Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Expecting Second Child

06/23/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Kristen Bell Pregnant Expecting Second Child Dax Shepard Frank Micelotta/Picturegroup

There’s another baby on the way for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

“I can confirm that Kristen and Dax are expecting their second child and a sibling for Lincoln,” a rep confirms to PEOPLE. “The whole family is beyond excited.”

The House of Lies and Veronica Mars star told PEOPLE last week how much she’s enjoying her daughter, now 15 months.

“She’s delicious. It’s such a fun age,” Bell, 33, says. “I feel like having a toddler is exhausting and extremely rewarding — and far more rewarding than exhausting.”

As much as they enjoying talking about their child’s latest milestones, the actress and Shepard, 39, who wed last October after a three-year engagement, plan to keep photos of Lincoln and her sibling private — a cause Bell and the Parenthood star championed earlier this year.

“Our daughter is not a public figure. We chose to be, we volunteered to be in this business and she did not,” she explains. “I feel it’s very important and my number one job as a mother to protect what her interests might be. She might grow up to be very shy and she might not want her picture anywhere. This lifestyle might make her very uncomfortable and I think it’s my duty to protect that.”

Entertainment Tonight was first to report the happy news.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Mary Margaret

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KL on

yay!!! more babies! He is just not really a looker, but she is beautiful.. good for them!

Rae on

Happy for them!

Anonymous on


Ayisha From Brooklyn on

@KL. Why don’t you offer up your picture? I would love to see how you look. Congratulations to the couple I really love them together.

gracie on

I love this couple…they are so real and seem to have so much fun together. Congrats and blessings!

Amzngds on

Congrats!!!! So happy for them. They are a wonderful down to earth couple and love there explanation of why they don’t want pics of there little girl.

merry on

Aw, what a great news. They seem like a really nice couple, down to earth, funny and smart. And the name Lincoln for a girl is still one of my favourites in a very long time.

Guest on

Nice to see a celebrity focus more on their child instead of dollar signs to sell their pics, etc. I understand the paps snap pics & the parents have no control sometimes but the ones who put their kids on blast for the whole world to see need to stop. Their kids deserve to have a normal childhood.

Molly on

@Guest I commend Kristen and Dax for taking a stand over kids not being photographed. It’s none of our business to know what the kids do. The papa need t stay away from celebrity kids. They didn’t ask to be in the spotlight.
I’m so happy for Kristen and Dax. They’re a great couple.

veggiemama on

Well spoken. They chose a public lifestyle, but they have every right to privacy for their children. Papparazi know no boundaries and need to learn some. Wonderful couple with clear priorities for children’s wellbeing.

JosieJ on

TERRIFIC! Kristen and Dax are one of my favorite celebrity couples! They seem like they just have lots of fun together!

Kim on

I love Kristen Bell!!!

Callie on

Another spawn conceived. Maybe they’ll name this one Abe

Stephanie on

You could totally tell in the beach pic they just posted of her! She was trying to hid her belly but I knew she looked preggo again. Congrats to them!

emma on

I am glad that, as parents they have decided to protect their daughter. The average celebrity could learn a thing or two about privacy and what it means.

And Kristen is right, she and her husband picked this life, their daughter and soon-to-be son or daughter did not, smart.

Congratulations to the couple.

Willie Jorbert on

That’s just so totally wrong that Veronica Mars is so far over the hill that’s she’s married and producing children. Where did all the time go?

Kat on

Stephanie – the yellow bikini picture was originally from March. It was just a bad angle while twisting to smooth out her bathing suit bottom.

Most of her pictures from June (at the CMTs) show a slimmer waist line, so she really isn’t showing much yet.

Danielle on


Marge on

GuestE- isn’t it creepy when men take pictures of random kids playing in parks or just walking around? Why are celeb’s kids any different? I agree with them. They signed up for this, not their child.

cynsation on

I’m confused! If they’re so adamant about their children’s privacy and not wanting them photographed then why announce your pregnancy to the media? Don’t pose for pregnancy photos because your unborn child may not want to be photographed!

Lisa on

I have such huge admiration for how they choose to keep their child out of the public eye. Congrats to them!!

Jennifer on

I find it hilarious that so many hypocrites here go on and on about how horrible the paps are for snapping pics of Celebrity’s children while posting their outrage on a site called ‘CELEBRITY BABY BLOG.’ Really, you all can’t be that idiotic, can you?

Tiffany on

Seems like she just had her little one but I guess it’s been longer than I thought. Glad they are expanding their family.

Ivy. on

Aw, sweet! They seem like they work so well together.

Monika on

Nobody cares and they don’t want anyone to care

Moi on

Great, now we’ll have to listen to them drone on about how they dont want any pictures taken of it..like anyone cares about these 2 nothings….

zab on

Hiiiiiiiiii! So happy for them!!! They seems like such grouned, fun happy poeple and to take a stand like that concerning the privacy of their daughter, Yé! Thrilled!!! And KL, I hope you’re cute cause that was a MEAN comment. (Should watch Parenthood, you’d learn a thing or two….)

Michael on

I am so thrilled for them!!!!!

Annie on

My fave show is Parenthood!
I cry every time I watch it ❤️

Becky on

@Molly, guess reading and comprehending what is said isn’t something you learned in school is it?

Jay on

I applaud them for the stance they have taken on protecting their child. Congrats to them on their great news!!

SHT on

Congrats!!! I really like this couple. They seem so down to earth.

meg on

So refreshing to see a couple NOT exploiting their child for money and publicity! Yay for good parenting!!

Janine on

I love this couple! So happy for them!

cali on

It’s good for them that they choose not to have their daughter photographed, but they shouldn’t shame the celebrity parents who DO choose to have arrangements with the photo agencies or the websites who share them.

Lilyflower on


Kat on

@cali – re your comment how this couple shouldn’t “shame” other celebrity couples who choose to have their children in the spotlight, they don’t “feel shame” so it won’t matter to the Kardashians, just an example. Kim K showed the first picture on her mom’s now-defunct talk show. But Brad and Angelina sell pictures and donate that money. So two very different reasons for doing it. Love Dax and Kristen!

Ella on

I think these two are now officially my favorite Hollywood couple. Don’t have anything bad to say about them. From the show Dax is on, through Kristen’s hysterically funny sloth reaction, to the sober and thoughtful decision to keep the life of their child(ren) private, as it should be. With genes and values like this, may they keep reproducing…

Anonymous on

Congratulations! So happy for the Shephard family.
Tons of respect on protecting childrens privacy.

xtexas on

So you don’t want to share pics of your kid – that’s great and totally your prerogative. But please stop telling the media about your next offspring and expecting everyone to be happy for you. Keep it to yourself like you are with your first kid!

maryhelenc on

Awwww! How great for them!

I love that they are keeping Lincoln out of the spotlight. Good for them for thinking of & respecting her right to privacy.

Amy Delaney on

I think they’re hiding from the cameras for a reason! Who doesn’t like showing off their beautiful kiddos, but what do you expect from a chick that was more concerned about her dogs than bonding with her baby…Dax should get snipped and Kristen should have her tubes tied..

suzy diamond on

Why are they announcing it to the media that they hate so much? Double edge sword?

huntermarie4 on

If it’s a girl, are they going to name her “Mary Sunshine”? LoL Reefer Madness reference Congrats to Kristen and Dax👶👶👶👶

jckfmsincty on

If they have a boy, I hope they don’t give him a girl’s name.

Anonymous on

When I saw this was the top story I literally gasped!
So happy for them. 😀

Karen on

loved him on Punk’d

bitsy on

So happy for them. I love this couple so much!

Tay on

Dax is a very good actor, congrats to them!

Kat on

Bella – For years celebrity children where left alone until they were 18, and in many countries there are laws that protect minors from being photographed. Children are there own people, with their own rights, and the public has no rights to a minor. A celebrity should not have to skip having children because the public feels some sick ownership over them. By the time most of these kids hit 18, their parent’s star will have dimmed, so they are not going to be damaged by sudden mega attention.

Also maybe less forced attention as a minor will give these kids a chance to become who they are without scrutiny, and then fare a lot better with adulthood as a whole.

Tina on

If they want to keep the media away from their children, why announce to the media that they’re expecting a baby? Are they really that famous that it’s a big concern? Although I do applaud their quest to allow their children to lead a normal life.

anabelbella on

I understand a persons want for a child’s privacy. That is a given. But, as emotional as her argument is, it is really flawed. YES. Her child may not choose the lifestyle. Her child might not choose to have her photograph taken…but these are things that her parents are choosing for her, as much as they don’t want to admit it. My best friend went to 12 different schools before she was in high school, because her dad was in the Army. She didn’t CHOOSE that. She was shy, too. She didn’t want to have to change schools and make new friends so much, but that was a byproduct of her father’s vocation. My dad was a firefighter, and he had friends who died fighting fires. They had kids. Their kids didn’t choose for that lifestyle, either. As noble a their cause is as parents, Dax and Kristen need to understand that THEY are choosing this for their kids. They know there are paps. They know they are living in that world where people are trying to photograph them. These are absolutes in our society at the moment. Saying that your child doesn’t choose this, as noble as a statement it is, is right– but it’s bad logic to argue it. Unless actions support it, it is all lip service. If you want no one to take photos of your child, then move to Idaho and become a potato farmer or choose a more innocuous vocation. Our parents do/did things that might be drawbacks to us as their children…but honestly…it is a reality of life that we need/needed to live with unless our parents choose circumstances that are/were more amenable to us as minor children. That really is the bottom line.

Marlboro Mann on

If you saw them on the late shows complaining about the Papparazzi, you will notice that Bell did most of the talking while Dax sat there like a wimp. The truth is that she is his meal ticket. It’s his job to shut up, let her speak and make her pregnant. She is worth a lot more that he is and she calls all the shots.

Guest on

They announce their babies, but do not want us to see how gorgeous they are. Very silly. There’s no danger for them to share a picture or two. People are naturally curious. We are all in love with Hollyweird bebes!

lovely123 on

Dax can multi-task! Beer and Babe in one hand!!!! Love it!!!!

Anonymous on

Bella- Please don’t spread mis-information. Technically, yes, so-called “permanent” birth control can be reversed. However, doing so is very difficult (and in some cases, such as with the essure procedure for women or certain types of tubals, impossible) and success is far from guaranteed. Not to mention that the sheer cost (which insurance doesn’t cover, if memory serves) prevents it from being an option for a lot of couples.

Bottomline: There’s a reason why doctors urge couples not to undergo permanent birth control unless they are 100 percent certain they don’t want kids (or are willing to adopt if they change their minds down the road)!

Anyway, congrats to the family!

sandy on

I love these two

Charli on

I didn’t realize their baby was 15 months. Where did the time go? God bless and congrats to the happy family!

Anonymous on

Congrats to Dax and Kristen, so happy for them, great people.

Kestrel on

I don’t watch either of their shows but I’ve read her interviews and agree with her stance. It is common practice in Europe and should be in America as well.
People like Brad and Angelina will never escape pictures being taken of their kids. They like to travel the world, go out for ice cream, etc. I think they’re doing what they feel is best: teaching their kids to ignore the paps. With that being said, they got a ton of money for pics of the babies and gave it to charity. Most people do it for nothing less than the desire to share which is their choice. That’s what it’s about: choosing within your family what is best. We are all entitled to that.