Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Biggest Fashion Critic? Daughter Charlotte

06/13/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar Baby Buggy Rebecca Taylor EventStefanie Keenan/Getty

It looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar has a budding fashionista on her hands.

“My daughter [Charlotte] says to me all the time, ‘Mom, why do you look so understated?'” the actress told PEOPLE at Rebecca Taylor’s launch of the Little White Dress Collection benefitting Baby Buggy in Los Angeles.

Gellar thinks her daughter picked up her advanced sartorial terminology from Fancy Nancy books. “That would have to be my guess. Is there a 4½-year-old street lingo for fashion?”

As for Charlotte’s personal style, Gellar joked that it’s “apparently way better than mine, and way fancier!”

The mom-of-two does admit that she puts comfort first when making style choices.

“You have to think about certain things,” she said. “My heels have certainly gotten a little bit lower, so thank you platform sneakers, I appreciate you.”

Another fashion favorite? Anything by designer Rebecca Taylor.

“It’s just my go-to,” said Gellar, who wore the brand’s Short Sleeve Embroided Runway Dress and Concetta Sandal. “I know that I’ll feel good, I know that I can move. As a mom, [I love that I can] still feel like I look stylish but feel comfortable.”

Not only has being a mother impacted the actress’s style choices, but the way she shops as well.

“I do this thing called a ‘speed shop,’ which is I have 10 minutes and I will come in and I’ll see how much [I can buy]. If that was a television show I would win it!”

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Margar on

That ombré is aggressive.

Melany on

Mmm. ok speaking about egomaniac kids. Sounds like she is raising a total brat and a bossing kid. Cool it off woman, she is only a child, you are the gown up.

Kate on

I’m not a fan of ombre hair in general, but I think hers is really awful. The ombre is way too severe to be flattering IMO.

Nancy on

Hey Melany . . . chill out. Why not read the article again only this time . . don’t take it sooo seriously. LOL.

Tamara on

Guess she is teaching her daughter how to criticize others cause Michelle seems to be doing quite great at it herself!

Anonymousresponder on

Love her but she’s looked better. The dress is not glittering ANC neither is the hair. Bad pic.

KellyGreen on

Really? ‘Cuz why did she let you leave home in that white sack dress??…

disneymommy75 on

Ugh. A b!tch who became a mom and is now rearing another little b!tch. Even Susan Lucci couldn’t stand her. That says a LOT.

Anonymous on

disneymommy75- Fine if you don’t like SMG, but attacking her four-year-old daughter is not neccesary!

Tamara- Did I miss something? Because nowhere in this article do I see SMG criticizing anyone!

Nancy- Right on! SMG was clearly being very light-hearted in this interview and joking around (heck, the article even MENTIONS her joking at one point!). 🙂

Anonymous on


jmquinnn on

Looks like Charlotte wasn’t able to convince mom not to wear that sack. of a dress. Can’t believe it cost $1300. It might be “okay” without the sleeves.

Glens on


Dan on

Too bad she married a heroin addict and now she has to be the main bread winner in the family.

Joy on

Hasn’t she legally changed her last name to her husbands? I’ve seen both name being used. And for the article, I think she is just joking around, probably a prod mama talking about her daughter. I mean kids do make comments. I agree that the image is not flattering, but no need to be mean!