Why Stacy Keibler Believes She’s Had an Easy Pregnancy

06/18/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Stacy Keibler PopChips BBQ 4th of July
Michael Simon/Startraksphoto

At a time when most women are overcome with exhaustion, Stacy Keibler is feeling better than ever in her third trimester.

And the mom-to-be — who is expecting a daughter in August — credits it all to one thing: a healthy lifestyle.

“I haven’t had one day where I’ve been sick or tired,” Keibler told PEOPLE at the Popchips 4th of July BBQ Happy Hour event on Tuesday in West Hollywood.

“I’ve had so much energy, but I’m very conscious of making sure I work out every day and eating healthy, so I really, truly believe that’s a big part of it.”

To keep in check with only choosing the best for her body, Keibler, 34, reads over all ingredient labels — if she can’t pronounce them, she passes on the product.

“I try to be as organic as possible, especially with food. I not only try to eat organic, but no preservatives, nothing artificial,” she explains.

Luckily, since she hasn’t had any surprising pregnancy cravings, she admits she hasn’t had to bend the rules.

Instead, the actress and television host is focusing her attention on preparing for her daughter’s arrival. And with the nursery “ready to go,” there’s only one thing left to dream about: baby girl clothes!

“It’s funny because I was actually with Rebecca Minkoff, who’s having a girl too … and we were talking about cute … little girl things,” she says. “I can’t wait to get a little Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket!”

She adds, “I’m so excited, especially [because] a lot of my friends that are designers [are] talking about things they’ve done for little girls’ clothing and I just can’t wait.”

And, according to Keibler, neither can her new husbandJared Pobre. “He’s so excited, he’s over the moon,” she shares.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Showing 28 comments

Trish on

I’m very happy for her. And she seems to very happy herself. Good for her! 🙂

Sandra on

I give all credit to God for the fact that I didn’t have one day of morning sickness throughout both of my pregnancies. Now the eating is a whole other story, I ate fish dang near every day of both and redeveloped a love for oatmeal, the whole kind, not that sweet multi-flavored stuff. But I did notice that I can no longer eat shrimp since I had kids….oh well I got two healthy babies out of the deal so its all good.

Danielle on

I personally don’t like articles like this. I know many women who have very healthy lifestyles who have had awful pregnancies with nausea, exhaustion, complications, the works! Obviously it is wonderful for her that this has been such a great experience and good for her for her being healthy, but I would hate to see women see this and think they must have done something wrong or been somehow unhealthy with their choices because they had a poor pregnancy experience. The reality is a lot of what happens during pregnancy is out of a woman’s hands and every woman is different.

erica2 on

Stacy looks so happy! She is correct. Working out and eating healthy plays a big part. I only splurge on cravings every now and then, still workout and luckily all the weight has gone to my midsection. I’m in my third trimester and have only gained 10 pounds and my baby boy is healthy. I watched friends go overboard by inhaling everything in sight they gained 60+ pounds and 2 years later the baby weight is still there. Eating for two is a ridiculous myth!

Sunny on

We ALMOST made it through a pregnancy article without the “over the moon” phrase. She looks great but being sick, as in morning sickness, cannot be controlled with your diet. You either have it or you don’t.

Sunny on

I couldn’t have said it better Danielle. When someone has morning sickness, they can’t eat anything…healthy or not.

Hey on

It’s genetics. I’m 5’9″ and had twins at 41 while eating what I wanted and zero exercise. Gained 28lbs and back in my clothes a week after a csec (which was also easy). I was home in 2 days doing stairs.

Why is she relevant?

heather on

Since when does healthy eating have anything to do with morning sickness?

sarahciarciello on

I’ve had 12 kids love them all to death & I’ve had twins triplets & a set of quads and I’ve had good pregnancies the single one was the hardest for me! I was tired and sick quite a lot! In fact in the hospital too! It’s all worth it though in the end with 12 beautiful blessings!

Lily on

Exactly what Danielle & J said. It’s great that her pregnancy is going well, & while I agree good eating/excercise is important, it is not the reason that she hasn’t had morning sickness, etc. There are plenty of equally healthy moms who have not had a good experience, due to no fault of their own. Ridiculous.

Jen DC on

@Danielle: But why would a reasonable woman think that just because someone else had success with a particular method, it will automatically work for her? I simply don’t get this “The Celebrity made me feel bad because what she did doesn’t work for me”.

hammersandheels on

Seriously? I want to slap this woman right now. Way to make women feel bad about themselves. Especially women who may not have the same access to resources that she does. The bit about a baby leather jacket just makes me roll my eyes and confirms that these people have no concept of reality.

I’m an extremely healthy person but I’ve had absolutely horrid morning sickness with my pregnancy to the point where pretty much the only food I can stomach is bread and fruits. Every doctor will tell you that’s absolutely normal. But I’m so glad to hear that Dr. Stacy Keibler has it all figured out.

Danielle on

@JenDC – I hear what your saying but from my experience in the area, rationality doesn’t have a lot to do with it. It seems to be a subject where emotional reactions/feelings take over. It’s also not rational for a women who had a c-section to somehow feel like they failed, but lots of women do. Also to be clear, I don’t mean just celebrity articles, I mean articles with this messaging in general. You see them in parenting magazines, and books people put out, but the reality is that you can do everything right and it still not work out the way you want it to, and IMO women need to know that more then anything.

Kim on

Jenn – I think the point is that while she did lead a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing she “did” or “didn’t do” that ensured her pregnancy was problem free. I ate healthy, exercised and didn’t overindulge or gain an inordinate amount of weight (30lbs), but I still had to take medication for nausea and vomiting up to the day before i delivered. You can even read online that nausea is sign of a healthy pregnancy. So the fact of the matter is that no one fully understands why pregnancy always turns out the way it does. And not only does it vary from woman to woman, but pregnancy to pregnancy. I had one friend who was fine with her first, and violently ill with her second, lifestyle for the most part being equal.

Cheryl on

Am glad she has made a decision since moving on from George to have a family and marriage.She seems happy and complete.Why settle for something when you know deep in your heart that you want and need more…

Bridget on

Yes it must be nice for Ms.Keibler that all she has time for is to workout and read labels. I work about 50 hours a week and would love nothing more than to not have to. Such is life. I read a lot of these articles and this one has really annoyed me. She hasn’t been sick or tired ONE day? Even not being pregnant I have felt sick and/or tired. She sounds so ignorant especially when talking about all her “designer” friends.

Jean on

Wow Stacy! You are so perfect! We should all try to be EXACTLY like you!!!!

Why are you famous, again? Oh yeah, you slept with George. Isn’t it funny how he is marrying some he just met a few months ago and he was with you for two years? Guess that’s why you have to try to keep yourself relevant.

She’s so arrogant it seeps through her pores.

klutzy_girl on

Hey Jean, she was famous in the WWE WAY before she ever got involved with Clooney. Check your facts before you spout of information that makes you look foolish.

Hrword on

WHY does she persist in going on and on about how perfectly wonderful her life is (since George jettisoned her)? Seems she doth protest waaayyyy the hell too much

cndngirl on

Danielle hit the nail on the head! I spent the entire time I was pregnant eating very well, moving a lot, managing stress, having a great social support network around me, etc. and had nausea constantly, fatigue, acne, etc. Articles like this drive me crazy and reinforce a very unrealistic picture of what pregnancy is “supposed” to be like. It makes those of us who don’t have her experience feel like crap. And frankly, I’m sick of her self promotion. Yes, you are pregnant. Congratulations. Now please stop promoting yourself and future child and just focus on getting ready for parenthood.

ab on

ugh, there is nothing more annoying than a pregnant woman who brags about how healthy and easy her pregnancy has been. And to boot, claiming it’s because of anything else than sheer luck. Does she call People every single day to update you guys on her workouts and how excited she is??

Cass on

What you eat has no bearing on whether you get the “morning” sickness in your first, or all of your, trimester/s. Just sayin. She attributes her lifestyles to it and that is not the case.

Lis on

I would love to clock this woman in the face. Sorry, I am pregnant and hormonal myself… (altho I’m sure perfect Stacy isn’t hormonal at all either…)
I’m on my thrid baby and have experienced nausea (in varying degrees) with all pregancies. And like someone pointed out, it is usually a good sign of a heathly pregnancy. Gosh, I would love it if I had the extra dough to go to the gym, and buy organic, pricey foods….

wow on

money makes you happy and healthy

Sara Smile on

Why so many negative comments about a positive pregnancy experience? So many negative people here. It says she has energy in her 3rd trimester. I found that exercising & eating right also helped me have more energy in my pregnancies. Eating right & exercising will usually make anyone have more energy, pregnant or not.

Congratulations to you Stacy.

Alex on

Ugh. Another annoying celebrity bragging about their perfect pregnancy. As so many have stated, there are many women that have done everything right, and still had difficult pregnancies.

Heather on

I think you are pre-disposed to have a tendency to be sick with pregnancy. I don’t believe it has to do with a healthy lifestyle. The exhaustion part – yeah, if you are super healthy and exercise then you can keep that at bay.

Kal on

Love her orange outfit in the photo!