Meet Kendra Wilkinson’s Daughter Alijah Mary

06/24/2014 at 03:15 PM ET

Meet Alijah Mary Baskett!

After welcoming her second child with Hank Baskett in May, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband recently posed for a family photo with their two children.

Now that her family of four is complete, the reality star blogger is settling into a new routine with the couple’s now 5-week-old daughter and 4½-year-old son Hank IV.

In between learning the ropes of double parenting duties, Wilkinson is opening up to PEOPLE about everything from how she and Baskett tag team their roles to the meaning behind her baby girl’s name.

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PEOPLE: How was the delivery?

Kendra: The delivery was way too easy. I was scared and nervous about another c-section, but everything ended up being so easy. I didn’t feel a pinch. I feel guilty I didn’t feel anything. Emotions were extremely high when we first met Alijah. It was a heavenly time.

PEOPLE: How did you choose the name Alijah Mary? Any special meaning behind Alijah?

Kendra: I knew I wanted a unisex name [when I was] going through the names. I ended up going to Sundance [and] I met a driver who was amazing and so kind. He was talking about his daughter who was named Alijah and I knew right then that would be my little girl’s name.

Mary is for my grandmother — I’m carrying the name on.

PEOPLE: Tell us about the first time little Hank met his baby sister. What was his reaction? What was your reaction to seeing them together?

Kendra: I’ve been dreaming about little Hank holding his little sister for so long. It was everything and everyone started crying. Little Hank had a huge smile and he now knows he really is a big brother.

PEOPLE: It’s early, but is Alijah’s personality starting to peek through? Is she more feisty or mellow?

Kendra: It is not too early — she is driven and she knows exactly what she wants in life. There is no other way around it.

PEOPLE: Parents are typically more laid-back with their second child. Have you noticed a change in your parenting? Were you super nervous with little Hank and now more at ease with Alijah?

Kendra: It is 100 percent completely different. With Little Hank, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. He cried and I came running — it was very intense.

With Alijah, it is more relaxed and I know I’m doing okay. I have room to breathe and take time to enjoy every moment.

PEOPLE: It’s 4 a.m. and Alijah is crying — who gets up? Do you and Hank tag team or are you handling most of the night shifts?

Kendra: She sleeps about an hour to two hours between feedings. I have the night shift and in the morning I bring her to the living room — “Hank’s bedroom” — and I get some sleep.

PEOPLE: You’ve always said how great a father Hank is — how is he doing with having a daughter? Have there been any special daddy-daughter moments yet?

Kendra: Hank’s ego is a little big right now. He has been able to master burping her correctly without getting it on him. He has been able to do a lot of Alijah’s first things together, like her first bath.

Since she is feeding so often, he has been on Little Hank duty lately, giving him some attention.

PEOPLE: You maintained super healthy eating habits during your pregnancy. Are you continuing that now that you’re postpartum? Do you think your bounce back will be much easier/quicker?

Kendra: I ate very healthy compared to my last pregnancy and it is very important to me to maintain a good diet going forward.

PEOPLE: You’ve said your family is now complete. What’s next for the Basketts?

Kendra: Figuring out how to balance out life once again, working on catching up on some sleep, exercising and getting back to shooting Season 3 of Kendra On Top on WEtv.

— Anya Leon

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Frenchy on

cute family!! congrattsss

Amy on

How is her daughters name pronounced? Is it A-Lie-Jah or A-Lee-Jah or is the J silent and it A-Lie-a ??

melwillz on

What a stunning family, beautiful baby girl. Congrats to them all!

Amber on

@Amy I am pretty sure it’s pronounced like the boy’s name Elijah 🙂

Nancy on

It’s pronounced A LIE JAH. Beautiful baby and gorgeous family.

Trish on

She is so beautiful! What a precious cutie pie! 🙂

Peg on

I’m glad she gave a natural family photo, post-baby bump and all. She looks fabulous! I don’t care about her past, we all have one. Her marriage seems solid and her kids are beautiful, happy, and healthy…what more do you want?

Viva Las Vegas on

Didn’t Hank just get caught with a tranny???

Jester on

Yes, Viva Las Vegas. He was caught in an affair with a tranny when his wife was 8 months pregnant with their daughter. It’s on every pop culture website except for this marshmellow site. Latest news is that he is now living in a hotel room.

cocomom on

those kids have incredible looks!

Ris on

Hank was absolutely caught with a tranny, it’s not a rumors there’s video proof of his car at the granny’s apt. And the tranny passed a poly. I liked hank and he is the one who is the great parent (was shocked at how bad of a mom she was when she did celebrity wifeswap. When kate gosselin is a more loving mother than you….it’s bad). I hope hank gets the kids. Despite the danny thing, he was a saint for putting up with her (I used to watch their show). She cut her mother off, told her to die and is aging HORRIBLY (I’m several years older and don’t have wrinkles and neck rings like her).

Alisa on

You never know what really goes on behind a “happy” family portrait (one of the reasons I hate Facebook). Radar Online is reporting that Hank is cheating on Kendra with a Tranny (who took a lie detector test). Good luck to Kendra as she deals with the new baby and cheating husband.

ThinkPink on

Very cute kids! Too bad daddy cheated on mommy with a tranny….

nikki on

She had another C section, why? The baby I thought was small

dsfg on

“I knew I wanted a unisex name [when I was] going through the names. ”

Why? She knew she was having a girl. Why did it have to be a unisex name?

Yolanda Davis on

Beautiful family! I hope Hank didn’t cheat on his wife. With that thing. Ugh! So disgusting.

Anonymous on

Refreshing to see a celebrity with post partim tummy posing with their newborn. Hank jr’s such a cutie’

guest on

Wonder how she feels about the rumor hubby is creeping with a transgender?

Rachel on

They make incredibly good-looking children.

JMP on

My son’s middle name is ELIJAH

Mila on

Wow! Damage control time I guess!

Sabrina on

Hank DID NOT cheat, you guys. It was confirmed that it was false and the tranny (whatever her name is, I don’t remember) said herself that she haven’t even stand beside Hank ever in her life. She even went on a lie detector and it confirmed it that it was all a lie.

ao on

its pronounced like Elijah (ee li jah)
same as the male way

Laura on

Let me finish laughing first at all the people that believe the tranny story 😀 Okay now, on a serious note, beautiful family! Congrats to them!

Jazz on

People mag ignoring the truth as always, why dont you mention the fact that he cheated with a transexual? Every other media outlet is talking about it.

Jazz on

@Sabrina, the tran took a lie detected test and it came out that he was being truthful about everything he said about him and Hank.

Maggie on

Are they going to call him ‘Little Hank’ for the rest of his life?? Ugh! To each their own but I can’t stand the whole ‘Hank IV’ situation. I think it’s so sneakily sexist. Why isn’t her daughter named Kendra II?? Why do men primarily get the ‘honor’ of having their children named after them? Children that the mother carried for months and went through (possibly) excruciating pain to deliver. I don’t get it. I understand that it’s an old tradition but I feel like it should kind of go away. Women deserve that ‘honor’ just as much (EVEN MORE SO ACTUALLY!!) as men and I can only respect the “Jr” or “V, IV, II, ETC” naming tradition if it is done for the mother as well.
Just saying!!!

Oh and they have gorgeous kids! They are really beautiful!!

Anonymous on

Wow, Kendra quite honestly its do you still want him or not? A transvestite? Seriously Hank? Forget you were married and a father or what. Pay her $500 to say she didn’t know you?? Kendra ask for what you need, money for…maid, babysitter, nurse, hous cleaning, drivers…Hank, add a lot of zeros to that pay check! Look at this family photo moron!! A beautiful photo, and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and adorable. I am so sorry to hear that attention is off you for a while dude but seriously whatever that person is. Sure glad For nine months Kendra was waiting patiently while you screwed around! What happened to you? I congratulate your family on the ne family.

Cheron on

During slave times, there was a LAW that no male children of slaves be named after their father. So, it’s a freedom thing. You see it a lot. Hank, hang in there.

nunya on

Whats next is her husband sleeping wih a man and paying him 500 bucks

Megan on

” I bring her to the living room — “Hank’s bedroom” — and I get some sleep.”

Ah, okay. I was wondering how they’d sidestep the whole “daddy slept with a trans prostitute” issue

L on

You people believe anything you read I swear, I doubt he cheated on her when she was pregnant. Anywho, stunning family…if her hair is anything like little Hanks watch out daddy!

D on

Is Hank really cheating on her with a Tran-sexual?! I HOPE not!! That’s nasty! Same thing J-LO just went through!!

bitsy on

Beautiful, beautiful family. Congrats!

Jacquie on

Kendra is more beutiful in this photo than any I have seen. Beautiful family.

robotname on

did she have a C-section or not? The baby is attractive but take the stupid ugly flower thing off her head!!!!!!

and Alijah is not an androgynous name. Tracy is, Lane is, Morgan is….

and why be sexist, if it has to be “Little Hank” shouldn’t it be “Little Kendra?” I mean, jeez. Having a Roman numeral after your name is a real hardship, and insulting. Why can’t BOTH kids have “either sex” names? the daughter will be called “Ali,” I expect, and no one will ever spell or say her name right, and why is her last name Baskett? That’s sexist too….Alijah Wilkinson …

theora on

sign that boy to a modeling contract! DAMN he is good looking!

Rrrr on

I love this name!

Tay on

Congrats to the family!

Anonymous on

Hmm, why is Hank’s bedroom the living room?

Pam on

@Anonymous my husband slept on the couch in the living room a lot when our son was a newborn. I had my son in bed with me and my husband would snore and wake us all up and a new baby needs a lot of sleep.

Cat on

@Nikki – If the hospital where she delivered is anything like mine they wouldn’t let her try for a vbac. It’s not uncommon for that to happen as it is a liability thing. Or it could be that her doctor was concerned about the attempt and they decided a c-section was best. Any future children I have (and I”m 33 so not planning any more) would be c-section now because my second turned breech and I had an emergency c-section. The hospital that is covered by my insurance does not allow VBAC’s so if I wanted t try I would have to pay half the cost of everything and that would be extremely expensive if I had to have another c-section.

crystal Mitchell on

Happy family cute lovely family together so happy about new baby girl cool. God bless u and family good luck

Anonymous on

They’re such a beautiful family. What an angelic-looking baby girl AND son!

Mel on

They really are a beautiful family. And to the comment about the c-section…it doesn’t matter the size of the baby if the mother has a small pelvis. My DR told me I couldn’t deliver a baby naturally even if I had it 3 months early.

Adriana on

Beautiful family! Everyone has things that gone on in there family it’s just when your in the public eye everyone hears about it. Hank seems like a good geniune husband and father. If the “rumors” are true that’s for Kendra to decide what she wants to do with her family. I hope they work it out and continue on as a united family. Can’t wait for the new season of Kendra On Top!!

Mon on

Feel sorry for those kids! Having “that” for a mum! Disgusting!!!

Tay on

Love the name Alijah, very unique.

Becky on

Cute baby girl..Don’t care for her name, but to each there own.. I thought he was all gaga over her, why would he cheat on her?

emily on

Nikki- A small baby does not equal C-section. There are maaaany factors. Unfortunately, if Kendra had a previous C-section many hospitals/doctors can actually refuse to let you even try for a VBAC. I am in the same boat, but luckily have found a doctor and hospital who are open to letting mothers try to avoid a second C-section.

emily on

I meant to say ” A small baby does not equal vaginal delivery”!

emily on

Mel- you should shop around for a different doctor. That’s a scare tactic they use to push people into C-sections. You wont grow a baby bigger than you can birth.

angie on

It’s little difficult to pronounce the name Alijah though it’s a very lovely name, congrats them for the new addition.

Jennifer on

Congratulations!! Beautiful Family ❤

Marie on

Why is dad’s head shaved but big sister there hasn’t had a haircut since birth?

Marie on

Why does she keep having c-sections? Is it so her husband feels or sees no changes?

dd on

looks like she is doing a good job raising a nice little family, congrats!

Kimberly on

Adorable kids!!! 🙂

teha on

Beautiful family!!

Viv on

Beautiful family!