Kourtney Kardashian Expecting Third Child

06/04/2014 at 04:05 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Expecting Third Child Scott Disick Denise Truscello/WireImage

Three’s company!

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are expecting their third child, PEOPLE confirms.

“She’s really excited but she’s nervous too,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Three kids is a lot to handle! But she’s happy — she’s always wanted a big family with Scott.”

The new addition to the family is due in December and will join siblings Penelope Scotland, 23 months, and Mason Dash, 4½.

Kardashian, 35, stepped out Tuesday in the Hamptons with sister Khloé after a double dinner date earlier in the week. They’re reportedly in the city to film the latest installment of their reality show over the summer.

While Disick, 31, and Kardashian — who have been dating for eight years — have been open about plans to expand their family, their attachment parenting style had some wondering when it would happen.

“It’s just what came naturally to me. My family definitely all think I’m insane for having [the kids] in the bed and breastfeeding them for forever,” she told PEOPLE while promoting the sisters’ Kardashian Kids clothing line. “I couldn’t care less.”

Mason and Penelope always come first, Kardashian explains.

“Knowing my priorities. Nothing comes before my children. I find that putting everything else in order of importance also helps to get everything done,” she said recently. “Having an amazing partner doesn’t hurt either.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Aili Nahas

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Xoxo on

Excited for her. I can’t really stand the Kardashian frenzy, but she seems like a great parent and has her priorities in order. Looks like the new baby will be born around Mason’s birthday.

Congratulations to them!

ELC on

The trash are populating…heaven help us all. Please these two are adding to their family…she’s like a rabbit. My condolences to the Hamptons to have that garbage in the neighborhood.

Kilraa on

Congratulations Scott and Kourtney! To all the haters, don’t like it, don’t read it and don’t post. Nobody wants to read your whiney posts that you all don’t like the Kardashians.

taradawes on

Well, congratulations to them. Honestly (and it’s just my opinion) she’s the only Kardashian I can actually stand – and I think Scott for all his supposed dick-ish-ness actually really does care about her and their kids.

Shirley on

Does he do anything to make a living?????

Pfft on

I wonder if the comment about priorities and her kids always comi MG first was, a not-so-subtle hint at someone who doesn’t seem at all Interested in mothering…

Gina on

She’s a better parent than “you know who”..

Shirley on

Does he do anything for a living?

hm on

They should set a Good example for all their children and GET MARRIED ???????????????

kat61 on


Sandra on

@Lila…Who? And you know this How? I need live action proof of your claims that “You Know Who” is somehow harming or placing “her” in harms way. I’m actually kinda glad you did the “You Know Who” (CYA) thing because if it were me I would sue your can back to the dark ages for an accusation like that.

Karen on

Congrats to the happy couple! When are they getting married???

Guest on

Great just what we need, another Kartrashian.

Lis on

Oh, the lack of morals these days is just so disappointing and sad. But we are talking about the Kardashians, so I guess I shouldn’t be that shocked…

Sigh. 😦

Tyrone on

Putting one’s children first is a sure fire way of engineering a divorce. The bottom line is that if you parent correctly, the kids are there until 17-18 when they go off the college, and after college, go build careers and families of their own. Your marriage however, if you do things right, will last 50-60 years. But people who say “Nothing comes before my children” end up divorced with dysfunctional kids still living with Mom when they are in their 30’s.

Mina on

I can’t imagine calling Scott a great partner. Which part is great? He seems like a slimy player.

Laura Conway on

I love her and how she puts her kids first with her parenting style!

Anonymous on

She’s a great mom…congrats to both!

Anonymous on

Wow! Might be the first nice thing she has said about Scott. Ever!!

Guest on

She seems like a great mom…congrats to both!

guest on


hm on

I heard all Scott does is DRINK and PARTY. Doesn’t really have a job. Lives off the Kardashian family
Guess you call that Gigolo !!!! Hope she has a Pre Nup ??????????????

guest on

I think Scott is feminie

hm on

That is if they ever Marry ?????????????????

virginia lawson on

How about u put a ring on it Scott and be a real man both of u living in sin

abby on

So how long has she actually breastfed them for then?
Me and my Son are still exclusively breastfeeding (except for food and water of course) at 15 months and my family/friends seem to think this is forever but its still months under the WHO recommendation so peoples idea of “forever” are very different.
We do attached parenting in our home and this means to me that my son is with me 24/7 (except for 3 sleepovers and 5 day time babysits from grandma) no nanny or day care! I think she is a great working mom and I actually like her but celebs cant say they do true attached parenting as they work and use nannies (nothing wrong with working) but thats not attached parenting.

Nina on

Kourtney seems to have a on point head on her shoulders but something is just bugging me about this. SO all I can say is congrats and kudos to her for pushing out baby #3 and not expecting anything from dude-marriage isn’t for everyone I know, I’m sure that she doesn’t want to end up like Kim. Whatever.

criszee on

every person in the country is now in compaign to save the population here this couple is on increasing population
how redicilous

Melody on

Ugh… another child to exploit.

KellyGreen on

Congrats!! I always liked her, and I really liked what she said about making her children her number one priority.

guest on

They are ugly.

sam on

That is one fine woman. Scott is a very lucky man.

Big Fan on

How about getting married after eight years and 3 kids????

Michelle on

From actually watching their show, Kourtney bugs me the least AND she does put her kids first! You hardly ever see their daughters face because they aren’t like Kim and Kanye! Scott has also said he wanted to get married but she didn’t! Get your facts straight people! Congrats to these two who do put their kids first! Hope the rest of the k clan follow their examples!

Guest on

Why would they ever marry? To add to the 50% of American’s who are divorced? Please, spare me the moral lessons. Her boyfriend comes from old money so he isn’t living off of her as some posters suggested. While I am not a fan of her family it’s so sad to see how judgemental people are.

Chi on

Congratulations! Lovely family.

joules on

Like I’ve said before those who should be reproducing aren’t and those that shouldn’t are. The human race is screwed.

Carly on

Wow, just when the Kimye nonsense and wedding news finally dies down, some other major Kardashian story gets out! It’s almost like these things are planned…
Honestly though, Kourtney bothers me the least and her kiddos are adorable, so congrats to her and Scott!

Suzy Q on

So they’re having 3 kids together but won’t commit to getting married? what’s the problem? I just don’t understand it. All the people who say marriage is just a piece of paper are in denial and very wrong. I wonder if its because she’s so selfish that she doesn’t want to marry him in fear of it won’t work out and he will have half of everything that is hers since they’ve been together so long.

Cynda on

Congrats! Bastard #3 on the way!

cari on

Why are ppl so concerned with her marital status??? Being a parent has NOTHING to do with whether or not you have a ring on your finger. She can have as many babies as she wants!!!

Danni on

Virginia Lawson..
Scott has asked kourtney to marry him a few times and she said no each time. She’s not a fan of marriage for reasons I do not know of.

Colleen on

They have been dating for 8 years. This is their third child. Perhaps they should get married. Just a thought.

Danni on

Virginia Lawson,
Scott has asked for her hand in marriage a few times and she turned him down each time. Says she’s not a fan of marriage for reasons I’m not aware of.

hdk on

Scott proposed, she said no. After seeing her parents and sister go through what they did, she has chosen not to marry. I have a feeling she thinks it ends up running a relationship, and with the examples around her, who can blame her?

Ashley McGraw on

I love People, but how do you “confirm” news w/o a statement from the celeb or their rep. I just find the headline to be completely misleading. I find it very disappointing that something is assumed as fact from an unnamed source.

Milky on

Wow I can’t believe Penelope is nearly 2! Congrats to them, she is one of the least-worst Kardashians 🙂 I wonder if her attachment parenting style is in reaction to Kris’s dubious parenting (admitting which child is her favorite, among other things). I do agree she should put her partner slightly ahead of her kids but there are worse crimes (and get over your marriage-obsession, America, your Puritan heritage is showing)

Denise on

Honestly, I’m excited. I love Kourtney and I love Scott even more. They seem like a real, loving couple. Scott seems like a jerk, but when you look closely you can see he is hilarious and very loving and caring at the same time. I love them and I wish them nothing but the best.

Anonymous on


anna on

Something tells me Kim will have a pregnancy announcement within the next few months to steal Kourtney’s shine

Anonymous on

Wish they would get married already lol

libba on

She says she scared…why it’s not like she takes care of the kids…The nanny should be scared.

Jodi on

How about putting your kids first and maybe think about getting married before adding to your family!! I don’t know just a thought. It seems now a days that is the norm to have kids first….I was brought up that marriage came first.

Moi on

Shes the only one in the whole family that has a head on her shoulders…..

Summer on

I think she’s smart not to marry him. He seems to have cleaned up his act quite a bit, but I still think he’s a loose cannon. I’ve always liked Kourtney and Khloe. They tend to shy away from the spotlight and seem fairly normal for their weird family. They both seem to have strong family values. Kim is the obnoxious one.

Shawna on

libba – she breastfeeds and co-sleeps…pretty sure she is around the kids a lot!
Eri – your logic is completely ridiculous! Having a boy first and then a girl does not mean you will have another boy. I had a boy first and then a girl and then my third was a girl.

kat on

Why do people assume that their values are everyone’s values? She grew up in a broken home, she has seen multiple examples of failed marriages all around her. For some, marriage is very special and does add positively to their relationship. I don’t know why it is so hard to understand that that is not everyone’s view or experience. She is committed to her PARTNER and her children. That is all that matters. Learn to keep your personal views separate from what you try to force on everyone else.

sienna on

For everyone so hung up on the fact that they are not married, at least she does not have 2 divoreces behind her like her sister.

Anonymous on

What a trashy ho!!! 3 kids out of wedlock…how proud you must be…losers!!!

Lisa Lew on

@ Sandra: Why do you need live action proof, as Lila isn’t claiming anyone is harming anybody!? You act as if you are a personal representative of “YOU KNOW WHO”. Meanwhile, I just threw up in my mouth a little…..

Leah on

Congrats to kourtney and Scott.
To all of those saying they should get married – look at her family! Her mom has 2 failed marriages, Kim has 2 (going on 3. We all know it). Khloe had 1. I don’t think there is a good marriage in the whole pack. So if what she and Scott have is working, I’d say, don’t mess with it.

exit82 on

congrats- nice spacing- enjoy

bkable on

For everyone asking when Scott will put a ring on it, Kourtney has made it very clear that she doesn’t want to get married because things are working for them. Scott is the one who wants to get married.
Personally, I’d rather have 3 kids who are raised in a happy home with non-married parents than 3 kids being raised in a home where their married parents are yelling at each other (not saying those are the only 2 options though).
Side note: I love how the kids’ middle names are different but have personal meaning to the family – Scotland as a tribute to Scott and Dash as a tribute to Kardashian. 🙂

Akita on

very happy for them
I am not Kardashian fan but Kourtney seems the most normal and I like Scott too

Denverpeet on

The big wedding is over……they needed something to keep their names in the news!

Xoxo on

I personally believe they should be married since they have kids and it really annoys me how people live a married life, but don’t want to make it official. However, I know she had mentioned that the divorce of her parents scared her off from marriage so much, even though you can still “break up” if you’re not married. But I guess it’s the legality of being married = divorce. Some how Kim LOVES marriage so much she’s done it 3x.

Nic on

They seem like the most stable members of that family. What I don’t get is why don’t they get married? Yeah, yeah, they don’t have to, I know, but now with three kids in, why not?

Zaria on

@ Guest: She’s like a rabbit? This will only be child #3, not 12!

Brittany on

Hate Kim all you want but Kourtney is a really good mom. Her and Scott seem really happy.

maya on

I lived with my boyfriend for eight years, thought it was fine just the way were were – and then he did the unthinkable, he proposed. At first, I was like ‘why fix it if it isn’t broken?’ eventually I gave in. And you know what? It DID feel different after we married. Like we were serious about sharing life together. That was 21 years ago and I’m still just as crazy in love with him as ever.

Hey on

Source this, source that.

Sue on

Who are they??

Lilyflower on

Congrats to them! She actually seems very level headed. To those of you bitching about her and Scott not being married: Scott did propose to her and she said no. Apparently she was traumatized by her parents divorce and doesn’t want to get married. Given the number of divorces in her family, who can blame her? Hope the baby is born happy and healthy.

anon on

Gag me with a spoon!

shidley on

Oh man. Not again.

christo on

see what happens when you marry a DICK !

Lisa on

At least Kourtney could pick her kids out of lineup, unlike her sister.

lola on

YAY!! Congratulations Scott and Kourtney! I have 4 daughters and all I have to offer is put your partner 1st. After the kids are grown, he will be the one you will spend your time with. He won’t still be waiting in line after too much time has passed. Of course if the child is sick or there’s an emergency….that goes without saying, but NO ONE likes to feel 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best. Be an example to your children and always show them how important your partner is to you and in the family. I’ve been married for 35 years and he is still #1 in my book.
Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

Lorene Sherwood on

For those who are wondering, Scott has always been wealthy. His family had money and he is the only heir. Scott has matured and< I think, the only reason to watch.

Anonymous on

Three kids are nothing. I’ve got three and as they get older, it gets easier I think. I also have a teen too so that’s going to be a challenge but hey, I’m up for it. She will do fine.

KL on

Yay good for her! I like her!!

Adlmira on

Congrats Kourtney! She is all about her kids, unlike Kim who is all about the spotlight. Kim, just be a mommie, you are fortunate to have a hubby that can afford to keep you at home.

Truthfinder on

Marriage…maybe? I know I sound so old fashioned, but???

Dee on

Congrats and good luck.

deb on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott. I’ve always liked her and this is great news for them, I wish them well. Mason and Penelope are so adorable and I love seeing them featured on the show. She is a much better parent then Kim is but that’s understandable, as Kim can’t love anyone more then herself.

Guest on

If you can afford Cristal, you can afford condoms.

Jesse belle on

Wow. Just wow. Poor baby.

sandy on

wow, not huge fans, but good for them, they are really trucking along kid wise arent they…thats cool.

Barbara on

Whether they should or not, I have not a clue. All I know is when I read the news…I smiled

Carol on

You know, Scott just lost both his mother and father within days of each other. He was an only child. His mother was probably grateful for having the one child and viewed his birth as a blessing. It really saddens me to know there are ugly people out there that can not be happy for anyone who may have turned their life around, no matter how little or how great the effort. I am very happy for Kourtney and Scott, although they are not married, they both seem to put their children as the focus of their lives and no matter how anyone else views them, I think they are doing a great job of parenting. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH!! I hope she has TWINS!

NYC on

More garbage? We have enough already!

Tammy on

Why does she keep having children with a man who isn’t good enough to marry?

judykay on

Any one who would call an innocent child a bastard should be taken outside and out in a garbage can. It is a sad day when a little kid has to pay because a man or woman doesn;t care enough about their children to make them legitiment. But it takes a special kind of pig to call babies a bastard. If you arre njot an illegitiment child you have NO idea the hurt that is caused by knowing your parents didnt care enought about you ti give you their fathers name. People can go on all day that it doesnt matter in this da and age of no morals but it does, It matters to a kid that people care calling bastard. Ask one sometime.

Anonymous on

Well at least they’re dating……

Niko on

The most irrelevant of the Kartrashian clan keeps on procreating out of wedlock. Amazing, ain’t it?

Pat Brown on

She’s a good mother, and nothing else matters!

linda on

I like Kourtney. I feel like she’s trying to be the anti-Kris. She wants to be the kind of mother that her mother never was to her. Good for her. I wish her the best.

guest on

I think it is great. kourtney and scott are not money grabbers or whores like the rest. they are very normal people, trying to live their life. not like their family, I noticed that when big fat ass kimmie got married, the desicks family was not in photos.

Mandy on

Out of all the Kardashians, I actually like Kourtney I find her to be more grounded and less self centered than the rest, she’s a good mom so congrats to this couple!

Whittierlil on

Who? What amazing partner is she talking about? Not that cheat Scott? Amazing how some can pretend… until she gets a STD… dumb.

guest on

I like kourtney and scott and kids and more, it’s fat ass kim who makes a bad name for them. poor rob is ok. khloe is following in fat ass and the jenners girls two. sooooo sad..

stacey on

Congrats Kourtney!! And kudos to you for making your own parenting decisions, regardless of what your family thinks! You seem like an awesome mom!!!

pthompson28 on

Reblogged this on FINDING MY OWN WAY.

guest on

Well, at least she can afford it.

Jae on

So happy for Kourtney and Scott! I like her the most and she really appears to genuinely be a good mom.

TJ on

I rarely ever care if people are married and have a child (surprises happen) but I don’t understand why keep having kids with someone you don’t want to marry? You are living together and raising kids, you’re already acting like a married couple, why not make it legal? I think kids are a huge commitment (why I don’t have any) Once you’re a mom, you’re always a mom. If you can make such a huge commitment and bring a human life into this world then why not marry the person you have kids with? It really is something that I’ve never understood.

Disgusting on

He still will not marry her no matter how many children she has to try to force him to the altar.

lala on

great partner???really I thought he was a player and a drunk,!!and he had a abusive side aswell,,she crasy 3 kids ,no talent,do these ppl even work???

queenslogic on

Kourtney must be ok with being a baby mama since Kim and Kloe outdid her with getting a ring and the title Mrs. That dingbat she’s been pumping kids out for won’t marry her.

queenslogic on

Obviously Kourtney is ok with being a baby mama because the sad thing is that so many women are OK with being a baby mama and not some man’s wife. Scott seems to be ok with being a man viewed as unproductive and riding Kourtney’s coattails.

Anonymous on

she is a better mother then her sister kim

Anonymous on

she is a great mom but not her sis kim

co on

she is a better mom then you know who

R on

The people commenting on how wrong it is that Kourtney and Scott aren’t married crack me up. They’re the same ones who comment on Kim K. articles about what an amoral slut she is, having been thrice married. So, which is worse…never marrying or being married three times? Well?
Anyway, Kourtney seems to enjoy motherhood, unlike Kim, so let her be.

Gladys on

Mmhhhhh..double standards.it is ok for Brangelina to have kids out of wedlock but its not alright when its Kourt and Dissick??I rest my case

Betty on

THREE out of wedlock kids for her and still not getting married? Morals and KarTRashians certainly don’t go together.

guest on

And Kourtney you don’t need a ring on your finger to make it work. You two are doing a great job. If your relationship works for you the way it is leave it alone. A good example for your kids is that you love respect and work well together. How many don’t get married and a year later are divorced???

Denise on

Seriously, so many of you here just need to shut up. First of all, this is not the ’50’s. I’m from the Netherlands and I never understood Americans and their oldfashioned, must-be-married-no-matter-what views. As a child of divorced parents, I understand Kourtney’s hesitance to get married. A marriage is NOT a garantuee for a happy and stable home. And as Kourtney and Scott now do have a happy and stable home, why change that? Second, if you’ve never watched the show, please don’t comment. She is a loving mom and caring partner. He has grown up a lot since Mason was born and has expressed he wanted to get married multiple times. They both stated that maybe they will get married in the future, and neither of them thinks the other one isn’t ‘worth’ it. Stop making up accusations why they’re not married yet. They love each other, they are mature and provide a stable and loving home. I wish I had that when I was a kid. Marital status means nothing. Grow up.

Lisa on

I’m very happy for them both, don’t really care for Kourtney but she is a great mom. Scott seems to have calmed down and loves his kids and maybe this will help him ease the grief of his recent loss of both of his parents 😦

esi on

OMG people, why do they have to get married? To increase the divorce rates? They are a complete happy family! Stop the marriage crap!
I like it that the puts her children above all things, because they are not “for a short period”, children are forever, they are family, they will take care of you when your are alone, even when your dear husband who you married so eagerly, will leave you for a 25 yr old ho (no, I have a husband and we still love each other big time). But marriage is no guarantee for eternal love and stability, and children are your life and the future, for both parents.

guest on

She enjoys being a parent. Now, all she has to do is ensure they don’t grow up like their vapid aunts…Kim and Klhoe,

Jenn on

@Tyrone…That’s absolutely not true. My husband and I have 3 wonderful children. He and I both have always put our children first and as a result, our oldest is 27 years old with a career, wife, and beautiful daughter living on his own, the 21 and 19 year old are both in college, working, and living on their own. That may be the way it turned out in your family, but not all families are like that.

beachbum on

Is it me or is it ODD that she breast feeds so long and puts the father of her children in a bedroom of his own to sleep so her children can sleep with her? Seems people become very weird with money.

jeffpo2014 on

Great, another baby for an already unwed mother of 2.

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

Why don’t they get married already?????

AmandaC on

why buy the cow when the milk is free!

Lia on

She needs to stop having kids, and get a husband. The girl is straight-up trash imo.

j on

STOP already. They don’t even seem to like each other. We do not need more of your family.

Elaina on

These two make the ugliest kids.

sass027 on

Maybe she doesn’t want to get married because of what she sees around her. Her parents divorced, Kim’s been married 3 times, and Khloe is getting divorced…if this works for her then leave her alone. I’m married, FYI, but maybe it’s not for everyone.

Anya on

One kid, two kids, THREE kids c’mon people will you EVER make your relationship official and marry?! Yes, yes marriage does not equal happily ever after, but it’s a good place to start to show you’re committed. Geez.

NoDoubt! on

Blah! No more Kardashian reality. poor kids

Deborah on

LOL… with nannies galore, I’m sure.

Marisa Beatriz on

“The trash are populating…heaven help us all. Please these two are adding to their family…she’s like a rabbit. My condolences to the Hamptons to have that garbage in the neighborhood.”

@guest you win the internet today.

Ann on

Kourtney is a good mom so best wishes to her and Scott…….maybe she can teach Kim how to be a on hands mom and how to dress………Kourtney does appear to be the only one with a working brain…..love Scott and her together!!!

Anonymous on

congratulations to them to both. Poor Scoot had to go through the death of both his parents in a short space of time as an only child. they are good parents and well afford to bring another child into the world

Me on

With a help of nannys everybody can handle 3 kids! I mean w their lifestyle it’s not really them who are there to care of their kids 24/7 like other moms out there plus household and stuff. But still congratulations!! She seems to enjoy being mom, not just travel around the world without kids and attending parties like some “other” celebrity moms..

Anonymous on

She has her priorities in order? Being a Kardashian? Breastfeeding her kids until they’re old enough to know better? Sleeping with her kids? Only using her so-called “boyfriend” as a sperm donor when it’s convenient for her and ignoring him the rest of the time? It’s half his fault too — he really needs to grow a pair and stand up to her.

Kimberly on

Oh calm down Kilraa people can post whatever they want they don’t have to be haters, I actually find the posts quite funny, just because you worship the Kardashians doesn’t mean everyone else does! Who cares anyway, what do they contribute to the world, absolutely nothing! You actually may be the one of the few who even like them. Your defending a family that doesn’t give a crap about you, now that’s funny!! I find people like that who have to defend celebrities just so laughable!!! Oh yes and Kourtney is such a great mom she needs to fix the poor kids raggedy ass hair…poor kids!! They are kind of cute but come on fix their hair, those Kardashian girls sure worry about themselves though!

d on

Get married already!! Geeez!!

Kate on

Good for them. Scott’s parents recently died and he has no siblings. He is giving his children what he never had. Why the hate?

theobarra on

what is “amazing” about this man? I think the Northern Lights are kind of amazing, only because they are spectacular, but there is nothing unscientific about them.

It would be “amazing” if he could defy gravity or split the atom …

I think he wears expensive jewelry and shoes, right?

tootallmama on

YES!! Let’s hear it for the thrill of having tons of unprotected sex with a “bad boy” type who cannot provide! Most of the women I’ve known who have done something similar have been on some form of public assistance, but that’s beside the point.

christina on

Congrats to them.. there is no need to fuss about not being married.. its not our life, its theirs if they are happy then so be it.. Marriage does not make a person a better parent. They love their children, which are barely in the spot light, they are raised in a loving home and that is all that matters.

Anonymous on

How many babies is she going to let him dump in her before he finally feels like she’s worth marrying?

Monique Thompson on

I’m tired of the Kardashians. For crying out loud get married and make a decent woman out of her Scott! Be a man and be responsible. Good grief!

Mary on

She seems like a very hands on mom, but also a control freak.

Jackie on

Don’t hate all ya life. Aint no denying that Kourtney is a present mother. Congrats Scott and Kourtney!

Tanya on

3 kids no problem, Kourtney has nanny’s help.

Maggie on

Why in the world would she have more kids with him? They both have problems mostly him. They don’t even sleep in the same bedroom and always fight. Crazy people.

Guest on

Love her! Kourt is my favorite. She’s sweet, kind, beautiful and definitely a great partner for Scott. One of the very best mother’s you’ll ever find. Dedicated. For sure Scott is a wonderful “catch” that Kourt was fortunate to land. They love each other. You can see it. He’s amazingly funny. Probably because he is Jewish!!! Ha! Well, they certainly have gorgeous kiddos. Kourt could be my mommy any time! Best of w your December delivery. Maybe a Christmas Baby!!

Guest on

Do not be fooled with what you see on camera, television. That’s just pretend. Behind the scenes is completely different. Do you all know what show business means? Well, that fits the K-family perfectly. Also, why marry when you can support, love and feed your children excellently? There are hundreds of entertainment personalities that have never married, but still create wonderful families. Grow up people. This is 2014. Marriage can be a sham. Don’t you know?

Anonymous on

Why does she keep having babies with a man she CLEARLY doesn’t want to marry!?!?!? SO confused by these people…

Barb on

Congratulations Scott, Kourtney, Mason and Penelope! I’am very happy to hear your family is growing. 🙂

Lisa on

ERI- Very True! I know many people that did what you said. boy first, then had a girl and then had another boy. Those who had a girl third wanted to try for another boy and had a 4t. they were disappointed to have a third girl though

Tanya on

The third one will be either a boy or a girl and its fine for her since she has a boy and a girl already.

Amp88 on

Say what you will about them, but the love they both have for each other, and their children, is evident. 🙂

Judy on

You should put your partner above your kids. If the couple have a strong foundation then the kids will reap the benefits. She will blink and the kids will be gone and across the table will be Scott.

Lorene Sherwood on

These 2 are the only ones in the family who are grounded. From the head whacko, Kris to nearly naked Kendall, they are all nuts. These 2 have their act together so good for them.

Lorene Sherwood on

Once again, Scott was born to wealth, attended private schools and inherited a bundleupon the death of his parents.

Lorene Sherwood on

PEOPLE: You do know Scott has aked her to marry him numerous times. She is the one who doesn’t want to marry.

Cita on

I don’t understand these two. Yes, they can both very well afford having as many kids as they want but they always look so miserable together. He is always complaining how she uses him for making babies – once she gets pregnant, he’s off to the guest bedroom, etc. Ridiculous.

Lisy on

All of a sudden she has an amazing partner? and all she would do is bash him on the show?? Really Kourtney get it together. It’s great she loves her kids but she sure can put up a front.

Lisy on

Their pathetic….

Anonymous on

Kourney is better than Kim in the Kardashian family.

scott on

who’s the daddy ? to be a family you must be married ( for the childern ) and live and raise them together

Denise on

Breastfeeding them forever? She’s full of it, that’s for show. They do everything for attention, they are a disgrace….

Jen on

His gorgeous eyes remind me of Robbi Benson.

mom of 3 on

She’s still breastfeeding a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old??

Anonymous on

When is she going to agree to marry him?

madelyn on

An amazing partner?? Are you kidding me? Unless its all an act on tv, he really looks like a douchebag, oh and thats the word Khloe uses to describe him.. Thats Kourtneys sister by the way. I’m guessing she knows him a lot better than us the viewers do…He acts like an entitled jerk but hopefully, for her sake, its an act

Guest on

Sick of all the K-Trash. Everyone is just loving Kourtney and Scott, etc…but whatever transpires in that household is strictly scripted for that horrific show. Scott is indeed part of the act. They are all part of that giant landfill that was/is dominated by the sleazey, pimp momager, Kris. It started from the father Robert right down to the last Jenner girl being primed for porn. Hopefully with sagging ratings (along with the girls’ breasts) this garbage will all come to an end, finally!

Anonymous on


pinkgold on

kourtney got the best man!!!!!

Damn Gina on

Man what a bad idea! Scott is a tool. She could do so much better.

Sharon on

Before the Kim fake marriage debacle and I stopped watching them, I remember Kourtney saying that she didn’t want to get married because her parent’s divorce was very traumatic for her. Scott bought her a ring and was going to marry her but she didn’t want it. So the decision to not get married was Kourtney’s.

Mrs. Barnes on

Oh my! What a “can of worms”. To Brittany: how often have you seen a pic of Scott smiling? I do feel he cares about the
kids & Kourtney, but does he love & adore them? I doubt it – I think he would rather party with the boys & be a teeny bopper
forever. It will never cease to amaze me how these money-grabbing people agree to a reality show, then exploit their whole life & family. There is no dignity left in any of the actors in these series. (not “shows” or “entertainment” for sure!

kar on

he is a your less person an she is Rabbit!!! Please stop making more sheet!!

SDue on

to anser Shirley, his job is screwing Koutrney although he scews other women too.

duchess on

They are such attention seeking fame whores..she tries to stay relevant..seems like she just wants to stay pregnant to be the center of attention..she was jealous when kim got pregnant..just look at kim shes trying to stay relevant by posting pornography pics..they are a waste of space and air..and this is not hating ..its real talk

rb18 on

Drunk ass Scott is a great partner?

rb18 on

Drunk Scott is a good partner. She takes care of him like another kid.