Kim Kardashian: ‘I Love Being a Mom!’

07/02/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

It’s not the sleepless nights, constant feedings or even the diaper duty. So far, Kim Kardashian‘s biggest struggle with new motherhood has been returning to work after enjoying months of baby bliss with daughter North.

“I took a hiatus after I had the baby and found it challenging to start working again because I didn’t want to spend any time away, but you adjust and prioritize and just figure it out!” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tells Julia Restoin-Roitfeld for her blog, Romy & the Bunnies.

She adds, “I love being a mom! It’s the most rewarding feeling. I really love every phase! Just the way my daughter laughs with me, all of the small things in life you appreciate.”

Kim Kardashian Romy and the BunniesCourtesy Romy & the Bunnies/Regina Yzadi

And although balancing her professional and personal lives has been “an adjustment,” Kardashian — who just celebrated North’s first birthday with a Kidchella backyard bash — has finally discovered a trick to making it all work.

“You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family,” she says. “You have to remember though to make time for yourself. If you feel good, you will be happy in your career and family life and everyone is happy!”

So what does Kardashian love most about spending time with her baby girl?

“My absolute favorite thing is taking a nap with her,” she shares. “We cuddle and fall asleep holding each other. It’s my favorite time just snuggling with her.”

— Anya Leon

Kim Kardashian Romy and the BunniesCourtesy Romy & the Bunnies/Regina Yzadi

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Showing 175 comments

sharon on

She works ?!

Dokk88 on

That artist makes that baby look way better than she actually looks.

Halflyng on

“Keeping track of who has her kid” is all you really needed to put in this article.

jen on

Hum Kim’ hardest decision after North’s birth……what trashy outfit to wear today, then where to vacation next and who will watch North while she is gone.

Roze on

What a crock !!

Ann on

She loves taking naps with her baby…..geeezzz! when does that happen as it seems all she does is follow down behind her new hubbie……does North even have a home yet? Kardashians are full of themselves……YAWN!!!!

Georgia on

Please spare us Kim! We all saw the pics of you shipping your kid UPS cross country with an entourage and NO PARENT relative to be found! Poor North is always pulling away from you in every pic because she has no idea who your are.

Stace on

Her biggest struggle is actually taking care of her child.

dawn on

What’s her Job again?

Belinda on

Is this article a joke or fiction? She is waste of a human being.

Sal on

Funny, she is NEVER with the kid. Who does she thinks she’s fooling?

Maria on

What hiatus from work? All she ever does is go on vacation and leave the poor kid with someone else.

Anonymous on

Hey Lisa… May I post here?

Red on

Keeping her breasts in her blouse? Or figuring out who is watching her baby? Tough decision… 🙂

Judy Newman on

Keep your boobs in your top we have all seen your boobs what example are you setting for your daughter

Anonymous on

I was surprised that North was invited to the birthday party.

m on

she is never with her child…please make these irrelevant people go away.

mom of 3 on

Her statement that the best part of being a mom is napping with her daughter is laughable.

Seriously? on

She has nerve spewing this nonsense. She loves her daughter SO much, she abandoned her mere WEEKS after her birth to go on vacation. She won’t even fly on the same plane as the baby-on those rare occasions that she actually takes her along.

You’re a very scary magazine, People. You praised Casey Anthony repeatedly, you think admitted child/animal abuser Kate Gosselin is a God and now you have the nerve to gush over Kim Kardashian, the very person who is NEVER with her baby.

WTH happened to you, People? You went WAY downhill when Kate Coyne took over.

Katie on

I would have guessed being a mom. Thought the phrase: challenging to start working again because I didn’t want to spend any time away, was interesting considering how long she honeymooned. What an a ss

Erin on


Emerald on

At least if they’re napping together, neither one has to look at the other.

bitsy on

wait, what work?

Sherae on

Bahahaha! Is this a joke? 1.) She doesn’t do anything. 2.) Actually keeping track of which nanny has her kid this week is probably the hardest thing. She got knocked up by mistake and nearly ever move she makes proves it.

Emily on

Are these drawings supposed to look like someone in particular??

Maria on

What exactly is her job??!!!

Paul on

Paaaaaaaalease her biggest struggle is being a MOM!!! Accepting she even had a child! she does have sleepless nights ?! And if she does they’rent from North, just check her Instagram pictures! I’m so over this C You Next Tuesday kardashian!

Bernadette on

I could’ve sworn keeping her boobs covered is the biggest challenge she’s faced since becoming a mom.

heather on

Is this a joke?

Suez on

Comments from a mother with full time help. She obviously doesn’t get her hands dirty or lose any beauty sleep. Doesn’t really merit an article. Silly Kim!

Gina on


Guest on

First of all, neither picture looks like either of them – at all. Second, what exactly does she do and when exactly is she with her child?! This woman is absolutely ridiculous!!!

maryhelenc on

The hardest challenge for Kim has been to pretend to spend time with North. That, and coordinating her with the outfit she’s wearing today.

joanne1965 on

OMG – could this woman be any more full of cow excrement??? I am putting on my wading boots because the excrement is getting deeper and deeper…she is a sorry excuse for a mother and this was only said as damage control because she has proven lately to be absent from her child’s life -$10 says the child will have serious emotional issues later in life…smdh.

peggy on

Thats why she has how many nannies…six at last count get for real. She probably hasnt spent a whole mth total with that kid.

Carrie M on

Her toughest challenge……..trying to remember which nanny is looking after North at any given time!

EMiLY on

Her biggest struggle since becoming a Mother? How about ACTUALLY being a MOTHER instead of letting her Nannies aka Strangers raise her child while she shops, works out, and posts selfies, I mean works! -.-

jsp81355 on

Her biggest challenge was trying to squeeze her ridiculously huge butt into pants 5 sizes to small.

Vince on

I imagine she has a hard time spelling the word mom; that’s probably her biggest challenge.

Laurie on

I NEVER see this cow with her baby. Worst mom ever. People get over this loser

Anonymous on

Sleepless nights my arse! That girl has a night nurse.

cheryl on

What a crock!!!!!! She has a nanny do all of that. She’s been photographed constantly everywhere so it’s a crock when she says she “priortizes”. She is one shallow broad.

lynn on

Right below Kartrashian’s article is one about a Marine that lost his leg. Much more important that that woman. What has she contributed to society? How not to dress slutty?

NW Mama on

I guess they had to do drawings, because Kim and North have never looked that loving to each other ever in real life photos. Her biggest challenge has been how do I use my baby as a prop to further my career as a ?????? what work does this lady do anyways. Try being a mom with no help and living in a studio apt. and she how fun life can be. she is so out of reality it is ridiculous.

Tiro on

Those pics look nothing like Kim or the baby and Kim does not work.

kay on

Returning to work>????????!!!!!! What??? What does she do???????? Didn’t know she had a job!!!

Emerald on

It’s interesting what NW Mama said about these pictures. It made me realize, too, that Kim probably couldn’t schedule any time to be with North for actual pictures (too busy taking pictures of her own boobs and bottom).

Anonymous on

Ha, this woman is so funny…her comments today are golden! She is completely delusional…

Guest on

Kims biggest struggle is actually taking care of North….and being a true mommy

kimmy on

Ha, KK is each day funnier. Her comments are golden. Why hasn’t she been recruited for SNL?

lilkenn on

This is a joke. What Work? Love being a Mom? She is never with her, she is too busy shopping, taking trips and having lunch and dinner.

Ru on

The artist must be color blind

Tammy on

She took a hiatus after having her baby because she didn’t want to spend any time away from her. That’s fricken hilarious! Is Ms. Kartrashian trying to get into comedy?

Shell on

I think the biggest problem for Kim, is actually spending time with her child. She is too self-absorbed to actually care about someone other than herself.

Amanda on

Say what you want, if I had the money I would most certainly hire a night nanny! We all live within our means and those who have tighter finances always have an opinion about it, sheesh!
Oh, and this is coming from a Kardashian non-fan LOL

Candice on

Is the problem fitting her HUGE ass into pants because damn! sooo tired of hearing about these people!.. didn’t even read the article just left a comment. Know how we can keep them from becoming more famous STOP WATCHING THEM!!!

anonymous on

PEOPLE – please quit covering these people. This is such a crock.

Anonymous on

Who drew these photos of North? Why did they make her white, when she is bi-racial?

gymluv on

Even in the picture Kim is asleep and North is shaking her trying to wake her up.

Chicky dee on

Ok Kim have u seen the comments to this article? Nobody believes the words that are coming out of your mouth about motherhood. Because they don’t think u spend enough time with your little girl. You could be right as we don’t see you 24/7 so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Lacey on

Reading the comments was way better than reading the story.

work14 on

She loves spending time with her baby when she is sleeping?…are you kidding me? She has been absent from North’s life more than she has been present. The wonderful mother in that family is Kourteney. She always has her children with her, always. The fact that Kim put that baby on a plane without a family member brings her priorities into sharp focus…anything, but the baby. Stupid girl!

truth on

This is the funniest article I’ve ever read! She does not work and she does not spend any time with her kid!

Paula on

What is this work thing that she says she does? The only work she does is trying to put her too large of an ass and boobs into clothes that are too small for her. North is better off with the nannies! At least they know how to feed and change her and give her the attention she needs fthat she doesn’t get rom her too busy honeymooning and ranting parents

work14 on

the reason she took a hiatus was to try to fit her fat tush into some clothes. She didn’t want anyone to see how fat she got.

Sherron on

Biggest challenge? Keeping her BIG ASS at home with the baby!!

shidley on

We being serious? Kim’s biggest struggle? LOL..Kim’s biggest struggle is deciding which a azzz selfie to post next. This is the only woman on the planet with more photos of her duck face and lumpy backside than her child.

As for those “sleepless nights and diaper changes” did you guys hear about her pushing a stroller with a rolled up towel in it to make it look like she was spending time with her kid? No joke. Look it up.

Regina Pressley on

she works? just stay home with the baby so people will forget about you and we can rad about more interesting people, seriously!!

work14 on

What a horrible mother! Absent without a good reason. She puts EVERYTHING in front of North, EVERYTHING. That poor baby girl. I hope the members of that family love her because her parents have already tired of taking her out and trotting her around.

jyinnj on

What is this “work” she does?? Please tell me Kim how hard it is for you to balance work and home.

Peoplesux on

Ok People, you officially s uck. She has nannies, domestic help, doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, doesn’t work and you have her on here like she is mother of the year. H ell, she doesn’t even spend time with her daughter and on the rare occasion you do see her with her Mom, the child has no idea who she is. If you want to post something positive about a Mom, how a REAL Mom that does it all, not a pretend person being a pretend Mom.

Dawn on

Who was the artist sketching? This does NOT look like Kim or Nori? LOL

melissa on

lmfao!!!! Work?

itsallgood on

Returning to work! Where? You mean returning LOOKING N THE MIRROR seeing/thinking what can I do to make the social media news! Lol. She will NOT get my funds. Oh by the way. Was given your cologne & it was sprayed on wood. Made A NICE HOT FIRE!

Pam on

Her biggest struggle must be remembering she has a child

KFC on

Her biggest struggle has been BEING a mom. She treats the child more like an accessory. The “mommy-ing” is done by nannies as far as I can see.

Anonymous on

I agree she is never with baby North unless she is posing in a picture with her to put it online! Her first priority is and always will be her IMAGE. She is shallow.

KFC on

Her biggest challenge is BEING a mom. From what I see, she treats Nori more like an accessory. It’s the nannies who do the “mommy-ing.”

steve on

WHO CARES? Please STOP reporting on this family. They are media WHORES! Nobody wants to see Kim K’s body anymore. She’s old and used up!!!! Courtney is hot though!!! STOP WITH THE KARDASHIANS!!!!! OLD NEWS…

Anonymous on

This is insulting to mothers.

kat61 on

She would spend allot more time with her if she wasn’t always posting selfies, going to lunches, dinner, traveling all over the world…so her quality time with her is sleeping?…take my advice…you can increase precious time by 80% by just doing the above!

Anonymous on

I find this extremely insulting to mothers.

Rose on

Wait when did she take a break? Her comments are laughable! How can you take naps with your baby when your out shopping all day?

Anonymous on

“Loves being a mom” rarely see her w her child in public and when you do, (which is rare) she seems so completely detached from her… Kim acts like she is complete royalty… It’s quite ridiculous.. Just sayin’! I mean crazy she’s famous for a sex tape?! Probably the most vain person EVER!

KarTRASHianH8R on

Will these gypsies ever go away?

anna on

The artwork looks like Megan Fox. This article is ridiculously funny LOL

GP Stoll on

What a bunch of B.S!

Gina on

What work does she do? Appearances?

Amanda on

What a load of crap!

Idon'tthinkso on

Taking care of her child? Napping with her child? And when was that? The 15 minutes between changing planes? Give me a break.

Sharon on

That poor baby doesn’t even know who her “mommy” is. It makes me sick. She is NEVER with that beautiful baby, EVER.

jennbugged on

Wow that artist really made North look adorable!!! To bad thats not what she really looks like…anyway, Kim is clueless and like she said her favorite times are when she is napping! Yep, about sums it up, because when she is awake the nanny has her 24/7. Her life is so sad and I feel for her becuse she is all alone, I hope the nannies show her love and affection.

Hey on

Does she do all the cuddling via Skype or FaceTime?

PJB on

Um work??? What kind of work is she doing??? Having the paparazzi take her picture????

gerogirl on

It’s lovely she can make time to nap with her daughter …

Guest on

Her biggest struggle is the struggle with what she named her kid. That poor child has a double struggle; her parents and HER name.

Rachel on

PEOPLE you really are beginning to lose me with your constant coverage of this family that has become famous for absolutely NO REASON. You should be covering a REAL working mother, one that has real, valid struggles after having a child. You and Kim K. must think the world is filled with morons if you really want us to believe that she is actually participating in diaper changes and suffering through sleepless nights. This is part of the reason I have not purchased one of your magazines in months.

HatersR'Us on

I love all the opinions on here about a famous family who they all evidently love to keep relevant. I guess what they say is true, all publicity is good publicity even from so called haters. But I expect nothing less from the lovely

lovey on

Oh I know I know!: it’s ACTUALLY being a mom.

Am I correct People? Hahaaa

Jennifer on

I love how people who seem to hate this woman always click on the article that is about her just to bash the hell out of her. There are numerous articles on this site…read something else if you hate her so much. No, I am not a huge Kardashian family fan before someone jumps on that comment, but common sense tells me that if I have such a huge aversion to someone or something, I will avoid it.

tannerose5 on

Her biggest struggle would be finding a baby sitter. Almost every picture you see with Kim and North, you’ll see North looking for her babysitter. North does not have the slightest idea who her mother is.

Ashley on

That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen North look ;–) And yep, have to agree: she’s at her cutest in the drawings, from the pictures I’ve seen, ehhhhh, not so much…….

liwildcat on

I saw on E News, that Kim was flying with her BABY, first class no less, and I am quoting the bimbo momager, and Kim said that a woman started insulting her, on the plane, calling her racist names, such as black man lover, and the woman said OMG that baby is black, and she was just screaming at Kim. If anyone believes that, then I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. As a travel agent and frequent traveler, and a human being who knows how to read, I beg to differ KIMMIE…. Do yo know what would had happened on that flight???? The air marshalls, flight attendant and the passengers would have jumped all over thet ”woman” AND SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED UPON ARRIVAL AT NEAREST DESTINATION. So go tell your sad story, to someone who cares .Maybe she is so wrapped up in herself, that she doesn’t. realized that terrorism is here to stay, unfortunately, specially up on the air. Read, bitch, read, I don’t mean Page 6. Yes I am a glutton for punishment for watching E News ….And they are TAKING THE HAMPTONS?????? The Hamptons DO NOT WANT THEM. LONG ISLAND DON’T WANT THEM, THE WORLD DOES NOT WANT THEM. Her and her family. minus the baby., should get on a Malaysian airplane, and see where they can drop them off.

charlotte on

I would say her biggest struggle is keeping her private parts, private and unexposed, LOL! You never see her without something hanging out for all the world to see!

Anonymous on

She takes care of her own kid? Yeah..ooook

lisa on

I actually take offense to this article even being under “moms and babies”. This woman is NOT a mother and we all know it. All she does is get dressed up, show up somewhere so the media can take pictures, then goes home, take a million selfies, and photo shops them to post on Instagram. Does she even know her daughter? What is her favorite toy?

Pnut on

Seriously? The drawings look nothing like either of them (they’re not Caucasian, duh!). And she acts as though she spends time with her kid. All the times she’s photographed on different coasts within one week–please! She is not with her kid.

J Morre on

She went back to work. Mmm hmm, ok. What is her job again?

Falk on

Finding jeans that work with her but implant or is it teaching her daughter to count to ten without saying the word “like”. Like its one like two like threee.. tee heeee teee hee snort

DiDi on

Hahahaha…. That baby looks nothing like the Kimye baby! The baby in the drawing is actually pretty…..the Kimye baby, not so much!
And Kim’s biggest struggle!?!?! That headline is a joke….a true joke! That baby even flies alone with Nannies! There must be some other story more worthy of print than this one!

Sunny on

Her biggest struggle? Actually being a mother.

Stephanie on

Why can People not put others in the spot light? So tired of the whole bunch! Kim K is only famous because of her knowing Paris Hilton and her sex tape… She has a whole team of Nannys That poor baby has no clue who her mother really is

April on

Of course it’s not the mid night feelings or the diaper changes, because she doesn’t do any of that. Lol

Anonymous on

Did anyone else notice how she’s always calling North “the baby”. Hmm I always call my boys “my sons” or by their name but not “the baby”.

Lexie on

Umm…what projects to pursue? Projects as in hiring herself out for dates with wealthy men? And for someone who didn’t want to spend time away, she sure didn’t seem bothered when she was jetting off to Paris and other places and leaving her child behind. Let’s be honest, she may enjoy being a mom but that’s probably because her baby is more like an accessory than a child she is raising.

Julie on

I think Kim is a beautiful women. However it seems from the publics perspective; the hardest thing for Kim, is keeping her boobs and butt covered. There is nothing worse than seeing a women with a child in a stroller, while her boobs or butt are hanging out. I get she is a walking billboard for designers…But her kids are going to see these pictures one day..

Tina on

“Going back to work and leaving the baby”? All we see is pictures of her without the baby. Going to lunch; going to dinner; going to a party…….. And let’s not forget all the selfies without the baby in them. Kim’s biggest challenge is trying not to keep looking at her own reflection.

boohoobytch on

…she doesn’t work or remember she HAS a baby most days so I imagine it’s fairly easy…not to mention that she DIDN’T have a birthday for her baby until people started talking about it online; then a week a later – Kidchella: based on a festival for people on all kinds of dr*gs…classy

Gina on

North aka “anchor baby”..

tiff on

I would think actually being a mom. Who puts their baby on a plane without either parent or at least a family member? She I’d to selfish to have had a child. And the theme of her bday party was stupid. Who does that besides a pair of self-involved, narcissistic twits. That baby is doomed. Feel bad that se will never be as lived by her parents as they love themselves.

Deborah on

Remembering where she last saw her child?

Anonymous on

Why are Kim and North so pale in these paintings?

Jo on

This is sooooo funny ! This woman does NONE of the things an average mom does. She has someone else around to feed the kid, change the kid and do all the other little everyday things most of us moms do. And when her homeboy says “woman lets fly outta here”, she has somebody to leave the kid with or to come along so he/she can take care of the kid while Kim is getting her publicity fix.

madience on

Biggest challenge on being a mom? Which nanny to drop her off with today.

kelly on

better that the baby is being raised by a nanny rather than her

isa on

She claims she doesn’t want to spend time away from her baby, yet she vacations every week without the baby. She is so stupid.

sam on


Paulette on

Why does everyone pick on Kim? She has TV Show’s, she owns the DASH stores, she has her name on many different things and I am sure she has over sight on what has her name on it. Just because she leads a charmed life, don’t hate. She works, she is a Mom and a wife.

Mommytoane on

She works? I didn’t know making sex tapes and having a film crew follow you around was working.

Guest1709 on

Her biggest struggle would actually be being a mom.

Guest on

You people just don’t get it. They have made the “Kardashian” name into a Brand. People are paying them for their name and association with that name. They have to work to promote their name (clothes, perfume, reality T.V. etc) and are making money by the millions. Does this say someone knows what they are doing??? You all are constantly reading posts about them!!! and they are putting millions in their bank account doing it!!!!! I am sure they do not give a RAT’S ASS about your comments.

Andrea on

I pray for the day I can go on this site and NOT see one single article about the Kardashians!

Kat on

Returning to work? And who posed for those pictures? Wasn’t Kim and North.

kssomom on

The biggest struggle she has is when she has to re-acquainting herself with her daughter… KK: “North, come to Mommy”… North (looking at the Nanny): “I am already with my Mommy. You are just the lady I see every once in a while for a little while…”

Andrea on

I am sure the hardest part of Kim’s day is deciding what to wear that will best expose her fake breasts – that’s all she’s good for.

Kat on

Puh-leeeeez … each time you have a photo done with the poor kid, she is looking off to the side and pulling away from you leaning towards her nannies who are always out of the photo. You spend more time in hair and makeup than you do to hold the kid for the photo you did for the hair and make up. You act as though you’re the first parent who has to work that has a kid. You ARE the first parent who has to create time to make it look like you’re a mom. Feel so sorry for the kid.

meghan on

Biggest challenge on being a mom? Remembering what country she left her baby in.

Marlene on

Sleepless nights, feedings and diaper changing? Really Kim? We all know she is NOT the one taking care of that baby!!! She and her husband have got to be the most vain people on this planet who just need to be out spending that money and traveling and having paps there to snap the picture because Ms. Kim thinks everyone loves her and want to see her. Girl please! Be a mom and take care of your kid instead of putting her off on someone else. Baby North should be your priority NOT YOURSELF!

mgb229 on

ALL of these comments are negative. Take a hint People Magazine! We don’t want to hear about Kim and her family. Just not interested. P.S. That baby never smiles.

Denise on

Please give us all a break. This is not news, and it is a bit tragic that your magazine thinks it is. You bombard us every day with every detail of this person’s lilfe. Why? She became famous for a sex tape and hanging out with Paris Hilton. Great role model. Focus on someone for a change who actually has something worthwhile to give back to the world instead of photos of herself in slutty clothes.

Lynn on

I watched the episode of her in Vienna. I loved watching her exit her vehicle toting the baby in a hand held bassinet that she flung around and held like it weighed 4 pounds. LOL Are we to believe that the baby was actually in that thing that weighed hardly anything with all the noise and stuff. BTW loved how she went over there expecting to be treated as royalty and got her bubble busted big time…. lol

Anonymous on


lm on

What the H…E double hockey sticks does she DO?!!! She works??!!! At what? That ridiculous, stupid TV reality show??? That is NOT, and never will be “work”. That’s someone following you around with a camera. “Working” is getting up every morning, getting your kids up and ready for school, sending them off after a good breakfast with a lunch YOU made, then going to your 9-5 job, working your bum off, coming home to have quality time with your kids, help them with their homework etc… before starting all over again the next day. Oh, and trying to fit in all the other stuff that parents have to do, like grocery shopping (a “GROCERY STORE” Kim is a place where they sell food that you take home and cook for your family), house cleaning ( Kim, cleaning house is something that people do, not you of course, in order to make sure things are neat, tidy and clean) and spending more time with your child than taking selfies to make sure your fat a** appears in every glossy grocery store checkout aisle mag!!

Lizzy on

I clicked on the liner the said , KK ‘sbigest strugles since becoming a mon , i think Biggest strugles she has is remembering that she a mother

Sherry on

Work? What is her profession? LOL!!!



Yolie on

Please, you have to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stylista on

Biggest challenge- hmmm. Fitting 24 hours of “me” time into the day?
Her daughter looks nothing like that. Never even seen a photo of her smiling.

MS on

I was going to guess that actually being a mom is the biggest struggle she has….

monyak on

“What’s Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Struggle Since Becoming a Mom?” Actually BEING a mom…

Evilynn on

Dealing with all those nannies. They won’t leave her alone! Uuugggghhhhh!

Stylista on

Biggest struggle hmmmmm. Finding “me” time 24 hours a day? Nice drawing of the Madame Alexander doll. Don’t know who it’s supposed to be.

Tones on

Here I thought her most challenging part was thinking that she is the only hard working mom out there “NEWS FLASH” most women I know struggle with leaving their babies because they “HAVE TO WORK” she acts like the hardest part of her day is picking out what trashy outfit to wear that will show her boobs hanging out …..She needs to get a grip on reality!!!

Gr8Scott on

I could barely contain myself while reading this article. She works? At what, strutting around town in ill fighting clothes every day? What exactly does she do that is productive or inspiring? Not a whole heck of a lot..

Reader on

“I love being a mom” – When it’s convenient!!

ann on

she is never with that baby and I have never seen that baby smile. It is so sad

Anya on

Is she EVER with her kid?

Ann on

Bet every mom who happens to read this is getting a good laugh…….are Kim, hubbie, and baby still living with Kris?

BobaFett on

Biggest struggle? Remembering her daughter’s name or the fact that she has a kid?

angie on

What is her job exactly other than media whore? She makes sure to have the cameras around her at all times, while trying to look like she would rather have her privacy…such a joke!!! That poor child is going to grow up knowing who her parents are from a magazine.

Sandra on

Look at all the hate mongering on this site……Why is it so easy to accept the verbal attacks as the new normal, but then we are outraged when the next school shooting happens? What will be the reaction when your child, husband, father, mother or loved one is gunned down, blown up or stabbed by someone that was made to feel less than because you though it was ok to vent your hate in their direction?

noneurbusiness on

That picture is no where close to what the baby actually looks like.

Tenat on

Who gives a crap what this tramp says. I know. NO ONE. Their E show ratings are dismal. The world is over this loser. Why doesn’t people follow and stop it with the stupid stories.

lm on

In order to be able to say “I work” with ANY credibility would involve doing something other than shopping and taking selfies of your bum Kim. You “work” at getting your plastic face on the pages of those glossy mags found at the check-out lines in the grocery store…oh, sorry…Kim, a GROCERY STORE is a place where regular people go to buy food. Then they take that food home and COOK it for their families. Sorry honey, but what you do is not work…you take up space….end of story…..

emma on

Yes, because posting selfies and flashing everyone your boobs is such hard work!

Shut up already

emma on

Any man or women can become a mother or father, however, it takes a REAL man or woman to be a parent.

All Kim loves is her occasional accessory to show the world she loves her daughter and has time for her etc.

soph on

Please. In no way is the baby that cute.

J on

Favourite thing to do with her daughter is taking a nap? Wow..that’s not even really spending time together!

Tay on

Ooh these two pictures are very cute.

micky on

I call Bullshit!!

Anonomous on

Stay home with your kid for more then a day and maybe u will see what a mom actually does you are a stuck up stupid women who has no clue what you are suppose to do with a baby

Doggie Momma on

That’s her child? I thought it was the Nannys child…

Doggie Momma on

She had a baby? Just another accessory …..ho hum

Angie on

Don’t think Kim is doing any changing diaper things, nannies will do them for her.

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