Rob and Amber Mariano Welcome Daughter Adelina Rose

06/24/2014 at 12:45 PM ET

Rob Mariano Amber Mariano Welcome Daughter Adelina Rose Courtesy Rob Mariano

Four for four!

Rob and Amber Mariano welcomed their fourth daughter, Adelina Rose, early Friday morning in Florida, the reality stars announced via Twitter.

“We are thrilled to announce [the birth of] Adelina Rose Mariano 12:51 a.m. June 20th, 2014,” Rob, 38, wrote, sharing a photo of himself and his wife, 35, with their newborn.

“Mom and baby are doing great!” Adelina joins big sisters Lucia Rose, 4½, Carina Rose, 3½, and Isabetta Rose, 2, at home.

“[The girls] are beyond excited to welcome their new sister,” Rob captioned a second photo of all four of his daughters.

The couple, who announced the pregnancy on New Year’s Eve, competed on Survivor and The Amazing Race before wedding in the Bahamas in 2005.

“I’m definitely outnumbered now,” Rob, who won Survivor on his fourth try in 2011, previously told PEOPLE. “But at the end of the day, it’s exciting and fun.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Showing 84 comments

JSmith on

Eww. Enough already.

SSmith on

Congrats! I never understood the history of the same middle name. I’m sure they’re all adorable though. 🙂

Jay on

The girls are adorable. Congrats to the whole family on the new baby!

Siouxsie on

I don’t know why others do the same middle name but my sister did that with her four girls for a sweet reason. Her oldest was born with a rare genetic disorder that will significantly shorten her life. Sharing the middle name, which is coincidentally Rose, was a way of keeping their oldest with them.

Ala Lemon on

I’m curious about the story behind the same middle name

Joan on

My Grandma, my Mom her 2 sisters, my cousin and my 2 sisters and I have the Middle name of Ann. It is just a family name and my Mom wanted to continue it with her girls. Nothing wrong with that.

Guest on

A lovely quartet of young ladies! Congratulations to the entire family!

Guest on

JSmith- tacky comment. You might not want a large family, and that’s fine, but there is nothing wrong with people who want and take care of a larger family. Some of us view children as a wonderful blessing and enjoy having more than two. Family sizes are a very personal decision.

smailepsu on

My two sons share a middle name with my husband. Its a family name and we thought it was nice. Its Joseph. We didn’t particularly like it as a first name so we thought it would be fun to use it as a middle name for both of the boys it goes well with their first names. Maybe Rose is also a family name.

Michelle on

Rose was Amber’s grandmothers name. They stated that when the first little one was born.

Lenora Liccioli on

Please stop giving these 2 fame whores attention.

Barbara on

Don’t they have four grandmothers between them? What about naming the other daughters after the other three grandmothers? Bet those names aren’t as trendy/pretty, lol.

Barbara on

Fate doesn’t want there to be any more Marianos, that’s why they’re not getting sons.

happy on

JSmith – you are ewwww
Lenora – where are they seeking fame to be whores? Your stupid and that’s the only real fact stated here!

Nettie on

Congratulations to my favorite Survivor/Reality couple!!! The girls are absolutely beautiful.

Kat on

If they aren’t on the public dole, then I think it’s great. If it gets to Duggar-levels, then I would expect more discussion on the numbers. But they are a cute couple. Would not want to be a boy coming over to this house though.

lola on

Awwww…. I have a picture of my four girls in the hospital almost identical to the 2nd picture! So sweet.
4 daughters….what an awesome blessing. Congratulations Mariano family. I love the same middle name idea!

DebLG on

Awww…sweet. Congratulations. And I love the names!

Pat on

Is it really any of our business what they named their kids? My husband and I chose the names for our girls, and it was our business and no one elses.

janette on

Takes a real man to have boys. What does that make him???

Terry on


Shauna on

WOW, got some bitter people here commenting. congrats on the baby, she’s adorable.

bitsy on

Congrats. Beautiful girls and great names too!

Tess on

Who are these people and why are they on the People site?

A on

The same name come from their Italian background. All the girls share the same middle name which is normally the name of the maternal grandmother. So if the girls continued that Italian tradition, their daughters would all have the same middle name of Amber.

Anonymous on

Janette, it takes an XY chromosomal combination to make boys, not a real man. You should have paid attention in biology.

karyn on

Janette, it takes an XY chromosomal combination to make boys, not a real man. You had a terrible biology teacher.

Carrie on

I love this couple. Thought they were so cute since Survivor. Nice to see they are still in love and growing their beautiful family. That second picture with the 4 sisters is just too precious. Congratulations!!

Katie on

4 little-ones under 5! Rob & Amber are going to have a BUSY household, that’s for sure! Managing 4 kids that young is exhausting, but as long as Rob & Amber are up to the challenge, who are we do second-guess their choice? Perhaps they have lots of support (from extended family or nannies), or they’re just the type of people for whom juggling 4 young children comes naturally and easily. Congrats to them!

Katie on


JSmith on

There’s no need. No one needs this many kids, we’re not plowing fields anymore. The only reason they can afford all those faces to feed is because they won millions on a reality show. If he worked at Radio Shack and she at the local Al’s Diner, they’d be broke as a joke.

Guest on

That last pictures is beyond adorable!

ella on

Bet the nanny is making good money

Mom Of Twinz on

My parent had 4 boy and a girl. Keep trying for that boy!

Anonymous on

What a good man and what a good husband he is!

Anonymous on

Busy lady

Connie25 on

Congrats Boston Rob and Amber on your 4th little blessing!

guest on

Amber use to be pretty. Not anymore. Having babies did not agree with her.

Maria on

Congrats, his other little girls are adorable, I’m sure this one will as well.

KCee on

Just because they have 4 kids, or were on reality TV, or may have money doesn’t mean a nanny, sheesh jealous people get over yourself. We have 4 kids, with the first 3 being within a span of 2 1/2 years (they are all now almost adults). We never had nannies and no grandparents close by. I worked from home, my husband has a normal job and we were just fine with 4 kids.

Janet697 on

congratulation on your new baby girl may the whole family be healthy and happy.

Anonymous on

G maybe survivor will have Rob on again and give him another million!

k on

They are so cute…..keep trying Boston Rob… time might be a boy. But really, these girls are just too cute. I knew one couple that was like that ; they kept trying until they got a boy. It turned it to be a boy only after the 5th time. Yep, 4 girls and then 1 boy.

Kay on

I love the names of these girls. All are family names for myself, I wonder if the Marianos also have roots in Portugal!

Paige on

Congratulations you guys! But maybe take a break for a couple of years so Mama doesn’t get done in. 🙂

Rachael on

Jeez Rob, give this woman some room to breathe! 4 kids in less than 5 years? Yikes!


KL on

Wow another girl!!!!

a & r morons on

how unoriginal giving your kids all the same middle name so stupid … GO AWAY !!!!!

stacey on

Wow, oldest daughter looks exactly like her dad.

Sandra on

I LOVE families with lots of kids God bless them

bkable on

I love the youngest’s face “What IS that!? lol Too cute!

Kestrel on

Think they’ll keep going until he gets a boy? I know 2 families that kept trying, one finally had the boy at number 4 and the other had SIX girls before they tapped out. Not me. I had my 2 boys, I never wanted a princess, pink, melodramatic, girly-girl so boys are a better fit. My boys are 19 and 14 and not that noisy, truck and dirt kind. Just into science and boating and technology.
Glad for you, Boston Rob and Ambah. Shout out MA!

Me on

4 Roses 8 more to go to make an even dozen!

susan on

If he had a boy the second time, he would have gotten snipped….. Four girls in 5 years; what a macho a$$hole! He’ll try again, and she’ll do it so he doesn’t leave her for someone who will!!!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Awwww….love the pic of the 4 daughters.

All the best and many blessings!

Teri on

The “same middle name” is much, much older than the relatively recent Italian tradition.

Not that it’s a big deal (it really isn’t – and come on now, since when has anyone needed the public to approve of their naming conventions?!)

Michelle on

Congratulations to Boston Rob & Amber. I wish you both the best of luck because you are going to need it. Hopefully in 2 years you will get a boy.

Stephanie on

Congratulations to the family! The girls are beautiful and have lovely names. And to those who think their family is too big, I’m one of four children and LOVE having so many siblings. I must say, though, I couldn’t do it myself with four so close in age! But that doesn’t mean that others can’t. Best of luck!

cindy on

congrats to Amber and Rob.why the same middle name for all 4 girls? and will she try for a boy?

Anonymous on


jess on

Great! YAY!

guest on

Pretty damn cute.

always one on

janette, you’re a moron. You’ve just insulted every man who has had girls instead of boys and in the process insinuate that girls should not be valued to the degree boys should be. I find your attitude sick as I do JSmith. For the record, charming talented humanitarians like Matt Damon have girls and up until recently so did his best buddy Ben Affleck. I wonder what your definition of a real man is…mine is a man who supports his family and Mariano does that.

zab on

Man! What’s with all the negative comments?? If you don’t like them, dont read AND don’t write anything! Simple as that. Congrats to the parents on another beautiful little princess and I for one LOVE that they all have the middle name Rose. We don’t get to have middle names here in Quebec so I just think it’s adorable!

Kari on

My husband and I just had our fourth girl (in just under 9 years), and it is so much fun!! Congrats, Rob and Amber!

Tay on


kj on

If you click on the Isabetta Rose link above in the article, it states that Rob was the one who wanted Rose as a middle name for all of the girls. It also states that many of his cousins have the middle name as well.

Kathy Carpenter on

Beautiful family.

4tcatmom on

Oh grow up, it is their life, they are happy!! Congrats on birth of healthy baby..BTW Rose is a family name

Debbie Lindquist on

Happy for them. Beautiful family & they have chosen beautiful names for these girls, not the crazy ones most celebrities pick! Good for them!

Tay on

That’s a pretty name!

Rai on

Beautiful family of little girls, all w/ the middle name Rose. Love it.

lili on

what’s up with all the same middle name? and the first names they all end in A!!! arrrhhhhh it’s silly but congrats to them, they are lucky to have healthy girls

Christine on

Some people here are so judgmental, it’s disgusting. It’s none of our business how many kids they have — it’s THEIRS. If they want to have four, five, seven, 15 kids, that’s their prerogative. Also, their kids all have the same middle name — who cares?? At least Rose is a legitimate name (and a beautiful one, at that) and not friggin Pilot Inspektor like some other celebrities have chosen. And what about this makes them “fame whores”? They’re celebrities in their own right, they just had a baby, and People posted a story about it — just like they do for every other celebrity birth. I just don’t understand why the birth of a baby — something beautiful and positive and exciting — has to elicit such negativity from people. It’s really sad.

4mom on

Just love the pic of all the girls! Too cute! My husband and I had 3 girls and when we got pregnant with number 4 we were shocked to discover it was a boy. We love them all the same regardless of gender. Oh and JSmith we are not rich nor are we on assistance because we are poor. Some people like children. My last two are 14 months apart in age, I had 3 under 4 and 2 under 2. I wouldn’t change a thing. Congrats and best wishes to Rob & Amber.

Andi on

My cousins had babies 3 months apart and each gave their son the middle name ‘Michael’ after their father who died in 1997 at the age of 42.

Van on

Aww they all have same middle name, congrats to the family.

Anonymous on

The little girls are very cute, but I have to say, this couple’s 15 minutes are up.

Guest on

Lovely couple, very happy for them!

KL on

Wow 4 girls.. got your hands full!!!!! That doesn’t even look like Amber!! When you see all the pics of her, doesnt look like her

GK on

Its so sad to come on a site to read about the happy news of a new baby and read all the negative garbage. Makes me sad that my own kids are growing up in a world of hate, jealousy, anger and just plain mean people. I didn’t really like Rob and Amber on Survivor but lets be real they were playing a game. I love the fact that that’s where they met and are still in love with a happy little family all their own. As far as l being ‘fame whores’ if I read it correctly Rob posted it to his own twitter and that’s where people got their pictures and info. Anyone welcoming a baby would do the same on their own account. As for peoples concern over the number of kids my mom married a week before turning 21 and had my sister 10 months later, my second sister came along 17 months after that and my brother was born 11 months after her. So yes she had 3 kids 3 and under at the age of 24. My sister and I also gave out first born daughters our moms middle name. So glad I did as we lost our mom to cancer 6 years ago when my oldest was only 9.

Anonymous on

Rob needs to find a new hobby….

Jackson Frasca on

Jeez….Rob needs to find a new hobby. Give your wife a rest guy.

Anonymous on

They can support 4 all under age 5, good for them!