Get All the Details on North West’s Fun N.Y.C. Playdate

07/03/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Fourth of July Family roundup
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Talk about a star-worthy playdate!

Last Friday, North West (left, pictured with mom Kim Kardashian) joined a slew of other trendy tots at Gymboree, an indoor children’s gym and playground, in New York City.

And instead of introducing the unmistakable offspring by her famous moniker, a nanny told everyone that her name was actually Samantha!

But that didn’t fool the celeb savvy parents in attendance.

“I just played ball with North West, Kim Kardashian’s #baby and the paparazzi didn’t even find us, wrote FabGabBlog, a fashion and mommy blogger, to caption an Instagram photo of her own adorable toddler.

“She wore a cream onesie and matching bib in case you were wondering. #nyc #baby #gymboree #friends.”

It looks like baby North really enjoyed her visit — an onlooker says she purchased a parachute on her way out! And surprisingly, the 1-year-old isn’t the only famous kid to visit Gymboree recently.

“I’ve also seen model Lily Aldridge with her baby before,” a source tells PEOPLE.

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Showing 38 comments

casmia on

Looks like the profile of Angelina Jolie…


Sorry but this is an ugly baby w trashy parents!!

Yep on

And who gives a crap about this kid going to Gymboree? Kim instead of showing your boobs why you don’t take care of your child?

celebbbb on

Poor baby. Her parents are NEVER with her. Why have kids if you’re only going to put your life and so called “career” ahead of them? #shameful.

Ashley on

I love them

Ashley on

If y’all didn’t care u bitches wouldn’t comment ur all fans

JJH on

Why did she have a child in the first place? Really just to pay someone else to make memories with her daughter? There are things in life you can’t buy like witnessing your child grow. I think she is far too self-seeking to care about anyone but herself. She said in another article that she treats Kanye like its his birthday everyday, why not give that same time and energy to your CHILD! She has become so pathetic.

Amy on

I didn’t read this article. I just wanted to tell People Magazine, enough is enough. PLEASE stop with the Kardashians already!

Katie on

I always loved kissing my kids on the side of their necks and then blowing to make them laugh. I don’t assume North is turning away from her. I really hope this child truly knows her parents and she is excited to see them and they really interact as a family when they are together, rather than spending a LONG 10 minutes of their day with her and then shuffle her off to the nearest nanny since they did their parenting for the day.

grace on

I also did not read the article – People used to be about interesting everyday people and celebrities. North is neither – and Kim is disgusting Why is People debasing itself??

Cynda on

IgNori, with her nanny, again.

casmia on

“Omg…I had like, so much fun.. playing with my baby! I…like…pretty much never see her.. so it was pretty, like, you know… AMAZE to see how big she’d gotten. Anyway, I had to leave early, because I have to post another selfie of my giant butt on Instagram so people don’t forget me”

Kristin on

Why not be straightforward with your title People? Should be something along the lines of North spotted sans parents in NYC. Sad the little North’s parents are too busy to join her.

jm22 on

The details are ALWAYS the same – Kim and Kayne gone and their baby is with a nanny. I’m sure K&K had much more important things to do like curing cancer or raising money for the homeless – NOT!

yenta on

Well we all know Kim wasn’t there, or the store would have been closed down right after the towel carrying stroller wheeled through it’s doors

Utopia on

I find it very suspicious about KK accidental pregnancy while she was married with what’s his face. To me it seems like she planned it alongside momager kris in order to gain sympathy as a lot of people where mad about her 72 day marriage. “Unplanned pregnancy” after finding out that you would have “trouble conceiving (despite never having long term relationship or inclination to children), turns into “high risk pregnancy” with a dramatic health scare and delivery it was bound to make her more sympathetic plus helps her get a divorce faster…

Hey on

Who Effing cares? She went on another nanny outing. Seen with it’s mother would be news.

Mary on

It seems like every photo of Kim and North, North seems to be trying to get away from Kim.

Tina on

Why does it have to be news when Kim K. takes her kid to a Gymboree? The media is to blame for fueling the Kardashian’s continual celebrity. No one is asking for them. Kendall and Kylie were on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. WHY?!!!!! Please stop, everyone. Please.

Moi on

The “Nanny” told everyone her name was Samantha…..what a surprise……

HappyAsALark on

she went with her nanny, naturally.

Gina on

To answer your questions JJH, in order to hook Kanye (or rather his millions), Kim had North who is an anchor baby. Sad, but true.

Hey on

You think she needs Kanye money? She needs constant attention from anyone.

NH on

She had to be photographed having fun? Well, I guess the
public needed proof.
And I guess Kim got a life like doll as a stand- in to hold so that
There was no drool or spitting – up accidents on Kim’s outfit.

Europa 19 on

It would have been a pap frenzy if Kim had taken her daughter to this place. You can see they tried to downplay it with an alias, etc. Stop making stupid comments about what you know nothing about. They’re just trying to make it easier for the baby not to have paps screaming at her.

merry on

I don’t usually complain under posts, because if I don’t care for the topic, I don’t read and waste my time. But can’t help in this case: why do they keep posting about her? What is she famous for? What kind of credit does she have to spread her ideas and opinions? I just don’t get it.

Seriously? on

You love a mother who abandons her baby at every opportunity, Ashley? Wow. You sure have LOW standards.

Anonymous on

Said that the kid went on a play date with the nanny and not mom.

Vila on

Ooh a very cute picture of Kim and North.

Donna on

I don’t care if Beyonce or Kim K show their children’s faces, back of the head, hands, feet, etc. etc. They are self absorbed rich idiots throwing bones to an even more idiotic bunch of celebrity worshipers. Their kids will probably be drug addicts or worse.
Sad but true.

Ann on

Whoever wrote that article was desperate for something to report……the Kardashians are no longer newsworthy so hopefully soon they will be GONE.

nikki on

why was the nanny there? isnt that suppose to be mommy time alone with her daughter?

Mark Eddie on

Why don’t you people get a frickin life. Not everyone gives a shit about this bastard child, its whore mother or the idiot sperm donor. Give us a break.

Yolanda Davis on

Kim loves Nori soo much.

Juli on

I can understand why Kim didn’t take Nori herself to the event. The press would be all over the place if word leaked out of her presence there, and it could potentially be harmful for the other mothers and children there. Unfortunately, the way Kim and her family court the press attention now prevents Kim from enjoying some mommy-and-me time with her daughter.

Emily on

You guys are brutal! My daughter sometimes does fun stuff without me, too. I guess I am also a horrible mother! No matter how much they are reported on, nobody truly knows how Kim is as a mother. I’m not even a fan and y’all are making me stand up for her!

Guest on

Funny to see North is turning away when Kim is kissing her lol.

TD on

Nice picture of Kim and North, it looks they enjoyed the time there