Lil’ Kim Welcomes Daughter Royal Reign

06/09/2014 at 10:15 PM ET

Lil' Kim Welcomes Daughter Royal Reign
Chelsea Lauren/Getty

Lil’ Kim now has a lil’ girl of her own.

The “Magic Stick” rapper welcomed daughter Royal Reign at 9:58 a.m. on Monday, June 9, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Born at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, Royal weighed in at 6 lbs., 5 oz., and measured 19½ inches long.

The baby’s father is reportedly rapper Mr. Papers.

Lil’ Kim, 39, debuted her bump in February, when she attended The Blonds Fashion Week afterparty wearing a form-fitting gown and cradling her belly.

In April, the mom-to-be sent out a “Save the Date” card for her royal baby bash — and announced she was expecting a girl.

The following month, she hinted at her daughter’s regal name while Tweeting about her baby shower, which was thrown by David Tutera. “Can’t wait for my NYC Royal Baby Shower,” she wrote on May 8, adding the hashtags #royalbabyshower and #queenbeelilbee.

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Mary Margaret

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Gail N. on

Not a very intelligent name

Jenn on

Royal Reign? Oh dear Jesus…..that poor child. Ridiculous mom and a ridiculous name 😦

Melissa on

Worst name i’ve seen in my life for a girl!

Casey on

•siiiiiigh• The name…really??

dretta on

Because just getting an abortion was too merciful…

Emily on


Michelle on

So is her daughter’s name Royal Papers? Lol

Just saying on

She used to be so pretty. What on Earth happened to her face? Not even going there with the baby name. Smh!

Marisa Beatriz on

I had no idea she was pregnant. When I read the title my first thought was, is she still young enough to have kids? I thought she was much older. Next thought… the name…. oh the name!?!?!?!

disneymommy75 on

You just can’t make this $hit up!

emma on

Well, umm….yea Royal Reign?? Are you serious!? Wow this poor child…she isn’t getting a chance with a name like that. She could’ve named her something more appropriate, I mean honestly this child will eventually have to attend school and kids are pretty nasty.

jenniferlynne01 on

Royal Reign Papers???? That poor child :/

Mommytoane on

Royal Reign eh? Uhm. Unique? Whats with celebs giving their babies names of dumb crap. We’ve got North West, Bear Bleu and many other weirdo names The teachers at the private school these kids will go to will have a hey day!

HatinMeSomeNigs on

Disgusting apes.

Guest on

Omg, i LOVE the name!!!! I actually think its beautiful.
And exactly what I would expect from Lil Kim❤️

lox on

Oh Lordy.

KL on

Royal Reign.. seriously!?! WTF.. what a dumbass name



Mikki on

I still think North West is the most ridiculous name for a baby girl.

Ossiegirl on

Omg what is it with these celebrities ..North West doesn’t sound so bad after all ,Royal Reign , that poor little girl that’s just cruel these parents need charging with child cruelty

Anonymous on

Congrats to her (I don’t get why that’s so hard for others to say!)! And to everyone complaining about the name, I’d like to point out two things:

“Mr. Papers” is almost certainly a stage name (and therfore “Papers” is not the baby’s last name).


Her mother is Lil’ Kim. Somehow I doubt she’s going to get teased in school (especially considering most of her classmates will have unusual names, too!)! 😉

Scarlett on


ciparliamo on

Believe it or not, I went to school with a girl named Royal….very sweet girl from a sad family….dont think she ended up very “royal”….

may on

Oh lord NOOOOO whyyyyyyyyy

JustMe on

Forget the name… she can always change that. I worry more about her passing her clear self hatred along to her child. Lil Kim has a clear issue with accepting the way she looks. She’s had extensive plastic surgery, she’s bleached her skin. I really wonder what kind of self esteem issues she’s going to ‘teach’ her child. It might sound silly, but think about it. That kid is going to grow up looking at her mother and wondering what it was she hated about her self so much that she underwent surgery after surgery trying to fix it. “Why did my mother hate the color of her skin so much that she bleached herself?” The child is going to think there is something inherently wrong with the way she looks. After all, she’ll get her looks from her mother. Right.

Natasha on

Why do celebrities give their kids ridiculous names. This is not a name,it’s a celebrity with an inflated ego. Poor kid

Anonymous on

How odd would it be to have a child that looks NOTHING like your face?

Cindy on

Anonymous, please don’t defend someone who named their precious new baby Royal Reign. She is obviously very narcissistic, and just plain not too bright. This name will bring HER a lot of attention, and be a pain in the ass for this little baby her whole entire life. Just rude. Where do these people come up with these names?? What a totally selfish idiot. Might as well have named her Dishsoap Buttcream. Just about the same thing.

guest on

What has this woman done to her face????

valeskas on

Poor baby. Awful name.

don444 on

To all you racists on here, if you said some of these things in MY presence you’d be tasting my belt until you screamed.

Leiza on

she really looks awful. Her face is so distorted. She looks like she is in pain. The baby name…. really????

Dee on

It cracks me up how some celebrities act like if they name their kids crap like ‘Royal’ then they are somehow actually royalty.
Nope, mom is ghetto and will pass that on to her poor defenseless child, who will one day be yet another entitled piece of ghetto trash.
Money can’t buy class or common sense.
BTW, Kim has destroyed her face with plastic surgery. She looks like a doll that somebody left on the back windshield well in Arizona and it melted.

Sarah on

Anonymous, please don’t defend someone who named their precious new baby Royal Reign. That is the work of someone who is obviously extremely narcissistic and quite frankly not very bright. Her poor child will have to live with that hideous name for the next 95 years. Might as well have named her Dishsoap Buttcream, just about the same thing.

BossJ on

LOL at these comments.. follow me on IG @simplyy_jessii

TaylorB on

Let’s just hope and pray that she teaches her daughter self-acceptance and not to hate the way she looks.

Phyllis on

That’s is not very nice Lil’ Kim! Why do that to a child?!

heather on

Are you sure that’s not LaToya Jackson?

dawn on

This is why children of celebs have a sense of entitlement… or rage out at society…

heather on

“Her mother is Lil’ Kim. Somehow I doubt she’s going to get teased in school …”

If anything, she will be teased BECAUSE her mom is Lil’ Kim. Not that anyone would even recognize her anyway.

Jody on

Ha ha! Royal Reign Papers! Mamas a hot mess!

Anonymous on

Congrats Kim and all the very best of happpiness and joy to y ou and Royal.

Callie on

Who would have sex with this thing? She used to be cute but she looks like she got hit by the F train

NCW on

Beautiful name and why judge her on what she names her child so ignorant of people. Both of my children have names you don’t hear everyday amd I find that gives them the encouragement to be them . how would some of you like if people were so judge mental of what you names your children

Frank on

What up with Blacks naming their children dumb a55 names !

Jessica on

You people need to get a life. At the end of the day, the only person that has to deal with the name is Kim and her daughter. You people ain’t cashing no checks or paying her bill. If all you want to do is throw shade, maybe something is wrong with u! #berealwithyourself!#

Crack Head on

Look at the bags under her eyes , Crack Head all the way !

Brenda on

Goodness these celebrities name their children weird names…

sue's on

Congrats to her and her family. Not sure who stole Kim self esteem, but she was an is a beautiful woman, before her surgeries? I just wish she’d tone it down for herself and child sake.

Leeanna Rodinez on

I remember when Lil’ Kim was an attractive black woman, now she looks like an overly made up Asian Grandma.

CL on


bkable on

As someone with an unusual name, I hated it growing up but I’ve grown to love being unique… However, I don’t have a name like Royal Reign. Somehow I see a large amount of name changes in 10-18 years.

Samantha on

You know, the thing is I don’t think that it’s judgemental to not approve of a silly name like Royal Reign or North West (although I am surprised Lil’ Kim knew how to spell Reign). When you make an immature choice like that for someone else (your child who has to live with it) you are opening yourself up to criticism. It is ridiculous to saddle a human with that name. It’s not about being a “hater” or not being my business. This baby will eventually be 10 years old in the fourth grade, in college (hopefully) and an employee. Would you hire someone with that name? If you have 500 resumes to go through and have to rule some out, right or wrong, this one would go based on first impressions. WHY would someone do that to their kid????? Explain it to me.

siketrise on

I am certain that Lil Kim has a responsible birth name. And, regardless of her stage name and rapper existence. She is still, responsible for giving her child a reasonable name. And, not a name for a pet or a moment of stupidity.

Bianca on

Jessica on June 10th, 2014

You people need to get a life. At the end of the day, the only person that has to deal with the name is Kim and her daughter. You people ain’t cashing no checks or paying her bill. If all you want to do is throw shade, maybe something is wrong with u! #berealwithyourself!#

Technically, as a consumer, we are paying their bills! That is your argument? What can you expect from a Kardashian Fan- unintelligent people who gobble up the crap they release. Buy a clue Jessica.

kdm on

That poor kid. Could you imagine waking up crying in the middle of the night and have THAT peering into your crib???? She is the stuff of nightmares.

Nicole on really need to delete these racists comments and banned these people from this site.

Reality Gem on

Mr. “Papers” or Lil Kim better drop (SOMETHING for Papers) or some more for lil Kim and keep that kid in Private school, with a name like that and her mother with a reputation like that… she is screwed EVEN in a private school

Anonymous on

North, Dakota, Coco, Rumer, Daylight, Nottingham, etc. etc. Yes, there are a lot of names from celebrities and non celebrities alike that seem crazy or silly. AND…..

Ureka Smith on

North, Dakota, Coco, Rumer, Daylight, Nottingham, etc. etc. Yes, there are a lot of names from celebrities and non celebrities alike that seem crazy or silly. AND…..

Anonymous on

I just hope the baby doesn’t look up while nursing and suffer a heart attack from looking at that science fiction experiment gone awry. That plastic surgery mess is one of the worst ever. Mr. Papers, did you wear a paper bag over your head when that child was conceived?

Royal Reign … poor child. As if being teased for her mom’s horrific face won’t be bad enough, now she has this painfully self-conscious and presumptuous name.

Vanessa on

What a stupid, and awful name!

Amanda on

It’s sad that I was expecting a worse name 😉 Not the best name but certainly could have been worse.
Either way I wish Lil Kim and whomever the dad is luck in raising their new baby girl. There have been plenty of people go from wild/crazy/selfish to great parents so hopefully for little Royal’s sake her parents do the same.

Amanda on

Nicole, why would People need to remove racist comments from the site? People are jerks (I’m sure the word I would have put there WOULD be removed), it’s just how it is. Deleting the comment doesn’t mean they don’t still think that way. It doesn’t help anything except for making People hire someone to go through the comments on every online article they post looking for ‘offensive’ things to remove.

Vanessa on

FFS seriously? Doesn’t any celebrity give their child a normal name.

Royal Reign is just asking to be called Royal Pain.

The poor child.

Felice on

Lesson for all of us:
Lil Kim’s face – what happens when you have too much money, time and no sense. She used to be cute – now, I don’t know what this is. The baby’s name – to bring attention to herself and have this going on, people talking about her.

Fazia on

Congrats on her baby. But WTFH.!! Poor child with a name like Royal Reign

Guest on

Congratulations to Lil’ Kim.

Anonymous on

Just when you think that North West is a ridiculous name, you get hit with Royal Reign. WTF?

Dah'Maverick on

first… she’s 37 turning 38.
second… reign is her goddaughter’s name
third… reign sounds better for her first name
fourth… kim seriously messed up her face, she was so pretty, and she looks better when she was darker
fifth… i ❤ her songs!!!!!

Kylie on

I wonder if the name might have been inspired by Lorde’s song Royals. I doubt it, though. I would have liked Royal if it had been used for a beloved pet’s name, but I just don’t think it works for a human being. Reign would have been fine if it had been spelled Rain.

Anon on

Wow! Another interesting name from a celebrity, what a shock. “Sarcasm” I do not mind the name royal its the name of one of my favorite literary characters. But with reign it is very interesting to be polite.

itsallgood on

I hope her little face isn’t like her Moms face. Big Kim You really messed up your face.

handovertheremote on

Forget the absurd name – what the deuce has she done to her face?!

blue on

LOL i love reading all these comments… you people are too funny

Sandra on

Of all the wacky names people can name a kid, I actually like this one.

California Granny on

Does that bimbo realize that child have to carry that name for the rest of her life. And what is it with these people to be so fascinated with the Royalty. Does those names elevate them to higher status or what in the eyes of others.

HunGuest on

Congratulations and I wish you all the best with your new baby!

And to the name: why are you so mean? The parents like it. They gave it with love. Point.

Anonymous on

The name is not my concern….I have to spell out my children’s plain jane anglo-saxon names when addressing officials. I’m more concerned with the fact it is a unique name and her mother was extremely forward with her actions in her music… “I can make a sprite can disappear in my mouth.” As someone had already said in the comments children are cruel. With today’s technology so readily accessible and children being put on computers so swiftly how soon will it be that this little girl with inherit her mother’s reputation? This child won’t stand a chance. I foresee a suicide victim. Sorry Kim, I did like your music, but you may want to consider changing the babies name privately so she can have a somewhat normal life.

LilDraggie on

I’m surprised she conceived this late, I mean Lil Kim was beautiful between 1994-2004, now she looks like a deflated Asian woman, did she get off the pill and roofie her recent guys or what?

Seriously, she looks hideous now, she must’ve been practicing a lot of safe sex for those past 20 years..

and that name, well, what do you expect from someone who refers to herself as Queen Bee? Now, unlike her who had to struggle to the top, she’s going to spoil her child which will be here, but not have a work ethic AWESOME lil kim.