Beverley Mitchell Thought Moms Were ‘Boring’ – Until She Became One

06/02/2014 at 07:30 PM ET

Beverley Mitchell Inspiration Awards Step Up Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Motherhood suits Beverley Mitchell.

It really suits her — to the point where the former 7th Heaven actress can’t imagine herself doing anything else besides being a mother.

“I fully embrace mommyhood to another level to where all I want to do is be a parent. I just want to be with her,” she told PEOPLE while attending the 11th Annual Inspiration Awards benefitting Step Up.

“I think what’s been surprising is that just how natural and how amazing it is, and how I really don’t want to do anything else.”

The 33-year-old admits welcoming daughter Kenzie Lynne with her husband Michael Cameron was a seismic shift in the attitude she had towards parenthood.

“With my friends who are moms, I used to think, ‘Ugh, they’re so boring, they never go out!’ [Now] I am so that woman!” she says with a laugh.

“My perfect night is going home, making dinner, putting her down, and then my husband and I will watch a movie together.”

She adds of her happy homebody status, “We’ve traveled the world, we’ve been together for over 13 years, so we don’t need to go out to a club to have a date night. We’ve done that.”

With such a stress-free foray into the world of parenting, Mitchell concedes that she and her husband are already toying with the idea of expanding the family and giving Kenzie a sibling.

“Because she’s easy, she’s great so why not?” the actress says. “I always hear that the second one is a terror, but I choose to ignore that because I said, ‘If you’re going to tell me that, that really doesn’t make it seem so enticing, so I’m going to ignore you and think that my child will be perfect.'”

And while she hopes that her 14-month-old daughter left the perfect-child mold intact, Mitchell says that one of the best and unexpected perks of having a baby was the effect that it’s had on her relationship.

“Seeing the man that you love be the most incredible father and doting dad is the sexiest thing on earth,” she says, beaming. “Guys can take off their shirts all they want, but they’ve got nothing on my husband!”

— Reagan Alexander

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Anonymous on

“Guys can take off their shirts all they want, but they’ve got nothing on my husband!”

That’s such a nice thing to say. He must be so proud of her. She did well. Congrats.

Dee on

Nothing against Beverly Mitchell but why is she being reported on?

She doesn’t act anymore so I’m confused as to why this site features stories on her so often.

Lilly on

I feel the same way about my parent friends but I know if I were able to have a child I would probably be just like her.

Denverpeet on

A bit of advice to her – not everyone likes your kid as much as you do!

Gene2 on

Just because you can procreate doesn’t automatically make you interesting, just like not having a kid doesn’t make you interesting. You’re either boring or you’re not. Wish this story wasn’t an example of the former.

Sally on

Oh please give me a break!! You ARE the boring one now. Love how mom’s become parents and say things to try and make it seem like they don’t miss going out, don’t miss sleeping in, don’t miss traveling the world. No one believes you, and we single people can see your comments as a blatant attempt to make us think you are just as cool/happy now with kids as you were without them. Please its idiotic and pathetic. Why not just be honest? because your not convincing anybody!

I am sure you miss sleeping in, I am sure you would love to pick up and go out with your girlfriends at a moments notice so cut the crap. Single people don’t go ranting about how sorry they feel for people with kids, how glad they don’t have them yet. So how about you mom’s quit trying to make single people feel like crap, and lying about how you love not sleeping, and traveling so much, and your past that. Love that Angelina Jolie keeps it real, would love to have a fun family like hers that is outside the box and doesn’t feel stagnant or boring.

soulflower939 on

So true for me! When I was younger I used to think so too. Now after having children I think I look cooler than ever. I just lost a baby in the last trimester and I guess as a result I got dreads in my hair which is red now and I got a beautiful arm long tattoo of cherry blossom for faith and new beginnings. So I think I am not boring mom!

J on

Wow Sally…priorities shift after you become parents, and so do the things you like to do. Who are you to say she misses those things? Good for Beverly for embracing motherhood and having a happy home. And I don’t think she was saying these things to make single people feel bad.

stacey on

Sally, I’m a mom of 7, and I do not miss one single thing about my pre-mommy days. Some of us really and truly want nothing more out of life, than just being a mom.

Andrea on

Sally, just because you’re not really happy being single doesn’t mean that everyone is out to make you feel bad about it…really! And Beverley isn’t saying she never misses her pre-baby days, just that her mindset is very different now. Like Beverly, my husband and I were child-free for 10 years before our first daughter was born. Since we had done all the fun things we wanted to do before she was born, we didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything once we became parents. For sure, I miss sleeping in and last-minute getaways every once in a while, and you would probably think I’m boring, but I love my life and my family just the way it is now.

Sara on

There are some really weird comments on here.

Sheesh. on

I’m with Sally!

Married 8 years, no kids, but sort of trying for one. I haven’t done everything I want to, I don’t plan on quitting my job, and my children will NOT be the center of my universe. There’s a difference between giving up your life because you had a child and making that child a PART of your life.

But go ahead, moms – tell me how awful I am.

Andrea on

@Sheesh, you’re not awful. I have two kids now, and I still work (just retired from the military and starting a completely new career, in fact). My children are not the center of my world, but a huge part of it. You certainly don’t have to give up everything you are to be a good mom, but your life WILL be significantly different with kids, that’s just a fact of life. We are still doing the things we want to do, just this time as a family of four. My point to Sally was that I honestly don’t miss not having kids, because I did the DINK thing for so long.

florence on

Yes, there are things about being single that we moms miss of doing. but,being with our kids, make us not miss these things anymore. besides Beverly didn’t mention that it is better being a mom than being single. she just so happy with her status now, that she wants to share how she she feels. each person has way of living their lives that might be boring for others but they are contended and glad living like it. Travelling around the world can be so fun for others, but can be so stressful for some.