Brooklyn Decker’s 2-Year-Old Cousin Has Amazing Moves – Just Watch!

05/30/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

It looks like Brooklyn Decker isn’t the only star in the family. At only 2-years-old, the model-actress’s cousin Emerson is taking the brood’s talent to whole new heights.

On Thursday, Brooklyn proudly shared a video of the pair on Instagram. And we were instantly in awe – and disbelief! How can a child so young pull off those moves?

With the help of her dad, cheer coach Andrew Decker, of course!

While balancing on his palm, the adorable tot performs amazing cheerleading stunts (complete with cute hair flips!) at the gym, the beachinside the pool and more. And each of her incredible lifts are featured on her very own Instagram account.

But what makes this even more special is that it’s truly a family affair: Emerson’s mom also gets in on the fun from time to time.

We just want to know, is Brooklyn next?

— Anya Leon

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Kate on

Maybe I’m just a worrywart but that looks kind of dangerous to me

Errr on

Err…this makes me so nervous. He’s a pro, I get it, but damn.

Laura on

How is this okay and celebrated? Very disturbing. I see no reason other than wanting to get attention for a 2-year old to be doing these dangerous stunts. Couldn’t they wait until she’s older?

Erin on

Wait, a celebrity’s (who even is Brooklyn Decker?) non-famous cousin now merits featuring on a CELEBRITY baby site?

Anonymous on

wow that scared the crap out of me, there is amazing trust between those two and that little girl is strong, but that is something I can’t imagine practicing with a little child to do!

Lissa on

Wow, that made my hands sweat! My husband tosses my kids up sometimes but not that high! In my opinion that’s pretty dangerous!

Nancy on

What happens when he drops her? Can happen. Hope not.

Happy on

Looks like a disaster waiting to happen. So sick of people making videos for their 15 seconds of fame.

Jen DC on

“It’s so dangerous!” How many of you strap your kids in cars everyday? Have unsecured weapons in your homes or don’t know whether your childrens’ friends parents have unsecured weapons in their homes? Or allow your kids to ride their bikes/scooters/skateboards without helmets? Don’t apply sunscreen routinely? All these things are dangerous as well, most of them more dangerous – at least, more likely than end in a child’s death or permanent injury – than what this little girl and her Dad are doing. People are incredibly bad at accurately measuring danger…

DD on

OMG!! Is he stupid or what?!!

D on

This IS crazy!!! What IF that child dies like that somehow?! He’s leaving that ‘door’ open willingly!!

Pam on

Wtf?! What if he dropped her?! My gosh, that doesn’t seem safe at all.

Anonymous on

kind of sad, she’s 2-3yo and has to practice all the time. sure some of it is fun, but that’s not normal for a toddler

lovely123 on

Anyone else notice the lady in the green suit? She is pulling her bathing suit out of her crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linda on

Where’s the spotter?

Nik on

She looks really happy. It’s just a bit of fun
I’d love to have done that with my dad growing up
Why does everything these days have to be soo safe soo PC. Jeez let kids be kids

Sandy on

I find this SICK on so many levels.
This child is SO young. This path they have SET for her is their dream- their choice. They have forced this on her because she is SO young. Dad throwing her in the air all the time from a young age is not her choice. She has to go along with it, right? Mom and dad obviously WANT her to be in “stunt” cheerleading. I feel so sorry for this little girl. Mom and dad are molding HER into what THEY want.

Andrea on

You all must not have toddlers…it’s pretty much impossible to force a toddler to do something they don’t want to do, so I’m sure she’s a willing participant. She seems to be enjoying herself in the pictures and seems quite talented…none of the 2 or 3yr olds I know can do that. Why not foster that talent? There is inherent risk in all sports, yet we still let our kids participate in sports because it’s good for them.

I personally wouldn’t do this with my child, but then again, I’m not a cheer coach either.

M.A. on

That is awesome…who among us didn’t wish to fly as a child? Look at the huge grin on that little girls face. I did stuff like that with my own daughters when they were little and they loved it, and still like to talk about it now that they are grown up and on their own. There is far too much PC in this world as it is, too many who can’t or won’t do anything because it is too dangerous or rough. Play sports, no way, a person could get hurt that way. Let’s all be sedentary and fear doing anything physical on the off chance of being injured! Pffft!

Van on

Amazing for only 2 years old doing it, it looks scary though.

Laura on

As a child psychologist and parent of 3 toddlers I agree with Sandy. Sure they can’t force her to do it but children have a strong pull to please their parents, and these behaviors produce an adrenaline rush which is very rewarding.

The way in which they are making this into a fame-thing with an Instagram account takes it to a different level than having her do some fun “flying” moves with her family.

Jen DC- Many of us would agree that having your children ride bikes without helmets or having unsecured firearms in the house would *not* be a good idea.

MA- the idea is not to be overly risk-averse. Sports are risky but the benefits typically outweigh the risks. This child is two. Who knows if the benefits outweigh the risks in this case.

Katie on

To all the people saying she is being forced to do this, they have an older daughter who refuses to do cheerleading and they pressure her in no way. They are from my home state and have been interviewed multiple times and the daughter LOVES it. She also wants to try soccer and they 100% support her in that also. He dad said he would learn to do anything for his daughters because they are his world.

Tay on

He tosses her that high, looks dangerous.