Christina Aguilera’s Second Pregnancy Is ‘Very Easy’

06/08/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Christina Aguilera Second Pregnancy Very Easy

Even a girly girl loves her video games — just ask Christina Aguilera.

“It’s a great way to have fun with the family,” the pregnant singer, whose own Mii character can be seen in the new interactive game Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS and 2DStells, tells PEOPLE.

“My favorites are the classics like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. They’re iconic characters that even my son recognizes.”

At home, Aguilera, 33, often plays with Max, 6½, in her game room arcade (complete with pinball machines). “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is my favorite to play with my son. He beats me every time as the ghost,” she says.

The former Voice coach — who is expecting a baby girl with fiancé Matthew Rutler later this year — will soon have less time for gaming, but that’s something she’s looking forward to.

“I’m really excited to meet our baby girl,” Aguilera shares. “This has been a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy.”

— Melody Chiu

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Emosia on

Love how low key this pregnancy has been for her….

Betty on

Lets see how easy it is for her to get married first before having this baby.

Lilyflower on

Pregnancy becomes her.

American Mom on

I hope she got her drinking problem under control before she got pregnant with this child. I recall she was having some alcohol issues a while back & I felt concern for her son. Let’s hope that’s past. I also find it a shame she couldn’t bother to get married first- a lot of girls still look up to her. Hollywood types don’t care about basic morality but many regular Americans still do.

lindsey on

You DO NOT have to be married first to have a child…wake up…its 2014 damn.

Martha Willington on

Change your name “American Mom” you make us american moms embarrassed for our nation.

you seem very uneducated if you believe everything you read on the internet.

Dessa on

I see we have a stupid bible-thumping prude or two on this thread. Look, just because your dumb-ass basic religious book says its immoral to have sex before marriage doesn’t make it right. Your religion also defends racism and violence, so shut your slut-shaming preaching. Her children will be well provided for.

Brandi on

Wow! She was married the first time around for a few years before she got pregnant with her son and look how that worked out. Marriage brfore children isn’t the right thing for everyone. Some of you people need to get off your judgmental high horses and worry about your own relationships and kids.

Brandi on

*before, *judgemental

Anonymous on

Brandi- Glad to see I’m not the only one on here with a bit of common sense! Really, people in this comment section amaze me sometimes. It’s like when people harp on Jessica Simpson for having two kids out of wedlock, conveniently forgetting how well rushing to tie the knot upon learning she was pregnant worked out for her younger sister.

If I had a failed marriage under my belt (and/or had seen a sibling go through one), I would be hesitant about heading to the altar again, too!

Anonymous on

BTW, I am actually very old-fashioned when it comes to children and marriage (I don’t even think it’s right to have sex before marriage!). But I also realize that marriage isn’t for everyone!

Anonymous on

American Moms- Well, girls shouldn’t be looking up to her (or any celeb. Neither should boys!). They should be looking up to their parents, older siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc.

I’m not going to deny that celebs have any influence, as obviously they do. However, teaching kids what’s right and wrong, and what they should and shouldn’t do isn’t their job. That’s the job of PARENTS!

Angela Lyles on

She did it the old fashioned way the first time. You guy do realize that some people don’t choose to get pregnant. Crap happens sometimes. Especially having Max shes never pretended to a virgin.

HeatherWay on

This was more of an ad for Nintendo than an article about Christina’s pregnancy. Step up your content, People! This isn’t Us Weekly.

anonymous on

Brandi — Funny thing is, most of these so-called “experts” aren’t even parents themselves.