David Tutera Celebrates Daughter Cielo’s First Birthday

06/23/2014 at 02:15 PM ET

David Tutera makes his living as an event planner, but he’s never had such an important client — his daughter.

“I’ve done events for celebrities and royalty around the world, and I just told my staff, ‘This is the most important event that I’ve ever had to host in my life,'” Tutera tells PEOPLE of putting together his daughter Cielo‘s first birthday party.

“I had a responsibility to make sure that it was unique, child-like and playful,” he says.

When choosing a theme for the special occasion, Tutera relied on his observations of his young daughter’s current obsessions: bubbles and bunnies.

“As a parent, you pay attention to what your child loves,” Tutera says of deciding on an Alice in Wonderland theme for the Sunday-afternoon fête, which was held in the backyard of his new, Los Angeles-area home. “It was a tea party, which is always great for adults and children.”

David Tutera Daughter Cielo First Birthday Party
Courtesy Kelsey S. McNeal Photography

Adult guests enjoyed a salad bar and themed cocktails — prepared by a mixologist — while the children were entertained by costumed actors, four bubble machines and a plethora of colorful balloons and beach balls.

“I wanted every adult to feel like a kid and every kid to feel like they were experiencing something they’d never seen before,” says Tutera. “Everyone said that they felt like they were on a 3-hour Disney ride.”

Among the 60 adult guests were Tutera’s family from the East Coast and Joey Toth, his partner of almost a year. But absent from the 11 children in attendance was Cielo’s twin brother, Cedric, who is being raised separately by Tutera’s ex-husbandRyan Jurica.

David Tutera Daughter Cielo First Birthday
Courtesy Kelsey S. McNeal Photography

“When the time is right, it will be talked about,” Tutera says of eventually explaining Cielo’s family history to her.

“And it’s a half-brother not a full brother. Who knows how many half-siblings she may have through surrogacy and egg donors? I think the more important thing is how she came into this world. She came into this world in a very scientific, unique and special way — and very, very loved.”

For now, Tutera wants his daughter to focus on enjoying being a 1-year-old. And that means more bunnies.

“Anywhere you go she wants to see a rabbit,” he says. “I loved collecting teddy bears and she could care less about a teddy bear. If it is a rabbit, she loves it.”

Tutera’s new show, David Tutera’s CELEBrations, premieres Aug. 1 on WEtv.

— Patrick Gomez

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Jen on

This child’s brother is not her “twin”. They have different genetics (different fathers), same egg donor, so it a half sibling as he says. Odd situation no doubt. Cute kid and nice looking party for her.

Izzie on

Wow, this guy is a major tool. That poor child will grow up resenting her “father” for what the sibling relationship he has denied her. Cue Lifetime movie…

evarector on

Yeah, I’m sure that she’s just going to smile and say “Oh, he’s only my HALF brother! That makes it all okay! Thanks, Dad!” Jerk.

me on

They are twins. They grew in the womb together and were born at the same time.

Stacy on

Kim Kartrashian could learn a thing or two from David on how to throw an appropriate party for a one year old. Much better idea than that ridiculous kidchella garbage.

KJ on

Even though they were born at the same time, they aren’t twins. More like womb mates.

Danielle on


Sherae on

He’s not her twin brother, they just happened to be born at the same time. HOWEVER, that is the exact kind of oddity that proves that this is NOT how God intended for the world to be. Hate me for saying it but this is NOT right or normal.

Tess on

This guy is a whack job keeping her from her brother, full or half it doesn’t matter. She will come to resent him when she learns the truth.

Johanna on

Half-siblings are siblings!It’s very sad how he puts his personal interest in first place, his daughter should be his priority N°1.

Callie on

He is sick! How one can justify separating a brother that she knew from birth and then not letting him in her life….he’s sick! This child should be taken away from him. This is just sick and sad and disturbing on every level.

Theresa on

Really?? I am the female of a set of fraternal twins (my twin is a male) we were separate eggs but he is still my twin. I couldn’t have imagined my life without my “other half”…and she should not be denied her right to a relationship with her “other half”.

Mom Of Twinz on

There was nothing wrong with Kim & Kayne’s daughters birthday party. They did what they wanted and David did what her wanted. If anything both parties were a bit much for a 1 year olds birthday. To each it’s own!

Bchgrl on

Beautiful theme party, too bad about the parents. Even, if it’s a half sib, it still matters. The baby is adorable, but David for the love of God, layoff the Botox and fillers. You are starting to look like an alien.

lifeasahouse on

FYI- twins conceived naturally can have different fathers. Rare, but possible. So would you say those babies are not twins either? A sad situation all around. Best of luck for happy, well adjusted kids.

Anonymous on

Its wrong to deny a child a relationship with any sibling, be it half or whole. Especially a child that feels like no one is like her and the whole time there is someone out there. What a horrible thing to do. You should NOT have any more children. You should adopt one not have one that you SPLIT from its sibling simply because you are a selfish tool that cant get along with the other parent like MOST parents do that split up!! GROW UP!!

Lisa-Marie Bourgeois on

Its wrong to deny a child a relationship with any sibling, be it half or whole. Especially a child that feels like no one is like her and the whole time there is someone out there. What a horrible thing to do. You should NOT have any more children. You should adopt one not have one that you SPLIT from its sibling simply because you are a selfish tool that cant get along with the other parent like MOST parents do that split up!! GROW UP!!

ncguest on

He’s a scumbag. Period.

maryhelenc on

I wish these two could get along well enough to coparent these kids. They planned to parent them together, so start parenting them together.

Huh? on

I just gave birth to fraternal boy/girl twins and I can assure you they are twins. They are bonded in a way no one, including me or their father, can compete with. To separate twins like Mr. Tutera and his ex have is morally wrong.

Susan on

Womb mates or twins…. what the heck difference does that make? What a class A jerk to do this to 2 innocent children.

CJ on

I don’t care for his attitude about his daughters’ twin brother. They are not “half” of anything. They are bothers & sister. I hate when adults act like spoiled brats when it comes to divorce. She isn’t his property. David and his former spouse “concieved” them in love and they should be treated that way. I hate for these babies to read what their father’s have said about them, and eachother, when they get older.

New Orleans on

First, it’s “couldn’t care less”. Could care less means, you care more!
And the other, very sad part of this story, children come to us in so many different ways. Adoption, surrogacy, fostering! I will not go on because you build a family, with children, through love.
Tutera, you are an A*s! Get over your issues with your Ex., grow up. The babies are fraternal twins, they developed from two separately fertilized ova! Shame on you!

kelly on

Tragic. Hope no one watches his show.

Jen on

Being in the same womb (womb mates) does not give you the same genetics. If you have different genetics, you are not twins. Same mother, same father=same gene pool and it means you are twins. If you have different parents, you are not twins. Yes, his explanation is bizarre and the whole situation is bizarre, but, they are not twins. Brother and sister, yes, twins NO. What he and his former husband do to rectify this situation is something else altogether.

Susan on

I thought the judge in the divorce case decided to let one child go with David and the other with his ex…..

LisaBonBon on

I have 2 half siblings and an adopted sibling- NEVER do I refer to them as half. They are my brother and sisters! These children were brought into this world with the intentions of being raised together, and whatever drama he has with his ex should be resolved at least to the extent of the children having a relationship.

Erin on

Adorable baby girl. I’ve missed seeing him on tv. So happy for him and his precious daughter.

FelicityJune on

I hate decadent people. I look at these two and want to puke. Who the hell does he think he is, to separate these siblings? Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo….you stay here and your brother will go??? Disgusting!!!

Katie on

The mother basically carried two separate eggs at the same time. They aren’t twins. Get over it. As long as both children are healthy, growing up safe and secure in loving homes with families, what does it really matter to you?

janie on

Happy Birthday sweet Cielo! So much more fun times ahead!

L on

Horrible situation, good luck explaining that to her when she’s older and her just being cool with it. What a jerk. Cute kid tho….

Amy on

Half brother or full brother, he’s still her brother and they still share a bond. Such a selfish attitude.

fayem1 on

I have a half brother we aren’t twins born seven years apart but I would be very angry if I found out he was kept from being in my life. This guy and his partner need to stop being diva’s and suck it up for the kids sake, her brother should have been at this party, the bonding should begin now sorry gay couples but that is the type of stuff you have to put up with if you want to marry and have children, this is the hard part and if you can’t do it, then don’t start down this path.

Tina on

I’m disappointed in David Tutera for not letting his daughter have a relationship with her brother (half or whole). He’s still her brother. Now, I’m a little confused. The brother is her twin but the ex-husband is the dad? So I guess Tutera and the ex both fertilized separate eggs, then both eggs were implanted in the surrogate? Anyway, they break up and you take your kid, I’ll keep mine. Not cool, David. They’re still siblings.

Nanci on

Have absolutely no respect for this man or his former husband. Could you not put aside whatever your differences are for the sake of these children? There are consequences ahead for both of you, and they won’t be pleasant. I guess for now, “bunnies,” will compensate for you irresponsible behavior.

elizabeth on

Nice that she is loved; but sad she will never experience a mommy.

Sarah on

This guy is a freaking idiot. How you deny your daughter her twin brother? So selfish! He shouldn’t be allowed to be a father!

Elle on

Such a cute little girl!!
Love him he is awesome!

Pobre Cielo on

I never comment but am unnerved by the comment this man has made regarding his daughter and her sibling. Half or whole, it does not matter; they are siblings. My husband and his siblings only share a biological father and will always be closer than my “whole” sister and I. That baby grew along with her brother, they shared so much more than 9 months’ time together. For him to regard the other child in a manner this leaves him being no more than a room mate is disgusting. This poor child. It seems his choice to become a parent is more self-serving than anything. Just because he can does not mean he should have.

Kim on

Never in a million years would I consider my half siblings just a “half.” How selfish of these two fathers to deny these siblings the right to know each other and grow up together.

valeskas on

Her brother should also be there, those guys take their own interests first. Shame on them.

Thoughtless Fool on

As if the brother being a half-brother makes what he and his ex-husband did aright! “…It’s a half-brother, not a full brother…” What an absolute A$$! I bet he never gives that boy a second thought. They treated the children like property, if I were the surrogate I’d be pissed.

ann on

Having half siblings because of donated eggs is a little different than your parents divorcing mid pregnancy and separating siblings that grew together in the womb and everyone acting like the other parent isn’t even the parent. Weird.

Jennifer on

Mr. Tutera and his ex partner are undoubtedly two of the most selfish people on earth! Please quit giving them the thing they seem to be most interested in — attention.

Andrea on

Interesting how he attempts to rationalize what he and his ex have done to these children. It’s one thing to find siblings later in life due to a parent’s sperm or egg donation, but parents purposefully keeping siblings apart is completely different, not to mention selfish and cruel. They need to man up and have a civil relationship for the sake of their children like other exes do.

Diane W. on

I think it’s incredibly insensitive of his daughter’s rights, as well as her twin’s, to act as if their relationship isn’t important, because they are only “half” siblings. They were carried together in the womb, therefore, they are twins and deserve to be raised knowing each other. If the parents raising them can’t get along, they need to either suck it up for their kids’ sakes or get a third party involved to get the kids together. It’s THEIR lives, not the stupid fathers.

digal704 on

“A half brother not a whole brother”. Count yourself lucky Cedric! How disgusting

ari on

These over the top children’s birthdays are so ridiculous. He had liquor at a child’s party? I don’t care who you are or how much money you have, that does not make any sense.

Elle on

This guy is a complete & utter douche for what he’s doing to his child. How about these two guys act like grown ups & just live close to each other so these siblings can grow up together? They don’t even have to correspond with one another. How selfish can you be? They obviously don’t have their children’s best interests at heart here. Awesome father.

Anonymous on

I am honestly surprised by all those bashing David. (I shouldn’t be, this is the Internet after all) What would you all suggest? Legally speaking non-biological parents have no rights. He took his bio child and his ex took his bio child. They live across the country from each other which would make co-parenting in the absolute best of situations difficult. He is right, the genetics they share are also likely shared with plenty of other kids since they used an egg donor. If it is sharing a womb you are concerned about..what happens if a fertility clinic messes up. One embryo is the intended parents bio child and the other embryo is another couples. Who should raise the babies when they are born?

Mel on

The way “someone/some”thing” is watching your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts, listening to your phone calls, tracking our DMV License Plates, whatever “IT” is now doing today to be clever……this little girl, and her twin may someday see all these hateful postings/pictures. Strictly related to Cielo’s party….It’s HER FIRST BIRTHDAY PEOPLE, and HER FATHER gave her a fantasy filled party as only HE could pull off…just live vicariously through David, fall down the rabbit hole and see what happens…..Knock off the rude comments about her twin….NOT APPROPRIATE NOR MEANINGFUL FOR EITHER CHILD IN THE FUTURE……STOP BEING PLAIN OLD MEAN. KNOCK IT OFF. IT’S NONE OF YOUR’S NOR MY BUSINESS.

Ala Lemon on

Half brother or not, I still think it’s sad that those children don’t get to know each other and celebrate their birthday together.
Anyway, that was a cute and appropriate theme for a first birthday party.

Fatima on

How can you have 1 twin raised by 1 parent and the other raised by another? like the parent trap of them. so I guess the first time the twins meet each other will be at summer camp.

DaisyMoon on

The two adults couldn’t get it together and put their differences aside for the sake of their kids…
Yeah, it happens to heteros too, but you never really hear about siblings having zero contact because they’re being raised by only one of the parents…

Don’t the dads WANT to know the other child? They were a couple when they were conceived via surrogate, so isn’t like one child has died for each of them??? But they’re not dead!!!

It’s insane, it’s wrong, and if it were me, I’d be very upset that I wasn’t allowed to know my sibling, I don’t give a d*mn if it’s a twin or not.

Trinori on

Disgusting and selfish parenting. They should get over themselves and put the needs of the children first. She needs to get to know her twin.

Lana on

Douche, douche, douche!!

otdina on

Half siblings, full twins, whatever. Sure, it is true that as a child of an egg donor, there may be other half siblings out there. But this brother of hers, was created to be her brother, and was the product of the love her “parents” had when she was conceived. Whatever animosity is there between David and his ex-partner, it seems sad to deprive her of this sibling relationship.

Though, I guess, in this situation there really is no good answer. It would be very difficult to explain these strange family ties to a small child, and how to explain the his ex in not her father, blah blah blah. And in that case, she would most likely be exposed to a lot of what is clearly a very contentious ex relationship. I really wish these two people could try to figure out a way to have some peace between them so that these two kids could have something of a relationship, it would be really good for them.

Also, I have a cousin who has a half sister. I think both of their hearts would break to hear their relationship described as “just half”.

Andy on

My paternal grandfather liked to…sow his wild oats and as a result my dad has numerous half siblings across the country. Just a couple years ago we got a call from one man who turned out to be another half brother who just found out about his dad (even though he’s in his 40s.)

There are a lot of people saying that his daughter is going to resent him, you don’t know that. I’ve seen this kind of situation first hand and yes it is difficult, but that doesn’t mean you hate them.

I am just hoping that David gives her all the love and support that little girl needs and derseves (but you can already tell she’s daddy’s girl, so I don’t think that’ll be a problem.) In the end that is all that’s really going to matter.

bkable on

“And it’s a half-brother not a full brother. Who knows how many half-siblings she may have through surrogacy and egg donors?”

I feel like maybe his ex should have gotten both kids… I don’t care about genetics but to have a child around someone who could so terribly talk about a child he brought into the world, its outrageous. (they both made the decision to have children together – no matter what genetics say, both kids are their kids)I don’t even want to know what he says about his ex… aka her other dad. Shelf the childish attitude for the sake of your daughter.

sylvia on

I think what he is doing to the siblings is criminal. He should be ashamed of himself.

Sarahc on

“And it’s a half-brother not a full brother”

Why would you talk about a child this way ??? “It’s” an actual child. Shame on you David.

kayteew2es on

What a petty jerk!

Anonymous on

To everyone jumping on him about not “allowing” the siblings to meet……how do you all know it was his idea? Maybe the sons father did not want them raised around each other?

Jane on

I think it is awful that David Turtera diminishes the significance of his daughters brother. His daughter should always have a relationship with her brother. He needs to grow up and deal with the communication nightmare he and his ex created.

meghan on

Does he cheat on the new boyfriend as much as he did the last one?

Moby on

For those that are supporting Tutera’s comment about only being a half-sibling, I have a question …

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka had embryos fertilized by both of them, so they don’t know which one is the actual biological dad of their children, then implanted in a surrogate. For all we know, one could be Neil’s while the other could be David’s. And Harper and Gideon are considered TWINS !! They’re not womb mate ! Why ? Because their dads loved each other, chose to have them has a couple who wanted to be a family, to raise them together. Just like Tutera & Jerrica. Would it be acceptable to separate Harper and Gideon if Harris & Burtka parted ways some day ? I don’t think so ! It’s just the same for Tutera & Jerrica ! They intended to have children to raise together !!!

I am not blaming Tutera for the situation as I don’t know who, between him and his ex, is responsible for this and clearly need to grow up and start to acting like an adult allowing his child to have a relationship with his/her sibling BUT he is the one to blame for this insensitive comment !! He should be ashamed !

Jay on

What a loathsome POS. Karma will come back on him in spades.

Chibi on

I think if sibling or half-sibling, they should see each other. Even though David is divorced, they should get along for the children, like other divorced couples. Hopefully they were invited and they did not want to go. At least the thought was there. Child is beautiful and the cake is awesome. Happy Birthday!!!!!

JosieJ on

I want Cielo’s cake! As for everyone on here calling David a douche or scumbag, I didn’t know that you guys were privy to the situation and what went on behind closed doors. I’m not saying David is wrong or right, nor do I know why he and his ex broke up, but what I do know is that a judge is who came up with this decision and David really mourned for the loss of his son.

MLT on

use to like David but no longer. How dare he and his ex split those children up. Talk about self absorbed selfish individual. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Those two children will hate the two of them when they are older and I hope they do.

Theodora on

None of us know the story or the circumstances and it s none of our business! The only thing that matters is that this baby is truly loved and so fortunate and blessed to be where she is with her Daddy who clearly adores her. She will have a wonderful life because of him. They are clearly happy. Be happy for them. Here’s what we all need to remember…”To judge me, is to judge God…” Be happy for them…

Pisa771 on

I do not like how flippant he was about it being her half sibling. I have two half siblings and we do not identify ourselves as such, EVER. Any parent of fraternal twins will tell you that they have such a bond. I know he’s trying to make the best out of the situation, but have some class about it.

liarlairpantsonfire on

he’s letting HIS hate of his ex, come between his child and her brother. that is not coming from a place of love. if he honestly wants to raise his child with the belief sysrwm of love and forgivness, his attitude needs to change. i’m actually shocked that someone who waited so long to become a parent, would keep his child from a known sibling that HE HIMSELF helped bring to life. love brought these children into the world together. david please think of your child and remember that her brother was brought into the world to be WITH her, and with you as a strong, loving presence in his life.

Dorothy on

Shame on you and your ex David Tutera.

Sha on

This behavior is disgusting and selfish on the part of BOTH “parents”! Here is the medical definition of the term twins as it is used by medical professionals for those of you who are stating that these children are not twins…

Twin: One of two children produced in the same pregnancy. Twins can develop from one ovum (egg) or from two ova (eggs). Twins who develop from a single ovum are called monozygotic or identical twins. They have identical genomes. Twins who develop from two ova that are fertilized at the same time are called dizygotic or fraternal twins. They are nonidentical and have different genomes.

They are dizygotic (fraternal) twins meaning they come from a different genome which can occur in children who have the same parents…

veronica cervantes on

Hopefully in time, the siblings will come together. It would be nice for her to know her brother… Come on David!!

Tay Jo on

Absolutely beautiful little girl, love the cake, and I want to know where to get the dress and hat!!!!

bitsy on

by definition, a twin is either of two offspring born at the same time. they ARE twins. BTW the cake looked horrible!

dani on

such a shame the fathers could’nt put their issues aside so the twins could be together,even if just for one day. hopefully their relationship gets better.

Linda on

I agree with Johanna on June 23rd, 2014: “Half-siblings are siblings! It’s very sad how he puts his personal interest in first place, his daughter should be his priority.” What do you expect? It’s David Tutera. One of the most pompous pretentious jerks on this planet. “Adult guests enjoyed a salad bar and themed cocktails — prepared by a mixologist” Give me a break – oooh sounds so much better than bartender. What a joke. This party was for him and his guests, not Cielo. “As a parent, you pay attention to what your child loves,” Tutera says of deciding on an Alice in Wonderland theme … Oh PULEASE! Like he even spends quality time with her (LOL) when the nanny isn’t taking care of her in his absence since he’s such a busy celebrity.

And somebody please tell me, what 1 year old is going to remember this? It’s a good thing Cielo won’t remember it since the likes of phony people like Sandra Taylor (real name: Sandi Korn the “softcore” porn tramp for Penthouse Magazine) was a guest who attended.

Jules on

Take these children away from him and his ex. How utterly selfish and disturbing to separate them for their own greed. I hope these kids separate themselves from them when they are old enough.

PG on

Stop hating and start accepting! Good for David.

EM on

He’s sounds really selfish by saying it’s not twins. But he is really hurt and angry by his divorce. He did say things would change when the time was right. Maybe in a while when his daughter is older and able to appreciate her brother, they will get them together. Also, a judge ordered both children to go with their own biological father’s. Both dad’s wanted both kids in the beginning. Let’s all hope for the best for these sibling that their fathers will grow up, get over being angry and do what is in the best interests of the kids.

Denee on

So selfish of him to do that to the babies. I have lost all respect for him. How dare him deny the kids to grow up together and know each other.

Christina on

What a creep, who does that! Get over yourself long enough to realize the damage you have done and continue to do, narcissistic a**hole!

Juli on

Cedric’s still her brother and what he and his ex-husband are doing to these kids is awful.

Sheila on

I do not like the term half brother or sister. I have brothers and sisters that some would say half brother or sister, but we do not, We are brothers and sisters only. And we love each other. I like David’s show, but he is sooooo wrong for that.

Sammy on

I think what everyone needs to remember is that it was Ryan who picked up and moved to the other side of the country. It was RYAN who moved Cedric away from CA and Cielo, NOT David. Everyone is talking about David keeping her from her brother, but it was RYAN who moved him away. And yes they are TWINS, genetically they’re half siblings. But if they were conceived together, born together, and share a genetic tie, they’re still twins.

Barbara on

Who is to say that it was David who chose not to have Cedric there? Could it not have been is ex who chose not to attend? So much negativity for such a sweet baby. I admire him for wanting to raise his daughter in a loving environment. Hats OFF David!

Europa 19 on

Relax. He’s a great dad and that’s what’s most important.

Zoraida on

It’s so sad he said “it’s a half-brother not a full brother. Who knows how many half-siblings she may have” that means he’s not even going to try to keep the relationship with her brother, they were born together!! this man is so selfish…

Ruby blue on

Twins can occur naturally and be biologically half siblings. That doesn’t change the fact that they are twins, or that this guy is a massive tool. This whole situation was beyond messed up. Glad he can so easily dismiss and minimize the other child he so badly wanted to have now that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with his ex-partner. This child is an accessory to him.

Bootziegurl on

I’m not sure why everyone has their panties in a bunch, you nor any of us know the reason why her “twin” was not there and it is NOT up to us to judge. This happens in straight families so why should it be such a bigger subject because she has two Dads split ups sometimes are not always mutual and yes in the end kids do get hurt but sometimes things like this happen. Hopefully the parents will grow up and put the children first and for the children’s sake get along and put their differences aside so these two siblings will grow up and know each other.

Barb Rasnic on

I love David Tutera and have watched him for years helping brides and grooms work together to plan something magical. Now I see that he and Ryan are no longer together and have split their twins as well. I don’t feel that it is correct to have to explain to these beautiful children that they spent 9 months in utero, but are now separated because their parents chose to split. Not good, David. You and Ryan need to man up and bring these two siblings together for their sake, and forego your egos.

Tia Alexandria Kosmachuk on

this makes me angry this little girl deserves to have her brother around no matter how much the parents hate each other to me that is still her brother no matter what

jacquelin roberson on

I have loved David for years, but this is absolutely disgusting, he should be fighting right now in court for the right to parent both of these children, even if it means only visitation for his ex, a real parent becomes a parent at conception not when their relationship dissolves, and the divides up the assets.

jacquelin roberson on

I hope he reads all the comments and re-evaluates his decision, this is so unfair to the children.

sandy on

start saving for her future therapy sessions!

honestyisfreedom on

Anybody else disturbed by the way he referred to his daughter’s brother as ‘it’. That’s cold blooded and a true glimpse of who David Tutera is. I don’t blame his ex for divorcing him.

mary on

very pretty baby.. nice to see a little looking girly

mary on

the baby is adorable and its nice to see a baby girl looking girly.. adore the pink bonnet

Lana on

I’m not here to add to any of the criticism of anyone’s parenting skills or decisions, just to address the stupid “it’s a half brother, not a full brother” comment. Your decisions are your decisions but the ignorant, insensitive demotion of half-sibling is lousy justification.

rosie roman on

Just a half-brother, not a full brother? Is this guy insane. He needs to get his head out of his a””. If half-brothers don’t count as much, how about adopted siblings? do they not count at all? unbelievably insensitive. My half-brother (though I always considered just “brother”) recently passed away, and I could not have imagined my life without him, and I miss him every day.

tracy on

So lets get this straight, he complains on one of his shows about liquor and drinks at kids parties but yet he has it at his own kids party.. hmmm

Lilly on

Perhaps we should not focus on the issue of the family besides this event is not for you guys to criticize. Moreover, I really like the cake it looks delicious.