Susan Sarandon: My Granddaughter’s Name Will Be ‘Unusual’

06/18/2014 at 11:30 AM ET

Susan Sarandon Coach Summer Party Mike Coppola/Getty

Susan Sarandon is gearing up for one busy summer.

The Oscar winner just began promoting her new movie Tammy — where she plays Melissa McCarthy‘s grandmother in the buddy comedy due in theaters on July 2 — and off screen she is about to experience the real thing for the first time.

Her daughter, actress Eva Amurri Martino, 29, is expecting a baby girl with husband Kyle Martino, 33, later this summer.

“I’m very excited to be a grandmother. It’s going to happen soon. She’s due in August,” Sarandon, 67, told PEOPLE at the Coach Summer Party on the Highline in New York on Tuesday. “I’m making my way to L.A. and cleared August and most of September to be with her.”

She adds, “I’m not sure I’ll be in the delivery room, but I’ll be available for whatever she needs.”

Now that the parents-to-be are in the home stretch, they are all prepared for the baby’s arrival and even picked out a name for their little girl. Sarandon says the name is a secret for now, but offers a hint.

“It’s not a vegetable, a city or a place,” she says. “It’s a real name, but it’s unusual. I really like it.”

One moniker Sarandon will share is her new nickname. She will be called Honey and not Grandma. The Ping Pong Summer star got inspiration from her hairstylist from Alabama, who called his grandma Honey. “It seems different and sounds warm and sweet. I don’t know if the baby will know how to say it right away, but that’s what we are going for,” she shares.

As for diaper duty, will she offer to help?

“Yeah, definitely!” she says with a smile. “I changed all of my kids diapers. It’s different when it’s your granddaughter though. I’m going to follow all my daughter’s rules, but behind her back I’m going to break them and spoil the baby because I think that’s what grandmothers are for.”

— Paul Chi

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truth on

haha that baby is going to call her whatever it wants! My father in law wanted to be Grampy so bad, but he’s Papa because that’s what my kids named him 🙂

Karen on

Congratulations to all! Such a happy, upbeat story. Love that she wants to spoil her granddaughter!

Barbara on

An unusual name for a baby these days is Jane or Mary. The granddaughter is probably going to be something popular but misspelled, such as Izabyla or Madyssyn.

YiYia on

Haha NOT! That baby is going to call her what she wants to be called if that is what she’s taught. I’m teaching my grandson to call me YiYia (Greek for grandmother) and my sister is called Fia by her grandchildren. I think being called Honey is wonderful.

Buffettgirl on

My old boss goes by “Ahni”. We think the oldest grandchild was trying to say both “Honey” (which, like Susan Sarandon, she wanted to be called) and her actual name, which is “Toni”… 20+ years later she’s Ahni to all 14 of their grandkids! 😉

Paige on

My mom got stuck with “Granny” because that’s what my brother’s kids started calling her. She’s not of fan of that name. lol

Lala on

I didn’t realize she had her children, in her late 30’s and 40’s. She seems pretty active, so that’s a good thing.

Tamarin on

Sorry, GRANDMA, but it is what it is. Get over yourself.

Rozann on

Nowadays the term grandma and grandpa etc. don’t always apply. I’m an aunt to 2 great grown adults and was never called Aunt, unless of course they had been bad and needed to get on my good side, then I was Auntie Zanny, with sad puppy dog eyes. I was always called Zanny (my brothers nickname for me). Now that one has had a little boy of her own he will be calling me Zanny too. I love it!!!

Anonymous on

What’s wrong with being called, ‘Grandma?’ It’s music to my ears.

What a Day on

When our family had the next generation, my mom picked Honey as a great-grandmother name too. That left Nanny for us to still us as new grandmothers. My step daughter is called ‘G’ by her grandkids. Cute story.

Nan on

If it’s not a place, it’s not a city.

guest on

It’s got to be a real bruise to the ego to be 67 and play a 43 year-old’s grandmother!

Catherine on

Aww, that’s so cute that she has cleared her schedule so she can be there to help. Good priorities, Susan! Enjoy your granddaughter.

Jen DC on

Cute cute cute! I’ve always liked Susan Sarandon and this just makes her seem warmer and sweeter than ever.

There are some truly unhappy people here. She’s not making it about herself; she’s just excited for her daughter and the (obvious) changes coming in their relationships.

Just because one set of kids can’t manage “Honey,” doesn’t mean that this one will not be able to handle it or they won’t be able to come up with a suitable alternative that everyone (still) enjoys. Jeez.

Susan on

Will it be as unusual as your shirt?

KM on

She prefers to call her honey not grandma, nothing wrong with it.

Emmy on

you will be call what ever her parents want her to call you.

I try for Nana & all I got was grandma plus that is went ever they have time for then to bring her around & you learn your place real fast! So good luck with that one.

Anonymous on

Her shirt looks ridiculous.

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

The baby will name grandma. I was going to be simply “Grandma” and I ended up being called “MeeMee” by the baby and now that is what they all call me.

Mamoo's Daughter on

My niece started calling my mother, “Mamoo”. She loves it. As for diapers…why do they get asked that question? It’s inane. It’s the last thing I’m interested in.

Ala Lemon on

There’s nothing wrong with Grandma, in my opinion, but the child will probably call her whatever she wants. My friend’s son calls his paternal grandmother DaDa (her name is Danielle) just because that’s how he felt like calling her

Tanya on

She doesn’t want to call her grandma because it sounds old for her.