Mila Kunis Bumps It Up in Black at Premiere

06/10/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

It looks like that babymoon with fiancé Ashton Kutcher really paid off because on Monday night, Mila Kunis looked radiant at the L.A. premiere of her new film, Third Person.

The actress wore a roomy LBD by Cheyann Benedict paired with simple jewelry from Gemfields and nude patent platform pump, as well as her beautiful engagement ring.

Mila Kunis Third Person PremiereJon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

One thing’s for sure, Kunis sure knows how to take a stylish break from parenting prep. Most recently, the couple bought a home together in Beverly Hills. They’ve also been spotted shopping for nursery furniture and other baby essentials for their little girl in Sherman Oaks.

“Ashton has been taking such good care of Mila,” says a source of the couple, who will welcome their daughter later this year.

“He’s doting on her and telling her she looks beautiful. He understands she’s going through changes and he hasn’t judged her for it.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Tara on

She looks amazing!

Anonymous on

She has such good taste in pregnancy outfits !

Susan on

She has such good taste in pregnancy outfits !

Denise on

She looks so cute! She definitely has that pregnancy glow!

bitsy on

She looks great!

Emmaleigh on

This girl is so gorgeous!

bk on

She looks good. What a stupid comment at the end of this story! Ashton hasn’t judged Mila for her body changing due to pregnancy….I doubt ANYone said that. Sounds more like poetic license taken by People.

Isakka on

Really pretty, still I cannot get those make-up free pictures of her out of my head. She’s soo not good-looking without it…

Clayne on

What??? I can’t believe you even went there.
“He understands she’s going through changes and he hasn’t judged her for it.”

Why would that even cross you mind. Of course he hasn’t “judged” her. He loves her and she is having his daughter. I’m scratching my head of that comment.

Guest on

Radiantly beautiful. 🙂

Guest on

He hasn’t judged her for it??? What is there to judge? Ugh…I can’t even post what I really want to say about THAT comment.

Sue on

“He understands she’s going through changes and he hasn’t judged her for it”……Wow! That’s really big of him! Ridiculous statement…..

UH OH on

People cut & pasted that last paragraph from a prior article about them and got the same flack lol

Guest on

She’s absolutely gorgeous. Not stuck up though. Humble. I like her. Not a bad actress either. Baby is gonna be amazingly beautiful. Always thought Mila could be a lil sis to Angelina J. They kinda look alike. Right?

KL on

She looks amazing!! But that dress looks like a garbage bag.. no shape to it whatsoever..

justbeingreal on

Too bad she couldn’t have dressed Kim Kardashian! She dresses so much better!

Raffaele Zuccaro on

Ashton , no doubt , has had many Sexual Partners- including a grand Ma- She better make sure that it Ashtons real sperm!!!

Melany on

What a horrible dress !!! she is really annoying, her voice, her attitude, in interviews she is a total b..h. but above all, she has witchy eyes.

Meme on

Her dress looks like a nightie

Katy on

@raffaele z- you do know how babies are made, right? You’re comment makes it seem like you may be slightly misinformed about the details.

ebonypearl on

laughing at Raffaele Zuccaro’s comment. Seriously people can be so dumb! I think you need to read about how babies are made, and please! Don’t procreate.

Ashton and Mila make me smile. I cannot wait to hear of news of the birth of this baby!

JC on

Good for her. A homely plug of a girl that made good money on TV. Snatched a married man and will live happily ever after.

How jealous am I?

Anonymous on

She looks like is wearing a hefty bag!!!!..cute tho..haha

andy on

She looks like is wearing a hefty bag!!! ., cute tho…

anonymous on

when did they announce it was a girl?

Anonymous on

anonymous- It was announced in another article awhile back.

JC- Sorry, but I don’t consider Ashton to have been married when he and Mila hooked up. From a legal stand-point he was, but that was pretty much it. He and Demi had been separated for a year by that point, and clearly weren’t going to be getting back together.

Anyway, Mila looks great!

Libby on

When was it ever announced or CONFIRMED by Ashton and Mila themselves that they are having a girl? All the articles on the Internet say that it were “close relatives” who confirmed they’re having a girl and that was during a time, where she was barely pregnant.

For me, it’s just a rumor.

She looks great. I bet the baby will be beautiful! 🙂

katezmusing on

She’s cute…so don’t get me wrong when I say that this looks like a nightgown I once owned. Given her options I would think she could do a bit better than this.

Amanda on

Whether or not they have confirmed that they are having a girl, my bets are on girl for them. For myself and everyone I know personally when a woman is pregnant with a girl she gains a little weight in her face. Not always completely noticeable, and may just be coincidence who knows but I bet on it now 😉 She is so thin everywhere else other than her belly but she does have that fuller look to her face now.

Rachael on

Wow, pregnancy looks great on her! Stunning!

Anonymous on

Libby- You can find out the gender quite early these days (there’s a blood test that can be done around 10 weeks or so, if I’m remembering correctly. Its main purpose is to check for Down Syndrome, but it can also reveal the gender). At any rate, I’ve yet to see PEOPLE being wrong about details like that. 😉

anonymous on

Anonymous, I’m with Libby re: the sex of the baby. These 2 are not the type to put out a press release or even acknowledge non-work related inquiries from the gossip press. Seriously, can you imagine either of them doing that. Get a grip!!!