Kim Kardashian Shares Sweet Photo of Daughter North Blowing Out Birthday Candle

06/23/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

North West sure is living the “good life.

Not only did her parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West throw her an over-the-top festival-inspired 1st birthday bash (dubbed “Kidchella” of course!), but the now 1-year-old also has enviable style.

After sharing several behind-the-scenes snapshots of the party, Kardashian posted an adorable photo on Instagram of her little girl (in a cute fringe brown dress and floral crown) blowing out the candle on her rainbow birthday cake.

“Our baby girl’s 1st birthday party! #kidchella,” wrote the proud mom.

In the pic, West gazes fondly at both his wife and daughter and grandma Kris Jenner stands in the background with other guests.

Kim Kardashian Instagram North West Birthday Blowing Out CandleCourtesy Kim Kardashian

According to a source, two kid-friendly bands performed at the fun-filled party. Guests also noshed on churros, funnel cake, snow cones and cotton candy, as well as enjoyed glow sticks, a tie-dye craft station, hair-braiding and face painting.

Kardashian didn’t waste any time posting a full look at North’s birthday outfit, which also included Joyfolie’s Jayla gladiator sandals in dark brown leather.

Thanks to her, we now know what we’re wearing to our next outdoor music festival. #northweststyleinspiration

— Zakiya Jamal

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Showing 129 comments

Truthfinder on

C-O-L-O-R!! Please put some in her wardrobe. She’s a little baby girl, so cute, so sweet…she need NOT be chic!

Sarah S. on

Poor thing always looks so traumatized in front of all those cameras; and it’s no wonder.

Anonymous on

Another ugly celebrity baby. You can tell how much work the parents have had done by how ugly their kids are.

tea7 on

Honestly that little girl never looks happy, candids or razzie pics, she always looks confused/scared, or like she is with strangers when she is with family…

Bhavana on

Once again this child looks unhappy. Surely there are pictures of her smiling. Don’t let her be like her unhappy daddy – never smiling for the camera.

guest on

I feel sorry for Nori. Her parents are fake!

Guest53 on


LC on

She is so adorable!

guest on

oh great, they dressed her like a stripper

Fameflamers on

Kim threw herself an extravagant Indian themed party and pretended it was for one year old Nori.

Anonymous on

She’s a cute baby girl but I feel so sorry for her with those strangers she has to call Mommy & Daddy.

Melissa on

Um, the title of this should read “North West stares off into space past birthday cake.”

yasemina on

I’m not a huge fan of really girly looks on babies, but it couldn’t hurt to put her in a pink tutu with pearls just once, could it? If pink is shunned because they want to be different, how about some green and blue pastels? I just feel so sorry for this baby. She’s a girl, but you wouldn’t know it from the photos. And this brown is an upgrade from her usual boring grey sweats and black onesies, but it still isn’t flattering.

flip on

Good grief, that child looks so perplexed, as always! The Indian theme is absurd, and so is the baby’s outfit! Stripper clothes at barely one year of age! These people just get more bizarre, and classless each and every day. God help this poor little girl.

Ashley on

In my opinion, she is just not a very cute baby….and is never smiling. I guess I wouldn’t be too happy either, if I were in her situation.

fatalreview on

party obviously NOT for the kid-and she is just trying yet again to get away from that crazy lady who keeps shoving her in front of the cameras every time she picks her up and wants her nanny

Melany on

Beautiful family, congratulations =D

Tina on

Uh oh, I think the baby is starting to look like Kanye!

Sammi on

We get it already….it was the kid’s birthday. Stop shoving her in our faces! And stop accepting money from these two to run stories every day.

Anonymous on

Poor kid looks like she is trying to find her nanny.

valeskas on

The baby looks so confused , she never smiles. Too many people around her.

Sal on

Stop with this bday. It’s over

jm22 on

She isn’t even looking at the cake – she is looking at whoever is standing behind it (probably a nanny) and she is leaning away from Kim. It’s very sad – all the money and $100,000 birthday parties in the world can’t buy what this child needs – PARENTS! I can’t stand these pretentious freaks but that little girl is too precious to be used as a prop every time they want to show her off.

sam on

This is an sweet picture. Both parents are looking at their child with love and adoration. Sorry, you can’t fake those smiles. The baby is adorable, probably overwhelmed or tired, which is quite normal when lots is going on.

You people saying to put her in pink etc., would be saying something like, ‘oh look North is fancied up like a princess again just so Kim can show off.” Can’t win.


who is this strange person holding me?


who is this strange person holding me? she wonders

Lolo on

Cute cake.

floormodel on

that kiddo isn’t blowing out candles, she’s looking for a familiar face…the nanny.

Carrie M on

Precious baby, nimrod parents!!

tobe on

Cute baby. Too bad she can’t ditch her narcissistic parents!

Sherri on

This kid and family have no idea how lucky they are. I sure hope they appreciate everything they have. I have to work 50+ hours a week manual labor just to put food on the table and keep the bills paid.

Jill on

I agree – that poor baby always looks distressed. And can Kim please put something comfortable on! Everything she wears looks like it is poured on her

Becky on

Good to see her parents could make it to her bday party.

ELC on

Wow!They took out North for this one family picture so they can show them as a “family.” Sadly, she has these two photo hoggers as parents-its always all about them. This whole thing was fake…they would have been better off making it a small family and friend affair. North looks unhappy-now that’s what a child should look like at her 1st b’day-not smiling and miserable.

bitsy on

@Truthfinder – you took the words right out of my mouth!! I would have figured for her birthday maybe they would put her in something other than black/grey/tan……..Poor little thing.

Becky on

I like the dress and shoes, but as always, that poor baby looks miserable..And that cake? WTH? That things looks like it was thrown up by someone..

Guest on

She is a cute baby. Have you ever known a 1 year old to be happy at their own party? No, they don’t like all the attention and really don’t understand it is about them.

Liz on

You people are soo mean and jealous. She is a beautiful little girl.

beachbum on

I swear its not often that I EVER see a happy black baby. Why is that? I’m not saying this being racist etc I’m just stating a fact. When I go to the store you can bet at some point there will be a squalling black kids in the store with snot rolling all down their face and the mom telling them to shut up. Same goes anywhere else I go. Seems there is no happiness in their bodies at all and I don’t get it.

boohoobytch on

FAIL – kid looks terrified as usual…poor baby is wondering #1 – who’s holding her and #2 – where her [real mommy] nanny is

boohoobytch on


J on

This is a beautiful child who is not responsible for her parents decisions. The party is for friends, family… oh, yeah… and for show and the cameras. She’s only one for Christ’s sake! She’ll never remember all the craziness!

bkable on

I just read the story about Kristen Bell expecting and her comment about how she and Dax volunteered for celebrity life but her kids didn’t rings sooooo true with these two!
I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything different from Kim and Kanye but, for someone who is so protective of her baby being on the TV show, she sure has no shame posting pics of her on instagram. I really wish she would just let North grow up and, if she chooses to be on TV, then so be it.

me on

@anonymous,the baby isn’t ugly. Grown women who call babies ugly are very sad.

NW Mama on

That cute little girl never looks happy when she is in her parents arms. Take her out of the spotlight and let her grow up with the Nannies who actually care about the baby girl’s well being. Her parents are just using her as a prop for their moment in the spotlight.

alex on

Kim will do anything to get in a photo and would sell her daughters soul too. Who cares if she is blowing out candles and one year old do not blow – they spit…… so she is not blowing out her candles. Can we move on from Kim and her husband and family – im sure there is others things in this world that could use attention and deserve it.

Linz on

Nice, they exploit this child every chance they get. Parents of the year, right there.

peggle on

if you choose to see only negativity, you will surly find it.

Kristin on

Maybe if the nanny was standing across the table facing the baby she would have smiled for this picture.

linda on

These people should go into their house and stay there, especially kanye. He is so full of himself. He is not that important at all. Just tired of them both and the whole K family. Take them off all channels for good

Marie Inneo on

Before a child walks, shoes are pointless. These ridiculous sandals border on cruelty! Who does that to a child?

barbinop on

The lady in the purple pants suit looks like Aunt Edna from the Chevy Chase movie where the family was heading to California and picked her up along the way from “Cousin Eddie”. Cant think of the ladies name who played her.

veggiemama on

Amazing her jet setting parents recognized her!

Guest on

Ooh very cute picture!

Kelly on

Boy, you people are jealous..

Tarot1 on

Blowing out her candle? She looks to me to be looking for a familiar face even though she is in her mother’s arms, her father next to her and her grandma and great grandma are close by taking pictures.

Jess on

That’s a sweet ‘picture featuring four generations of Kardashians. The old woman taking the picture with her cellphone is Kim’s grandmother. And of course, Kim’s mom is standing next to her.

Guest on

The cake is very pretty.

livia08 on

Agree about the color and where are her first cousins- the other young children? Weird.

Such a photo op. Imagine how much work went into posting this photo as they stated how they worked feverishly to get the wedding kiss out perfectly.

Gina on

Unfortunately, she is starting to look like Kanye.

ann on

I don’t think people should assume anything about Nori based off how she is acting in this pic. My daughter is normally quite happy and smiling but was intimidated by the number of people surrounding her at the time to blow out the candles. I am not a fan of them, but I don’t think this pic in and of itself says anything about how they are as parents.

Carolyn on

That poor child always has on the ugliest, most colorless clothes. But then, I think her mother’s clothes are flat out strange.

Nancy on

What? Did Kim grab the baby away from the Nanny just in time for the photo op? You just know she tossed that baby to the nearest person the second the camera was off her.

Beheard on

Love the expression of Mom and Dad’s face. They love their little girl! Sweet!

nettrice on

She’s a cute baby.

Deborah Lilley on

I hope they don’t train her to rely on her looks because that is one ugly baby. She always looks so worried. Poor thing.

Ana on

Now we know the writers at People are working for this family, trying to put a positive spin on their stories. I enlarged the photo….where do you see Kanye looking lovingly at his wife and child? I don’t see it. Must have been a hard day….they had to go on a date night the next evening (shocker).

Katie on

North always looks uncomfortable in every photograph where she’s with her parents. I think that demonstrates what little quality time she actually spends with them. It seems like she’s largely being raised by nannies while her parents jet-set all over the world on “vacations.” I’m not surprised, given how narcissistic this poor child’s parents are.

Anonymous on

I’m sorry that is one ugly baby. I feel so bad for her with her fake fame whore parents. That child is so traumatized already. She probably wants her nanny instead of them. Somebody please call CPS.

Debbie on

NW never smiles, and the dress is ugly. Rarely see all 3 together.

LIsa U on

She is NEVER in Color, lol. the cutest thing about this is that its clear that by the time the cake cutting came the sandals were off…like any 1 year old.

Witney on

She looks sooo black

LIsa U on

@beachbum Shame on you for saying that. If you don’t see any happy black babies EVER…You not seeing enough of them. Sad Sad Sad. What a terrible comment.


I see a beautiful baby and a happy family celebrating her first birthday. Seriously, people, what the HELL is wrong with you?

Shell on

The birthday outfit was stupid. I feel sorry for her – she is always on display and looks so miserable; or maybe she just looks like her father.

alana on

Poor little rich girl. She will have everything money can buy and nothing that it can’t…

ElsieMayClampett on

What is Barney (the purple dinosaur) doing at this birthday party wearing those weird sunglasses? Yikes!

ML on

Its honestly hard to call North West a cute baby because she always looks so miserable.

Anonymous on

That poor baby always looks pissed!!!

Anonymous on

When is this kid not going to be used as a photo op??????

Chris jaymes on

That poo baby always looks pissed!

Anna M on

This baby never smiles or is laughing. Hmmmm…..never see this baby in any sweet colors other than white, neutral, grey or black. So sad. A baby that does not smile and laugh says a lot.

Holly on

I appreciate how kid-friendly this party seemed to be. More about the kids than the parents. But a little (read: lot) over the top… again. She’s 1. She’ll never remember.

Janet697 on

surprise K&K actually were at their own childs birthday. Is poor little North ever going to be dressed like a pretty little girl in a girlie party dress or is she doomed to wear dowdy looking trashy look outfits. Part of the joy of little girls is having ribbons and bows and ruffles in pretty colors like pink,yellow, lilac and all the many other pretty colors on the pallettte.

ar on

It looks like North is reaching for her nanny off camera — not blowing out the candles

Cherylp on

I love seeing people complain that she’s never photographed with them (clearly proving that she’s never with her parents) and then complain that she’s being used as a photo op. Which is it?

Deb on

I’m not a fan of the untalented sex tape empire but sometimes people forget RICH people tend to do things differently than us regular folks!!! hahahaha Yes sometimes Kim treats this child like a Barbie doll but I made mistakes as a first time mother as well. I pray God watches over this angel! I agree this was for the ADULTS fantasies!

rimbadg on

Please, please, put some frill and pink on this little one! Who in the he!! would put this indian outfit on a one year old little girls first birthday? Only a couple of idiots, that’s who!!!

SEM on

Poor thing looks just like her daddy…

Angie on

You ladies are simply ridiculous. You can’t tell what she is feeling from a single picture. And, there is a LOT going on, she’s probably just looking around at everything. If we were to analyze your kids’ pictures then I’m sure plenty of people would have a ton of cruel things to say about you too. Just stop assuming. You’re only making fools out of yourself.

ReenzW on

Jesus Christ. What is it with people hiding behind the Internet to send negative comments? Bitter much.
Lovely photo.

mamascarlett on

Ok, to me this tells it all…
No WAY would a mom that is actually a hands on mom, holding their kid, chasing after them, wiping off cake and runny noses, WEAR a white dress like that to an outdoor toddler’s party.
No way.

KL on

aww she is very cute!! and her cake looks soo yummy!!!

Jojo on

Just stupid; all of it and all of them.

Georgia on

At least she had the common sense to take those awful sandals off her sweet baby’s feet so she didn’t have to be uncomfortable for the sake of style. I swear. This duo is gonna damage this little girl with all their pre-conceived notions of how she should be and what they want their photo album to reflect. #MoneyCan’tBuyCommonSense

nydelphiagirl on

Wow, some hateful people in here. Love how bold some people get when they are behind a keyboard. Bet none of you would have the guts to tell someone to their faces that their baby was ugly. Scared for humanity.

KB on

@beachbum – Your comment was rather disgusting. I have seen babies of all races that are crying, have yucky noses, and unhappy at times. As the mother of a “black” baby, I can proudly say that people constantly remarked at how happy my son was. 9 years later, he is still a VERY happy, well rounded child. I’m not sure what part of the world you are from, but don’t judge an entire race on a few observations that you have made. Shame on you!

Blue on

Gorgeous little girl!!! Cute outfit too.

Tanya on

GAG!! Just go away already…

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

What are they going to do when the kid turns 2?

Jessica on

She looks so adorable, I love that outfit!

ana on

Of course she never smiles.
She’s like that moron she has as a father.

ag on

north looks like one of kim’s accessories. smh.

Mommytoane on

All this over the top, adult fun for an infant? Stupid if you ask me. Corse no one is asking me but that is beside the point. I can understand having a few baby themed things, like a little ball pit or a baby pool, but a ferris wheel that would be dangerous for an infant is stupid. Just goes to show you that Kim isn’t about making things great for her daughter, she’s about making things great for herself. Selfish people like Kim shouldn’t have children.

Kestrel on

I don’t think she is homely. The UGLIEST CELEBRITY BABY goes to Mariah’s twins – especially the boy. His forehead is downright caveman-ish. Poor North is saddled with Kanye’s ego which is like a whole other parent. I will say that I LOVE how she isn’t swathed in pink. I find that so grating and immature. Children have dollies, adults have babies.

Jessica on

The hate for the Kardashians is getting as annoying as they are. Honestly, do you people realize how creepy and obsessive your hate for them comes off? I mean, criticizing every little tiny thing they do. It’s just so weird to me. I’m definitely not a Kim fan, I think she’s annoying but these are some seriously devoted, over analyzing haters.. She wore a white dress, big whoop, and somebody in the comments is actually using that as proof she’s not a good mom? It’s just ridiculous.

sharyn on


sickofher on

Wow?! So many mean and crude comments over a little’s baby’s birthday picture with her parents. It’s sad how cruel people can be- especially those that don’t know the parents, baby, or the baby’s nanny. I guess all of them have some cool super power that they can decipher what the baby is thinking by simply looking at a picture. OOOHH…can you share your secret so that others can actually DO GOOD with it. Instead of spitting such hostility.

Fatima on

I guess fairy princess birthday parties are so over done. “seriously” they could have picked a much better theme.

RachelD on

What is wrong with you people??? I am not a fan of Kim/Kanye or whatever, but its a kid. I’ve been photographing kids for a while and getting them to look at the camera AND smile? Forget it. The photographer probably took some candid pics and this is what happened. I like it better than if they all were posed.

You people DO realize that there are people who actually abuse and neglect their kids, right? And you’re bitching because this baby is wearing brown???

Jan on

How very sad. An over the top birthday party for a 1 yr. old infant. All this hoopla means nothing to her. What about all the children in the world that don’t have enough to eat or nothing to wear but rags? Please!!! Shame on them for this spectacle. Exactly, what is there claim to fame?? I could not begin to tell you a title of any of Kanye’s songs and my husband even asked me when he heard about this party …what exactly makes that Kim a celeb?? I wish they would all drift back into obscurity. The baby is precious like all babies are and she deserves to be a baby.

Bozgal on

Looks like she got a spray tan to match North’s skin tone exactly. Never sen Kim so dark, too weird

June on

No matter what anyone says, it doesn’t change the fact that they are rich, cute family living life on the first lane and obviously happy – We can’t stop to read about them now can we? That’s why you are all here commenting. Kanye family, all the best to your very beautifu little girl. I am sure you are great parents too.

Debevoise on

Has this kid ever smiled? Looked happy?

Anonymous on

She’s not blowing her candle out, she looks confused. Unlike her mother, she’s obviously not comfortable blowing for the camera.

Kelly M. on

North isn’t blowing her candle out, she looks confused. Unlike her mother, it looks like North is not comfortable blowing for the camera.

Ann on

North is only ONE year so what was up with that tacky outfit and shoes this child had on? Poor thing! No wonder she rarely is seen smiling………Kanye needs to buy his baby some cute LITTLE girl outfits as its obvious Kim has no taste in clothes…..

FelicityJune on

sweet photo???? Where is that sweet? I see a miserable one year old that was squeezed in a ridiculous outfit to please her attention wh@ring parents!! Poor baby, there is nothing sweet about her life at this point.

sandy on

Kim thank you for sharing this beautiful picture of your family…Your baby is soooooo cute.Please pay no attention to all the fancy nancys on here.You both look like loving parents in everything you do for your daughter.

guest on

Kelly M., LMAO. Bozgal~ Apparently Kim doesn’t want to be the one in the picture who doesn’t fit in. Ugly cake! Certainly not a children’s cake.

guest on

KellyM, LMAO. Bozgal, Kim probably just doesn’t want to be the one different in the happy little family.

Diana Sanchez on

Cute baby! Happy birthday little one!

heather on

those gladiator sandals look so practical, so much that North isn’t even wearing them.

Sara on

Ahh that’s so sweet.

Paula on

Wow they took time away from their how many weeks of honeymoon to remember their daughter’s birthday? Granted they have the money to give her anything she wants but it’s too bad time and attention don’t cost money!

Carol Sullivan on

Kris Jenner looks very interested. She is probably texting…

Randi on

Good grief People, have some dignity. I swear this magazine is on the Kardashian bank roll or something, we have been hearing about a 1 year old’s birthday party for a week now.

Una on

I think all of you have something negative to say about a baby should be ashamed of yourselves. Regardless of who her parents are, She is still just a baby. If someone said these awful things about your baby you would be ready to fight. I think you should all subscribe to the theory that if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. Ijs.

Lydia on

Awwww….Such an adorable baby!! Haters can go on hating……frustrated and miserable dt they are