Mila Kunis Wants Ashton to Stay ‘Above the Action’ During Labor

06/12/2014 at 11:45 AM ET

Mila Kunis Marie Claire
Tesh/Marie Claire

Just in case you were wondering, Mila Kunis has zero plans for Ashton Kutcher to grab a leg during labor — because some things simply can’t be unseen.

“He is staying above the action. He’ll be head to head. Not head to vag,” the pregnant star bluntly tells Marie Claire for its July cover story.

“Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn’t if I were him. I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded. Because it will be shredded. It’s just a matter of how badly.”

Also, don’t expect any parties as the big moment arrives. Kunis plans to keep things simple while giving birth to her daughter in the fall — and has previously said she’s planning on a natural birth, sans epidural.

“Two people are allowed in my delivery room. My doctor and my significant other,” she says.

Despite concerns about what might happen “down there” during labor, it’s clear the actress is savoring every moment of her pregnancy. She is especially grateful for one pregnancy perk: enhanced cleavage.

“They’re amazing,” Kunis, 30, says of her breasts. “They’ve tripled in size. I was a 34A; now I’m a 36C. I’m so excited! I’m telling everyone I know, ‘Go ahead, touch them!'”

She adds, “Without being an a——, I have to say, I love being pregnant.”

Mila Kunis Marie Claire
Tesh/Marie Claire

The engaged parents-to-be got some quality couple time together during a recent babymoon to French Polynesia.

Back home, the duo are in nesting mode, having purchased a new three-bedroom home in Beverly Hills last month, and staying close to their family and their dogs.

If it sounds like the couple is trying to stay grounded, that’s because they are. Kunis says it’s important that their daughter doesn’t grow up with a sense of entitlement.

“I just don’t want my kids to be a——-,” she says. “I feel like so many kids nowadays are. Both of us just want to have well-behaved, honest, nice children who people meet and say, ‘That’s a good kid.'”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Candy on

Mila, please educate yourself on the process of natural birth. You will not be shredded unless you have a doctor perform your episiotomy with a cheese grater. Ashton has clearly been “down there” before. He may find that watching the birth of his first child a beautiful thing.

MC on

Yea, my husband thought he was going to stay by my head too but you really don’t have much choice when it’s all said and done, my doctor asked my husband to hold my foot and push my leg back so he saw everything. Legs are just wide open for the whole world to see, unless you stay in the corner of the room, you are going to see it. Besides, it’s a beautiful thing and a husband should see his child come into the world!

Cricket on

When it’s that time it doesn’t really matter. And while it’s quite gross, in the moment it’s just amazing. Also, three kids over here, and no tearing or shredding, that sounds rough.

katrina on

I had a c-section but I know a male friend who said he saw his girlfriend have a vaginal birth and he could never look at her the same lol idk what that means I know I saw a video of one and I was a bit traumatized and some women do tear while giving birth

l on

I had a baby…nothing was “shredded” or “ripped apart”…it’s not an industrial accident. Our bodies are capable of smooth transitions. If you want your lover face to face then I support that…but making it out to be something from an Aliens film is a bit much.

Cricket on


Your male friend sounds like an immature child.

Mya on

I wouldn’t want to see it either. While it is natural and beautiful and all, some people like to savor the image of the vag without a huge head and blood coming out of it. Not seeing the exact moment the baby come out doesn’t make a father any less involved.

truth on

she’s so immature…can’t believe she’s having a baby.

Trish on

I love these two. Their daughter will be adorable! I also wouldn’t want too many in the delivering room either. My husband, my Mother and the Doctors involved. It’s such a private event. I’m excited to see what they decide to name her. She’ll be beautiful!

by the way on

@Just Sayin’ obviously not only mature women are capable of pregnancy. if that were thecase, i wonder how many of us would be around?

Susan on

If you really think you’re at risk of being shredded or ripped, then you must be in the hands of one really lousy Doctor. And here’s a hint, women give birth every minute of every day, you may want to tone it down a bit, before people get tired of hearing about you and your procreating. Just a suggestion.

guest2 on

I tore 2 times. Luckily I didn’t feel that part, but unfortunately felt everything else though, lol. My kids were so worth it, but I can’t lie, labor was horrible.

Karen S on

My husband was “head to vag” for all four births and was never traumatized. I guess it’s all perspective. There is some tearing for some, but ripped to shreds? Also, if she wants only Ashton and her doc in the room (there will also have to be a few nurses) Ashton will most likely get asked to hold a leg.

Debbe on

A little advice to Mila then since she does not want her children to become an A$$. My advice is that when your baby is still a baby, treat them like they exist, they are important. I did this with my son, and I spoke to him and would say “OK, we are going to the store now.” He was just a baby but once he turned 1 year old I could see he felt a part of the home, and he could communicate, or be patient, and handle it when he would fall and not cry. I would tell him when he was too young to talk if he tried to act up, that no one around wants to hear him have a fit, and he never ever did. He is an adult now and very well mannered and respectful. The other things was not only showing him love, but teaching him to love, so he had lots of his favorite things like stuffed animals that he loved on. We would go to the zoo, and he learned to be loving towards the helpless.

Good luck and congratulations to Mila with her new baby. I understand her decision not to let anyone look down there during birth…I would have done the same but I had to have a C-Section.

Ann on

Geezz! is she plan on having her baby under a rock to be ripped apart and shredded???? I’ve had three and came out like I went in……childbirth is natural and beautiful!!!

lovetolearnenglish on

I think she’s sufficiently scared Ashton into not looking. Lol. Good job, Mila. I love them together and wish them all the happiness in the world, and a healthy baby.

carol on

She sounds kind of strange if she did not want a child she should of shut her legs.

Tess on


Get real on

For someone who is having natural child birth, she must be getting really bad advice from her Doula’s, Mid Wife’s or Doctors! It’s not a mascre, it’s baby, your baby being born. If you don’t want to tear, get cut!

meia on

Any man that would hold a woman having a baby against her is just a jerk. I mean seriously a woman goes through so much and her poor body goes through so much to give birth. Its not her fault and its not something that a woman should be judged for. If you want kids your wife/girlfriend will have to go through body changes to get it into the world. Be thankful for that, not judgmental.
I know Mila is just being funny, but sadly a lot (not all) of men are jerks.

Ava on

It’s certainly not pretty but you don’t get “ripped and shredded.” If this is what you think giving birth is like then maybe you aren’t mature enough for a baby.

s on

Wow, “most kids today” are “a____”… How the he** would she know? She’s having her first kids and has spent most of her adult life acting in La La land. Maybe it’s the Hollywood set who are “A____” , Mila. Everyone else lives in the real world.

Anonymous on

I said the exact same thing when I had my kids. You go girl! 🙂

Ashes2005 on

I thought I wouldn’t allow my husband to look…I went all natural and once you’ve experienced the pain of labor all your cares go out the window, you just want the baby out!!!

mimi on

Ah, the absurd comments of a first time mother to be 🙂

Gwen on

How refreshing to not hear another celebrity gush about the beautiful “miracle of childbirth.” Natural or not, having a baby is messy business and it can get pretty disgusting. Honestly, parts of it are downright humiliating and saying “there’s so much going on, you won’t care” isn’t necessarily true. A degree of honesty in the whole process is a welcome change, that’s for sure… And it’s not a sign of immaturity as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t want my husband to look when our kids were born either because, again, natural or not, it’s a sight not everybody wants to see or wants to be seen. It was much nicer to have him up with me, talking to me, coaching me, enjoying our last moments of “us,” than down there watching the messiness. And after labor, lots of bleeding, stitches, lots of pain, I wanted to take all those books that used words like “magical” and huck them out the window. It’s ok to describe birth and labor for what it is without dressing it up, and it’s ok to admit it’s gross and humiliating at times, and talking about the process without dressing it up with how beautiful and natural it is is nothing to mock people over.

Andrea on

My husband saw everything. Went through 31 hours of labor with my first child, pushed for 2 1/2 hours and broke my tailbone from the birthing process, but my husband saw everything. He also was there when I had a c-section with my twins and saw that too. In the moment it really doesn’t matter bc they just want to do what they can to help you.

Missy on

I always said I wouldn’t let my boyfriend see, but in the end he was holding one leg back and his mother was holding the other. He said it was quite gross, but he never look at me differently after, maybe had more respect actually. I was lucky enough to not need many stitches after.

jbsjess on

My poor hubby felt very lied to. He read all these books that pretty much told him he would be shoved over into a corner during the delivery and in reality he found himself following the doctor’s orders to grab a leg. When the doctor said she could see our daughter’s head, hubby found himself immediately leaning over to look. Of course, it could have been delirium after 23 hours of helping and comforting me through labor, but he still swears it was the coolest thing he has ever witnessed–even if she did have to cut me to keep me from tearing too badly. This all from a big, strong, tatted up man who spent the whole pregnancy secretly scared he was going to pass out.

soph on

“She sounds kind of strange if she did not want a child she should of shut her legs.”

Know what’s strange? This comment. Where did she say she did not want a child?

rem on

Ya’ll, she’s just speaking in hyperbole.

Noneya on

Wow! Never really cared for these two – now even more so….. ripped apart & shredded? If you’re that immature – why get pregnant!

Lesli on

Good for her !!!!! Never understood why a woman would want a “cast of thousands” in the delivery room anyway…..

Laurie on

Even if dad stays up by her head, he can still see a good bit. And when baby is coming out, if dad wants to look, she will not be in any position to stop him. In the moment, she might find she doesn’t give a **** who sees as long as that baby is getting out. She also doesn’t seem to be aware there will be a couple of nurses in there too. The nurses see the most, especially when they’re taking care of you afterward, and you won’t care how much they see once you realize how much you NEED them. She’s very naive.

Vanessa on

I agree with her and told my husband the same – no looking. I had an episiotomy, but still tore and that whole area (down there) looked like a war zone, when it was over. I’m glad my husband didn’t see it.

Lisa on

I hope she poops…come see this Ashton! lmao

Nancy on

First, I love the picture. Second I completely agree with her. Not everyone is cut out for the whole viewing thing, and considering she is giving birth naturally(good for her) she can say what she wants, even if it is a bit graphic. I had to have an emergency C-section when I had my daughter and remember listening to some gal down the hall screaming and I was so happy it wasn’t going to be me. Lastly, love there views on raising kids, if only all people would bring their kids up to be nice respectable kids like it used to be in the good old days.

Lisa on

Uhhh, two unmedicated births here, no ripping or shredding to speak of. What is she talking about? And my husband watched both of our children be born. It never impacted his attraction to me afterwards, because he’s mature.

Aww Really? on

Maybe if “Both of us just want to have well-behaved, honest, nice children who people meet and say, ‘That’s a good kid.’ Mila could give up on the profanity?

Karen on

If your midwife preps you right, there is no shredding, ripping or tearing at all. Labor in the bathtub and it keeps everything soft, too. He won’t regret watching his first child being born, but he might regret not seeing it and it only happens once.

EMiLY on

Yeahhhh the whole ripped and shredded thing, no thanks. Thank God for c sections! Everything is still in tact!

Suzie on

Yes, Mila. It’ll be shredded, diced, minced and otherwise maimed. Trust me, done it 3 times. BUT, the vag is amazingly resilient and will totally bounce back. Moving on, when my husband watched the birth of his kids, he was never grossed out. He never wished to unsee it. Without sounding cheesy, there are few opportunities in life to witness something so moving, so magical. Let him see what kind of a woman you are-you’ll come out the other side of labour like a freaking warrior and he’ll be amazed. P.S. I had an epidural with my first and didn’t dig it. I went all natural with my other 2 and found it things moved along much better. To each their own!

arijana on

i wanted my hubby to stay by my head by my overly nosy hubby decided he wanted to watch all the action he finally turned away during my episiotomy

American Mom on

This is the second time she’s done a major disservice to mothers (and fathers) by spouting off ignorance. I wish she would understand that as a first time mother, she doesn’t know much of anything and therefore should keep her ignorance to herself. She sounds less intelligent every time she speaks! As a mother I’m offended by her stupid, uneducated, and INCORRECT comments! I wasn’t shredded or ripped- guess what, Mila, we women were designed to give birth! Not to mention that husbands (the usual fathers, not in her case, I guess) don’t lose but gain attraction for their wives by witnessing the miracle of birth! Anyway, please stop publishing her nonsense.

Jen on

After reading some of her comments the last few days…Is she an idiot? Who is she talking to about childbirth? I know she’s an actress but really…this is a little melodramatic. I doubt your husband is focused on your vagina. My guess is he is focused on the beautiful human you both have created.

spitfire on

I wasn’t ripped apart and/or shredded….. I was more concerned about doing a number 2!!! Lol

gopackgo on

Tearing and Shredding? what are you having? An Elephant? and yeah, yeah, yeah on the natural birth, honey – even WITH an epidural, I was in more pain than I have ever been in my life, so good luck with that Natural birth.. as far as not seeing anything – how old is your man? EIGHT? is he going to giggle, or crack jokes -his child is being born. Yes, it’s gross, I’ve seen it, but it’s also the most beautiful miraculous thing in the world!

joe on

Womem do often tear, and many still tear after cutting/episiotomy. Some women poop while delivering. Some women break there tailbone or have trauma if the baby has shoulder dystocia. Ive worked in Labor and delivery. Its a beautiful process but can be messy.

Big Fan on

What a beautiful lady.

Anonymous on

Ha Ha! LOL! I’ve had 6 children and have NEVER been ripped apart or shredded during childbirth! Where does she get her information? She’s denying him a moment that is beautiful and binding for the father.

Jessica on

Using the term, “ripped up and shredded” is so horrific. Someone needs to explain to this first time Mom, while all the commotion is going on shes not even going to think about WHERE Ashton is. She might even end up like some of us and end up having a c-section! Child birth is no glam show no matter how much makeup, designer hospital gowns, expensive sheets or specially decorated rooms you pay for.

Lorelei on

TMI.. really! enough said……

domino on

If any of you have seen her in interviews, she jokes around a lot. I’m sure she was joking and embellishing her feelings for a laugh. She doesn’t have to be literal or PC, but I find the comments about her amusing like she is some immature girl. She was kidding and if she doesn’t want him to see, then so be it. Things change in the moment of birth in the drop of a dime.

Terry on

Some of you take everything that is said so literal. Maybe she was just joking around. Maybe she has a sense of humour?? After I had my daughter (vacuum and forceps), it did feel ripped and shredded. Lighten up people. You would probably be a lot happier.

Anonymous on

Candy, you might want to look up current child birthing regs. They no longer give you an episiotomy when giving birth.

Anonymous on

I have heard from several men they never wanted to have oral sex with their partners again after seeing the birthing process and the fluids and waste that come out of the orifice. I wouldn’t want to see that either.

Cheri on

Candy you might want to re educate yourself on child birth as they no longer give you an episiotomy. You are to tear naturally as its safer for the woman.

megan on

TMI!! jesus, keep certain things to yourself. IDC what you do, but, MY GOD, why are you telling the world about it?!? If you are so concerned with what your vag is going to look like during birth, why are you inviting the whole world to think about your vag during childbirth. Gross!!! and I am a RN…did one rotation of L & D and was pretty grossed out. Not everyone finds birth beautiful…I want my husband at my head but I’m not going to blast to the world about why….

Anonymous on

Why does everyone have to take what she says so literal? She is a lady with a sense if humor. This is her first child and neither one of them know what to really expect. I did get “shredded”, and my husband watched and I kind of wish he didn’t. I was a hot mess!! Good for her for having a plan- even if she changes her mind and doesn’t stick with it. Best of luck to both of them!

JJ on

Why does everyone have to take what she says so literal? She is a lady with a sense if humor. This is her first child and neither one of them know what to really expect. I did get “shredded”, and my husband watched and I kind of wish he didn’t. I was a hot mess!! Good for her for having a plan- even if she changes her mind and doesn’t stick with it. Best of luck to both of them!

Ann on

Just leave everything in God’s hands. He will take care of it.

bree on

@anonymous and @cheri if you are going to insult you might want to do ALL your research. My daughter is five months old and I had an episiotomy with her as I did with her older sister. They got stuck and it was either wait for my skin to tear and risk them not surviving (there were cord issues, their heart rates were low) or cut me and get them out as fast as possible. I will give you three guesses as to what option we went with.

Toni on

Good luck with this one Mila. At least in my experience, they don’t cover you up too much for your other half to NOT see what is happening. And what if he wants to see his child being born. To some, that is an amazing experience. I have gone through two natural births and I didn’t tear at all. Every woman is different. And honestly, to this day, my hubby and I don’t think much of the whole birthing process. We have three amazing kids.

Anonymous on

Some of you people are such losers. First of all, she’s the one being interviewed, not you, and can say and believe what she wants. Second, this girl jokes all the time so if you aren’t familiar with her then you should just think your nasty comments and not post them. Finally, sh#tting is also natural, but it ain’t pretty either. lol

Anonymous on

Part of the whole “natural birth” process is having the daddy to be supporting the mama to be in whatever way possible- even if that is holding a leg or catching the baby with the help of the midwife. And, while it is great to plan it out, it is best to keep those plans more private in case you have to have an epidural or something goes wrong and you need a c-section and you have to explain it later on down the road and you feel like you’ve failed yourself. Keep the expectations reasonable- all births are natural no matter how it happens, it is healthy and normal for the daddy to be part of the process and if you end up being “cut” (not shredded!), so be it. A healthy baby is the greatest reward from the experience, no matter which path you’ve taken to achieve it.

SarahDee on

Part of the whole “natural birth” process is having the daddy to be supporting the mama to be in whatever way possible- even if that is holding a leg or catching the baby with the help of the midwife. And, while it is great to plan it out, it is best to keep those plans more private in case you have to have an epidural or something goes wrong and you need a c-section and you have to explain it later on down the road and you feel like you’ve failed yourself. Keep the expectations reasonable- all births are natural no matter how it happens, it is healthy and normal for the daddy to be part of the process and if you end up being “cut” (not shredded!), so be it. A healthy baby is the greatest reward from the experience, no matter which path you’ve taken to achieve it.

Arlene on

To each their own – yes you can tear and I didn’t want to see that. My husband stayed by my head and held my hand so stop judging people. Everyone does it different.

Tiffanysue2 on

I totally understand what she’s saying. I would never want my husband to watch! And if the doctor asked if I wanted to see I would probably kick the mirror out of his hand. But that’s just my personal opinion, I think it’s disgusting, others think it’s beautiful! Also there seems to be a lot of ladies saying “I never tore” and then others say “I tore horribly”, everyone is different! Some women will and some won’t, you won’t know until it’s your turn to deliver.

Dawn on

I think unless she is going to give birth to an alien (like in the movie), she will not be ripped apart and shredded. I had both of my sons naturally, no drugs, and everything came out just fine. My ex did not want to be below my waist, but he was a bit queezy and could not watch it. He did cut the cord with the second son, though. Relax Mila, you will be fine and if he wants to watch, not much you can do about it, you will be busy!

postathread on

To each his own. I had 3 VERY different experiences…1 vaginal/2 c sections…and had one of the best Drs in NY, things don’t always go “as planned” …was a mess…30 years ago, baby was too big to deliver, but Dr. didn’t realize until it was too late for a c section…a week in the hospital later, and we went home…rough times, so what she’s saying isn’t far off in my case, anyway…EVERY person experiences something different.

Diana on

Omg, calm down people! She has a very sarcastic sense of humor and half of her comments probably shouldn’t even be taken seriously. I’m sure she knows the difference between normal vaginal tearing and “shredding”, get a grip!!! Hasn’t anyone ever heard of speaking in hyperbole before? You people take everything so literally!

QDPie109 on

For you negative nellies with your comments….Have you never seen or read an Interview with Mila? She jokes around a lot and clearly she was joking around during this one. It’s who she is. My god everyone don’t get you panties/boxers all in a bunch. No where in this article does it say she is anything but overjoyed with having this child, so the “should of kept your legs closed” perhaps you should of kept your mouths shut.

zab on

If your doctor does your episiotomy right, all will be fine! Plus, I’m really happy you want only you, your Doctor and Ashton in the room. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law wanted to be there and I said NO. It became a real big issue then my mother told both of them what she had told me and my better half: “Don’t ask me to be present; there was only the 2 of you WHEN you made it, so it should ONLY be the 2 of you when you get it…” It is personnal, not a party! Can’t wait to see them as parents!

sweets on

Ahh the stupid comments a woman pregnant with her first baby makes…

ALM on

For all of you out there judging her, guess what? It’s her decision, and she’s doing what she feels is right for her. Get over it.

boohoobytch on

lol, whatever works…my best friend gave birth and said she wished her husband didn’t see it…she then said her privates were HUGE for days and it looked like something out of a horror movie

Ceecee on

Candy your comment was made me laugh…so true(:

guest on

I am so with her, my partner won’t see that part of vag-action either. Anyone who pretends that’s a pretty view is delusional or brain-washed.

Forreal on

She is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail on

How revolting she is. Yuck! They both deserve each other.

Jamie on

@ Just Sayin’ on June 12th, 2014
I was going to write the same thing. She sounds like a teenager having a baby. Hey, Mila be prepared for ANYTHING to happen in the delivery room. No one knows how they will react. Up until the day I delivered I didn’t think my husband was going to be with me in the delivery room but he was and he was awesome! He helped coach me and said watching our son being born was one of the best experiences of his life.

AbbyDogg on

She sounds more immature every time she gives an interview about this pregnancy. Read some books on childbirth, Mila. It might help so that you don’t sound so dumb.

wendi on

Her children not only will be “nice” but they will be amazingly beautiful!
Having gone through 2, I can firmly say: Childbirth is NOT something you want your loved one to watch. So I am with her on that. No one should have to watch your grape grow to a watermelon with a string attached.

Kim on

I was in labor for 32 hours, and had 3rd degree tearing. My husband saw it all and was not traumatized. He thought the birth of our son was incredible. Tell Ashton to get over himself.

Gina on

Crude remark..

thenitenurse on

I got news for Mila. As tiny and small hipped as she is and Ashton being a tall man she’s headed for a C-section. Chances are that baby will be too big for her to pass.

KD on

You honestly need to grow up. It is so childish to try to prevent a father from watching their child be born. You obviously have no clue what child birth is even remotely going to be like if you think your going to be “shredded”. My suggestion is you read up on it and do a little bit a soul searching before you ever tell Ashton he can not watch his child he born. And I also agree with some of the other posts about getting over yourself… everyone has babies all the time, yours is not anymore special than anybody else’s.

Lisa Abbo on

Just take the whole experience one day at a time. Trying to antipate things that may not happen may not be the best way to go. I had two kids, no shredding. My husband cried when he witnessed my daughter being born and did think her head was going to be huge as it emerged which it wasn’t. Haha. And as far a manners, you need to teach your child to behave and take responsibility for their actions.

Ann on

I don’t understand why this Mila person is in the news so much. She can’t act, Ashton can’t act. Their biggest claim to fame is their X’s. How sad is that.

sarah on

Wow you are some judgemental people. I know women that have been torn apart during birth and some that haven’t. And I know some fathers have weren’t affected by watching and some that weren’t. Its completely up to them what happens in the delivery room. I think all first time mothers spew off ignorant comments from time to time and think they know it all. Calm down people.

Melany on

Told you, annoying, boring and dumb.

Deborah on

don’t blame her AT ALL…my hubby glad he didn’t see the messy part..he would have past out.

Kelli on

I think some are taking what she said a little too seriously. She’s a first time mom and I’m pretty sure she was being sarcastic. I think we all know you don’t get “shredded” from childbirth.

Sara on

Wow, I think you all need to get a sense of humor. I don’t think she was being completely serious – she was having some fun with the interview, I love it! I think it’s great to be head to head so he sees it the way she does and they experience it together as much as they can!

Nikki on

I love her and I think that they are super cute…But how does she know what will happen down there? Has she ever had a baby before? Also, if she is going to have a natural birth without meds, maybe she should consider a birthing center, midwife and a doula. Because in the hospital I’m pretty sure that there has to be medical personnel in the room besides the Doctor.

Christina on

Dr. Kunis I hope it all works out EXACTLY as you want it to. Forget about all the details and just hope for a healthy happy baby.

ierpwiouprop on

Geez she sure does NOT give GOD credit for making all things able to do what they do the way they do them and then keep on truckin…I mean seriously. I have had sex with a few men since having a child ( none knew I had a child) and NONE ever went wow you had a child never experienced that b4 it is not the same it is so DIFFERENT. I mean shredded MILA ok we know your just a comedian and I am glad you are after all that story ENJOYING your Preggersment! Oh I just created a whole new word kind of like it its got the word (men) in it and they are kind of responsible for it too aren’t they?!!!

Anonymous on

People…Chill out. Don’t take it personally.

JMP on

If she truly does it unmedicated, I sincerely doubt she will care who is in the room and where they are, her mind will probably be on something else!

maya on

Oy! The more she talks without a script, the more birds fly around my head… Why exclude the baby’s father if he wants to be part of the delivery? It’s not an immaculate conception – he DID play a part in it. Sheesh!

Gail on

She’s SUPER unattractive and this makes me like her even less.

Gigi on

Why does everyone get to tell her how to have her baby. If she doesn’t want him down there that’s her choice. She’s sharing her thought’s with a magazine, not seeking your approval. Get over yourselves “moms of the century”.

guest on

She shouldnt even worry bout that now or give any opinions…every womans different and the unexpected can happen….ive heard great and horrible stories…I had induced labor w meds for safety and I ripped badly w both children…no one knows what can go on…important parts to be informed about all and have trust in good qualified professionals and loving family!!!

Elizabeth B. on

I ended up having a miscarriage and was in the hospital ER getting a lot of blood and tissue sucked out from down there. My husband saw part of what was going on, but he told me to keep looking at him so I wouldn’t freak out. He is the strongest man I know, and I think Mila isn’t really giving Ashton a chance to prove himself to her if he isn’t allowed to see his child being born.

bkable on

My fiancé just about passed out when he sliced his finger with a knife… I think it would be safer for everyone if he stayed up at my head haha
Maybe Ashton is the same way

SAR on

Mila should realize that she may not get the birth she’s planning on. Pink planned on a vaginal birth for her daughter and ended up having to have a c-section. It happened to my sister when she had my nephew, too. Also, Mila may change her mind about having a natural birth once she actually goes into labor. Many women do.

dawn on

I had c section’s and my husband watched i personally didn’t care i just wanted my kid to come out and be healthy.

Tracey on

For some of you living on fantasy island, I heard from many men that after seeing the birth of their children and what goes on there, they DID have a different opinion of their wives and significant others. And unfortunately, it wasn’t good. Many just drifted away and couldn’t bring themselves to have oral sex with them or even regular garden variety sex. Too many times, women have this fantasy that having a baby and childbirth means the same thing to all people and it doesn’t. Good you have a guy that loved watching you give birth. Good the baby bonded you two together. But in reality, sometimes kids kill relationships. You may not want to hear it or acknowledge it, but it does happen. Mila Kunis is obviously joking but if she doesn’t want him down there watching, it is her choice. After-all, she is the one giving birth. And Ashton Kutcher may just be thankful.

Kimmie on

My mom was in the labor room with me and she couldn’t stand to see me in so much pain, so she switched places with my husband. I was pissed but in too much pain to dwell on it. I was 17 so, I was very shy about him seeing that area, and Mila will also be in so much pain, she won’t give a crap where Ashton is. If Ashton is anything like my husband, he will also try to see what comes out after the baby, at that point the doctor had to push my husband away.

Karen on

What is she twelve?

ss on

1st. I had two natural childbirths. Best word of advice – Take the drugs
2nd If possible only have at hospital with neonatal unit (you just never know)
3rd My husband got literrally quesy and traumatized when that episotomy was done and didn’t do so well during the birth. I would never have him in room again
4th No need to tear – come on guys this is the twenty first century (happens but maybe doesn’t happen
5th Be sure and warn the mother that when the milk comes in, it is extremely painful so they can prepare themselves and not quit like I did cause no one told me it would be short lived.
6th Natural childbirth doesn not make you a hero so get over yourself. Ok to do, but it is not wrong for you to have a change of heart.

thenitenurse on

Don’t worry Mila you’ll probably get a C-section.

Marky on

What a bunch of self-righteous, holier-than-thou, “my way is the only way” pricks there are commenting on this thread!! #1 Mila is an actress who does a lot of comedy, and has a great sense of humor, so she is just making a joke here, #2 She has said enough stuff elsewhere that if you followed her at all, you would know she is well aware that her delivery will end up being however it is, and she has only a modicum of control over that, and, #3 if Ashton wants to see, he’ll see, and if he doesn’t, he won’t; they have a great relationship and they can work that out without your help. I am an L&D nurse, and no one can be certain of anything except what they hope will happen…when it comes down to delivery time, it isn’t always the way you hoped.

I”m always amazed at the number of women on this site who can’t wait to jump all over some woman who either makes a different choice, or even makes a joke about upcoming childbirth. I’ve seen pretty much everything from 10 contraction labors to 60 hour labors, smooth as glass deliveries with no tears and a calm mother, to hysterical screeching and threats of death to the loving father, and 3rd degree lacerations. You people can’t say it doesn’t happen either way.

I’ve also seen fathers who were repulsed by the idea of a baby coming out of their wife’s vagina. Sheesh, don’t act like it doesn’t happen…some people are repulsed by pregnancy and delivery, and while I’m not giving those men a medal and I may think they are jerks, as much as Ashton Kucher has said he wants a baby, do you really think he feels that way? She is joking, and you are too uptight to even get it! That’s worse than anything Mila Kunis said!

guest on

I chose to have my husband up with me. I told everyone that was how I wanted it and they complied. We were together talking through it. I had a doctor that said if I trusted her and took it slow we could avoid an episiotomy. It was perfect .

Missy on

Relax everyone, she’s joking around. I’m sure she doesn’t honestly think she’s going to be ripped to shreds or that all children are a$$es. I love her and think she’s going to be a wonderful mother

ss on

Don’t get me wrong, it is just fine to me to have the father there during labor. In fact the poor slob LOL should at least know what you are going through so he doesn’t walk away skot free

Victoria on

To those who commenting on Mila’s decisions–remember she’s Russian and that means she’s very traditional and her family members are traditional as well. You, American women, would never understand Russian woman’s mind. I’m Russian myself and I understand her very well.

Kat on

The good thing is she still has time to work on her interesting birth plan that she seems to have lined up for herself. Unfortunately, being a celebrity, she has influence over some of the younger, pregnant women out there. Hope she gets everything she wants figured out.

Kat on

And, for someone who didn’t want to talk about being pregnant at first, she sure does talk a lot about being pregnant.

jsp81355 on

Mila, honey, I had two babies and can tell you that things don’t have to get “shredded”. It’s not a walk in the park but it’s not terrible either. I had no epidural with my second. If Ashton wants to be down there, let him. It’s an amazing experience.

Anonymous on

I don’t think she has the slightest clue how a baby is born

really? on

Ugh, what an immature comment. Silly little girl.

Anonymous on

Is she really that vain and ignorant? What shredding? Vag really?? This is a serious reason why some people should never give interviews. I may have to feel sorry for this little girls when she arrives. Birth is beautiful.

radiohead on

if it’s natural, she will give birth in a vertical position, and why would someone need to “unsee” a baby emerging from the birth canal? It’s not like watching someone be drawn and quartered, or beheaded? Seriously, lying down with legs elevated/spread is not the way most women do it….sit up, or keep walking. Gravity is your friend! Yeah, but you might end up with complications and out goes the “natural birth,” alas.

Good for her, I wanted to give birth with NO one present at all! She said her breasts grew, it looks as though her nose grew also; maybe sometimes that happens.

“Babymoon” is a really really stupid term

brea on

My husband said that while our babies were born it looked and smelled like a gut shot deer lol, what a nice thing to hear after all I had to do 😉

Jen on

I love how caddy women can be (sarcasm). Specifically, I love how harsh women who have given birth can be toward other new moms. Mila was very obviously joking about the shredding. All you super moms need to chill out and not take phrases like that so literally.

Alex Richter on

Seriously, Milena? I think you watched too much “Alien” during your dates, sis. Relax, you ain’t gonna be in no pieces. XD

Angela on

Why wouldn’t the father of her child be able to handle seeing her give birth? That’s kind of a childish thing to say. I understand her concerns never having gone through it before, but come on. This is not junior high. She should feel empowered. Ashton is a grown man. Why shouldn’t he witness the birth of his own child and what happens “down there”?

B on

All of the comments on here are far more ignorant and hateful than anything Mila has said. She was quite clearly being overdramatic. She’s funny. She jokes around. She has done nobody a disservice. If anything she has done a service to those deciding whether or not to have a natural birth. She has made me consider it. How can anyone on here tell her how she should deliver her baby? I’m sure none of you would accept it. If Ashton is allowed to see or wants to see is completely up to them. You all need to get off your high horses.

Carly on

To each their own, but I think it’s a shame that it seems as if Ashton doesn’t really have a say. What if he wants to see his child being born? I used to work in a L&D unit and I’ve seen quite a few births. It’s not easy to cover everything up so there’s a good chance he’ll see something. Why not try becoming a little more educated on the process? Look up some videos (they’re out there) and see if it’s really as gross as you think it will be. Sure, it’s not the cleanest and easiest event to happen, but it’s an extremely emotional and proud one – seeing your child born only happens once.

Amy on

It’s messy any way you go — C section or natural. But I’ve never heard it’s “shredded”. Maybe it’s just an overstated term she used, not meant to be taken seriously? Who knows. But, natural is way better than C section — C section is major surgery and takes 6 weeks to recover and at least the first week to be able to walk upright. It is a horrible recovery when you have to deal with a newborn after abdominal surgery. But convenient for the docs so they can schedule you in. All those natural childbirth moms are pushing strollers by week two. So at least she’s smart about a labor plan.

otdina on

Candy, you are right on. If this woman wants to have a natural childbirth she needs to get some education QUICK.

First of all, if you want to go natural you should consider a midwife, and not a doctor, Second of all, if you want to be successful you should definitely consider a doula. And some serious education on natural labor pain relief techniques like positioning, laboring in water, breathing methods, and possibly hypnobirthing.

And seriously, if your partner can’t see the gross parts of you, and the miraculous parts of you (even if that is the same part at the same time) then I am thinking these was warning signs for your relationship.

Izzie on

@Debbe: Does your arm hurt from patting yourself on your back? You didn’t invent motherhood, by the way.

the pink laptop on

Mila, you do not have to be “shredded” during childbirth! All you need is a patient OBGYN who will not RUSH you and one that knows perineum massage. Your doctor can apply a topical ointment to the skin around your vagina that will soften/relax it so that you will not NEED an episiotomy! My best friend had an almost 10 pound any with this method (her third, the first two were delivered after painful episiotomies) with NO tearing or ripping. A doctor who will allow your body to do what it needs to do WHEN it needs to do it is worth his/her weight in gold.

emma on

I have always liked her,however,I don’t like how she is describing some.stuff in this interview. I mean, I get the whole idea of natural birth etc, however, keep some stuff to yourself.

Its just my opinion.

justmemartie on

Wow… All the negative responses! I read the above article and found it to be witty and funny…. AND truthful. Not in the least bit appropriate. Then again, I have the same sense of humor… I also appreciate when she said she wants her kids to be good kids, with manners. Wishing them the best 🙂

P Guest on

This immature mom-to-be needs to do some reading and watch a video on childbirth before coming out with comments like this. If she believes she will be “ripped apart and shredded” she needs to talk to her OB & medical professionals to really understand what will happen during the birth before her child arrrives!

P Guest on

Mila, read a book or watch a video on childbirth before this baby arrives. Commenting on being “ripped apart and shredded” shows how immature & unprepared your are. Talk to your OB and medical professionals to educate yourself-the sooner the better!

Andrea on

She was over exaggerating guys. Lighten up. And y’all call her immature and an idiot.

Denise on

Good for her. I wouldn’t want my man down there either. All of you moms need to calm down. She isn’t uneducated, she’s pregnant for the first time and scores of giving birth. I haven’t had any children yet and yes, I too am scared of the idea of pushing a baby out my vag – and the state it will be in after. You all can get on your high horses and yell how it is designed to give birth, Mila hasn’t experienced that yet and just explains how she feels about it now. Who knows what she’ll feel afterwards. I think you all didn’t know what to expect until you went through it.

Also, men do look at your vagina when they watch the birth of your child. How they handle it is a different thing, but they will watch. I remember after the birth of his daughter, Robbie Williams said: ‘It’s like watching your favorite pub burn down.’ I thought it was hilarious, but it also strenghtened my plans to have my man stay up there, not down there.

seriously on

Ok the truth of it is she is probably afraid she’s gonna shit while giving birth and made up this over the top story to scare him to death. Yes women do tear and it can be very badly IF u have a Dr whose not doing his job right. I had my first natural and it was painful as hell (exactly why it was only my first I did this with) but I never tore or anything with any of them. My point after rambling is…she’s afraid she’s gonna shit!!!

TK on

Shredded down there?? I wonder if her doctor is Freddy Kruger? For a 30 year old women that comment seems very immature.

Megan on

You people are missing a few screws. She was JOKING!!!!!!!!!! Why is it so hard for you people here to not take everything so literal?????????

Mar on

wow! as someone who has no children and is not pregnant some of you moms and the way you judge make me want to NEVER get pregnant. and if i do lock myself in a room so your judging eyes and minds don’t see me. geez relax just cause you had no tearing or anything doesn’t mean she won’t. im also pretty sure before you had your first kid you talked about stuff you had no idea about either, so how about you keep your opinions to yourself just like you wish she would!

Runner on

I like that she’s letting him know what she wants. In childbirth, it’s about supporting mama and baby. You can still be a good dad without seeing the moment your child is born…
Also… tearing is not unrealistic, I tore in 4 places during childbirth. I can’t believe how well I healed though. 🙂 I wish them well.

TD on

Praying that all goes well. Some of my relatives had c-sections unexpectedly

CalgaryGIrl on

Pregnant for about two seconds and an expert on pregnancy and delivery? Yikes, good luck with that honey.

Elena on

Eh, I think this is just a first-time pregnant lady talking, and it’s pretty harmless stuff. The first time I had a baby, I didn’t want my husband to see what was going on down there, either. I However, once we were both in the moment of the delivery, he was more or less running around not knowing what he should be doing, and at some point he saw our daughter coming out. He wasn’t traumatized by it or any less attracted to me after, so with our second daughter, I didn’t really care if he looked down there. He actually held my leg while I gave birth (not my idea, the nurse just asked him to do it suddenly, and he did). So I think the first time, many women have very set ideas about what they want, and by the time they get through it they realize nothing really matters other than a healthy baby first and an easy delivery second.

And Mila, if you’re reading, I am also Jewish Ukrainian, and you don’t have to worry about ripping and shredding. We have some good birthing genes. But didn’t your Babushka ever teach you to avoid all unnecessary pain? Get the epidural and don’t worry about it, the prizes for painful delivery and painless delivery are exactly the same!

Gt on

Mila’s comment about being pregnant is not mature but congrats to her.