Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling’s Friendship Has Come ‘Full Circle’

06/25/2014 at 04:30 PM ET

Jennie Garth Tori Spelling Mamarazzi Mystery Girls Ben Gabbe/Getty

The friendship between Beverly Hills, 90210 stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth has continued on past the ending of the show 14 years ago.

Now their friendship is passing onto the next generation as their kids begin to grow close.

“Our kids are becoming friends which is really cool,” Spelling, 41, said at The MOMS Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein’s screening of their new show, Mystery Girls, in New York on Tuesday.

“My kids had a sleepover last week at [Jennie’s] house. It was like full circle.”

Spelling is mom to Liam, 7, Stella, 6, Hattie, 2½, and Finn, 22 months, while Garth is mom to daughters Luca, 17 on Sunday, Lola, 11, and Fiona, 7½, which means there’s always plenty to talk about.

“We share stories every day,” said Garth, 42. “I love and respect her as a mother and she’s doing a great job.”

Added Spelling, “And I love and respect her.”

Although many parents want to be the “cool mom,” Garth has chosen a different route when it comes to raising her girls.

“I try to be not cool,” said Garth. “I’m the mom with the tattoos. My kids admire the fact that I am kind of edgy personally and they actually try to keep me in line.”

For Spelling, her children are still too young to realize how cool or uncool their mom really is. “They don’t know that I’m not cool anymore,” she said. “I know I probably only have another year or two. It’s going to happen any day.”

Whether or not they realize Spelling’s true level of cool, her kids are becoming more and more like her every day.

“Liam’s definitely stubborn like me,” she admitted. “He’s creative and passionate like me [and] holds in his feelings like me. Stella does the same. We’re best friends.”

She adds, “Hattis [uses] her hands like me because I talk with my hands. Finn and I have a really special bond and he looks a lot like me when I was a baby.”

Garth and Spelling’s new show Mystery Girls premieres Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.

– Zakiya Jamal

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Showing 32 comments

bitsy on

I wish jennie had stayed away from that train wreck!

blondechick on

Jennie seems to have it together. Maybe she can be that positive influence Tori needs in her life.

Anonymous on

How the heck can you be best friends with a 6 year old? lol

trista on

Jennie deserves a better show and costar. Spelling is a bipolar anorexic hot mess with an undying need for media attention.

robin on

What Tori Spelling put her kids through with that entire reality show fiasco about Dean’s affair made me sick. I don’t believe a word she says, ever. Everything is acting for the camera. She should have saved her money better so she wouldnt try to do whatever pathetic job she can to keep her family afloat. I dont know who is going to watch this show. It won’t be me.

ciparliamo on

i thought Dean was her best friend??

sophie on

I consider my kids to be my best friends. I am still their parent and direct them as such. But I love to be with them and hang out and play, relax and have sleepovers. They aren’t going to be young forever, so I try to really enjoy it now. They are great little people.

Maria on

I hope Jennie get away from that azz. Tori is using Jennie for damage control. I love Jennie but hate Tori.

Lynds42 on

I watched 7 minutes of their show and had to turn it off. Where did their talent go. Horrible acting in this one.

Anonymous on

Since when is Jennie Garth edgy? Oh, make me laugh some more, girl…

Lee on

Since when is Jennie Garth edgy?!? Oh, make me laugh some more, girl…

lucie on

I tried to like this show……but it was unwatchable

dd on

bitsy: why is Tori the trainwreck?…BOTH Tori & Jennie had husbands who cheated on them and caused alot of stress and pain. These 2 women have been thru alot and neither one of them should be put down.

Anonymous on

who would want to be friends with that horse face ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Bella on

Wow…gotta lovethe shallow comments.

I say to jennie and Tori, rock on with the friendship you have spent years building. People are such a$$holes.

Ann on

Two aging Hasbeens……..Yawn!

Tay on

Jennie is a good actress, Tori not that good.

Moe on

Jenny has tattoos and is edgy? Since when? She seems as girl-next-door as you can get. I guess she really is a pretty good actress because those comments really surprised me!

BRM on

Wow…some mean people here..!

Tori happens to be quite a good comedic actress as I was surprised to discover years ago when I accidently came across her little seen series So Notorious-probably the first, and before she ever met D. She good naturedly poked fun at herself via certain comedic set ups through this series. I give her credit for facing her critics bravely. She’s in a vy. tough situation (and yes she & D. didn’t get together under ideal circumstances), but she now has 4 children and seems to have always been the main financial support for those children.

I haven’t as yet watched the show but plan to do so. I like Jennie Garth, who seems to be reinventing herself after her divorce, and I give her credit as well. She seems like a nice woman/good actress. Neither one deserves to be cheated upon. I’m glad they have their long standing friendship, they have a history and now their children can have have extended type of “family” relationship.

I hope whatever’s rough in this show can be smoothed over & these two can get a hit series. They’ve both had rough patch, and could use a hit..why not? For some of you negative mean one: stop it! So not nice….does it make you feel better about yourself to put someone else down ?

lyn on

Tori must be desperate. Jennie, can’t speak for her, imo don’t know why she got involved with her again, guess for the money..

lyn on

Jennie needs to stay away from her.

Marge on

I used to LOVE Tori and Dean. Their old reality show was funny but the new one was just a hot mess. She’s so desperate it’s pathetic. I get wanting to stay together for the kids but that man is a disgusting creep.

Anonymous on

I think it great that these wonderful women have each other to lean on, nothing like lifelong friends.. Sad to see how many negative things people write.. we are all human and deserve to be love and respected… To be honest, IF i was Tori, I probably would have done the same reality show.. He made her feel worthless, so why not put the shoe on the other foot? Bravo Tori, stay strong and keep moving forward!

Plumeria on

I think it great that these wonderful women have each other to lean on, nothing like lifelong friends.. Sad to see how many negative things people write.. we are all human and deserve to be love and respected… To be honest, IF i was Tori, I probably would have done the same reality show.. He made her feel worthless, so why not put the shoe on the other foot? Bravo Tori, stay strong and keep moving forward!

Paula on

Love Tori Spelling, she is a great lady with beautiful kids. Her husband is a nice man. I hope they worked out their problems and became a happy family again. I always love their reality show. The last one , was very sad, I cried with them.

SusieQ on

How many “Best Friends” does she have?

“I was so honored to see my best friend marry her soul mate,” bubbly bridesmaid Tori Spelling gushed after her pal Amy Colvin’s Beverly Hills Hotel wedding in February 2011.

JHL on

Not an ounce of sympathy for Tori. Karma’s biting her in the butt in a big way. They destroyed two marriages to be together. You wanted him so badly Tori? Well you got him. Suck it up. And if you think Dean made YOU feel worthless when he cheated, think about how his first wife felt when he cheated on her with YOU. All this whining and crying because you now have to lie in the bed you made. You deserve nothing less. You wanted that scumbag of a man, well you GOT HIM.

Shawna on

trista – using bipolar as an insult is just ignorant. Tori is not bipolar. Bipolar is an actual, diagnosable, mental illness that many people suffer from. Please think before you speak next time.

yahoo on

I just love Tori’s clothes. She is such a hot mommy, who makes bad men choices, but hey we can’t win them all.

tootsie on

I don’t like to say mean things about people but for gosh sakes WHY don’t Tori get a different hair style? the one she has is ugly and makes her face look 15 inches long…I’m sure Dean’ s tired of seeing the SAME old face every day.change your DRAB looks, perk it up..leave the brigt RED lipstick behind,,,

Kathy on

I wonder if anyone said “Goodnight, John Boy” at that sleepover?

Tay on

Hum they’re on another reality show