Inside Stacy Keibler’s ‘Super Healthy’ Pregnancy

06/10/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Stacy Keibler Pregnant Club MomMe Spring Family Fest Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

She may be just a couple months away from new mommyhood, but Stacy Keibler isn’t letting her growing belly slow her down one bit.

“She wants to be as healthy and as strong as possible for her baby,” says Nonna Gleyzer, Keibler’s Pilates instructor. “The focus is on keeping her body strength and also keeping her body aligned.”

Gleyzer, who works with Keibler up to four times a week using traditional Pilates methods as well as customized strengthening exercises, says the mom-to-be has taken “naturally” to pregnancy.

“We didn’t have to change much [about her pre-pregnancy routine],” says Gleyzer. “We just do less repetitions and less moves on her back. We’re keeping the muscles strong and long. And we do lower abs and deep breathing which will help with the birth!”

So is Keibler’s husband of 3 months, tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre, keeping his strength up too? “They’re both physically active,” says Gleyzer, who also trains with Pobre.

“Stacy is strong but so is Jared. He’s incredibly focused and incredibly serious. They’re so in love and they make beautiful partners. They’re meant to be.”

As far as any pregnancy cravings, there’s been no pickles or ice cream for the actress and TV host. “Stacy eats clean, quality food,” says Gleyzer. “There is no garbage. She doesn’t eat French fries or milkshakes. You can splurge but still make healthy choices!”

Point proven. On June 7, after attending Club MomMe’s Spring Family Fest, Keibler and close pals celebrated her daughter’s imminent arrival with an intimate baby shower — complete with a healthy spread.

Seasonal organic dishes like quinoa salad were served, and in lieu of traditional treats, Keibler’s dessert table featured cakes that were sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Now that it’s almost baby time, Keibler already has her post-baby workout plan in place. She plans to take 4-6 weeks off after welcoming her little girl.

“[Stacy] will be a natural mom,” says Gleyzer. “She’s all about love and sharing. I want her to have another baby soon!”

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Christine on

Nonna sounds incredibly pretentious. That’s one baby shower I’m glad I wasn’t invited to!

Hey on

Is she known for anything but an ex?

It's Me on

What is she taking “4-6 weeks off” for? I didn’t think she worked.

Europa 19 on

The lazy flabbies are complaining. If they were fit and healthy like Stacy they’d be happy for her instead of trying to come up with nasty comments. I guess they don’t know they’re giving away their fat loser status with their comments….LOL

Pal on

Happy for her she is going to be a mommy.

anonymous on

It’s Me — she’s taking 4-6 weeks off her exercise routine, not work-related stuff.

sandy on

the title of this made me laugh, and I hate how stars always are touching their stomach if they are preg,

sara on

Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free…. oh yummmm.

Bob on

How dare she even think about consuming a (gasp) milkshake?? That would be the worst ever…

Give me a break.

Emily Sussman on

Pass me the barf bag…

Anonymous on

Why is this woman famous? Has she done anything significant? So she screwed George Clooney, so has half of the female population

StacyR on

It’s refreshing to see Stacy taking care of herself with proper fitness and nutrition during her pregnancy instead of indulging like Jessica Simpson.

ana on

“Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free” equals taste free or taste less. How sad not being able to indulge every once in a while.

dysturbed on

J, she’s also “known” for spending years in WCW and WWE, being on Dancing With the Stars, and some guest starring roles on tv shows. Now I think she hosts a cooking game show.

Susan on

“You can splurge and still make healthy choices”? Umm, how is that splurging? “She’s taking naturally to pregnancy” Duh!!! She is a woman, right? Geez, get over yourselves!

I'd rather be Anonymous on

She’ll probably be pissed when Amal gets pregnant. They only broke up about a yr ago and both are married/getting married already. To me, that behavior screams rebound. I’m also sure George and Amal would be trying to have a baby soon and both are getting older.

Mimi on

What kind of cake has no sugar, no dairy & no gluten?

guest on

WHY, when she is shown in pictures, is her hand always on her belly? Yeah, we get it. You’re pregnant. So what. So are millions of other women. And they dont pose with their hands always on their midsection.

mrsmass on

Rice cake?

Jessy on

Who cares?

bitsy on

wow, taking 4-6 weeks off. how generous of her to spend a whole month with her new born. i am pretty sure she could take a longer period of time if she wanted. don’t think they are strapped for cash!

TaylorB on

Hearing how she eats (as healthy as it might be), I am beginning to see why George dumped her…

Anonymous on

Europa, how about this article not be so matter of fact that u suck if u eat french fries and milkshakes when u r pregnant.

Anonymous on

She ain’t gonna take 4-6 weeks off…no way. She is going to be back at the gym while the baby is with the nanny asap!

bkable on

I can understand the no-sugar thing but what’s wrong with dairy!? I’m all for healthy living but even that in moderation!

Anonymous on

Very happy for her.

Lis on

Oh man. She sounds pretty boring and self-centered… Live a little, Stacy! Everything in moderation 🙂

lisa lane on

Who cares? Why is this woman news again?

Anya on

Pretentious much?
Pregnancy is such a nice excuse to indulge a little.

Angie on

Glad she is healthy!

Anonymous on

She is too healthy, needs some indulgent!

lindsayasimpson on

She looks like Pregnant Barbie.