Inside North West’s Extravagant Birthday Bash

06/22/2014 at 11:55 AM ET

Jack Osbourne Respectfully Declines More Baby Gifts Eugene Gologursky/Getty; Kim Kardashian

Given their over-the-top nuptials, it’s clear that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West know how to throw a great party.

Over the weekend, they did it again, giving daughter North an epic first birthday bash.

Dubbed “Kidchella,” the festivities at Kourtney Kardashian‘s new home — which she recently purchased from Justin Bieber — were “amazing,” according to a source.

“Kim and Kanye made sure it was very special,” the source tells PEOPLE.

Guests, who were given colorful “Kidchella” wristbands (a nod to Coachella, the popular desert music festival), enjoyed the on-site Ferris wheel, teepees, and carts offering churros and lemonade.

“There were many fun activities for the kids,” the source adds. “They had face painting and a stage for singing. All the kids had the best time.”

This wasn’t the first celebration of little North’s milestone, which fell on Father’s Day.

On June 15, her actual birthday, her parents took her to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

— Mary Margaret with reporting by Pernilla Cedenheim

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Showing 129 comments

Melissa on

Too cheesy for a birthday party!

Jen on

This was for adults, not a baby. I thought they were going to “protect” her from publicity, but the pictures, videos and over the top nature of this is just kind of sad.

Jennifer on

Nope, she won’t be a spoiled brat :/

guest on

The child is one. Like what is this??

Brooke on

If I could, I’d have parties like this for my child too. Unlike these two, I’d actually enjoy it with my kid though…I doubt North was even there. These two are never with her, it’s quite sad.

Anonymous on

Looked like a blast… I hope everyone had a good time…

Kristin on

Looks exactly like how my family celebrates first birthdays, except we charter a rocket to fly us to the moon for the cake.

dawn on

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Winkler on


Melany on

Wonderful idea for a birthday !!!! I wish it was on Pinterest and have some ideas. I bet they all have lots of fun =D

Sharon on

This is no baby’s birthday party, this is for adults who want to have fun. There are no photos of the baby anywhere at the actual party, it’s all the rest of them having fun without her. Basically the story of this kid’s life, with two parents so selfish and completely in love with themselves that she’ll never be a top priority for either of them.

Magrebtraveler on

I’m not a fan of Celebrity, Pop Culture etc.. But what a Beautiful Baby and Family. Know there’s a lot of things that people do with fame that’s not so good. But we certainly don’t always know the Good they do either. They are humans who make mistakes and who knows where they will be or what they will do later in life. Not really my business. I really hope every family can find their happy,and not be so concerned or jealous of others. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

Jessica on

It’s not THAT elaborate! Honestly I’ve been to bday parties much more obnoxious than this. Looks like tons of fun. That’s what’s important!

Sammi on

Of course, we needed a story about this family. Keep taking their money People, you need it to keep going.

Dokk88 on

Man that’s an ugly baby.

Chweener on

@Kristin, that was freaking funny. Thanks for the laugh!

joanna on

I have always liked looking at photos of North, from the beginning. I love her first name, I love her face and hair and the fact that she wears grey/white simply androgynous clothing. But since they stabbed holes in her ears and attached polished carbon/gold, I won’t look. It’s just so so so sad to do that to the beautiful “new” creature. Now she looks just stupid. oh well. I’ll have to find some other “celebrity” baby to look at. Maybe Sudeikis and Wilde won’t tart up their kid. I always liked that North wasn’t wearing one of those ridiculous elastic headbands, I can’t stand those things!

Vanessa on

Who cares if they throw an elaborate first birthday party for their daughter, even if she wont remember it they will. They want to celebrate their daughter, people need to stop attacking people for stupid things. Be more jealous, I mean really. If the worse thing they do is throw a lavish party(that theres nothing wrong with doing) then I would say they are doing alright.

Kal on

Looks like they had a great time!

tabitha on

Its THEIR money, THEIR child and THEIR lives to live how they choose. You are so worried about North being a spoiled brat, why not put that energy into worrying about kids turning out to be gang bangers, rapists or murderers? Gawd, you K family haters are pathetic, move on to another story if they bother you so much? You actually should seek therapy for your unhealthy obsession with these people, so incredibly jealous and envious of their wealth. You go make the money how ever you choose to and worry about your own life. I am not a fan, never watched their shows either, I am just so sick and tired of you people thinking it’s perfectly okay to say such horrid things about strangers. Do you let your kids talk like that, is it okay for your kids to call strangers fat, ugly and a whore?! How very hypocritical it is of you to do the same then.

Debbie on

Please can they move to the moon or another planet? They waste so much $ when people are homeless & hungry. It makes me sick to hear about this kind of stuff. My first memory is like 3 yrs.old

Debbie on

They are the worst parents. They had the baby for publicity.

missjanenc on

More famewhore behavior. The money they dropped on this bash could feed refugees for a month.

MEL on


Karen on

All for one up-ing. These two have to be so over the top. North will grow up to be spoiled and ridiculous like her parents.

Dokk88 on

Damn that’s an ugly baby

Anonymous on

Make them all go away…

emily on

that is the dumbest waste of money i have ever seen…

nessm on

I agree, North won’t remember her First Birthday but at least she will be able to see all the great pictures!

Ladybug on

Does this child ever smile? I guess not, when
your parents are so self-absorbed with everything they do.

Anonymous on

Wow, a whole year without breaking or losing her. Big thumbs up.

Em13 on

This child will be raised not knowing what is modesty or humility. Oh boy.

@Kara: LOL. Spot on.

Pappy O'Daniel Jr on

God these people.

Erica on

Please stop with Kim and Kanye! I can’t stand to read anymore about these narcissistic people and how they constantly put their child last. Really?? A Ferris wheel and Kidchella for a first birthday. Poor kid would rather have some love and affection from mom and dad than some over the top adult party. Beging you to stop, People Magazine!!

Kathy on

This is a kid’s party!!!! She’s one and doesn’t need anything this elaborate!

Jean Jacksom on

Why do you continue to feature the Whoredashian family? This poor child has no chance.

Europa 19 on

It looks like fun and a way for family and friends to get together. What a great idea! The party poopers will be whining and complaining like broken records as usual. It’s a big milestone. Of course it’s for the parents and family and friends. DUH….we know that. The fact that you feel you have to mention that is ridiculous.

ljjf on

Kanye & Kim has to be the center of attention and their little girl is left in a small corner again. Old picture .

Lina London on

What a circus act with mom and dad as top clowns.

Anonymous on

It’s ridiculous to waste these much money.

Akita on

These little kids are only value this family has

Akita on

Birthday Show was not for the baby…It was for pictures and magazines and mama’s and papa ‘spersonal promotion
Baby was just nice accessory

sandy on

all this for a child who will not remember one thing! RIDICULOUS!

lori on

She is not going to remember this birthday. All that money spent could have gone to a children’s charity. This family is pathetic.

Seriously? on

Is this supposed to make us believe you’re ‘hands on parents’? Because it didn’t work. Not even a little bit. These two are horrific. They all flew to the same location earlier this week yet the poor child had to fly on a different plane with her nannies. Mom and dad didn’t even want her with them. Let’s hope the nannies who are actually raising North are good, kind and loving people. She needs to get that love somewhere.

Guest1234 on

That baby won’t remember this. What a gross display of having more money than brains.
A nicer thing would have been to donate to a charity in her name and have a small party with family a friends.
They still could have given her a very nice birthday and also helped someone less fortunate.

jess on

who are these people ???

Janet697 on

wow and the kid really cared. Did they bring North to the party or leave her behind somewhere once again. To have the nerve to leave your kid in the eastern USA while you were galavanting around the world yet again. Then poor kimmy flew right over the eastern USA on her way home and the poor baby had to fly back to L.A. on her own. Mr talentless and miss fake body parts do not deserve to have a child they dn’t give a crap about the poor baby. She is always pathetically dressed in dowdy colors an now has the sourpuss mouth like the thing referred to as her father, poor kid.

Mary Pozsonyi on

It looks like a lot of fun; kind of like a mini carnival. I held one of these for my granddaughter when she turned 5 along with pony rides. She still talks about it to this day. Unfortunately being only 1 year old, little North will not remember this. As long as a good time was had by all. Nobody has the right to dictate what a parent should and should not do for their own child’s birthday and how much money they should spend. It is their money and they can do with it whatever they want.

Paige on

These parents/slash famous-for-being-obnoxious/celebrities are so irritating. Why don’t they do something worthwhile with their money and start a fund for underprivileged children to have happy birthdays too?

Anonymous on

It may be a little elaborate but they have the money to do as they please. Although, the baby will have no memory of this day, she will have photos to look back on. If it were different celebrities that were well liked, people may have responded more positively. I am not a fan on them but it’s their life.

nathalie on

Unfortunate looking one year old! And she already has a unibrow!

Heather on

Wow, did the “parents” who wanted a baby so bad, even spend a minute with her? Or was that all left up to the nannies??!! These 2 make me SICK. No one would even know they have a baby, they are CONSTANTLY out together without the baby, they are far, far too egotistical and self absorbed to be good parents. It’s sickening.

Nicole on

Way too much for a 1yr old. She doesn’t have the slightest clue what is even going on. To each their own but a party like that would better suit & 7yr old…

lynn on

I find it very telling that all of the seats except for one or two on the Ferris wheel are empty. Also there are very few pictures where that baby looks happy. She seems more like a prop for a very empty everything for the camera/show family.

Nicole on

Way too much for a 1yr old. She doesn’t have the slightest clue what’s even going on. To each their own but a party like that would better suit a 5yr old. They’re not the only celebs to throw a ridiculous party for their small children who can’t even enjoy it.

pattysides on

Extravagant, yet low turn out it appears.

Mary on

I would have a lot more respect for them if they had donated to the under-privilege instead of doing everything over the top like their nuptials and the party for the 1 year old. North will not be able to remember it.

Dee on

In our culture the child’s first birthday party is never for the child. It is usually Huge and over the top and usually has more adults than kids. It’s meant to be a celebration of family and friends and to thank them for all the support the gave to you while pregnant and when baby is born.

In that respect I don’t see this as being any different and hey, it’s not our money so who cares…let em spend it and enjoy it. North won’t remember it but she knows she is loved and that’s all that matters.

Anonymous on


Jh on

Lol @ Kara… I bet they forgot her with the Nanny! Hahaha!

Ctmom on

Oh stop with nasty comments. I have seen huge parties for turning one. If I had the money I’d do it.

GP Stoll on


Kate on

She’s not going to remember this and I doubt she even knows what Coachella is. She will grow up to be a spoiled brat with these parents!!! And there are no pictures of North period. And isn’t this the child’s party. Sounds like Kim just wants another party for herself and looks at every opportunity to have a big event like this. I feel bad for North on the parents she has!

Alana on

good thing her daddy is rich. she can have a full faceplant when she turns 10 and have a beautiful face. and when she got tired of it, she can have another face plant at age 12…

JW on

All this and she is nowhere in sight. LOL

ELC on

Just because you have the $$ to do all this doesn’t mean you should. Its tasteless to have such a party for a 1 year old. She doesn’t understand the hoopla is for her. Its way over the top and disgusting.

Amy on

So dumb. She won’t even remember this!


a North Pole theme would have been better….(Christmas in June)

robin on

While i despise kim kardashian and kanye west, two people who have this imaginary sense of entitlement, i do think their kid is super cute. Too bad she has a grandmother like Kris, who has no problem pimping out her kids, and a mother that made a porno tape. and a really racist rude father.

chicago on

Looks like a fun time!

meg on

These 2 piss more money away on the most absurd things. Try donating some. Your 1 yr old doesn’t need a ferris wheel. Many people, however, are starving…

Anonymous on

I think they forgot this was a one year olds party….. I’m sure she loved the loud music 😦

Anna M on

It is being reported the Kardashians are losing their popularity so you will see more of Kendall and Nori. That will be the future money for this family. Kim learned to exploit a child from her mother.
As far as this birthday party….Nori won’t remember any of this so it was not done on her behalf. I feel so so so sorry for this little girl. I wish Kanye’s mother was alive because not only did she Kanye “real”, I am sure she would have kept her granddaughter the same way.

Anonymous on

omg that is so over the top

guest on

serious waste of money…why not donate to a charity…then when the kid turns 5 ….throw her a big party.

Lolo on

Couldn’t they have had a private family celebration and made a large donation to a children’s charity in the baby’s name?

Jen on

Now that we know how her mother and her family celebrated her birthday, tell us how the baby actually celebrated since she is nowhere to be seen. Poor little thing.

Chris on

Why does Kim always look like she’ smelling s**t?

Chris on

You didn’t like my question so you deleted it. Why bother?

mom of 3 on

Did the parents even make it to the party?

TCaliStyle on

When you have money like this.. and NOW Kanye’s Money, YOU CAN do this. No need to hate, it is what it is. I know if I had money like this I would go all out on things and so would you !! Cant hate on this family.. not at all.

Rachel on

Folks, this party wan’t really for North, but in honor of North. Of course she’s never going to remember it, but just like us, we throw parties for our babies and toddlers as an excuse to get together with our friends and have a cutesy themed party. They just do it on a much bigger scale!

Mary on


ar on

Odd — Parents throw a 1 yr old’s birthday party with not a single photo of the birthday girl? Was she even there — or were the adults just throwing themselves a dress-up party to keep themselves in the news?

Darcie on

What do you expect from two egocentric idiots who named their daughter North…if they had an ounce of common sense between the two of them, they would’ve done the world a favor and not reproduced with each other to begin with!

MrsJAZ on

Please do not let my 8 year old see these pictures. She will never want a bowling party again.

jckfmsincty on

Imagine all the needy children the family could have helped with the money spent on this extravagance that a one year old won’t even remember.

Angelia on

Were north’s parents there?

Khloe on

ylguttub kid. good thing her daddy is rich. she can go change her face when she grows up.

Khloe on

isn’t kayne have twins already? two-fuglee girls?

Lizzy on

I am not a fan of these two but baby is beautiful, and the party is just a normal baby party ,when you have the money to expend .so to the hater cool off

Kathy on

The most offensive picture is one of the Kardashian/Jenner idiots sitting in front of the teepee wearing a native head dress. Really? Are they even Native?

kazumi on

Their money, their life, their kid, they can do as they please. Still, my take on this (not that it matters), it’s over the top and completely unnecessary.

Anonymous on

Fantastic idea for a party! Looks really fun.

FelicityJune on

It is sad to see that they are using their baby for PR reasons only. From what I have read so far, there weren’t hardly any kids at this party, instead media hungry wannabes, that didn’t stop posting selfies of themselves. This was not a baby’s first b-day party, it was another one of Kim’s self promoting media frenzies, so she stays in the limelight. Because other than that, she has nothing else to sell!!!

tcvajv on

Can you image what the party will be when the girl is old enough to know what’s going on or to ask for a particular theme!

Katie on

How cute but again, this is so extravagant that I’m sure the kid won’t even remember.. Most 1st birthday’s are about celebrating with close family and friends.. given ANY child’s birthday should be about family. Not spending the most amount of money..

Ann on

Was that a ADULT ferris wheel? Sure didn’t sound like a birthday party for a ONE year old so Kim and hubbie obviously are clueless….was North even there or was she home?

Mo-Jo on

What a waste of time and money. Something these trashy people do on a daily basis. Go away already !! You People make me sick ! (and by People . . I mean the KarTRASHians and People magazine for covering this crap !!)

Erica on

Wouldn’t it have been bigger news if the headline would have been “Kimye donates $50K to charity in honor of North’s first birthday”. I mean seriously, this baby needs nothing and will not even remember this. So why not donate the money to a good cause?

L on

I’m sure it will only get worse & more obnoxious as she gets older. Luckily North spends the majority of her time with nannies so hopefully she wont be a complete brat because she sure is cute!

125bst on

…and the entitled brat won’t remember any of it.

bitsy on

I am sure little North will remember the day fondly. NOT!!!!! What a waste of money that was, but hey, it’s their money to waste.

Anonymous on

Wow! How offensive to Natives that Kourtney uses their traditions to entertain kids at the party. Maybe she should tell the little kids that the laws in California permitted the killing of Natives. I’m getting sick of the exploitation!

Barb on

Is this really what we “love right now”….judging from the comments, I find that hard to believe!!!

The Realist on

Kids are starving in this world, and these spoiled rich morons are spending all this money on a 1 year old kid whose mom got famous from doing a black guy and selling the tape. Kudos Kris Jenner for raising a bunch of BJs like yourself.

Tina on

@Kristin, that was a good one. Keeps making me chuckle.

Suli on

LOL…why is this under “what you love right now?” So many people clearly do not love this article.

ubjasper on

I know I’ll get booed off this forum, but every picture I see of baby North, she has a horrible unibrow. Can’t that thin be waxed?

Dawn on

Wasn’t it Khloe not Kourtney who bought Bieber’s house?

AnsleeT on

Parties like this for a 1 year old are thrown more for the parents to show off, than for the kids to enjoy…

Angie on

I think they are seriously retarded. If they ever had to struggle one day in their lives they would be living in a padded cell. People like that need to be slapped.

Sal on

Saw pics, the kid never looks at what should be called mommy.

Amelia on

All you people hating on the party or this baby are just sad. Yes, the 1 yr won’t remember the party BUT it is a celebration of her life. Her first year of life that is very special to her parents. Please, get a grip

Susan on

Yes a circus act especially with parents and grandparents like that, What ever happened to pony rides and ice cream cake .

boohoobytch on

…yet they left the “birthday girl” in her dungeon with her nanny – she’s only allowed outside on Tuesday’s and Friday’s

bkable on

I don’t even think she’s old enough to go in a bouncy castle….

Jay on


Derrick O. on


TK on

Have you ever seen one of Tori Spelling’s kids B-day parties. other than the Farris Wheel. This party has nothing on one of hers. Also I think they have done something to the baby’s eye brows they seem shaped.

MommyE on

I refuse to read this story. Disgusting. I just clicked on it to read the comments. Hahahahahahaha!

mandy on

Completely farcical… expected!!!

Ala Lemon on

I get that it was North’s first birthday, but this little girl won’t remember it and probably didn’t care at all. I get how throwing parties for kids’ birthdays is important, but at least wait until they are old enough to remember it and appreciate it.

JosieJ on

I don’t care for Kim or Kanye, but what is everyone griping about North not remembering? She’s one! Of course she won’t remember! However, the point of throwing a one year old a party like this is to scrapbook the memories.

mamascarlett on

I think its absolutely disgraceful that Khloe would be so insensitive to caricature an oppressed people like the Native Americans by wearing a native war headpiece.
She’s not celebrating a culture, she’s making a cartoonish fashion statement and its insensitive.
It may not to you, but to many people, this has deep spiritual significance. Would you wear Pope’s robes or a yarmulke to a kid’s birthday party as a ‘fashion statement’?
Get an education.

Tay on

Ooh its over the top!

Tia Alexandria Kosmachuk on

honestly who would throw this big of a party for a 1 year old she wont remember it they could have used the money for it for charity but there too selfish and egotistical they don’t even have pictures of the baby there she was probably with the nanny

FrenchLady on

Wow!!! Imaginez l’an prochain et les années subséquentes!!!