Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Get Matching Red Nails

07/03/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

First it was matching bathing suits — and now it’s matching nails!

On Wednesday, Beyoncé posted a pic of herself and daughter Blue Ivy showing off their new manicures in what we’ll assume is the pair’s favorite color.

“Me and my Blue, and my Blue Blue, riding,” the singer adorably captioned the photo.

Beyonce Instagram Blue Ivy Red Nails
Courtesy Beyoncé

Beyonce is currently on tour with husband Jay Z, but it looks like she’s gearing up for a relaxing holiday weekend with the family.

The pop star also shared photos of herself wading in the water with her cousin (and good pal!) Angie Beyince and her 2½-year-old little girl watching dolphins swim in the ocean.

Not a bad way to spend some downtime, that’s for sure. We’re definitely envious.

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Showing 54 comments

Callie on

Where was jaws that day? I can hear the music now, just wish he’d of showed up.

angie on

That kid is 2 1/2 and those are her hands? She’s going to be a giant!!

slawson on

Haters and jealous people will always have something negative and “nasty” to say. Then they wonder on a daily basis why their own lives are so empty, miserable, and negative. Misery loves company, unfortunately.

Seriously on

Teresa, would you really be happy if something tragic happened to her or her child? Grow up. Looks like she’s living her life… maybe you should give it a try.

tin on

You’re jealous Teresa- how sad for you.

Tina on

She’s 2 1/2 and her hands are that big? Those look like the hands of a 10 year old.

D on

Those can’t be the girl’s hands!! She’s still little….that’s not right……lol can’t be!!

Bella on

Poor kid….thats all I can say! Her parents are sickening.

halez on

Those cant be her hands. I have a baby six months older than Blue, and his hands are nowhere near that big. Whoever that child is, she’s at least five.

Europa 19 on

Whoa! Those are some big hands.

Kimber on

Holy moly, that child has some LARGE hands for 2 and a half!

No Way on

No way are those Blue’s hands. Those belong to a much older child. Does she think we are stupid!!

Me on

Are they sure those are Blue’s hands? Kind of big for a 2 year old.

anonymous on

Is there a point to this?

Classy! on

Thank you PEOPLE for the Beyonce articles! I love hearing about this beautiful, talented woman. I admire her work ethic and the way she carries herself. I also love to see her “normal” side like this. Makes me smile:-)

Jenb on

It could be her hands guys. My son is 4 but has hands of an 8 year old. His pedestrian says he is going to be a tall guy. Blue looks like she is going to be a tall girl.

Maggie on

those hands are bigger than my friend’s 8 year old daughter’s hands, no way those are the hands of a 2 1/2 year old and it seems like there are extra fingers/hands in that photo. And I am not jealous and do not want anything bad to happen to them but I would like them to just go away with Kimye and all of the Kartrashians.

Guest on

Maybe Beyonce’s hands are just really small…

Hea on

“Me and my Blue, and my Blue Blue, riding”

Riding? Blue Blue? For someone who doesn’t have English as a first language, what does that mean?

DJ on

no way are those the hands of a baby….People did you even look at the photo before posting this article and ASSUMING those are Blue’s hands????

Kat on

Personally I wouldn’t apply nail polish on a 2 1/2 yr olds’ hands being that thir hands are inside of their mouths a lot. How tacky?

DaisyMoon on

Those big a$$ hands belong to Solange…

ddcook2 on

Love you, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. Just make sure you maintain that superstar status. You are a superstar so keep them guessing.

lala on


Shar on

This woman appears soo boring off the stage. I mean she goes on vacation and stuff but she just appears dull.

Anonymous on

Where is her face??

Anonymous on

Another picture of Blue Ivy without a face.

Awwshucks on

I don’t believe those are Ivy’s hands. Ivy is dark brown and those hands are light and look more like a teenagers or adult.
Shame on Beyonce for trying to pass those off as Ivy’s.

patty on

Throwin’ up the illuminati sign…gettin’ an early start. Very sad.

Gigi on

It says a lot about a person that they can see a mother and her child and find only the most nasty and disgusting things about them. Meanwhile a man purposely leaves his two year in the car to DIE while he’s sexting other women. But yeah, let’s jump all over Beyonce and Blue – the REAL threats to our world. Get yourselves right people.

D on

Wow… Beyoncé looks white in that last pic. I know she was always light-skinned, but seriously?

Anonymous on

Not only are those hands WAY to big for a 2 year old, Blue Ivy is a few shades darker than her mom as well…..this is some other kid

Missy on

Kid has big hands though!

Carol on

Teresa, your an idiot beyond words. What a disgusting comment.

ray on

WOW……….Stop It Now You Haters…..Mrs. Carter and her daughter Princess Blue Ivy is living their lives the way it suppose to be lived.

Ala Lemon on

Those hands look like an older child’s hands to me…

Terry on

So another senseless article for her to get paid for? Getting richer for in accurate fluff like the Kar-trashians. Ugh!!!

Denise on

Those are NOT the hands of a toddler. Those are the hands of about a four or five-year-old child.

Rachel on

There is a picture right after that one on her Instagram of Blue watching dolphins… of her hands. The hands in the photo above and the chubby little toddler hands in the other photo are definitely not the same hands. No two year old has hands that big.

Ala Lemon on

I saw pictures of the whole family on another site yesterday. Blue was in her father’s arms and you could definitely tell she’s quite tall for a 2-year-old. Still hard to believe these could be her hands, but after all, why not if she’s a tall child

Ella on

This is NOT a 2,5 yo’s hand for sure!

Maria on

Those are not Blue’s hands! How is it that Beyonce keep getting away with tricking the public and not get busted on any of it.

ava on

After reviewing the photographic evidence, I believe they are Blue’s hands. She is a big girl, and photos can be a little distorted.

I have Beyoncé’s claw nails. That is a trend that must go away!

ava on

*hate* is what I meant. I hate her claw nails.

Janine Marie Max on

Is it me, or are there too many hands in the photo of Beyonce and Blue? Also, they appear pink, not red. Just sayin. Lovely, though.

Janine Marie Max on

Disregard my prior post. I now see just four hands. Oops!

Angie on

No way these are Blue’s hands, they’re too big for the 2 years old.

Vanessa on

This pic is about as real as B’s pregnancy.

Anonymous on

The picture with shark flying is marvelous!

Kestrel on

Wow! Either Blue’s hands are huge or Beyoncé’s are very petite. They look more like sisters with the size difference.

Anonymous on

I have twin granddaughters 6 years old and their hands are not that big. Who is this woman trying to fool with this nonsense. Beyonce you need to really get more interest than posting BS.

D on

Beyonce throwing up the Illuminati hand symbol……….not surprised!! She does it all the time!

Anonymous on

Those pink nail colors are pretty but don’t know if these are Blue’s hands since they looks very big.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous pictures!