Kelly Clarkson Introduces Daughter River Rose

06/20/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Meet River Rose Blackstock!

Kelly Clarkson may be on “cloud 9” after welcoming her daughter, but the newborn is also sitting comfortably – in her carriage!

The new mom introduced her week-old baby girl via social media Friday, sharing a photo of her little lady snoozing in an appropriately rose-colored Silver Cross Chatsworth Poppy Doll Pram.

“Here is our beautiful baby girl River Rose; 6 lbs., 6 oz., 18 inches, and the greatest thing on the planet,” the singer, 32, captioned the photo.

Kelly Clarkson River Rose First Photo Courtesy Koby & Terilyn Brown/Archetype Studio Inc.

River is Clarkson’s first child with her new husband Brandon Blackstock — whom she wed in a private ceremony last October — and fulfills a prophecy that Clarkson announced long before officially learning the sex of her baby.

“I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it,” she joked in November. “And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!'”

— Patrick Gomez

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mary on

Beautiful baby.

Guest456123 on

Kelly, you had to name her River????!!!! Really!!!

Katie on

Adorable picture and little girl. Congratulations. Before you know it, a year will have passed. It goes SO fast. Enjoy every new moment.

Joan on

She is adorable. I love the carriage! Congrats.

dancer92136 on

So cute. What a beautiful picture, and the rose on the carriage that matches her name. Hope you have a few more. Can’t let that beautiful stroller go to waste. The pregnancy was hard, but the result was worth the trouble.

dancer92136 on

So precious. Beautiful baby. Enjoy.

carly on

Beautiful baby. So happy for her and Brandon. 🙂

Unknown on

Awwwww such a cutie pie and love the name too, congrats!!!!!!!!

guest on

AWW! I like the name River Rose better than North West.

Ouiser on

So sweet! Congrats to Kelly and Brandon (and step-grandma Reba)!

sat on

I love the name, the baby photo, and the couple photo! Congrats!

Ava on

She’s precious! But she’s not a “thing.”

Mary on

She’s a chubby little doll. Love the name, congrats.

Anonymous on

Awwww!!! She looks like her momma! and what a bueatiful name. Congrats to all!

Tess on

Love the carriage , the name River, not so much.

Lala on

So cute!! I don’t think River is such a crazy name. I think it’ll suit her well.

postathread on

Who cares what these celebs name their kids? They aren’t going to grow up in an “average” American neighborhood/school/surroundings with “average” American kids/neighbors…so why give them a middle America name??? Do you think any of them “care” what you all think of the name they’ve chosen for their child? Get over yourselves. Beautiful, healthy baby. Congrats to the proud parents. May she grow up happy & healthy.

Julie on

Kelly and Brandon River is adorable! Congratulations!

Leeanna Rodinez on

What a beautiful newborn.

Pam on

She’s so precious! Who cares what Kelly named her daughter? It’s not your child, so don’t worry about it. Everyone tried to give me input on a name when I was pregnant with my son. We told them we would pick what we liked and they’d know what it was when he arrived.

bitsy on

So precious. Congrats!

janie on

Gorgeous baby! Congrats again!!

Amelia on

Beautiful. Congrats!

Mommytoane on

River is a beautiful name for a little girl, I always found it to be more feminine than male anyway. Beautiful picture and beautiful baby. Love the pram!

hellocostellomt on

River Blackstock is a terrible name. Just awful. Or if she reverts to her middle name, Rose Blackstock? UGHHH you’d think these celebrities would have more common sense.

Angel on

Such a beautiful little angel. Reminds us all there is hope in the world and all is well at least for a brief moment in time.

Lila on

Precious! River looks so much like her mommy.

Christine on

I have never said this before about a celebrity baby… Cool Name!

Sarah S. on

You know, I am just so happy for Kelly. She has openly spoken about how her love life was either nonexistent or dissatisfying; but, now, she has PLENTY of love–with and from her baby and husband! Best for luck and congrats!

lola on

That is an adorable picture!! Beautiful baby girl River Rose.

katrina on

aww, what a cutie! Enjoy it, my “baby” graduates high school in 3 days!

Anonymous on

Baby has big nose like mom

AnsleeT on

Yup, that would be Kelly’s nose! Sooooo precious. Hope they call her Rose, though, and not River (odd sounding for a girl)..

jsp81355 on

Oh, she is absolutely beautiful. God bless her heart.

Mo-Jo on

She’s precious. What a sweetie !!

Bhavana on

Kelly and Brandon, your baby girl is beautiful. She looks like a little angel in the picture. Enjoy parenthood!

ELC on

Beautiful baby…dumb name. The baby looks so uncomfortable in that carriage. Is Kelly going to be propping the kid up everytime she needs a picture-then I definitely feel for this baby. Kelly needs to enjoy her daughter and relax. Stop primping the kid she’s only a few wks old.

Gg on

I really like kelly clarkson. Cute baby.

Jeannette on

She’s so beautiful, God bless you all! Happy Birth Day River!

Alisa on

Beautiful baby looks just like her Mama – and hopefully will sing like her too!!

Guest on

Thank you for not selling your baby’s pictures. Hoping RR is having a healthy first few days.

Annie on

such a beautiful baby! Oh man with the first name of River is just crazy!!! Love the middle name Rose!

\\ on

river I don’t know

river where do the stars find these names

Leslie on

So sweet! And so tiny, too! 🙂 *LOL* I’m always horrible at being able to tell which parent a newborn really looks like, but she’s beautiful!

addie smith on

river …………………………..

JustAGirl on

She’s adorable, & I absolute love her name! My oldest son is named River. Congrats to your family, Kelly!

MO on

She is so pretty love the picture, love her name good job Mamma…. Having Reba as a Grandma is a added blessing.

JW on

Beautiful baby, darling picture!

ava on

What a doll. Congrats!

Bev on

What a beautiful little girl! I love the name too! Enjoy her as much as you can because the years fly by! I bet Reba is in her glory!!!

kel on

aww she is so cue. before you know it she wil grow up. my niece just turned 13 in januray and seems like yesterday she was a baby.

Sandy on

And your mother named you Guest456123….. who are you to judge. 😂

Jane on

She’s beautiful! Love the carriage too with the lace draping over it. Blessings to you all!

Deborah Lilley on

Yet another stupid name. And if anything, its a boys name. why do people do this?

slawson on

OMG…She is so cute, and I love her name!!!

Lara on

Beautiful baby girl and love the carriage! Congrats Kelly & Brandon!

Kelli on

What a doll! Sooooo huggable.

Truthfinder on

Why River? Rose is sweet, but River is so unusual for a girl. Is it a family name, perhaps?

Diva on

What a beautiful baby!

Juli on

What an adorable picture!!!!

valeskas on

What a beautiful little girl and I lover her name River Rose.

Ally on

Beautiful baby and nicely done pic! I actually don’t really mind the name.

diane on

love her name river rose.. beautiful.. congratulation and enjoy! God bless.

Beheard on

What a sweet picture!

Beheard on

What a sweet picture! Congrats!

Guest on

What is wrong with the name River? Nothing wrong with it at all.

Emily on

I guess kelly needs to fit it with the rest

Isabel on

What a sweet little girl! She definitely looks like Kelly. As for her name, I love it but am definitely biased as it’s also my son’s name.

Anonymous on

Beautiful little lady who I know is loved and wanted by her mama, daddy and siblings ! Congrats all around !!!

dd on

cute picture

Dee Allen on


Carollee Spence on

Kelly she beautiful.

Sherri J on

Congrats! How precious she looks! Beautiful picture

JoyceJ on

To the person who said maybe they named her River because of Nashville being on the Mississippi better get their map out and check again. Nashville is on the Cumberland River. Memphis is on the Mississippi.

Janey on

She is beautiful. Congratulations to her parents!

Anonymous on

The actress Keri Russell has a River too, and so do I…love the name! We got it from the Firefly move Serenity, but not because we are huge fans just because we liked it!

Tiredtraveler on


Marie on

Beautiful baby, beautiful photo, beautiful name!!!

Ivixen on

Cute baby! But c’mon, it was a better than 50-50 chance.

brooke on

So cute ! I like the name . but brooke means river /stream ! River rose has a nice ring to it though

joanna on

I love Kelly but I was so disappointed to see this picture. Lace is scratchy for babies, and elastic bands on heads are such an affectation, and not comfortable either! Would they have put a cowboy hat on a male baby (eeek, probably would have, or a ball cap, but not an elastic headband….mind the fontanel!). And they hired someone to photograph their newborn? Why???? I don’t know them, of course, but I had impressions of their preferences. I hope they don’t own the carriage. Love the kid’s name (so what if people call her Rover), let her rock. And oh MAN does she have a soooooo handsome daddy!!!!!

Rastah on

Geez, everyone is a critic. She’s beautiful and you sound so happy. Thanks for sharing and enjoy this time.

Ru on

What an angel! A carriage for a little princess, so cute!

Kimber on

Wow AVA, you really had to grasp at straws to find something negative to say, didn’t you?

Gabrielle on

She looks just like Kelly.

AbbyDogg on

Beautiful baby–stupid name!

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby. Enjoy your family, mine is so important to me..”life is wonderful”….

brian on

ah so cute congrats guys!

Guest on

Love the name River, congrats

Anonymous on

Very happy for them!

guest on

Beautiful baby and I LOVE the classic baby pram. I had a silver cross pram ( UK ) for my kids and it was gorgeous.

paula on

She is truly beautiful..everyone says their babies are the cutest, prettiest, etc..but your baby is of the cutest i have seen..wish you the best Kelly.


Your daughter, River is adorable, love her name too!! You deserve to be happy. May God always bless you & your new Family.

L on

Beautiful baby & I like the name….unique but not overly obnoxious

sandratoler on

she’s adorable!

Tay on

She is mini Kelly LOL.

Tay on

Congrats to Kelly!

Anonymous on

joanna- Just about everyone gets a professional photographer to take photos of their kids at some point. The pram was likely gifted to them by the company (if indeed it’s theirs and not just a prop) and obviously River’s pretty comfortable or she’d be screaming, not sleeping! 😉

Anyway, River is ADORABLE!

Tay on

Ooh River Rose, a lovely doll!

Nicole on

She is a beautiful little angel 🙂

S North on

What a precious little darling. Congrats!!

HunGuest on

Congratulations! She is adorable. 🙂
Enjoy every single moment with her!

Anonymous on

Who really gives a SH*t what you people think of their babies names. They ARE NOT YOUR CHILDREN GET OVER IT.
Beautiful Baby Rose congrats to the proud parents.

Linda on

Beautiful Baby Girl, A Blessing from God. ENJOY every moment Congrats to you and your Handsome Husband.

PT PT on

All the negativety comes from all unhappy people who don’t want others to be happy. River is such a beautiful baby!! Congrats to both!

Bella on


Margo renyer on

Congratulations to you Kelly and your husband on the birth of River Rose she is just beautiful enjoy every moment with her!

Gina on

Riv for short..

Whofan on

Maybe they are big Doctor Who fans and named her after two leading ladies – “River” Song and “Rose” Tyler.

natasha on

I love rivers! pretty baby..

Caitlin on

That chicken knew it! Lol she’s so adorable.

Linda Keyser on

This is the prettiest baby she looks like a cherub. God bless you and your new family.