Jaime King Shares Sweet Snapshot of Her Son Nursing

06/09/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Jaime King James Knight
Courtesy Jamie King

Following in the footsteps of Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen, Jaime King is the latest celeb mom to spotlight the beautiful bond between a mother and her baby.

And the Hart of Dixie actress is hoping to celebrate her baby bliss without judgment.

On Sunday, King posted an older photo of herself snuggling with newborn son James Knight, who is nursing as his mom gazes into the camera.

“#JamesKnight is now 8 months old! These are the moments a mother lives for,” she captioned the pic. “Breastfeeding should not be taboo — and bottle feeding should not be judged — it’s ALL fun for the whole family.”

The first-time mom has been open about her dedication to breastfeeding her baby boy — and foregoing any fad diets. “I breastfed exclusively for a long time. It’s a commitment, but it’s worth it,” she told PEOPLE in April.

King isn’t alone in promoting this special motherhood moment. Natalia Vodianova, who welcomed son Maxim in May, recently posted a stunning black and white photo of herself breastfeeding her son in the buff on Instagram.

— Anya Leon

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Cool…..natural 🙂 loving this picture 🙂

Anonymous on

Sweet! Love the dog in the background!

south side on

Move that kid’s head so we can see some nip!

KellyGreen on

I breast fed both my babies, and, like all moms, had to do it in public. However, before kiddos, I felt a bit uncomfortable seeing moms breast feed in public. So I totally get how it does make some people uncomfortable, just like PDA makes some people uncomfortable and others think it’s sweet or could care less. I get both sides, and I think people shouldn’t judge either way 🙂 To each their own.

Kat on





Ya know…I get women want to breastfeed, I get it’s natural. What I don’t get is WHY YOU FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE YOUR BOOB WITH THE ENTIRE FREE WORLD?!?!?!?! It’s just tacky and unncessary.

Melany on

This is not a good position for the baby. He could have ears infections or something, please people, breastfeed yes, but not in this position, be careful.

Susan on

Anything at all for publicity!

Susan on

Anything at all for publicity! Don’t know who she is, but she knows PR!

Laura on

People need to realize that breasts have actual purpose and are not solely there to jiggle around for men’s entertainment. This is a beautiful and natural photo and I still do not understand why people are uncomfortable with breast feeding in public but don’t seem to bat an eye on half-dressed women on magazine covers.

Melissa on

Absolutely nothing wrong with nursing, but why isn’t this a personal, private, intimate moment between child and mother?

lola on

Look at that little face!!! Too yummy!

Erin on

I get it. I love that it’s being celebrated, because it’s a natural thing. However, one of the best parts of it is that you get that time to quietly bond with your child privately.

Jennifer on

I love all of you people who feel that feeding a newborn is a ‘private and intimate moment’ when it is a necessity for the child’s nourishment. While many feedings are done at home and can be done quietly and alone, many feedings have to be done in public and that is why women (celebrities and ‘everyday’ moms) are doing their parts to show breastfeeding as a beautiful and natural thing so the perverts and prudes of the world will stop salivating and/or overreacting when they see a mother feeding her child in a public space.

J on

You see more breast on a SI cover than you do in this picture. Nobody would be complaining if she was in a string bikini. It’s the fact this baby is nursing at the breast that weirds people out. Get over it. Beautiful pic and congrats to her for BFing for 8 months!

Xan on

In traditional societies, babies nurse on demand, and in full view of the entire village. It’s only once we became “civilized” that breasts were sexualized and eventually covered up. As some have said: Feeding our babies is the real purpose of breasts. Why engender any shame about that?

Anonymous on



Awesome to breastfeed, but no reason to ever do it in public. Keep that intimate moment and bonding with your child to yourself. No reason to let in the rest of the world.

julia on

Keep breastfeeding intimate and private? That’s like telling someone to go eat their meal in a quiet, intimate space. There is no need for any of us to see you doing that. YOU’RE ALL CRAZY! Keep posting pictures of breast feeding mothers. Why not!?! When you quit taking pictures of your dinners or chugging a drink then we will quit posting pictures of us feeding our children.

Anonymous on

Wonderful…beautiful momma and babe. Thanks for sharing!

Kel on


Anonymous on

IMHO – I couldn’t agree more. I completely understand the benefits of breast feeding. And more power to you. But I’ve never under stood, when in public.. why not pump?? There is another way to give your child it’s meal without pulling it out. Just saying.

Anonymous on

Jennifer, the baby can get nourishment just as well if the mothers milk is in a bottle.

Lorna on

Most babies have to be exclusively Breastfed for at least a few months. So no bottles. They can have nipple confusion. Making them refuse breast feeding and wanting the bottle only. Others refuse to take a bottle at all. For those of you saying to pump when you go out. It’s not that easy! In fact, pumping is a huge pain. So more power to those who can continue to BF! It’s an amazing thing.