Donald and Vanessa Trump Welcome Daughter Chloe Sophia

06/18/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Donald Trump Jr. Welcomes Fifth Child
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

It’s a girl!

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa welcomed their fifth child on Monday, June 16, their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Chloe Sophia arrived at 11:56 p.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs., 6 oz.

“It’s a girl!!!! Vanessa and I are very excited to be bringing home our little bundle of joy today,” the Trump Organization’s Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions announced Wednesday via Twitter, adding the hashtag #FullHouse.

The new addition certainly joins a busy brood. The couple, who didn’t find out the sex of the baby prior to delivery, are already parents to daughter Kai Madison, 7, and sons Donald John III, 5, Tristan Milos, 2½, and Spencer Frederick, 20 months.

Baby girl has a few cousins to play with as well — Trump’s sister Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are parents to daughter Arabella, 2½, and son Joseph, 8 months.

Trump — who also acts as a boardroom advisor on The Apprentice — and Vanessa, both 36, celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in November.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Emily Strohm

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SAR on

Well, that’s good. Another girl will help balance out all those boys. I just hope she resembles her mom. I’m sorry to be mean, but Donald Jr. isn’t a looker.

exit82 on

I guess if you live in a mansion- it’s not really a full house now is it Donald?

Kay on

Wow…. 5 kids in 8 years….. how does he have any time for work?!

Pam on


Guest on

Cool. He can teach her (and his other brats) to kill elephants for sport.

slawson on

At least they were married before starting their family. Unlike so many other celebrities.

Sb on

All those cute modern names and then Donald the third. Poor kid!

bret on

when will people stop breeding?

MrMonkee on

Hope Vanessa loses the baby fat quick. Donald Jr. might follow in daddy Don’s footsteps and trade her in for a newer younger model. Or would that be called another Stepford Wife?

tabitha on

Wow what a bunch of really awful people you all are! Try saying congrats and move on or for all of us who share in the beauty of children, move on.

sam on

Congratulations? Why so many in such a short time? Give your babies a chance to grow up a little first. Oh well, too late. Perhaps, money, mansion and all you could stop now. 5 children are enough in this tired, full, old world. It’s kind of embarrassing. Control yourselves.

Barb on

Isn’t he the wildlife endangered animal hunter. For the fun of it????


anonymous on

They are obviously well-equipped to care for a large family and unlike his dad, at least his children aren’t with multiple women!!

disneymommy75 on

Maybe Ivanka can design a FABULOUS should bag or clutch for Vanessa to cart her uterus in. Dragging it behind you is SO 2013.

stacey on

What a beautiful name for a little girl! Love it!!!!

KW on

Oldest is 7, 8th anniversary is in 5 months. Math sez she trapped him (though he’s no looker), add 4 more to sweeten the eventual divorce pot. Lives of the rich and (wannabe) famous.

Lala on

Just as they decide to have 5 children, another couple decides to have none. It all balances out people. If they want a large family, more power to them. I come from a family of 5 kids, my husband 7, and neither felt we missed out on anything. There was always someone to play with, especially when you weren’t talking to a sibling or two. It’s up to the parents to make their children feel loved and individual. So hopefully they have done that, and will continue to do that.

Europa 19 on

After that TMZ photo of him proudly holding up the elephant tail from the one he killed for fun, it makes me sick to look at him. Some of those people kill the animals because they’re starving. What’s his excuse? Oh….right…

Nikki on

wow..some are close in age…wonder how many nannies they have…3 in diapers. ..whew.! Milos? must be named after someone

nikki on

Close your legs!!

guest on

Were it not for family money, he couldn’t have gotten laid…period.

Alissa on

Ahhh….so sweet. I’m sure they are so thrilled with their new baby girl. I really love all the Trump kids even if The Donald isn’t my favorite, he did do well with his three oldest kids. I haven’t seen Tiffany and Baron is still so young, so they may be great too, who knows? Congrats to the family.

wow on

Donald jr. give your wife a break

Bird on

KW be nice and do the math. They celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary last Nov not this Nov.

Yolanda Davis on

jr. Is a busy man.

Akita on

Good…at least they can take care of them and give them beautiful life

Akita on

and of course they have army of nannies to help so…I am not sure she is going crazy

Debbe on

That’s three babies back to back with no rest. I would give my body a break for awhile if I were her. My mom did this and the third baby had spina bifida. Just be careful because a mother’s body needs to be strong and have all the nutrition it needs to pop out healthy babies.

Paige on

So I’m guessing they can’t afford cable?

Jerry Grier on

Don Jr. is uglier then Don Sr. Poor kid, money only goes so far.

robin on

i’ll never forget how he went sport hunting for large game and shot an elephant and cut off its tail as a trophy. He also shot a lion and a few other endangered animals. What a tool he is. To me, that is a sick human being. I don’t know how the wife can be married to a cruel human being like that.

clstine11 on

They will just hire another nanny….

Christine on

Wow, time goes fast. Five kids already.

Kelly on

omg. enough already, r u trying to catch up to those idiots the duggars. ever hear of birth control.

clstine11 on

Debbe – You are absolutely right that the mother needs to take a break for her own health. She might have had 5 Ceasarian sections. In any event, conservatives never worry about the health of the mother.

JoAnn Sammons on

Your negative comments sure reveal a lot about your disposition in life. Maybe being cutting and offensive makes you feel better. It is time to take a grown up pill and start living life without putting others down. It accomplishes absolutely nothing. It just reveals an immature, bitter spirit. Find something to do in life and contribute .

NYC on

She needs to be spayed.

MoonPie on

@KW You need to pay a bit more attention to what you’re reading. They celebrated their 8th anniversary last November, not this upcoming November. So they’ve been married 8 1/2 years & their youngest is 7. He was not “trapped”.

shidley on

Ok. That’s enough breeding for you two!

Tamarin on

What do you people care about how many children they have? Do you think your tax dollars are feeding, clothing or educating them? You’re all disgusting.

Donna on

Congrats to them. Please be nice to your nanny, she is the one who is allowing you to sleep. I wish we had the finances to support a large family.

jckfmsincty on

Just what the country needs: more rich, entitled Republicans.

Jaymeson on

Is this all this woman can do, push out kids? She obviously has no life now to do anything else!

BAS on

KW If you read what it said she didn’t trap him! They celebrated eighth wedding anniversary in November. They got married in 2005,,,making this Nov 9 years married. Oldest child born in May 2007! Do the math!

shidley on

Tamarin…aka Tabitha….

This is a comment section, meaning, people are free to comment. You must deal.

lola on

Congratulations!! What a beautiful family of 7!! : ) I love her name

John on

The Trump’s aren’t bright but even they have heard of overpopulation and the destruction it causes. The sense of entitlement and arrogance of these people is nauseating.

Marky on

John, you are a self-righteous prick who somehow thinks you are smarter and better than Donald, Jr, why? At least these people seem to be happily married, and love their children. All the Trump children seem to be intelligent, and don’t go around being hateful and judgmental of others. That’s lightyears ahead of posters on this thread. Ick. get off your high-horses, you’re very rude and unpleasant and who wants to see you posters whining your way through every day?!

DaisyMoon on

Wonder if this woman had any life goals?…dreams?…ambitions? besides popping out a bunch of bay-bays…

Tanya on

Nikki – Tristan got his middle name Milos after his paternal great-grandfather Miloš Zelníček who died 21 years prior to his birth.

Jen on

Jeez, could they be a more beautiful couple? Nope. Congrats on your sweet daughter.

Jessica on

Congratulations!! I never understand why people have to be so rude. Having children is a personal choice, and as long as they are able to care for them, why do you care how many they have???!! You guys are awesome. Way to be PRO LIFE! Enjoy those sweet children, they are all a blessing.

bitsy on

great. another silver spoon……………..

4mom on

Wow there are a lot of negative remarks on here. I had 3 under 4 with the last two being 14 months apart. I breastfed my daughter until she was 12 months and weaned her then gave birth to her brother a month later. We were all perfectly healthy. Having them so close together was never a concern of my dr. Congrats to them!

Colleen on

Hey if they can handle it, good for them. Lol

catfriend99 on

5 kids in 7 years? Yikes. Maybe somebody should tell them about birth control.

KL on

Yay good for them!! She is just poppin out those babies! And I love the name! A nice and NORMAL name. Hope she looks like her mom, sorry Donald Jr.. looks just like his dad, ick!

Martina on

If I could afford it, I’d have 5 kids too. Get over your hatred people! Big families are great.

jojo on


Anonymous on

Congrats to them! love the name….what I don’t understand is all the negative comments…if they can take care of them who cares if they have more than 1 or 2? kudos to them!!

L on

So many disgusting comments, ya’ll must really be bored. Try being nice & finding lives besides being so nasty

Jccl on

Why does everyone see the need to be so mean, cynical and judgmental? It’s not your life, you don’t get a say in how to live it.

guest on

He’s very unattractive…money talks.

Stanley Korn on

Donald Trump Junior, with his Brothers, travelled to Africa, to Slaughter Innocent Animals. Lacking in Empathetic Character.

Barbi on

So many haters! God would not be proud but – let me guess – you don’t believe in God either.

Congratulations to them. Children are a blessing from the Lord and they sure can afford them. I’m thrilled for them. Donald is not a bad looking young man at all… would love to see pictures.