Jennifer Lopez: My Kids Are ‘Growing Up So Differently Than Me’

06/20/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Although multi-talented star Jennifer Lopez doesn’t exactly rock the “mom jeans” every day, she wants her children to grow up humbly aware of their privilege.

“They’re growing up so differently than me,” Lopez, 44, said Thursday at the Sirius XM Town Hall segment in New York City.

“I grew up in The Bronx — we shared a bed until we were 16 and it was so different. [Emme] and [Max] have their own rooms; we live in a big house. When we go to grandma’s house they’re like, ‘Grandma’s house is small.’ It occurs to them that this is different, so my whole thing is about teaching them to be aware of the world and realizing that we are in a position now that we can help other people.”

Lopez says the 6-year-old twins‘ personalities are still forming but that they’re “just perfect” in her eyes.

“They’re loving and happy and healthy, thank God,” she shares. “And they love to jump around and have fun.”

Jennifer Lopez Sirius Larry Busacca/Getty

With a privileged lifestyle, Lopez wants her kids to learn to be charitable and know how lucky they are, even while eating dinner.

“I’m like, ‘You realize that you don’t just throw food out — we eat food and if we don’t want it, we don’t ask for it.’ I’m always trying to put that in their minds. We’re in a different position and we have to be more giving.”

But there are still times when J.Lo needs her own mother — and luckily, she’s close at hand. Lopez’s mom Guadalupe is traveling with the family as she promotes her new album, A.K.A.

“It’s one thing to have help and a nanny — and ours is wonderful — but at the same time, when I know that I’m going to be working a lot, I want them to be with family,” Lopez says, adding that her mother is a “fun grandma.”

With Emme and Max in grade school now, Lopez says the teachers get used to seeing the American Idol judge walking the halls of their school.

“At first they do the ‘We’re going to treat you like everyone else’ thing. Then as time goes on they’re like, ‘Can you do this? Or can you do things?'” Lopez admits. “But for the most part, they get used to [me] coming around or dropping them off and picking them up.”

As for her hopes for more children, Lopez told the crowd she loved the extended family she acquired during her previous marriage.

“When I was married to Marc [Anthony], he had two boys, a girl and a stepson so there was four — [with the twins] there was six,” Lopez says. “When we went out, it was like Angelina and Brad. We had that flavor and I loved it.”

— Jessica Fecteau

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Showing 31 comments

anonymous on

Hopefully Grandma got an upgrade on her small home and is well looked after by Jennifer.

Xoxo on

It’s still sad the 2 of them divorced. It seems like she misses it/or loved it.

Ala Lemon on

Does she really need the big house? I mean, if you want to teach your kids about humility, downgrading your own lifestyle might not be such a bad idea

Ala Lemon on

Why does she need the bighouse for if she wants to teach her children where they come from and be grateful for what they can have? I don’t know, shouldn’t downsizing your own lifestyle make sense?

Um on

“They’re growing up so differently than me,”
Well duh, I have a good feeling you never grew up in a mansion.

Suzy Hager on

The article makes it sound like JLo hasn’t upgraded her Mom’s small house. Sheesh.

anonymous on

Could be that Grandma is happy where she is and chooses to not get an upgrade on her house! I’m sure Jennifer helps out her family in any way that they need.

Guest on

Jennifer ‘ s mother has chosen to stay in Jennifer ‘ s childhood home. That’s called being humble. I’m sure it brings Jennifer back down to earth when she returns home.

SandFeet on

Talk is cheap, Jennifer. Children learn by example what have you done to show them to appreciate what they have. Maybe you should let them live with Grandma for a little while without nanny’s and bodyguards. Take them to Puerto Rico and show them your roots.

cocomom on

In my opinion, she does seem like a good mom.

harrowing on

“different from” the way “I*” grew up. Two grammar errors in that statement. But hey, grammar isn’t her selling point, and she has gazillions of pesos.

Their dad has too many kids and ex-wives; their mom is very very materialistic! I can’t believe Marc has to have nannies present when he is with them! That is just ridiculous! Yes, he smokes and that’s unhealthful, but he’s not an abusive parent!

Ann on

Keep it real……

lynda on

.IF she wants a normal upbringing for her kids maybe she should start by not by bringing her boy toys home and introducing them to her kids so fast.Maybe get to know them first.Marc was probably angry his kids were living her perverted boyfriend.God knows what std’s he brought home

Bernadette on

The other day I went to pick up a friend’s girl from school and while waiting outside, I watched these grade school girls on iPhone and one of them shouted “God, why am I not older so I could bang Harry?” It was odd. I am 32 and while they look at me shocked because of my simple basic phone, I feel a bit bad because it seems kids will never be just kids again no thanks to how things have “advanced.” It doesn’t matter what Jen does or says, her kids are a part of a different world now.

tina on

She did offer to buy her mom a house and her mom wants to stay where she is. I’m sure her mom gets a lot of money from her.

It’s good that she is teaching her kids to be a little humble. To bad she can’t teach herself the same things. Isn’t she the same person who doesn’t want working people to look her in the eyes? If she were less conceited and not so raunchy, I would like her more. When we was with Marc she acted a little more respectfully, but that was short lived.

Guest Me on

Her mother doesn’t want another house. She lives the way that she wants to live because she’s more comfortable with that way. I read that in an interview, thought I’d share lol

Becky on

Duh!!! You have millions, so of course they are growing up differently.

anna on

she didnt buy her own mother a house? you must be joking…

itsallgood on

you can talk about your kids all day and night but remember this, Casper made a FOOL OUT OF YOU. Now go get tested, lol we tried to tell YOU! He was bi sexual and YOU wasn’t what he wanted… FOOL!

sally on

She didn’t have to buy her mom a house. Her mother won a million dollars in Atlantic City.

sally on

I hope she’s not still trying to push herself off as “Jenny from the block”. She left that behind when she left “In Living Color”.

Jenn on

Eiiccccckkkkkkk. Lifestyles of the bratty and privileged. They’ll def learn the value of money and what it is like being broke, growing up with JLO… LMAO. She’s so funny – she believes her own hype. Much like Mariah.

Rozie on

That Bitch “Jenny from the block ” needs to sit her motherfucking aas down and raise her kids and stop showing her damn Ass…some mother your are

Bella on

She make’s me sick… I hate fake ppl… and she’s one fake Ho!!!

Anonymous on

Her mom was home ..that’s the difference….she is sickening

Anonymous on

Yeah, there learning not tot bring home transsexuals to live with you because your a lonely old bag, and you stupid women that are saying she is a good role model mom are just as sick as Jlo, you women are all a bunch of morons?

Tom on

This is the 426 time since Jlo & Marc broke up she has used her kids for publicity to help her own career? She was told by the divorce judge not to putting her children s in the spotlight to benefit her own career? Jlo using her own children has to be the lowest women in the world, no shame or guilt, as long as it help her career, that’s pure evil?

Cfurlow on

Some of these comments are EXTREMELY JUDGEMENTAL. The last time I checked, we are all HUMAN. She did not say ANYTHING bad. She has said in numerous interviews that she takes care of her mother! I swear it seems as if people are looking for anything this woman does or says to use against her. Talk about WHAT THE WORLD HAS COME TO?! Sad.

Martina on

J.Lo is always seen with her mother, obviously they are very close. Who says her mother wants to live in a different house? They weren’t poor, they were a middle class family. You think JLo, given how close she’s with her family, wouldn’t buy her mother whatever she wants? Believe it or not, some people do not need to live in a mansion.

Rodriguez on

They sound like two spoiled brats complaining about the size of their grandmother’s house. She’s never with her brats anyway since she is constantly trying to revive her career and chasing after husband number 4.

Tanya on

Of course her kids grew up much different than her because she is much richer than her mother’s time.