Gaby Hoffmann Expecting First Child

06/06/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Gaby Hoffmann Pregnant Expecting First Child David Livingston/Getty

Now she’s pregnant and then she’ll have a baby!

Gaby Hoffmann, 32, is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend, cinematographer Chris Dapkins, her rep confirms.

“Everybody is happy and healthy,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

Hoffmann — who gained prominence as a child in classic movies such as Field of Dreams and Sleepless in Seattle — showed off a sizable baby bump at a screening of her new film Obvious Child in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The Girls star — whose character is also expecting — was overheard swapping parenting advice with fellow mommy Busy Philipps at the event.

“Gaby was beaming from ear to ear and kept rubbing her belly,” says an onlooker. “They were chatting and looking over baby pics.”

In Obvious Child, Hoffmann plays the tough-minded feminist roommate of an aspiring comedian, who gets dumped by her boyfriend, loses her job and finds herself pregnant just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The actress isn’t the only former Now and Then star to be expecting — her costar Christina Ricci confirmed her pregnancy in May.

— Melody Chiu with reporting by Julie Jordan

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JHL on

This person is only 32?!

Lezbhonest on

Well she’s unfortunate looking and looks wayyyyy older than 32!!

MM on

I can’t believe that’s the grown-up woman of the same cute little girl from Field of Dreams and Sleepless in Seattle. Wowza. Anyway, congrats on the baby and good luck.

gemmag on

Woohaaa… She is more like 50 than 32 and eh, she isn’t the most pleasant to look at. Yikes!

susan on

Yikes. I’m know I’m being harsh, but she is not a good-looking adult.

jj927 on

Wasn’t she also the cutie patootie in Uncle Buck? She looks so different! Congrats to her!

BJ on

I thought she was more like 42!!!

Guessed on

Comments criticizing her looks are very rude and uncalled for. She’s a lovely person. Would you rather she gets loads of cosmetic surgery and look those hideous plastic people? Good for her for embracing herself as she is and not giving into harsh comments about something so superficial as physical appearance.

pixyprincess on

Is she a victim of something? She looks more like 52 than 32! Seriously, what happened to her? Why does she look like that? She used to be such a cute little girl and now it looks like life has been real hard on her. :0

ABC123 on

To JHL, MM, Lezbhonest, gemmag, susan … how about a simple “congratulations, I hope it goes well”? You people are really nasty and are part of today’s problem of bashing women because they don’t live up to your standards–whatever they are. SHAME. ON. YOU.

CDS on

She looks like an old 32 yr. old woman.

Abby on

It’s just a bad angle and poor choice of wardrobe in this image. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

AG on

A pair of eyebrow tweezers would do wonders!

Jennifer on

The first sentence of this article is absolutely asinine.

Enoughisenough on

Goodness, guys! This is just not a very good photo of Gaby. She’s really not that bad.

lester on

every single one of you who commented on her looks is repugnant. Inside AND out.

Kat on

Is she married or have a fiance or boyfriend or…?

Julia on

“Now she’s pregnant and then she’ll have a baby!”
yes, People, that is the correct order.

Penny on

I went on wireimage to look at other pictures from the event to see if maybe People just picked a bad image, unfortunately this was one of the better ones of her. I applaud her for going natural to a public event though! Good luck with the pregnancy! (really hard to believe she is the same girl from Now & Then!)

Lala on

I don’t think the comments regarding her looks, aren’t so wrong. The first time I saw the photo, my first thought was, “That’s Gaby Hoffman?! She used to be so cute!” It’s a natural reaction/response, when someone looks so much different than they used to.

She would do better with a different hairstyle — and her nose looks so different.

Mommy on

Wow. She hasn’t aged well at all. She’s pretty masculine looking

Amelia on

I can’t believe all the cruel comments. No wonder the world, as a male dominated society, believe it is acceptable to judge women on their looks, pay them less, rape, and treat us like second class citizens. Words carry amazing power, so you should try to be supportive and uplifting. (Or in other words if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.)

Anonymous on

Hit with the ugly stick — more than once.

dido437 on

This is obviously a bad angle in the picture. She did not look that old in the last season of girls. I wouldn’t have thought she was as old as 32 in that show.

truth on

I just googled her because I wanted to say it’s just an unflattering photo of her, but uhhhh yeah that’s what she looks like.

Anna on

Really?! What gives you the power to criticize someones looks from the anonymity of a computer screen? If you can’t or wouldn’t say it to a persons face, you’ve no business doing it on a keyboard. I’m sure for many of you, your Mother’s would be very dismayed at your choice of words and criticism of others. Cowardly acts of vile language.

Sue on

Congratulations and best wishes would suffice. Some of you are leaving some unnecessary, nasty comments.

Nora on

To be honest, I think this is just a bad picture – her hair and makeup are not flattering. If styled differently, I’m sure that Gaby would be lovely.

Michelle on

She was such a cute child star.

kim on

Congrats to her! I don’t think she is unattractive. Minimal make up and untouched eye brows in a world of caked on make up and perfect eyebrows makes one really stand out, not neccessarily in a good way. I’ve seen pictures of her where she looks pretty, i think this is a bad angle and the color of that dress does nothing for her skin tone.

Michelle on

Btw in no way making fun of her..just remembered her as the cute little girl in uncle buck. Good actress too.

Sunny on

She doesn’t look older than 32. She looks like a woman who doesn’t do her eyebrows or wear makeup.

Sunny on

I would hate to be photographed with my eyebrows grown out.

Say what??? on

She’s only 32? WOW. OK, I am feeling pretty good this morning afterall!

Anon on

I have not heard of this woman. I refuse to spend extra money to watch that channel. But, this is a bad picture of her for sure. I looked her up on IMDB and she is better looking then this, and looks 32 their. I wish her congratulations anyway, and good luck!

cm on

Where’s the father? Why do all these celebrities think it’s ok to have babies out of wedlock? And why does society worship those people? Gays can get married these days so there is no reason why you can’t marry and give your kids legetimacy. We are so permissive as a society that we just accept this as norm. And we question why this is society is f**k*d up. ..Like Jessica Simpson..such a good Christian..has two ba*&^%d children and still can’t find the time to get married to her fiance???? Incrediable. Celebrities disgust me!

Beauty Adviser on

I just looked at photos of her on google and oh dear, there is a photo of her with huge hairy arm pits, so its no wonder that her appearance is completely natural, no makeup and bushy brows. She would look so much more youthful with lightened and shaped eyebrows, and a longer hair style and some makeup!

Natalie on

unfortunately that happens way too often. lots of people are very cute as children but when they grow up, not so much. Ron Howard comes to mind.

Smiles on

Hard to believe that she is 32 and pregnant! It seem it was yesterday when we all saw her in Sleepless in Seattle and Field of Dreams! Congrats Gabby!

Amanda on

Gaby Hoffmann is beyond cool. If only these stupid, judgmental, mean-spirited commenters were even half as intelligent, interesting, and talented as she was… well, the world (and internet) would be a much better place. Congrats to her on her baby news!

Ava on

32? No way…

Melanie on

Congrats to her! Was definitely surprised to see that she’s only 32 (I thought it was a typo at first!), though I think her eyebrows and sparse makeup contribute to that. Most folks who walk a red carpet are much more made-up, and that’s what we’re accustomed to seeing, but I guess she prefers a more natural look. Was also wondering about her relationship status, as the article doesn’t mention anything, but maybe she’s just private.

Xoxo on

I loved “Now and Then” – Congrats to her!I I think it’s just a horribly unflattering picture. Hopefully her rep can find a better one and update it to People.

Exciting that Christina Ricci is expecting a baby @ the same time!

EllaHella on

No way is she 32.

jlo27916 on

She looks absolutely terrible now! WAY older than her age!

BigCityLady on

Congratulations Ms. Hoffman!!!

Ignore these hideous trolls with nothing to spew except negativity. Clearly they are sad, insecure souls…but no doubt beautiful (insert sarcastic smiley here).

SimplyPut on

Would LOVE to see pics of some of these commentors!

alligatorhunting on

@cm.. Learn how to spell correctly before being judgemental. “Legitimacy”.. “incredible”.. use spell check. While your comments on babies being born out of wedlock are ridiculous, rude, and vile.. you could, at the very least, try to appear more educated than you apparently are.

And with the divorce rate of straight people as high as it is, being married or unmarried truly has no effect on whether you’ll be a good parent or not.. or if you are destroying the country or not. I, for one, believe it is the evil spewings of close-minded bigots who are destroying our world.

oh no he didn't on

Egads. Maybe take the back entrance inside? Less cameras?

And suck it crybabies who sound like ugly teachers. I bet you laugh at Mean Tweets on Kimmel, hypocrites

Guest on

You all’s need to stop being rude. My goodness. What’s wrong with this crazy insane world as to be crude and malicious? Not everyone can look like Kate or JLo. So? We are all individuals. Show respect and grow manners. Jeez.

Sandy on

I guess all you rude people below- who hide behind computers and say mean comments about peoples looks- would never just congratulate her on her pregnancy. Geez, people are SO darn mean!

Angie on

Congrats to Gaby!

TV on

Didn’t she come out not that long ago? It will be interesting to learn who the father of the baby is.

Melissa on

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not everyone can be your idea of beautiful. You’re just a sad bunch of hags. Get a fcuking life of your own already.

Gail on

Yikers. More like 62. Who let the dogs out?

meghan on

cm, I’m not sure how you managed to glean anything related to -Gaby Hoffman’s marital status from this post. You are making a lot of assumptions seeing as she was not interviewed.

Sarah S. on

Honestly, she doesn’t look that bad…maybe just some eyebrow maintenance to get those catepillars off her eyes.

lili on

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2. say your mom’s name five times.
3. say your crushes three times
4. paste this to four other groups.
If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday.
But if you read this and do not paste this, then you
will have very bad luck.

Guessed on

If you look her up on IMDB, you will see very pretty pictures of her.

Sue on

If you saw her episodes on Girls, you would say wow she changed from Uncle Buck and Field of Dreams

KL on

oh gross!! She looks like she’s in her 40s!!

ohnothing on

so what if she’s hot or not? she doesn’t owe anyone either. and neither does anyone else. hopefully she’s just plain cool. congrats on the baby, hope he/she is cool too.

Janine Marie Max on

She’s pregnant so she had to stop plucking? Ugh!

Janine Marie Max on

To Jennifer: The first sentence is a play on her movie Now and Then. But, I agree, it sounds ridiculous.

licklick11 on

Oh LOOK! Someone in Hollyweird who know how to DRESS when pregnant! Take note KK sisters.

licklick11 on

Having children out of wedlock is inappropriate. More so when you are in the public eye. Attention Rachel Bilson! And, oh yeah, being a “fiancé” is NOT = to being married.

R r on

Loved her in uncle buck, congrats to you! Stay real. You are loved.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her! Oh, and PEOPLE, now that her rep has officially confirmed the pregnancy to you (and revealed the father as well for those of you asking who he is!), you can remove that last sentence. 😉

Anonymous on

cm- Jessica’s getting married this summer (on July 4th according to Us Weekly- a publication that has a pretty good track record when it comes to Jessica!), so it sounds like she has found the time to do so. ;))

Michelle on

Looks like Frida Kahlo.

Pam on

She’s only 32?! She’s only 4 years older than me but she looks like she’s 45.

Wow on

She just needs to grow her hair back out – it softens her hard look!!

Rachael on

I’m guessing she goes for more that “natural” look? Nothing wrong with that but a little clean up around the edges would do wonders. Congrats on the new baby

Joyce on

She used to be so cute! What happened to her? This looks like a 50 year old woman. Bad genes I guess

Mamagirl31 on

I remember her as a child actress an remember her being cute too. I usually don’t comment on someone’s looks negatively but with this picture I’m shocked! What happened to her? She looks incredibly old an it looks like she never really grew into her looks as a woman. She did not transition well an is rather frightening to me. She seriously looks way older than 32, has bad teeth an could use a brow wax. However, a child is a blessing so congrats to them both!

Mamagirl31 on

Ps: She kind of looks like zelda from pet semetary the movie… just saying.

megan on

“Now she’s pregnant and then she’ll have a baby!”

worst attempt at a movie reference ever. does People no longer employ editors ?

Lisa on

I remember her from my favorite teen movie Now and Then as she is the same as I am. I have to kids and I look 24, and she looks 50! She didn’t age so well

Mimi on

This can’t be the best photo of this woman. She was a beautiful child. And she looks really happy. You people on here should really be ashamed of yourselves. It is really easy to make your comments without any of us seeing you. Bet, most of you aren’t winning any beauty pageants. These comments are such a shame.

We talk so much about wanting to see stories about better celebrities. Well here is one. She was a child star that wasn’t in and out of jail or worse and she is expecting her first child at age 32. What more do you people want! Geesh. You get Kardashians 24/7 because most of you are just a shallow as they appear to be. Ugggh.

Hope she has a wonderful pregnancy.

d on

Oh my!! The young girl from Uncle Buck! Yikes!! Hardly recognized her!! 32?! EEEkkk NOT aging well at all!

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

Why doesn’t this site approve comments and remove those that are made just to attack? No one’s looks, body size, name, etc should be picked apart by the general public. To me it seems like this site is here for a bunch of very unhappy, insecure and lifeless women to try and make themselves feel better by tearing down others. It’s sad and pathetic, and really makes one hope that Karma does attack…

Kimberly on

H and G, Love that movie. Wow how time flies, congrats!!!

Anonymous on

My gosh….she was such a cute kid….what happened?

Guest on

Don’t they mean she’s expecting her first grandchild?

Gina Guillotine on

I loved her character on Girls. She was so awkward with Ray, and it was uncomfortable to watch, which is a testament to her abilities. She is a fearless actress, and I’m glad she has resurfaced.

Huge congrats on her pregnancy! I hope she is very happy!

ASA on

This is an extremely unflattering picture of her. I googled her, and she’s really very pretty. Congrats on the baby!

Erica on

Congrats to Gaby! I love her on Girls. She steals every scene. Can’t wait to see her next season 🙂

NYC on

She looks rough for 32.

D on

She looks like an old lady!! Wow, can you imagine how she’s going to look when she’s actually an old woman?! Age is not doing her well.

jenniferyterry on

She was a cute kid, I enjoyed her in Now and Then and Sleepless. Congrats on the pregnancy.

Cent on

Gaby is a young, beautiful, and elegant woman. Unfortunatley, that short hair cut is very unbecoming on her, most likely a desperate result of pregnancy discomfort, Lol.

Rai on

Does she have a unibrow? LOL Who is she? Never heard of her!