Josh Duhamel and Son Axl Support Team USA in Cute Photo

06/26/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

First it was football and now it’s soccer! Josh Duhamel is clearly giving son Axl a well-rounded sports education.

On Thursday (right before the big match), the actor posted an adorable pic of the pair wearing matching USA jerseys. “GO #USA!!! (or a Portugal/Ghana tie would be fantastic) #USMNT #LetsDoThis,” Duhamel wrote.

Along with his big smile, we couldn’t help aww-ing over Axl’s mini soccer outfit and Adidas sneakers. Fingers crossed, the 10-month-old is Team USA’s lucky charm against Germany.

Josh Duhamel son Axl USA soccer Instagram photo Courtesy Josh Duhamel

And now that Axl’s a proper “futbol” fan, maybe he and Shakira‘s son Milan (dad Gerard Piqué plays for Spain) can hang out.

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Showing 70 comments


🙂 ADORABLE little boy!!!!!

Sunny on

He looks like fergie ferg

abi on

Seriously that photo couldn’t be cuter!!!! just big smiles and clearly a lot of fun! and to catch a baby smiling so perfectly when they are tiny is a trick in itself 😛

RysMom on

He is so stinkin cute. I have a 10 month old too and it’s such a great age.

Nancy on

Oh my . . . . too much cuteness for me . . . 😉

Tina on

He’s a cute baby.

Katie on

Beautiful little boy.

K.B. on

Absolute cuteness overload! That baby is adorable.

Momof3sons on

Absolutely adorable! So nice that they shared a personal picture of a celebrity Dad enjoying his son.

lexi on

super beautiful 🙂 🙂 gorg baby boy and gorg fam 🙂

Patty on

He is beautiful!

Judy on

Beautiful baby like his parents.

Violet on

What an adorable baby!!

Heather on

He is so sweet!!

ceecee on

The face on that kid!! He’s so cute I would just stare at him all day and night. He’d be like, mom–pleeez stop staring at me and grinning like an idiot! Thanks for sharing.

Terri on

Couple of good looking guys!

bitsy on

I do not believe that little guy could be any cuter! What a good looking family they have!

Buffettgirl on

Super cute!!! @Sunny – that’s funny because I think he totally looks like Josh. I can’t see any Fergie in him at all. The shape of his eyes, shape of his nose, those cheeks and mouth are all Josh to me! 🙂

Dawn on

He is so darn cute!

Tracy on

I am overcome w/all the cuteness!!!!

Robyn King Richards on

What a cutie…and Axl is adorable too 🙂

Xan on

Gerber baby cuteness. Daddy ain’t too bad, either. 😉

Anonymous on

Wow the baby got A LOT cuter!!

dancer92136 on

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable and the baby is cute too.

exit82 on

I can’t decide who is cuter!

Ashley on

Fergie was really cute as a little girl, I’ll say that. The baby kind of looks like her….he’s a doll

gisella nyc on

WOW……..that is one cute baby boy! The dad is not bad either. haha

boohoobytch on

omg, what a sweetie

amyinaoaktown on

Seriously adorable…and the baby is too.

Allison on

Axel is just so beautiful and happy. 🙂

Allison on

Oops! Sorry. Misspelled the little one’s name.

Europa 19 on

They should have another baby, because they make beautiful ones.

linda on

I don’t know whos cuter 🙂

Tay on

Ooh he is adorable!

Bhavana on

What a cute baby! He looks like he’s drooling on daddy’s head.

Carrie M on

Can little Axl be any more aborbs?? What a gorgeous boy!!

bkable on

I think the only man who can get me to stop staring at Josh Duhamel is his son lol Such a cutie! (the baby I mean haha)

Tay on

Its funny they have matching outfits.

Pam on

Omg he’s one cute little boy!

Anonymous on

Oh my! He is so stinkin’ adorable!!! What a cute baby!!!

Andrea on

Oh my! What an adorable baby! He is so stinkin’ cute!!!

bimbo on

very cute kid and VERY cute dad. But nationalism is so boring. Why favor a team simply because of its … oh never mind. Jingoism. who cares about what country, good play is what matters.

Josh is to die for with face hair. TO DIE FOR

sandy on

mega cuteness

Angie on

Should be on Gerber ads!

stacey on

He is getting so cute! I think he looks like mommy more than daddy.

guest on

what an adorable little boy…..

ann on

cutest celeb baby yet. What a proud dad. I am so glad Josh got to be a father. He looks like he is loving being a dad. Sweet little family

Tay on

Sweet and adorable photo!

Tara on

Omg! Little Axl is soooo cute…what a beautiful baby! Looks more like mama.

AmyRene on

Beautiful boys. I’m wondering though,why never any pics of Fergie with the little guy.

AbbyDogg on

Axl is absolutely adorable!

AbbyDogg on

Why does everyone think that a baby has to look like one of its parents?? “Oh, he looks just like Fergie. Oh no you’re wrong–he looks just like Josh.”
Why can’t the baby just be cute and adorable in its own way??

Angie on

Ooh love the name Axl

Andrea on

What a beautiful baby!! Axl is going to be one great looking dude when he grows up!!

Ala Lemon on

Axl is adorable!!!

veronica cervantes on

What Great Pics Adorable!!!!

jasmine on

He is adorable…it runs in the family of course! Josh looks elated and SO proud. God Bless.

paulien on

I love that baby! Obviously I don’t know him, but love him! Look at that smile! He is soooo cute!


He is so adorable and yummy.

Anonymous on

A post on Moms and Babies with NO negative comments? The world must be coming to an end! 😉 In all seriousness, Axel is adorable!

lynnie on

Gorgeous baby and daddy!

valeskas on

Happy little boy.

Barb on

He is adorable. Don’t remember seeing many fathers looking so happy to be a Dad. He is one lucky little boy to be feeling all that love from his parents.

guest on

Axl is sooooooooooooo darn cute!!

Candy on

I’m not much of a follower of Fergie or Josh, but that is just the cutest little boy ever.

Tay on

Little Axl is just freaking cute.

Tay on

Little Axl is just freaking cute.

Susan on

What an adorable little baby!! What an adorable Daddy!!

Pal on

Adorable small fan of team usa Axl!

Jazz on

Great pictures. How adorable. Team USA!!