Halle Berry Loves Bringing Her Kids to Work

06/17/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Halle Berry Extant Premiere Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Being Halle Berry requires a lot of multi-tasking.

As the star and executive producer of the new CBS drama Extant, the Academy Award-winning actress’ schedule is packed with meetings with her fellow producers and quality time with her children: daughter Nahla, 6, and 8-month old son Maceo.

“I love having my kids there [on set] because I am nursing my baby. To have him there is great for me,” Berry, 47, told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of her new show on Monday. “I love being involved all day.”

And Berry isn’t the only one who loves being involved.

“Every morning I can lose myself just by looking at my son,” her husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, said recently┬áin an interview printed in German Grazia magazine.

While Martinez, 48, says that becoming a father has been the biggest adventure in his life, he has different feelings when it comes to tabloid rumors that his marriage to Berry is going through a rough patch.

“That’s bulls—,” says the actor, who spent Monday evening arm-in-arm with his wife. “Sometimes you have to laugh about what gets published, sometimes it’s annoying, but in general I don’t care.”

Martinez insists that most of the stuff he reads about himself he never actually said. “That tells a lot about my life, doesn’t it?” he says.

He insists that the view that the public has of him “isn’t really me. Just being famous feels cheap to me,” he says. “In Hollywood you can live alongside very famous but still incredibly boring people. I’ve never wanted to be immortal. Even if nobody remembers me after my death, it’s still okay with me.”

“Except for those I love,” he adds. “What I am trying to say here [is], I’m only traveling through, just like every other human being.”

But Martinez isn’t traveling alone. Though he will be spending the summer in Mexico filming the upcoming History Channel miniseries Texas Rising, Berry was overheard saying that she and the family plan to visit him.

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— Patrick Gomez and K.C. Blumm

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anonymous on

Can’t understand why an Oscar winning actress would want to go from film to a network tv series. I’ve read comments from other (film) actresses who have kids on being selective about projects and timing and they seem to make it work, choosing a limited number of films a year — e.g. Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, SAndra Bullock, Nicole Kidman

nicks mom on

What ay work for them, may not work for everyone.. js

CDS on

I read that Halle said doing network tv allows her to spend more time with her children in the evening — put them to bed at night, etc.

boohoobytch on

Umm, “hollywood” is now and has been on network TV (I’m winking at you Josh Hartnett, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Steve Buschemi, Kevin Bacon, Jessica Lange etc etc)…check out some of their shows, they’re pretty good…

Di on

It’s probably a good way to have time with your kids.

TJ on

I think TV allows actors/actresses to be at home more with their children than making movies. Movies are shot at different times of the year, different locations and sometimes the day can extend for several hours on set. Since she’s the Executive producer of the show, she can set her own hours.

rubyovertherainbow* on

…only when she can leave the ex at home. LOL

Europa 19 on

TV has evolved over time and many shows are very good. It is becoming popular again. There’s so much to choose from with great shows like the new 24, etc. A lot of big name actors don’t mind this kind of steady work at all.

Seriously? on

Watch out, Olivier…its almost time for you to be accused of abuse/racism, etc. That’s just what this monster does. Slings false accusations at men.

Erin on

He’s creepy!

cynsation on

If you look at the upcoming television shows a lot of them are movie actors. They are going to the small screen because the movie roles are getting scarce and tv keeps them home and a steady paycheck. TV actors are getting upset that a lot of these roles are going to big screen actors.

Valerie Cook on

how come we have yet to see a picture of halle berrys son…


Will there be a picture of Halle’s new son anytime soon? How does she keep him out of the public eye?

Anonymous on

Valerie Cook- There have been pictures of him on other sites. ­čÖé

Seriously?- How do you know her accusations are false? Were you there (and before you ask, no, I wasn’t there either, obviously. But that’s my point! It’s impossible in situations like this to know the truth UNLESS you were there!)?

blake on

I agree theres others out there. I seen him and talk to him, it has long blood hair.okay! it was funny, I had to say it. no worries mate. my lips are sealed. because I dig you.i like what Ollie said people say all kinds b.s. people also misperceive things they see and don’t stick around to see the facts. just drive by and assume.

Little kahuna on

Olivier is a very wise man, we are only here for a short time and then we move on. Enjoy your life while you can and the only people who really matter is your family, so take care of them. I can see why Halle loves him, he is real, really handsome that is and so is his son. He is a good father and husband.

Ackbar on

But you are famous Olivier since that Unfaithful movie, you are, and marrying Halle Berry didn’t help.

jtb on

How is Oliver a good father when we have never seen him with the kid. I have seen every celeb and athlete with their baby by 3 mths. Why is Halle trying to hide Maceo so much? There are pics of him on set. Looks like a curly head 100% black baby with Oliver slanted eyes. I know it’s possible to have a baby of his complexion. Still a shock when I see him knowing that Halle is mixed and Oliver is white looking. Halle and Oliver is faking it for publicity. I don’t believe they’re together.

shelbethegreat on

I envy her having the special love a new baby brings.

Patricia on

“Extant” is a feature film quality production. The fact that it’s on TV means they can develop the story and the characters in greater detail than they’d be allowed to in a single two hour feature film. It’s a better deal for the actors because they can invest in their characters more deeply.