband.

exquisite425 on

Some of you are just commenting to jump on the bandwagon to say ‘ooh, she’s horrible, boooo, hisss hisss’ and whatever else. I actually commend her for being concerned about raising her children to know that they are EACH special and worth her time. How many times have we’ve read, heard or seen children say they wished their mothers spend more time with them or divided their time to each other? At least she’s AWARE that there needs to be a balance. As for the technology thing, I’m pretty certain she means she’s not going to let her children get so consumed in a computer, cell phone, iPod/iPad and any other form of technology to the point they don’t have the capacity to do other things (i.e. go out and play outside). That is a real issue in this country and I’m not saying ban them but if you can see a ‘family’ going to a restaurant and no form of communication happens between them or you all call and talk to one another instead of getting up and going to them inside your home? That is an issue. As for the issue of a nanny or no nanny, does it matter? She’s clearly the primary caregiver along with her husband.

Anonymous on

She sounds mature and sound, good for her!

katie on

She obviously sounds like she cares about her children a lot. But it also sounds like she may be a bit overwhelmed- with them being so close in age and the youngest still so young (may not be sleeping through night, on schedule etc). Hopefully she will relax a bit and realize that, while we all carry guilt, it will be all her children know and that a sibling is such a gift if your are able to have more than one child to raise. All we can do is our best and hope others support our parenting efforts.

Karen on

What a MORON! What do you expect when you have two kids 17 months apart? Now the older one is burdened with assisting a clueless mom raising his brother.
Yes, Meg, you’re right…you can’t give equal attention to two kids that small. DUH!

Next time – use BIRTH CONTROL!

GreenGirl on

I completely agree with her (not the computer thing… we all know there’s no way that will last for that long – not in this day and age). I have 4.5 year old and a 21 month old. I feel guilt a lot the time for the exact same reasons. And I also have to work. But why are women here are bashing her about why can’t she just get a nanny, and the computer comments, etc. At least she cares enough to try to do all she can without crutches like full time nannies or the TV. She’s a new mom who is trying to wear as many hats as she can for her boys and it CAN and IS both rewarding and draining when the babies are that young. Good for her for wanting to be all she can for them!

lilk on

Dont carry guilt. Just do your best. You love them and want the best for them and they will know that.
you have been with brian since 2004 when his son was 2 so you should have experience. yes this is diff being you have newborns but you shouldnt feel totally out of your element.
as far as ‘no comupters until 8th grade’ that wont happen. they will be using computers in grade K in school.

Olivia on

Yeah, that’s why planned parenthood exists. Don’t have a baby while your first is still a baby.

Anonymous on

No computers until 8th grade will be almost impossible to implement as a rule. Children need them for research in this day and age. Computers are a wonderful when used correctly in educating children.

Barb on

First off, if she’s having that many issues having 2 children so close together, she certainly can afford birth control! The guilt trip she says she’s on is going to stress her out & affect the entire family…NOT in a positive way. I think she’s a very shallow person. She DOES have a husband after all, she’s NOT in it alone like she makes it sound.

Pixy14 on

um…..i def use the TV to occupy my busy 2 year old so I can nurse my 9 month old…..otherwise I’d have him climbing on me and that just doesn’t work for anyone

sn on

Noah and Bodhi, two of the ugliest names I have ever heard. Just awful.

Rae on

Wow. Let the hating begin. Way too many people are jumping on her for what sounds like every other new Mom I know. We all start off with the best of intentions, which sounds like where she’s at now. Who didn’t say the weren’t going to plop their kid in front of a tv? I certainly did. And now that my daughter is 3 and when I’m scrambling to get showered and out the door, you know what I do so I can have ten minutes to myself? Turn on Nick Jr. Definitely not what I envisioned myself doing when she was first born, but just how life is. Cut the girl some slack … She’ll learn to pick and choose her battles and what kind of a parent she wants to be versus reality as her kids get older.

Saralee on

@Rachel. “She’s not letting them be children by keeping them away from normal things like family programming and cartoons. She should feel guilty!” Really? Is that what being children is? Brain development experts don’t think so. Being children is about interacting with the three-dimensional physical world. That’s how children develop healthy brains and bodies. “Normal things” like watching TV are not healthy for “normal development” even if extremely convenient for parents.

Tammy on

No computers until 8th grade? That’s impossible. My son was using one in 4K. Kids have to learn how to use computers early.

moi on

Ummm…what about the third child in this family, his with Vanessa Marcil?

Cepd on

All the negative comments on here are ridiculous. As women, we should try to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. No one knows if she has nannies or how she feels as a mom. Being a mom is the most difficult job on the planet, as well as the best. We should always support each other. And personally, I understand her guilt…having kids myself that are only 19 months apart.

Tracy on

Oh my Lord the comments on here are hysterical! She is stating how she wants to raise her boys not how YOU should raise your kids. She sounds very mature & wants what is best for her family. I bet if she wasn’t wealthy, a celebrity & beautiful most of you would have more positive things to post about her & her comments. Come on folks, get rid of your petty jealousy & get some self esteem.

krisalysha on

Why are people so offended she says no computers or tv? They watch movies, I’m sure they’ll go to movies, watch tv at their friend’s places, computers at school. Probably will not last as long as she thinks but great to try. My kids never have tv. Now they watch Netflix. Who cares? I waited until they were 11 to play video games and they were super outdoorsy, physically fit, imaginative, nature-loving kids. I restrict screen time immensely and they don’t suffer from it at all. Some of their friends at 12 years old are already basement dwelling video addicts. Do what you feel is best as a parent and what espouses your values. Her intention is not harmful in any way. I didn’t get my first home computer until 12 years ago (28) and now I’m basically the IT go to at work. Easy to learn and the kids won’t suffer. You can always get a lap-top for keyboarding and educational games only, with no internet as well.

Michelle on

Most of you on here are 1) Jealous because she is physically blessed, and 2) Being hateful. She is a new mom, a young mom, and it is clear she wants the best for her babies. SO WHAT if she doesn’t want them addicted to TV and computers? Remember, people didn’t always have those things. I regret letting my kids watch TV so much. You all just want to nit pick and be hateful because she is a beautiful celebrity. But we are all the same in the end, just mothers trying our best, making mistakes, and learning. Glad I don’t know so many hateful people in real life.

Anonymous on

She is a young mom with little kids. She will figure out that kids use computers in school from day 1. Things will change as the kids get older and she gets more experience.

anna on

All you have to do is 1 movie per year and then have plenty of time with your sons. That’s a cake walk compared to having to work 40 hours a week, all year long like myself and many others so I don’t feel bad.

Paige on

I’m thinking that when she says “no cell phones or computers until 8th grade” she means no PERSONAL computers. Kids DON’T need their own computers to know how to use one. I’m almost certain that she has a computer in her home. And I’m sure as her boys get older she’ll let them play an educational game or two. But the point is that young kids don’t need their OWN of everything. A family computer will do just fine for learning how to use one and for school work.

And of course she’s going to worry too much about whether or not her boys are getting enough of her attention. That’s something that most parents worry about at one point or another. It’s never until after the fact that you can look back and say “I was way too worried. I did a fine job as a mom.”

And assuming that she has nannies taking care of the kids 24/7 just because she’s a known actress in Hollywood is extremely rude and judgmental; especially when you take it as far as saying that she doesn’t know what it’s like to be a mom “because she probably has a nanny.” Sure she might have a nanny that helps out when filming (or doing events related to filming). If a middle class mom working a “normal” job puts her kids in daycare, has she stopped being a mom? I mean she is letting someone else take care of them for ~8 hours a day. So she can’t possibly know what it’s like to be a mother, right?
Nannies aren’t always live-in. They aren’t always there 24/7. Most of them are just “full-time” babysitters.

As for the whole “she never holds them” thing: photos don’t always give the whole story.
And it’s a very two sided coin. On one hand you have a photo of a dad holding his kid. Just the dad and kid in the photo. Everyone applauds him for being a fantastic dad who is so involved in his child’s life. On the other hand you have the same photo, but the crop has been taken away so now you see that the mother is there too. And she’s NOT holding her kid. Because the dad is. There’s a series of 10 photos like this. All taken within 2 minutes of each other. What happens? People look at all 10 photos, understand that they were taken within seconds of each other and are fine. But the next time they see a similar set they EXPLODE. “Why is he always carrying them?” “Why doesn’t she ever help out?” “Wow you can tell who is more involved.” “OMG those poor kids must not know what it’s like to be held by their mom.”

JUST STOP JUDGING PEOPLE FOR TRYING TO DO WHAT THEY THINK IS BEST FOR THEIR KIDS. (unless it’s like abusing them or denying them life saving medical care [that they can afford])

Alayna on

She seems like a good mom…

dd on

if she had a 40hr a week job, it would be harder on her

Truthfinder on

It’s so nice to be able to make ONE movie a year and support your family in a very, very nice life style. Nothing wrong with making a lot of money, but don’t complain too, too hard on the guilt of not spending enough time with them…maybe 2-3 months out of the year and you can have nannies and others care for them while you are on set…I’m sure they are right there with you if you are on location.

Erin on

Wait she is cutting down to 1 movie a year?? How will we ever survive. Since when has she even done more than that a year? She has hardly been in anything since Transformers. Good try though Megan. You would be lucky to get more than one movie a year:)

Renee on

Oh, I’m really glad she clarified and told everyone the reason she only makes one movie a year was for her babies. Here I thought it might be for other reasons, like lack of talent. Phewww, I am so glad she cleared that up

A on

I get you Megan and I feel the same way. To all you haters who can’t respect others peoples views on how to raise their child the best way they see fit I feel sorry for you. Maybe you need to take a time out and breathe. Yes I know as a Mom you only get one minute to yourself so use it get yourself together and breathe.

Lorrie on

I’m sorry, she is absolutely beautifulBUT, dumb as a box of rocks. She sounds like a moron that can’t handle being a Mom. Should have used something if you can’t handle it. I bet she has TWO Nannies, publicity hungry.

Ala Lemon on

I’m not sure how long she’ll be able to keep them off computers, but I don’t see keeping them off TV for now as a bad thing. To me, a 21-month-old has no business being seated in front of a TV

Alex Richter on

For comments on this, I quote Altaïr’s words:
“Be with your family, and live well.” True, that’s all she will need.
Take care of your family, Fox. He’s watching. Don’t fail him.

Alicia R Petty on

Her goal of no computers until 8th grade seems naive. Even if she home schools, the internet will most likely play some role in the kids school work and home work.

Lauren Adilev on

OK………this woman makes more money in one minute than most people in a lifetime. About 3 billion women are just hoping each day their kids won’t die because they don’t have $3 for a mosquito net. I also don’t let my kids play video games, and we don’t own a TV, but we watch animal videos together-it’s good for somelaughs. Also, get off your but, take your kids now to the library, later to museums-will really enrich their education. And, get your head out of your tuchus!

KW on

“Do they each understand how special they are and how much I love them? And are they understanding that they’re unique?”….does she understand they don’t give a rats @ss at this age about “100%” and will grow up to be spoiled drug addicts?

Cheekylady on

Good outlook & attitude. Kids are hard. I’m in the same (minus celebrity) boat as her & i’m guily all of the time about different things. We do our best & pray for happy, successful adults one day!!

Blech on

I’m impressed. She sounds very grounded and has her priorities in order. I had my first two boys 20 months apart, so I can appreciate her challenges, but it’s so worth it in the end. Good for her!!

GR on

Clearly, she is very educated…. What an idiot. She is completely clueless by making the statement of no technology before 8th grade. that would be such a disservice to her children. Why so negative about TV? Some programs are educational. It’s all about moderation…

Guest on

I let my kids watch Baby Einstein from the time they were 3 months old. Not nonstop, but for a half hour here and there – they loved it! And they watched a couple other shows when they were a bit older… Wonder Pets and Backyardigans, things like that. My nine year old just read The Hobbit last year, so clearly it didn’t stunt her intellectual growth. 🙂

Lynette on

i’m glad I didn’t have paparazzi when my kids were young. There would be no pictures of me carrying my kids! Not because I wasn’t hands on. But as soon as we got out of the car, my husband always grabbed the babies and insisted on carrying them. He loved getting all the attention and the “look at the cute baby” comments. I was always stuck in the background carrying the diaper bag. When we got home, they were all mine again. 🙂 Pictures don’t tell the story!

Tanja on

I have to laugh about the negative comments that are thrown at Megan.All the jealousy,the judgemental posts….seems like all the people on here who are parents themselves and complain about Megan’s pov seem to have been born to be “parents of the year.” Everyone seems to know it better. Let Megan raise her kids HER way not yours. And to those who claim that Megan had tons of Nannies raising her kids.You don’t even know that. People are way too judgemental and narrow-minded and seem to paint every celebrity with alot of money with the same brush. When it bothers you so much that she COULD afford several nannies and you don’t: Well…your bad. Then you should’ve chosen a different profession which offers more money. The pathetic comments of some people here are laughable. If you have nothing decent or good about Megan to say then don’t say anything at all.

She is immaturea? Some of you fit into that picture more than she does when I read the comments.

Her sons names are “ugly” How can a name be ugly?Plus…why do people care about the names of children that aren’t even theirs?

She is a bad mom because she “sure has nannies?” Yeah because other moms who are NOT celebrities never need any right? Lol…

Sorry some of you are pathetic. Pretending like they know it better,going balistic because she has more money than we have,calling her stupid without knowing her. Calling her naive just because she doesn’t raise her kids like you raise yours…

I really need to ask myself if some of you are older than twelve or just got stuck there. It’s not Megan who is immature. The comments of some people here are!Get a life and don’t critizise her parenting style unless you have something useful to say.

Lea on

I hope it works out for her, but the internet thing will be needed long before 8th grade. My kids watch tv and play video games, but its cold here fir long periods of time and rains alot, but to each their own! She sounds like a good mom.

Qwerty on

Ya’ll are being ridiculous. She doesn’t mean that she is going to shelter her children from what a computer is. I’m sure she is well aware of how necessary technology is in our world today. She means thatshe is not going to allow computers, tv and phones to be the babysitter. I love tht!! My aunt and uncle are wealthy and have given their 4 and 6 year old an iPad and kindle.. Those kids have no social skills because technology is raising them. Good job, Megan!

CJ on

Welcome to the plight of every parent with more than 1 child. My advice after raising children and grandchildren, take a deep breath and relax! Stop worrying too much. The more you worry the more you cannot give adequate attention to your children! It’s an endless battle and a unrealistic objective to be able to give any child whether an only child or not, all your attention. That’s not the end objective really, the main objective is to just give your all in any moment, that’ the best any child could hope for from any parent! Guilt is nothing more than a waisted bit of energy you could better channel into love and devotion to your child! Chill out and just enjoy them while they are young, it only lasts for a short period of time!

Merin on

“Do they each understand how special they are and how much I love them? And are they understanding that they’re unique? It’s hard to make each one feel like an individual when you have to raise them together and manage them together all of the time.”

My mother had 5 children. Her mother had 11. Everyone felt loved and just as unique as the next person. Let’s not over think this stuff people, or we’ll end up with children who believe the world revolves around them.

Kelly on

I see nothing wrong with refusing to expose your kids to technology at an early year. I don’t plan on doing that so they can “get a leg up” in the world. It changes your brain and not in good way IMO. But one thing that bothers me is the amount of self deprecation parents do about themselves. There’s always talk of parent guilt, how bad they think they are at being a parent, how difficult it is. Is it just me or does it sound so self serving and annoying. It’s okay parents to think you’re doing a good job. There’s nothing honorable about constantly complaining even if it is to seem humble.

bkable on

I agree with posters saying that keeping kids off computers is unrealistic. However, I have a BIG problem with her saying: “I have to make one movie a year because I have to invest in their future […]”
Don’t act like making a movie is the worst job in the world. The rest of us working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and don’t make a million dollars a year. I don’t think it’s a hardship to leave your kids for 6 weeks to make a pretty penny and then go home. She sounds a little out of touch with reality.
I’d also argue that working, even 6 weeks out of a year, is good for your kids. It will teach them to be independent. Nothing wrong with stay-at-home moms but Megan Fox doesn’t exactly strike me as Holly Homemaker

KL on

She always looks like a bee-otch in picures, you are a beautiful girl… SMILE!!!!! such a shame..

JPR on

You’re not doing it right if you don’t feel at least a bit of guilt. Rest assured – otherwise you are a sociopath.

Anonymous on

At least it’s easier for her than most people since she doesn’t have a regular job, making one movie a year leaves her plenty free time.

Alessandra on

I find her efforts to keep the babies from watching TV noble, and the rest just new mom babble. She means well. That’s what matters.

Also, am I the only one who caught poster “courtney’s” racist comment? Ugh.

goots on

My God first time parents are the worst.They all think they have the secret to raising a better child.Trust me honey in 10 yrs you could care less what they watch or if they are eating there own poop.Children and adults in the end will do what they want no matter what.All you can do is pray they are alright after all of it

sam on

Get over it stay home

Angie on

Interesting interview, hope she knows its impossible to have no computers until 8th grade nowadays.

Diane G. on

It’s good she had a plan that has the best interests of her children in mind. However, she will find as they get older, technology can be a big help. There are wonderful teaching apps and the sooner a child feels comfortable with a computer the better. Schools will be using them all the time as books will become obsolete. As it is now, they are taking tests on tablets…even the little ones!

Anonymous on

She has a good attitude and seems a mature person, her kids will be raised fine!

Ann on

Great actress, love her.

Guest on

Great article to learn about Megan.

BEbe on

When you have two children that close in age it is very important that the baby’s father helps too. It is always hard to adjust to a new baby in the house, but you always do. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant again before her second child turns 1!

BEbe on

One more thing, Nobody likes a complainer or enjoys listening to someone that is a rich famous celebrity talk about how hard it is for her. I think that is why there are all these snarky comments about this interview….we see a woman with perfect hair and perfect makeup that is married to an man that has money and it currently not working (so no responsibilities to take him/her away from home and family unless by choice)….and we are suppose to find her complaints as a way that to be able to relate to her? Not very likely.