Thalía: How I Blend Two Cultures in One Home

06/26/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

International songstress Thalía has one piece of advice for new moms: stay calm.

“You can’t be a superhero or super mom,” she told PEOPLE Tuesday over lunch at the Sony Music office. “We have more tools to help our kids and to help ourselves, but we really have to be more relaxed. That stress that we always carry, they feel it. They’re like little sponges. Why give them that anxiety?”

Thalía, 42, is mother to Sabrina Sakaë, 6½, and Matthew Alejandro, 3, and is especially tuned in to motherhood — on Tuesday the pop star released her first children’s album, Viva Kids, in the U.S.

“I think it’s important if you’re American to have a second language and Spanish is the language to have,” she shares. “This album and the DVD will help parents to sit down with their kids and just repeat the words and absorb the language.”

Thalia Viva Kids Getty

As a Mexican-born artist, Thalía absorbs her second language’s culture for herself and can’t help but notice the negative aspects of American celebrity culture.

“I feel terrible when I see Angelina [Jolie]‘s kids on the cover of some magazine and they’re saying, ‘Do you like her dress like this? Does she look good like this?’ Why? That’s just so inappropriate and that’s terrible,” Thalìa told PEOPLE. “When you’re a celebrity, it is the most important thing for us to keep them safe from the camera.”

But despite her exposure to all sides of American culture, she treasures the ability to give her kids an international education at home — through her “very colorful family” with husband Tommy Mottola.

“My husband is American but Italian. Then I have the Mexicano side. I see both in my kids. My daughter is more Italian, she leans towards pizza and my son leans more towards guacamole and puts lime in everything,” she shares.

“I speak Spanish to them and I celebrate Halloween, but I also celebrate Dia de los Muertos [Day of the Dead]. So I blend everything. The tooth fairy comes but so does El Ratón.”

Next for Thalía is an “album for grown ups” and a Macy’s fashion line for women, both due to hit stores in February.

— Abby Franklin

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bitsy on

Never heard of her, but nice article.

charley on

people i am glad you giving some words to thalia she may not be that famous in us but she’s a succesfull recording artist on asia,europe ,middle east and off course latin america. thanks!

Anonymous on

she mexican

Bebe on

Where does the Italian culture come into the picture? She did say her husband is American but Italian?

John Olivetti on

Her husband is Mariah Carey’s ex. Thalia, by the time you crossed over to the US, there were MANY families that were already doing what you just said. So shut up.

Gabriella C on

Thalia is just a B rated (at best) mexican actress and singer. She is not that popular in her or any other Spanish speaking country. If Motola wouldn’t have been with Sony and have money , she would’ve never marry him. She can fool people from the US but not anyone south of the border.

ic on

I would say to shup up about other people’s kids or why does she even mention other celebrities. She’s not hounded by papparazzi like Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. I would like to see her try to protect her kids from the media glare if she were hounded like them… unless she keeps them at home and never takes them anywhere. So she should just keep opinions about other families/children to herself.

Martina on

So it’s a sweet interview with a seemingly normal woman. Why are people telling her to shut up etc? The viciousness on this website is out of control.

Lili on

In México she is a famous actress and singer, and I know that there (USA) she has a radio program, I hope she never forget her origins and will be always a modest person like until now. Maybe in USA is not so famous but she makes many charity works there. You can visit her youtube channel.

upinya on

you haters shut the fuck up

Penelope on

I’m still upset that she didn’t do more with her career. Such potential! But she doesn’t really have a passion for music or acting. She’s seems to have a passion for branding. Shame!

Luis on

wow nice cd, i had this! and i love her thalia ❤

Dušan on

Thalia is one the most important Latinas in the world, she is a singer, actress and business women, I am so proud of her cuz she is an example for everybody who follow and fight for their dreams!

Flavio on

I love her!,, she is the latino queen, she also sold over 40 million world wide, she is the most successfull mexican singer, she is named as the Queen of Latin Pop and The queen of Telenovelas.

Alex on

Well, she’s not that famous in USA but I can ensure (for you haters) that Thalia is more famous in latin community and world than other latin singers! She came in places that other one never did before!

geoss on

I love you Thalia


Almost everyone in Indonesia know Thalia. Even Indonesia’s First lady i bet.

DAN on

wow! nice! i love her! the mexican girl!! LATINQUEEN!

Angie on

Love Thalia’s music, she is great!