Kelly Clarkson Welcomes Daughter River Rose

06/14/2014 at 12:43 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson Welcomes Daughter River Rose Christopher Polk/Getty

Kelly Clarkson‘s own little Miss Independent is here!

The singer welcomed her first child with husband Brandon Blackstock on Thursday, June 12, she announced Saturday on Twitter.

“Our baby girl River Rose Blackstock arrived on June 12th!” Clarkson, 32, Tweeted. “Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes! Brandon and I are on cloud 9!!”

Following weeks of pregnancy rumors — and a few hints from the mom-to-be! — Clarkson confirmed the pregnancy four weeks after she and Blackstock tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Tennessee.

And while the morning sickness threw her for a loop, there was one thing Clarkson was confident about: she was expecting a daughter.

“I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!’ ” she joked in November, long before officially finding out the sex of her baby on the way.

In January, she revealed her suspicions were right. “I knew it! Only a girl could cause this much drama with all this vomiting ha!” she Tweeted.

But, luckily, if Clarkson and Blackstock, who is already dad to Seth and Savannah, had been surprised with a son, the couple were covered with a name.

“Honestly, the name we’ve picked, if it’s a boy or a girl, it’s the same name,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “You won’t guess it. It’s a random name. But it’s not like … ‘Blue Jazz.’ It’s not going to be a weird name.”

— Anya Leon

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alldolledupphotography on

I LOVE the name. It’s unique, trendy but NOT crazy. Adorable!

kj on

Congratulations. Cute name……..for a celebrity kid……..

klutzy_girl on

Ooh, I love that name! It’s pretty. Congratulations to them!

Kay on

I like it! Honestly, I never heard River being used on a girl, but I really adore it.

Kim Schacht on

Congratulations to Kelly and Brandon on their precious gift River Rose! Children are such a blessing and cherishing and nurturing them is the most awesome and amazing gift we are given! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Trish on

Congratulations to them both!! And love the name, cute and clever. I’m very happy for the couple.

Kimber on

Congrats!! I love the name. Makes me a tad curious if they are Dr. Who fans.

Anya on

River Rose has a nice ring to it. Lovely!

genibre2013 on

Rose is lovely. But River yet another idiotic, androgynous name. Smh

carly on

Congrats Kelly & Brandon. So happy for them.

emma on

Congratulations to both

janie on

Congratulations on your new daughter!! Love her name!

Mary on

Very cute name, bet grandma Reba is over the moon too, congrats.

Pam on

Congrats! Cute name! I knew I was having a boy from the very beginning of my pregnancy because I never got sick.

Akita on

Good for Kelly!…Congratulation!…She came long way from Idol winner.

Akita on

I think Reba is going to be great grandma…I like that lady…not into her music, but she is very interesting person

Ceeteefeebs on

I’d always preferred River(s) as a boy’s name, but you know what? A river is a river, and it conjures up a beautiful image. I can see why they’d go for it.

Melissa on

Really good name! Congrats!

Whovian50 on

River as River Song and Rose as Rose Tyler. Someone is a Whovian, isn’t it?

Molly on

Wonder if they are Dr Who fans, because one of the character’s name was River Song. 🙂

So happy for them. 🙂

dottie van pelt on

congrads. on the birth of a new baby girl they are so wonderful

micky on

Congratulations to the new parents, love the name

Isakka on

Aww love the name! Sounds nice too! 🙂

Nancy on

Aww we both had our baby girl’s the same day and we both named them River! Congrats Kelly!

CB on

I am so excited for Kelly and Brandon. Congrats on the new little addition to the family. Love love love the name!!!!

Leslie on

I’m a HUGE Kelly fan, so I’ve been waiting for and expecting this announcement for a little while now! Congrats to her and Brandon! I’m liking that name, too! I’ve also heard it used more for boys, but paired with Rose, it totally works! Not too common, but not over-the-top, either. Can’t wait for some more details and pictures (If they choose to share, of course.)!

Moby on

It just broke my heart. Got pregnant around the same time as she did, miscarried when she was over-talking about her pregnancy on every TV show, and now, she give birth to her daughter (I wished I had a daughter too) on my due date. Glad she had a low-key pregnancy past her second trimester.
Glad she now has a healthy baby. Congrats …

Anonymous on

congratulations Kelly!! So happy for you and your husband!!

Lara on

River is a hippie name for a boy, not a girl!

Cat on

With a name like that, the kid will have to be a country music singer! 🙂

JustMe on

Congrats, Kelly! So excited for you! River is becoming a more popular name for girls and boys and River Rose sounds pretty! And for those wondering about Dr. Who, there was a female ‘River’ on Firefly too, I believe, when that was on…

Andrea on

Eww what a stupid name!

Guest on

Horrible name. I’m getting so sick of these boy names for little girls…it’s not cute!

melissa on

congrualtions kelly on your new member of the family I have 1 boy and 3 girls and another one on the way and due in nov happy parenting

Adrienne on

June 14th Congrats to the new mama bear and papa bear and new baby bear god bless you 3 always Love adrienne the granddaughter of the tinman from the movie The Wizard Of Oz

Kat Wolf on

I have always believed that she is so extremely talented from the time she was auditioning for American Idol. She is my favorie female artist so I am wishing her & Brandon many congratulations on their birth of River Rose!!! I can’t wait to see a picture of her!

Seriously? on

We’re all thrilled you didn’t have morning sickness Pam but that’s hardly a guarantee that one will have a boy.


CONGRATULATIONS Kelly & Brandon on the Birth of your new little angel,I’m sure she will bring you nothing but joy & happiness. Love & Best Wishes to you all, Hugsssss

Guest on

Um, River isn’t weird?


CG on

Amazing name!

hillarycwarren on

Congrats to her and her husband. He looks exactly like Reba’s husband in that picture, only younger! Wow. Can’t really understand naming someone River, but Rose is a pretty name.

whovian on

Please tell me she’s a Doctor Who fan.. That would be neat!

Callie on

It’s a stupid name and it’s just as bad and weird as Blue Jazz!

Andrea on

Awww, congrats to you Kelly!!! ❤

Ginger on

Congratulations to Kelly and Brandon. Little girls are so wonderful. If you’re lucky, you get to see your husband fall in love again and even though he’s fallen in love with the new woman in his life, you don’t mind and it makes you love him more.

Andrea on

Awwww, congrats to you Kelly! Love the name. How sweet. ❤

Tony-Lyn takagi on

It is not that random of a name. My daughter River Rose was born 5/13/13. I do love it. Congratulations

Anonymous on

Congratulations as well to Grandma Reba and Grandpa Norville

Amy on

Congrats! I wish you all the best.

Anonymous on

River as a girl’s name???

Anonymous on

I am soo happy for her, she always wanted to be a mom, and now she got her wish.

mary on

The second River I have heard of, the first being River Phoenix. Congratulations Kelly on your healthy baby girl!

Tee Tee on

Oh, so excited to hear about River Rose’s safe arrival! Kelly was so excited to become a Momma, I know! Congratulations to her and Brandon, who really is the spitting image of his Daddy, Narvel! And congratulations to Grandma Reba!

Sara on

It’s a Doctor Who baby!! Love it!

Lisa on

Pretty name 🙂 Congrats to her!

huntermarie4 on

Congrats Kelly on your country rose👶👶👶👣👣👣👣👣👣

Poor Thing... on

I hope River Rose will have a healthy life if not a strong backbone. I think of River Phoenix & hope she has better luck. I think of schoolyard teasing, “Hey! Cry Me a–River! A River Runs Through It! Take Me to the River!” & more as the pummeling proceeds by her so-called “friends”…Toughen up & congratulations!

libba on

Name sucks

maryhelenc on

Congrats to her! Not feeling the name choice, but glad everyone is happy & healthy.

Bill Sellers on

I don’t think it’s adorable. Sounds like something you’d name a riverboat, not a human being!

Alisa on

Congratulations Kelly! This little girl is lucky to have you as a Mommy! I can’t imagine the beautiful lullabies you will be singing to her. Best wishes to your family.

Kat on

I love the name, has a nice ring to it. River Rose Blackstock would be great for a writer ;

phil on

I’m a big fan of Kelly Clarkson but not of that name.But it’s their call.It sounds like the name of a trailer park in west Tulsa.

Rita Wray on

Congrats to the proud parents.

Guest with 3 Names on

I am happy for her. She seems to be at the height of personal happiness right now. Always nice to see. Congratulations!

Lilyflower on


Anonymous on

River… PLEASE. You call that a great name…. OMG. What in the hell is wrong with these stars. Don’t they think of their children when they grow up?????

NonnieTee on

Congrats, Lovely name and a lovely family.

Erin on

Sorry Sounds like the name of a cattle ranch stocked with black angus: River Black stock. If anyone had to name a kid River I’d think it would be more suited for a boy.

Katie on

I’m hoping she’ll be weight watchers next spokesperson and they’ll get rid of Jessica Simpson. I had to quit watching the ads because I couldn’t stand the way her mouth moved when she talked – something really strange there.

RysMom on

River is cute, for a boy

FelicityJune on

Congrats, a great day, because it’s my b-day too !!!!

Anna on

Congrats to them, and River is a cute name. I just wish she hadn’t been so public about wanting a girl. Hopefully she won’t have any boys in the future…

Frank Carrott on

Haven’t seen photos of her pregnant. I’m guessing she got bigger than Jessica Simpson.

JWS on

I love the name River! It’s unique and different!
Congrats to Kelly and Brandon!!

Smiles on

Perfect name!

Dee on

Congrats! A very, very Whovian name, may I say. I guess one or both of you are! ❤ And actually, it sounds very Whovian too, River Rose Blackstock. 😉

Doctor Who's River Song is a female and she rocks. She's one of the best female characters ever created for television. Even if you don't watch Who, try just searching River Song in YouTube. I love her!

For the person who said there's a River in Firefly, yes. River Tam, played by Summer Glau. 🙂

Ari on

I love the name River!

exit82 on

already? wow- that went by fast for me! congrats- love the name- enjoy!

Anonymous on

Can you tell they like Dr. Who?

Chuck on

Well what do you know – -a celebrity who is actually married BEFORE giving birth — Congrats!

ed on

Much better than the direction baby or the blue one.

Betty on

Ah ha! Only married 8 months when she had the baby. I knew she was knocked up when she had the quickie wedding. 🙂

Lalee on

She doesn’t think “River.” Is an odd name for a little girl? It’s a pity these people have normal names themselves but then tag a kid some dumb name. Why not “Eiffel” or “Kikka-poo”? I’m glad she got her little girl they’re the best.

Henriette on

Well, if John Travolta can be a dad…

Debbe on

I threw up after every single meal for the first trimester. But, I had a boy.

Stacey on

My 8 month old granddaughter’s name is River Poppy. It took me a while to get used to River. Poppy is a family name.

Fefe on

Congratulations to them! I love the name- unique without being weird!!

Nancy on

Don’t like it,, where in the hell do these celebs get these crazy names for their kids? Sounds like it might be the name of an old Mississippi River steamboat or something…Can’t help but wonder if it had been a boy would they have named him River Rat?

Anonymous on

Betty- It wasn’t a quickie wedding. They got married on the same date they had planned all along (the one that was on the save the date cards that PEOPLE managed to get hold of a photo of way back at the end of 2012!). And she likely didn’t even know she was pregnant, seeing as how she was only about one month in (and most women don’t find out until sometime in the second month). 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them! I love the name, and don’t get why people think it’s weird. Also, I’ve always thought of rivers as “feminine” objects (don’t ask me why!), so I actually think of River as being more of a girl’s name than a boy’s. 🙂

Anonymous on

Nancy- So what if it does? Steamboats are awesome! 🙂

Brandi on

Huge Kelly Clarkson fan. So happy for her and Brandon and just in time for Father’s Day.

She came into a sandwhich shop just outside of Nashville last weekend and my nephews waited on her. They were very busy and told her she would have a 20 minute wait. She didn’t pull the typical “don’t you know who I am?” act. She waited, just like everyone else and they said she was as nice as can be.

To those who say they don’t like the baby’s name, guess what… It’s not your baby so you don’t have to like the name.

Brandi on

I’m a big Kelly Clarkson fan. I am so happy for her. River made her appearance just in time for Father’s Day.

She came into a sub shop just North of Nashville last weekend and my nephews waited on her. They told her that because they were slammed that she would have to wait about 20 minutes on her sandwhich. She was super nice and never a “don’t you know who I am” act. She waited like everyone else.

And to those who don’t like the baby’s name, guess what… IT’S NOT YOUR BABY! You don’t have to like it.

Marky on

Kay, you must not be a Firefly fan! River is one of the main characters on that show. Of course, she is a brilliant person who has been driven over the edge, but still….. lol. I like the name, and congratulations to the new parents!

Edie on

I love the name…My middle name is Rose. Congrats to the happy parents…!!

Sara on

Beautiful name.

Sue on

My cousin has a daughter River and a daughter Jordan, so I think River Phoenix had a lot to do with the popularity of that name. Not my personal favorite, but not my kid, so it’s all good. Actually if you named your daughter something like Betty Ann, she’d be the ONLY child with that name in school, guaranteed.

masked blogger on

Sorry, naming a child “River” is just plain stupid. They have to grow up and make their way in the world. With a name like River, that will make it a bit difficult. Parents really need to think about this before playing around with stupid names.

Mommytoane on

Cute name, but I agree with others total Whovian name! River ISN’T always a boy’s name, its actually more female than male, specially since Doctor Who’s River Song came about.

Shawnalee on

And there you are folks… do the math… They got married in October, announced the pregnancy in November and River Rose is born in June… Kelly was indeed pregnant at the wedding HOWEVER she probably didnt know it yet. With that being said… congrats on the new baby! Its a lovely name.

Alex Richter on

River… Hello kid. Welcome to this world.

Bill on

A hick name for a hick couple and a hick baby.

Frank on

Congrats to Brandon and Kelly, as far as the name of the baby that was their decision and no one else’s business. Kelly your the best

Shooz on

Lesbian/boyish first name. So idiotic.

Guest on

Rose is her mother’s maiden name.

Theresa Crone on

Wonderful, what a great name. Not something stupid like another person that I shall not bother to name.

momofjames on

I love River Rose!!

No Name on

River is about as ridiculous as North. Not a name for a little girl.

Emily on

It’s not going to be a weird name.” Really? If you say so.

Anonymous on

I always liked her. Pretty baby name too. River Rose sounds like the beginning of a poem….

Rosemarie on

I always liked Kelly. Sweet name for a little girl…River Rose – sounds like the title of a poem.

Rosemarie on

oops. posted twice. . . oh well. Double congratulations, then.

4mom on

I have always thought of rivers as feminine. Powerful and unpredictable but also calm and beautiful. Congratulations to them! I named my daughter Ayla and it takes a strong person to put a name out there that isn’t considered conventional. I got a lot of negative remarks at first and people still say “Ayla”? Like it is an alien name or something. Funny thing is other children don’t have a problem with it.

Pat on

These “adorable” names sound like they are naming a horse. What is wrong with normal names?

Nancye on

Welcome you lucky little kid. Guess what?? Your mom is Kelly Clarkson and your grandmom is REBA!!

steve on

ever think maybe dr who is the dad just sayen

Rachel on

River Rose is what my brother name his dog. Just saying.

Martina on

River Rose sounds beautiful, but I wonder whether they are going to use her first name or middle name. What’s short for River? Anyway, congratulations. Kelly must be elated.

cj on

Why would you name a girl River?

KL on

omg.. what is with the name River?! It a body of water, not a name!!!! But congrats to them!

Todd on

Pardon me while I wipe up the coffee I just spit out from laughing sooo hard.

Topaz on

How in the world is this name any more adorable than Blue Ivy? Oh, I know

D.L. on

Congratulations, Kelly! I like the name!

guest on

Kelly fyi river rose sucks as much as blue ivy nice way to try to throw a dig at beyonce on the sly with the blue jazz run along and join the nearest weight watchers tacky cow!

sharron on

Rose is a lovely name. River? Stupid name for a child male or female. What is it with people giving their kids freak names?

boditoxtea on

Congratulations to her! Cute name x

Anonymous on

Pat- There really is no such thing as a “normal” name though. Everyone has different tastes, and therefore everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a “normal” name. What’s more, names widely considered “normal” in one country might be considered down right odd in another!

Martina- Not every name needs to have a nickname. 🙂

Tom on

And so the parade of celebrities naming their children idiotic names continues. The name is something you’d give a race horse. I expect to be seeing this name in the Daily Racing Form in 2 year.

Denise Davison on

I love the name, it is different, but not too far out there!

kathy on

Congrats Kelly and Brandon & Family !!!! Glad everyone is doing well and healthy !!! Enjoy your new blessing.

Anonymous on

because a middle name like “rose” wouldn’t be weird if it had been a boy….

ramona on

My dogs name is River. Congrats to her, but I’m not feelin this marriage. Hope she got a prenup. He has a….history.

Anonymous on

OMG everyone that hates or is critizing of the name GET OVER IT!!!! It is a beautiful name, from beautiful people. Congrats to Kelly, Brandon and Welcom baby River Rose!!!!!!

roger on

I hope she doesn’t let the child get as fat as she is

roger on

I hope she doesn’t let the child get as obese as she is

Avonismypassion on

How sweet! In actuality, River isn’t an uncommon name. I have 4 friends in my group named River. I am so happy for Kelly Clarkson, after all this morning sickness and feeling like total crap she has a baby girl to love and care for! Congratulations Kelly! I bet she is as cute as a button! 🙂

Avonismypassion on

How sweet! In actuality, River isn’t an uncommon name. I have 4 friends in my group named River. I am so happy for Kelly Clarkson, after all this morning sickness and feeling like total crap she has a baby girl to love and care for! Congratulations Kelly! I bet she is as cute as a button!

Amanda on

Yet another weird celebrity baby name!

Melody Pond on

Wow, there aren’t many fans here of Firefly or Doctor Who then. River is becoming a popular girl’s name, and River Song ( and River Tam ( are very strong female characters and people and any girl should be honored to have such a name.

Although the fact that the girl is named River Rose makes me wonder if they are Doctor Who fans, since Rose Tyler is another strong female character on the show. Congrats Kelly and Brandon!

Jay on

So, she was pregnant when she got married. Why are the stars lying?!

Chicky dee on

CONGRATS Kelly and welcome to motherhood, now the real work begins – enjoy:)

Sophie on

River!!! Oh, I wonder if they’re Firefly or Doctor Who fans! ❤

Kat on

Ooh River, lovely and unique name!

eliza clarke on


Jane Doe on

it makes me think of doctor who lol 🙂

AngelNahdee on

I love Kelly Clarkson and her New baby girl named River Rose.

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