Hayden Panettiere Bares Her Bump in a Crop Top

06/23/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Hayden Panettiere Pregnant Bump Photo ItalyAKM-GSI

In the spirit of summer, Hayden Panettiere showed off a little skin — and some serious bump.

On Saturday, the mom-to-be, 24, flashed her growing belly in a loose navy crop top and matching harem pants while walking around Porto Cervo, Italy, with fiancé Wladimir Klitschko, 38.

And she couldn’t be any cuter. We’re already loving her laid-back yet chic maternity style.

The couple, who announced their engagement in October, put their wedding plans on hold because of unrest in Klitschko’s native country, Ukraine. (Maybe now they can incorporate their little one into their ceremony!)

Even though the Nashville star has yet to confirm her pregnancy, she previously hinted at her plans to start a family of her own.

“I’ve lived a very big life, and I don’t feel my age,” Panettiere told Glamour. “I feel like I was born to be a mother.”

Zakiya Jamal

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Showing 55 comments

Andrea on

Nothing attractive about a baby bump! She’s too young to be popping out kids. The age difference between her and her fiancé is pretty gross.

bkable on

OMG! This baby will be so cute!! Can’t wait to see it :):)

Judy on

She looks cute!

April on

What do you mean she’s too young?! She’s 24 years old and financially able to take care of her child. Their age difference isn’t gross and there’s nothing wrong with a baby bump. You need get a life.

Dooley on

She is adorable…….bless them…..and their baby…they seem very happy and that is great !

Kaely on

Andrea-you sound pretty immature. Shes 24, pretty sure shes old enough to “pop out kids”.

Kim on

I can’t wait to see pictures of her after the baby is born. She’s very petite and most petite women gain alot of weight after the birth of a child.

Sally on

Andrea, you’re an idiot. I had my first baby at 23 with my husband who is 13 years older than me. Six years later, we have two beautiful girls and an awesome marriage. Haters gonna hate…

SLR83 on

Too young???? I was 24 when it had my first child and did just fine thank you very much! I hate this culture we now live in that if you aren’t in your late 30’s you can’t possibly be ready for children. Question – how old were our mothers and our mothers mothers when they had us?

You sound like a bit bitter.

Her and her fiancé are gorgeous but my goodness she might need an epidural if the baby takes after Daddy!!!

Akita on

She needs to “confirm pregnancy”….I like that dumb journalism.
If she is not pregnant where is the belly coming from?…Too much watermelon? lol!

esi on

I cannot imagine she can bear and deliver a child who has his genes… he is huge and she is so tiny!

boohoobytch on

congrats…methinks that baby will be 2.5 ft at birth LOL

Erika on

I’ve had two kids and I can assure you… they don’t just “pop” out. Who cares. It’s no one’s business but theirs anyway.

Heather on

People like Andrea just say sh*t so that they can get attention with everyone commenting on their comment.

Laura on

Big deal!

Anonymous on

She’s cute. She’ll be glad being a young mom.

Anonymous on

go away haters, she is too cute for words and he is uber handsome. and he is one of the best boxers on the circuit today!! wish them the best!! as for her body afterwards, i bet she puts you to shame kim.

heather on

“She’s very petite and most petite women gain alot of weight after the birth of a child.”

Kim, is that your professional opinion? That could be one of the most absurd things I’ve seen on here, and that’s saying a lot.

Katie on

I wonder if some celebrities show off the belly so they don’t get rumors like Beyoncé did about never being pregnant.

NW Mama on

Kim, that is absurd, I was 5’2″ 98lbs prior to having my kids (8lb.3oz, 9lb.3oz) and I was back to my weight after 3 months of having them. So I don’t know where you get your Information from, but it is not true.
note to Andrea, your gross for making such a bitter statement.

Love has no age boundaries when your an adult.

Luca on

These two won’t last. He’s way too old for her and too big! Lol. This reminds me of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

tammy on

I think she looks adorable 🙂

Ally on

She’s adorable, and I love them as a couple. But that outfit is not a good look. It’s the harem pants that bug me.

Tiffany on

Andrea- There is no set age for women to have children. There can be mature young 20 year olds and immature 30 year olds. You sound pretty immature yourself so please don’t have any kids, probably ever.

Ann on

YAY!!! another baby bump……..

Lynn on

Not a fan of this crop top look. And the pants are hideous. I knew Kerry Washington was starting a terrible trend.

Hea on

Andrea – She’s too young?! She’s 24! And what is so gross about their age difference?

Luca – So his height and size will make or break their relationship..? You don’t think they’ve ruled that out after, what, 5 years?

Anonymous on

Adorable. Life is beautiful. Don’t know why this is offensive to some.

melissa on

my husband and I are 10 yrs apart in age what is so gross???? I mean I can see if she was 24 and he was 50+ yrs old then yes I would have to say it is a bit odd and maybe even “gross” some people just are not happy in life unless they are belittling and judging others! & what is the “right” age to start having kids???? I was 24 the day my daughter was born! again people need to worry about what they have going on before passing judgment!

Anonymous on

Why all the hate on Andrea? She has a right to her opinion as you do yours!

Personally I think she’s pretty normal and well balanced, but that age difference is a HUGE one… more of a reflection of him.. Ladies, he’s almost 40 and she’s not even Mid-20s! That speaks volumes of him. Again nothing on her or that cute baby but his brother seems to be a smarter one.

Paula on

I was 24 when I had my first child and I think it’s a perfect age. Hate to see what you have to say about the 16 and Pregnant show Andrea if you think 24 is too young. I am happy for these two! They will make great parents, even if there is an age gap, which I don’t see what the big deal is about!

Lisa on

Ajah, uh, Hayden IS her father’s baby. Trolling FAIL lol

Tay on

Ooh she is adorable!

Morgan on

Bwahaha ha, 24 too young?!? Seriously?!?! It seems these days people want to extend their teen years into their thirties! Grow up!!!

Morgan on

Oh, and btw, myself? Married at 17(no I wasn’t pregnant), had my first child at 21(10lbs 1oz, and I’m petite and bounced back), second child at 24(8lbs 14oz, another bounce back)and have been happily married 11 years. I don’t go out and party and get wasted, because that is NOT NEEDED!

The lifestyle people find so neccesary boggles my mind. “I have to get buzzed this weekend! I have to post this drunk selfie to my Instagram, the world NEEDS to know about this!” No. We really don’t. Grow up. Shape up.

Marky on

The age difference is no big deal…my prents were 16 and 27 when they married, but my mother was an “old” 16, who had been through a lot of difficulties that made her mature for her age in many ways. They were married for several years before they had their first child, and their marriage lasted 44 years until my father’s death. She was grieved beyond words to lose him then…. Good grief, some of you must have very immature criteria for a life partner, from the sound of things…..

D on

She got BIG fast!!! Just the other week, you really couldn’t tell…..wow and she’s got a long way to go!

Callie on

Didn’t even know she was pregnant. Congratulations!!! they make a beautiful couple and the baby will be gorgeous.

Andrea – SHUT UP you idiot!

anonymous on

Morgan, you forgot the part about your partner being significantly older 😉

Melissa on

Andrea – We are all entitled to our opinion… However, there is nothing wrong with the pregnant body! If more people embraced the beauty of it instead of criticizing women about it (and their bodies post-pregnancy) this word would be a lot better place. It is people that cyber-bully that is not attractive and gross.

Jessica on

She’s such a cutie. ❤

KC on

@Andrea Grow up! It’s not up to you when people have kids and the age difference of a couple. It’s up to them and not you

L on

They won’t last because he’s too big? Some of you people are truly ignorant and stupid……

Pal on

She is adorable but her dress is terrible, it’s too baggy for her.

klutzy_girl on

I just came for the comments, never fails to be a gong show. You do realize that you all look foolish for fighting with one another in the comment section of the internet, no? And coming from mothers, wow. Grow some thicker skin and don’t take offense to things that are not directly related to you or your life, contrary to what you may believe no one cares how tall you are, how much weight you gained, how old you were etc. This is a site about celebrity pregnancies and Moms, not for you to chime in with your personal stories. Sanctimommies at their finest 🙂

Martina on

Oh man, they are so cute! I am small and my husband is 6’4″ / 235 lb – the babies were big, and the pregnancies were kind of painful on my small hips. But whatever, nothing extraordinary. No unusual weight gain or anything like that. Hard to sleep at night, but that’s a problem for a lot of pregnant women. She’ll be fine!

KL on

Baby bumps are beautiful … Andrea!! so shut up, if you don’t want to see baby bumps why are you looking in the “babies” section of this magazine?!! and she is NOT too young!
I think she looks great!

otdina on

Andrea, 24 is definitely not too young to be having children, especially if you are financially stable the way she is. Heck, I would rather see her have kids than a 30 year old on welfare.

On the other hand, I think she is beautiful, and her fiance is pretty cute himself. I think the outfit is ridiculous though, and not flattering at all. Between that loosey goosey too short top, and that harem pants with the wide hips and the skinny ankles, it is just a hot mess.

VM on

I’m 5’2 , my husband is 6 ft and large, bigger than above. I was a little over what she weighs. I had three kids – 2 were 6 lbs 14 oz, and one 7 lbs 4 1/2 ounces. We are three months apart.

There are a lot of couples that are like this. As for age, so, some people like the age difference, and for some age is not a consideration.

I like her top, would like it a little longer, and the pants are cute. 🙂

nagymama30 on

Wow! Three sentences from “Andrea” and three snarky comments. Judgmental much? I feel sorry for you.

Fefe on

Congratulations to them! Bet they’ll have a beautiful baby!

4mom on

My husband is 6’6″ and I am 5’7″. Our first child 6 lb 14 oz, second 7 lb 12 oz, third 6 lb 9 oz and our fourth 8 lb 2 oz. My husband weighed over 9 pounds at birth and I weighed 7 lb 5 oz. Babies tend to take after their mothers when it comes to birth weight. She will be fine.

Carrow on

So she was born in 1990! God I feel old!

tia on

I was 19 when I “popped out a kid”. That child is now 19, going into his 2nd year of college, where he maintained Dean’s list and I couldn’t be more proud. Andrea is the perfect example of what’s wrong with the world; too many people always minding other people’s business! You sound very bitter; perhaps you should fix your life/psyche, before you try to pass judgment on anyone else!

Molly on

I agree with Andrea… I am really sick of woman baring their “bump” and wearing clinging spandex… Have some class and show less to the public!