Hayden Panettiere Expecting First Child

06/05/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Hayden Panettiere Pregnant Expecting First Child Jason Laveris/FilmMagic

Hayden Panettiere is going to be a mommy.

The Nashville star is expecting her first child with fiancé Wladimir Klitschko, PEOPLE confirms.

After announcing their engagement in October, the couple put their wedding plans on hold because of unrest in Klitschko’s native country, Ukraine.

“But we have time,” to plan for the big day, Panettiere, 24, told Parade in April.

Now, however, the actress and heavyweight boxing champion Klitschko, 38, may have less of it than they imagined as they make plans for a little one.

Although Panettiere has not addressed the pregnancy, she did hint at a future family in an interview with Glamour.

“I’ve lived a very big life, and I don’t feel my age. I feel like I was born to be a mother,” Panettiere said. “Sometimes people speak about [having kids] like, ‘Your life ends — you’re never going to be able to do anything again!’ And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?'”

She added of having children: “Motherhood is the most beautiful, exciting thing, and there’s nothing that I feel like I can’t accomplish while having children in my life.”

Panettiere does have one hope though — that her children will be of a more average height.

“[We’re] too far on either end of the spectrum,” the 5’2″ star joked to Ellen DeGeneres of her 6’6″ fiancé last fall. “He’s got bowlegs. I’ve got knocked knees. They’re going to have straight legs. They’ll be normal height.”

— Andrea Billups with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Dee on

Congrats to them, but oh my. He is SO huge and she is just tiny. I hope the baby isn’t gargantuan.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Pretty exciting. And still can’t believe sometimes that she’s the same age as me.

Really hope the baby will be Avery’s if Nashville decides to write Hayden’s pregnancy in.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Wow…I’m hoping that baby doesn’t split her in two.

britt on

Might want to schedule that c-section now. I hope that baby doesnt break her. lol

freespeech92009 on

Ah yes, a pregnancy + a “fiance” — the new must-have accessory in Hollywood.

She’s also 24 and he’s 38. No way is this going to last. In a few years we’ll read an announcement that “with great sadness we have decided to part but will always remain committed to our child”.

fsugirl12 on

i have never liked her. she comes across as very self righteous and bitchy. shes also way to young to have a kid. she is still a baby herself!

ELC on

Congrats!However, the one spoiler here is her top…please show some decorum. He definitely is a tall one and she looks so petite.

boohoobytch on


Catherine on

Yes, there is a big age difference, but she has always dated older men. I think she’s always been mature for her age. She started acting at a very young age.

Taylor on

I don’t like her, she is full of herself!!

Maria on

My OB w/ my first baby told me that size of the baby doesn’t really matter. That she’d seen 6 ft tal women not able to birth a 5 lb baby & 5’0 tall women give birth to 12 lb babies. My 5’1 sis-in-law has given birth to no less than three 10 lb + babies, 2 of those w/o pain meds(she’s awesome!!!).

Hayden will be fine so long as some dumb doctor doesn’t scare her into a scheduled c-section w/ dire tales of humongous babies tearing their petite mothers in half.

Barbara casteel on

I’m a bit disappointed. Does no one get married before they have children these days? Guess it is a minor thing, but I”m old-fashioned. I do hope, however, that her pregnancy goes well and she has a healthy baby.

Anonymous on

Love her on ‘Nashville’ gave me and lots of others a chance to see how good of an actress she really is. I think wedding dresses are usually prettie without a bump, but I am sure they planned this..or at least weren’t trying to avoid it. So congrats to them, hopefully she will be a great mommy.

myopinion on

I don’t understand why people are so concerned with the height difference between these two – it doesn’t bother them, why does anyone else care?? My husband and I have a big height difference, not as big as H. and Vlad, and believe me, it’s more important to be with someone that you love, irregardless of their height. Much happiness and love to both Hayden and Vlad!

Bree on

@fsugirl12 While agree with you on your assesment of Hayden saying that someone you have never met is not ready for a baby because of their age is pretty rude. What makes 24 way to young for kids?? I was 23 when I got pregnant with my first (24 when she was born) the pregnancy was very much planned and wanted. Her sister was born just over two years later, again a planned pregnancy. My husband and I were ready for kids and wanted them. Just because you are not ready at 24 does not mean it is to young to have kids it just means that for YOU 24 is to young to have kids.

Jes on

my brother is 6’4″ and my SIL is 5’2″. They have 2 boys at birth the boys weighed over 10lbs each. Good luck to Hayden she is going to need it. LOL!!!

Jenno on

I guess my life has no meaning because @sara says so. Thanks for being a really understanding and compassionate human for those of us who can’t have children.

Lala on

I don’t think the size difference will be a big deal. My sis in law is 5′ 2″ with a 6’7″ husband. All 4 of her kids, have been under 6lbs. They’ve been l

Jen on

I look at her, then him, and all I can think is: schedule that c-section now! LOL

Seriously, congrats to them.

Leslie Gashimov on

I happy for couples that are expecting…I just do not understand why if you were planning to get married why does the baby stop that? So you can have some big expensive wedding? Just get married and have some huge reception! I keep telling my own son that!

Kat on

24 and 38! This ain’t gonna last and I think she’s too young, a baby is not an accessory, it’s huge responsibility for anyone, celebrity (multiple nannies) or us regular people. Most likely she’ll have about 4 kids with 3 diff guys by the time she hits 40. Good luck girl.

Debbe on

“Sometimes people speak about [having kids] like, ‘Your life ends — you’re never going to be able to do anything again!’ And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’”

Hayden, you will find out. Your life as you know it NOW will most definitely end. The people telling you that was right. It will never be the same again. It is not to day you can’t accomplish anything or do anything but you will be quite tied down with responsibility and maybe then you will see what they mean. You can all the maids or nannys in the world but you will still be responsible for someone else. It is not the same at all as being single and free to jump when you want to jump. That is what they mean, that is what you don’t know yet, and can’t know yet, until you are in those shoes.

AbbyDogg on

The Cosmetic Surgeon who did her boob job should be shot. Hideous!

Lisa on

The “schedule that c section now!” attitude before there even a complication is why birth in this country is a medical nightmare. Don’t intervene unless needed! She may have a perfectly average size baby. I’ll be interested to see if they write this into Nashville!

Anonymous on

“Although Panettiere has not addressed the pregnancy”…

If she hasn’t addressed it, then how does People know to report it?

Carol on

Please get married BEFORE you get pregnant! You all set a terrible example for our youth

alejandro santos on

I don’t blame Hayden for not wanting her kid being a midget

Hilary on

Wow what a celebrity baby boom!

Ana on

the baby wasn’t what stopped the wedding. Wladimir Klitschko’s family is still in Ukraine and his brother is a politician. They probably wanted to wait until his family could be present at the wedding.

Stephanie on

My grandmother was 4’10” and my grandfather was 6’6″. They had 4 kids together and she delivered them all in a tiny apartment, in Lisbon, Portugal. I think Hayden will be okay.

theobarra on

I like her, but I can’t imagine having perfect sex with someone more than five inches taller than it. Slot A, protuberance B, and aligned mouths…I used to stand on a stool to kiss my boyfriend who was 9 inches taller, and I always had a sore neck. I didn’t like it.

Their heights are different, but so are their ages. Possibly too different? Time will tell.

I like her. I say again.

sandy on

I wonder how her pregnancy will be, shes so tiny, gonna get a big happy tummy Im sure 🙂

KL on

O.M.G… don’t really know what to say to that.. didn’t they break up before?? I don;t really see them staying together but Congrats hope it works!

LuvLeeRita on

Another pregnant celebrity. Oh well, congrats.

Emily on

I want a baby!!!! Everyone is having

exit82 on

crap- another tall guy lost to a tiny girl-

gb on

Congrats to them. The baby’s size may not be an issue. Doctors say that women tend to have babies the same size as their mothers. That’s true for my family at least. My sis is 5’1″ and her husband 6’3″ and both her kids were under 6 pounds.

Hayden on

Oh sweet Hayden P. Motherhood is a lot harder than you think. Sweet and naive. The life you know of does sort of end. However it’s replaced by different kind of life.

lex on

Sara, I don’t have children and I don’t want to have them, either. That doesn’t mean my life has no meaning. It simply means I don’t want children.

Is a being a mother all you’re meant to be? There’s nothing else about yourself that gives your life meaning? If so, that’s kinda sad.

Em13 on

Congrats to them!

Katy on

@theobarra – You must have a really boring sex life if you think there’s only one way to do it.

Bernadette on

Wow, she is in for a taller shocker. You will soon enough find out what they were talking about.

Karen on

He can barely speak English. SMH.

Di on

Oh cool , but don’t know who she is..I don’t watch T.V

joan on

My husband is a foot taller than me, 5’2 vs 6’2. My girls are all taller than me, by several inches. I was also 23 when I got pregnant, and we were not yet married. We got married when our eldest was 9 months old. We have now been married 24 years. Although we don’t live in the spotlight, age doesn’t determine how successful you are in a marriage…love, consideration, communication and patience. Best of luck to them.

whitzgig on

Man, you guys with this. I’m 5’1″ and my husband is 6’4″ and our sweet boy was only 7.5 lbs at birth. My brother was a 12 lb baby and he’s only 5’10”. Eventual height in not indicated in birth size. She’s going to be fine.

Carol on

1st off, people can be mean on here, lol.. They have known each other 5 years. They were at least engaged and planning a Wedding before trouble hit his country of Ukraine. They are a lovely couple together. Great people individually. He speaks English wonderfully, as well 3 other launguages. Has a Dr’s degree, besides being the Boxing Heavyweight Undefeted World Champ for the past 10years. He is a huge humanitarian. An example of Inspiration-Coming from poverty to where he is-Adored by his Countryman…And she seems a doll, but for her to catch him says alot more about her personally. Huge congratulations to them…And i love her feelings about Motherhood…Makes me like her even more. Love him.

kg on

WHY, WHY, WHY do these Hollywood types insist on having children out of wedlock? Call me old-fashioned, but get married first, then have your babies.

RysMom on

Oh yay, another soon to be hollywood mom who’s going to be giving her 2 cents on how you “should” do things.

K on

To all you people saying how nobody in Hollywood gets married before having kids, who cares? It’s not just Hollywood and it’s not your life. People don’t have to live their lives how you all think they should. Plus just because they have the age difference doesn’t mean it won’t work It’s also not up to you when they have kids since again it’s up to them how to live.

Anonymous on

This made me nervous… I didn’t think they were together very long at all, but looking at old articles on their relationship, they’ve been together since 2011. I hope they do make it with their happy family!

Lynn on

Just wanted to say that 24 isn’t too young to have a baby. My mother had me when she was 22. I had my daughter when I was 39 (which people said was too old!). You can have people who seem young who make great parents and those who are older who make awful parents.

As for life being over. It’s a different life. You get to see life through a completely different perspective. Things you used to pass by quickly that you never really noticed, you start to notice because your kids are fascinated by them. Things that used to bother you seem to not be as important. There is nothing that can replace sticky little fingers reaching up to touch your face telling you that they love you. You can still go places and do things but you’re part of a family now and you do things together and make new memories that do change your life.

I feel for people who can’t have kids that really want them. I also respect the rights of people who don’t want to have children. I am just very thankful I was able to have children and that I did truly want them. Life wouldn’t be the same without them. Even in all of the chaos that sometimes goes on between everyone getting ready for school/work and dealing with the pets, it’s a chapter I wouldn’t have traded for anything else.

Maggie on

She’ll be fine. I’m 5’0 on the dot and my husband is 6’5 and I had perfectly normal pregnancies and deliveries for all three of my boys. They were all under 7 lbs. I think people are overreacting on the c-section comments. She may need one but she could make it through totally natural. You never know!

Lauran on

Very happy for them. As far as the age difference pregnancy out of wedlock and height: My parents are almost exactly 10 years apart and very happy. Hayden and her fiancée were already engaged but had to put off wedding plans due to unrest in his homeland. I’m sure it is a stressful time for him wondering about his family’s safety. I was conceived when my parents were engaged but not married. This year they celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and they are still going strong .

Lauran on

Regarding height: My cousin is 1.57 meters and her husband is 2.03 meters. They have 5 children and she didn’t have any complications carrying them.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Hea on

“Karen – He can barely speak English. SMH.”

And besides your English, how is your Ukrainian, Russian and German..? And what do you have a PhD in?


Good point, HEA!! 🙂

Congrats to them!!

Sharon on

Its about time we didn’t accept this getting pregnant while not married as a norm and ok thing. Its not ok that someone takes their clothes off and gives another the most personal part of themselves when not married. Don’t call me old fashion just call me a person with good morals and values.

Jen DC on


Sorry *your* life didn’t begin until you had kids. That’s. . . well, kinda sad. I’m a whole and complete person with a wonderful life *without* kids, and I wouldn’t *have* a kid unless I felt this way. That is such a strange and limiting sentiment.

Bettyann on

i have liked her since she was a small child. hoped that she would have been one of the few who had it together.. married then pregnant. that is not the norm for these younger women. guess hollywood never heard of BIRTH CONTROL????

Sharon on

I have to laugh at these people who say 24 is too young to have a baby.


I was 22 when I had my first and at no time did I feel “too young.”

Maybe the problem is that we have so many celebrities having babies at an age when they should be GRANDMOTHERS instead of mothers.

Moudsie on

OMG–yet another “celebrity” having a baby with her “fiance.” And most everyone is saying congrats? Why? Anyone can get knocked up–they keep proving it over and over in Hollywood. I love one comment that in a few years we’ll be reading they broke up but are committed to the child. So true. Will you all be offering congrats then too?

Katie on

24 is young for some people to have a baby. I was extremely mature growing up and could have handled the responsibilities of parenthood very young. My 23 year old cousin is very immature and had a child last year but thankfully it has really matured her a lot. Everyone is different at the same age and what works for one person at 20 wouldn’t be good for others at the same age.

Carrow on

Whenever I see her I think of little Lizzie from Guiding Light and now she’s all grown up and having a baby.

Anonymous on

Bettyann- You ARE aware that birth control can fail (even so-called “permenant” methods!), right? Also, why should someone who WANTS a child, is ready for a child, and is in a committed relationship (which Hayden and her fiance’ appear to be. As others have said, they’ve been together for five years, which is an eternity by Hollywood standards!) have to use birth control?!

Scarlett on

Did someone really say life doesn’t begin until you have kids? You need help…so if you are infertile, you aren’t living life? Your are insane!

Martina on

People are so harsh. What’s right for one person, is not right for another. For some, life doesn’t truly begin until they have kids. For others, having children is irrelevant. Same with age. You can have an immature and poorly adjusted 40 year old – trust, I’ve seen some mothers like that. Age is just a number. 24 is not too young to have kids. 40 is not too old to have kids.

The ‘barely speaks English’ comment however is bizarre. The guy is supremely intelligent, speaks 5 languages (his German is flawless), and is hugely successful. But hey, maybe Hayden would be better off with some loser, as long as he speaks good enough English!

Niko on

This news is like almost 2 weeks old, lol

Phyl on

My daughter is 5’2″ and my son-in-law is 6’4.5″ and they have 2 beautiful children. No c-section, natural birth, average size. She will be fine

Donnie Johnson on

She married a Rusky? Traitor

soph on

“Maybe the problem is that we have so many celebrities having babies at an age when they should be GRANDMOTHERS instead of mothers.”

Grandmothers in their 30s and 40s, Sharon? Really?

Sorry if the fun ended for you in your twenties, sweetie.

Anonymous on

No one cares.