Catherine Bell’s Blog: Finding the Balance In My Busy Life

06/27/2014 at 07:45 PM ET

Look who’s back – it’s Catherine Bell

Best known for her roles on JAG and Army Wivesthe actress will next star in The Good Witch’s Wonder.

She is mom to son Ronan, 3½, and daughter Gemma, 11.

Bell, 45, can also be found on Facebook Twitter @reallycb and Instagram @therealcatherinebell.

In her latest blog, the actress catches us up on her busy life as a mom to two kids.

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell


Happy start of summer! Yup … kids are officially out of school and into summer camps. Everything from swim camps to Shakespeare camp and even a 2-week sleep-away for my big girl, Gemma!

Will someone please tell me where the time GOES?!

I feel so behind — so out of the loop sometimes. (I went to buy a cute new pair of sandals for summer and the salesgirl said they were all sold out of that style, that in fact all their summer clothes had pretty much sold in April and May and now they were getting in cute boots for … FALL?!) Wow.

What’s a busy mom to do? The best she can! That’s all we CAN do! So let’s make the most of it.

My little monkeys are getting settled in our new house — we only moved around the corner, but it might as well have been another country (will someone please remind me to NEVER EVER move again!?).

We’re still in my favorite little pocket in L.A., about 45 minutes from the hubbub of the city. White picket fences, horses, trails, friendly neighbors, kids riding bikes and scooters down the street — I love it! It reminds me a lot of Charleston, maybe.

Good reminder!

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell

Gemma turned 11 a couple months ago. I can’t believe it! She wanted an 80s-themed roller skating party … and this child of the 80s was all over it. Like, Oh. My. GAWD! I am SO sure.

I had the help of my dear friend and amazing party planner/goodie maker extraordinaire, Brooke Daniells (also known as Hadley and Elizabeth). She helped me make sure it was, like, totally rad!

Do yourself a favor and check out her Etsy store too for the yummiest lotions and lip balms (anyone that knows me knows I am OBSESSED with lip balm! So I know what I’m talking about!).

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell

Now I have about a month off before I have to prep for Ronan’s 4th birthday … Lego Chimas have been requested. Oh boy, better start planning!

But I think I have at least a week or two to chill … I think.

Well, I thought I did. Then THIS happened.

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell

Yup, his name is Ranger and he’s a 12-week-old Mini Australian Shepherd. He makes an appearance in an indie I just filmed, called Bandit Hound. The kids are madly in love and he’s precious — sweet, fun, playful and really smart — and a total handful! HA! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keeps life interesting!

Now that I’m starting to at least feel somewhat settled and (mostly) unpacked in the new house (the kids are signed up and into their camps, and I have a couple months before I start filming again — more on that in a moment!), I’m getting back into taking care of myself.

I’ve always said — and have to remind MYSELF of sometimes — that that is KEY to being able to take better care of our kids and family and life. We can’t do any of it if we’re tired or stressed or overwhelmed.

So I finally stopped unpacking for a moment and got back into a few things for ME (sounds decadent, but more like a tune-up or oil change for a car … VITAL!).

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell

I started Pilates again — my favorite, I must say. As Joseph Pilates said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” I must say I feel better when I work out than when I don’t! Even just two to three days a week.

And I just got the new Far Infrared Sunlighten Sauna I was gifted hooked up and am really loving that. It is the coolest thing ever! Despite the weather warming up, there’s nothing quite like working up a great sweat and knowing all the toxins are coming out, blood and oxygen is flowing and all the other great benefits!!

I’m trying to eat healthier, too. I’ve always eaten pretty well, but I keep learning more and more about all the chemicals and toxins and junk in so much of our “modern” food!

So, while I doubt I will ever give up my favorite food of a really good burger and sometimes fries (YUM!), I have been eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies (organic as much as possible) and juicing. (It’s SO good for us! Alkaline, good for the blood and it balances out my coffee — which I still hold so dear 😉 haha!)

“BALANCE” — key word for me. Anyone noticing that? ALL about balance. Yup.

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell

Aside from all that, I’m gearing up to start production on my new series: The Good Witch! Those of you who have seen it know we’ve made seven movies (about one per year) on The Hallmark Channel. The seventh movie, The Good Witch’s Wonder, airs Oct. 25.

When Army Wives ended, Hallmark approached me to see if I’d want to turn this fun character and story into a series. And that’s exactly what we’re doing! We start filming in Toronto in September, doing 10 episodes this season. Stay tuned for more info.

You can always check out the movie and series previews, extras, and updates on

I also had a BLAST doing an episode of a web series comedy, called Los Angeles Right Now, with my dear friend Jennifer Aspen. We had way too much fun and are already planning the next one. Check out my episode, The Bully, here.

Catherine Bell Blog Courtesy Catherine Bell

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately — in a nutshell. Thanks for letting me share with you. It’s been a while! Too long.

Hope you all have been well, and I hope you have a GREAT and BALANCED summer.


— Catherine Bell

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sally fohrman on

Catherine, so happy to see your blog – you make it so interesting for your fans. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Looking forward to future posts.

Leianne hudgins on

So glad you were able to catch us all up. Now to get Uverse to carry the Hallmark channel.

Kimberly Johnson on

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks for being so “real”. I can’t believe I’m going to miss the airing of the next Good Witch movie because I’ll be in an African village with no TV or Internet. Hopefully Hallmark will air it again when I return. I’ll take along my JAG, GW and Army Wives DVDS of course.

TeeGeeAck on

So sad that soon those adorable kids will have to start going on the EMeter, doing TR Drills, getting a below par education in Scientology schools and ratting out their friends…

Al because their moms silly cult

merry on

That’s one adorable boy. Both kids are cute. And I like their names, normal, yet quite unique.

joselyn on

ad for TV show. ad for planner and products. Ad for Beef Council (no thanks).

never mentioned the kids’ dad or dads.

amyinoaktown on

Love her….beautiful family!

Amit on

She didn’t mention their dad because they have separated / gotten divorced.

noisefrom1981 on

She forgot to mention her visit to Dr. Ducklips for blubber treatments. Why do celebrities with financial resources always go overboard with the lip enhancement? They could easily go for a more subtle effect, then augment later if it isn’t enough. Why can’t they stop before they look ridiculous? I also noticed all the blatant product/network endorsements and links. I’ve enjoyed reading many of the other Mom blogs written by celebrities and I’ve never see the likes of this. Such a sign of desperation.

Teia Collier on

Reblogged this on The Pink Book of Goodness and commented:
Absolutely adore Catherine Bell’s series — the Good Witch. Can’t wait to see the new movie.