Donald and Vanessa Trump Introduce Daughter Chloe Sophia

07/02/2014 at 08:00 PM ET

Donald Vanessa Trump Introduce Daughter Chloe Sofia
Courtesy Vanessa Trump

Sweet baby girl!

Donald Trump Jr., and wife Vanessa took to Twitter to introduce their fifth child on Wednesday, posting a photo of their sleeping newborn wrapped in cheese cloth.

“Here is the 1st photo of our daughter Chloe Sophia. Mommy & Daddy’s little girl!” Vanessa Tweeted.

Two days after her June 16 birth, the couple’s newest addition left the hospital and headed home to a full house, joining big sister Kai Madison, 7, and brothers Donald John III, 5, Tristan Milos, 2½, and Spencer Frederick20 months.

“It’s a girl!!!! Vanessa and I are very excited to be bringing home our little bundle of joy today,” Trump Tweeted at the time.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 49 comments

MM on

According to the mother, it’s Sofia not Sophia. Proofreading anyone????????? Anyway, what a cute baby. Congrats.

Ls23 on spelled her name wrong!!!!!

SmileyC on

Their oldest child is named Kai Madison not Madison Kai.

Mariel on

Cute baby; congrats to them!

KellyGreen on

Ahhh!! So cute! Trying to keep the baby fever down after seeing this precious pic 😉

emma on

She is beautiful

Andrea on

They make beautiful babies! What a doll!

Guest on

She’s the sweetest!!

Catherine on

She already has chubby little cheeks! I love it!!

ruthdw on

adorable little girl!!!!
Much happiness to the parents, siblings and baby Sofia.

KL on

Omg… what a beautiful baby!!!

mrmiller31 on

Wow! Jennifer Blakeley is such a talented photographer, beautiful photograph. Congrats to the Trumps.

E on

That’s not cheese cloth. How random would that be? Not very Trump-ish.

Tara on

Too darn cute! Great names for a sweet baby girl…hopefully will look nothing like her grandfather!

Samsie on

Beautiful photo, beautiful little girl and a normal, beautiful name, well done.

Anonymous on

This baby is so beautiful. Sweet little girl with a calssy name. Thank goodness.

Kat on

Sweet little baby. Adorable!

ImALadyToo on

That’s an adorable picture of the baby!

jessiemaystorm on

*Kai Madison *Chloe Sofia

Gorgeous little one 🙂

ann on

she is adorable

sam on

Very cute baby girl. See a lot of pictures of their oldest two, but hardly anything is ever said or shared about the younger two boys. Maybe 5 is enough, in seven short years. Rest your body. 🙂

sam on

On Donald Jr.’s Twitter, he is spelling her name Chloe Sophia.

sam on

And the child’s mother is indeed spelling it Sofia. Maybe they need some time to talk with each other so they both know how to spell their child’s name.

Brooke on

Does she speak eloquently? And would she have your baby?
I’m sure she’d make a really excellent mother!

guest on

Yeah, just like the fur blankie my kid slept on.

guest on

Cute baby…totally staged…just the beginning.

SAR on

Cute baby. Donald Jr. and his wife have quite a brood!

jckfmsincty on

Donald Jr: Okay, we get it. You’re straight. You’re really, really straight. Give your poor wife a break, already.

Anonymous on

jckfmsincty- It takes two to tango, and I highly doubt he’s forcing her to have sex with him! 😉

Anonymous on

She’s adorable! And of course the photo is staged. All professional photoshoots are!

Nancy on

This woman has been pregnant for 7 years!!! LOL. Are you done now? Now go an ENJOY them all!!

ella on

Little cutie

Rolyat on

Why do dumb bell parents always have to put some stupid head band on a baby girl? Then you remove the head band and there is a red mark.

guest on


Anonymous on

she is adorable so cute. Love the same. Her birthday is almost the same day as mine (one day apart).

Carrie M on


La La Outlandish on

Well, if no one else is going to mention the elephant in the room, I will. Remember that beastly trophy hunting he engaged in? He’s disgusting.

Debs626 on

Beautiful baby…too bad her father is one of the biggest A-holes on this planet!

Tina on

Awwwww, that’s such a cute picture.

Gail on

GSUS, enough babies already. The world is overpopulated. Adopt. No one needs 5 children.

emily on

Gail- You get to decide what to do with your own vagina, no one else’s.

Gail on

Thanks Emily. When the world runs out of clean water to drink, let’s chat. You probably also support those Duggar freaks.

Patience on

How precious! Missed my birthday by two days… and her grandfather’s, too. Congratulations on your 5th little sweetheart. You are very lucky!

Barry Bassim on

After l saw the picture, l could not resist not to make a Comment , she is the most Addorable Baby, what a perfect picture. Congratulation to the Parent

Anonymous on

GaIl- Perhaps you should do some reading up on overpopulation. It’s not nearly as cut-and-dried as we tend to think (Japanese women, for instance, are actually have too FEW babies! And then there’s the whole gender-imbalance mess that resulted from China’s one child policy!)!

Anonymous on

Adorable photo, a doll!

Jen on

Gail, my mother had five children and I have four. A woman can do whatever she wants with her body, right? Right?

Carrow on

Wow I missed the announcement of three of those 5!

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